The Brightest Doom

Chapter 16

By : BigToFu

Vincent Doom


Walking through the portal, I raised a hand and let Zelda flow out from within my armor. As she hovered around my lab, I walked across the armor rack. Multifunctional arms came out and started to remove my armor.

Ignoring that, I peered at the screen on the wall in my lab. It was truly astounding how complex the Kryptonian gene could be, yet, if Luthor could crack it. Then why can't I?

Leaving Kelix to do her work, I left the lab with grand thoughts of what I would be able to do with Kryptonian genes grafted onto my own. I was already capable of so much, but there was one thing that those genes could buffer. And that was my base human meat bag type body.

It's hard living in a world knowing that being in the wrong place at the wrong time means your death. Then again, if I wanted to flirt with Wonder Woman or Powergirl, then I need the spine to back it up.

It's pretty clear that they need some love in their life and if I am the one man enough to make it happen: then I need to make sure I would be able to survive such an endeavor.

Stepping out of my lab, I walked down the hall and into the family room, only to be met with wide eyes. Everyone was looking at me as if I had grown a second head or as if I was a person out of a fairytale.

"I gotta say big man," Harley started to say eyes wide in surprise. "Dat, was like wow!"

Ivy shifted on a lounger that was made out of some type of moss as she looked at me with a heated gaze.

"No one has ever had the audacity to evict Superman before." Talia whispered with wide eyes.

Furrowing my brows, I turned and found the video playback from my suit on the screen. Well, that was interesting, but it looks like they were really enjoying the show. Shrugging, I made my way into the kitchen to fix myself a meal.

"It's not like he was there legally, but let's be honest. There is no such thing as international squatters rights." I replied as I placed items to make a sandwich on the counter.

Talia looked at me with heavy eyes before visibly steadying herself. "What's the end game?"

Humming lightly, I looked them over with an eye smile, "Keep the heroes on the back foot while we save the earth."

"Well, that ain't much."

"Yes it is, right now, they are confused and fighting everyone but our group." I replied, keeping the eye smile going. "While they are doing all of that, the world will receive a steady cleaning with none of their names attached to it."

"Goodie," Harley clapped as she jumped on the couch. "Big blue can't snatch credit if he is busy in court. HA! I wonder how much I'll get if I sell this to big noses in Gotham."

I did a little on the nose to point to Harley, then picked my sandwich up and found a spot to sit down. "Harvey will keep Superman busy with the law while we get our own house in order."

Harley let out a laugh before standing up with hands curled into fist on her hips. "Well, I don't know about you, but I want a shot at the big blue fly boy next time."

Shaking my head, I took my sandwich and made my way to the table. Taking my seat, I looked up at the ladies. "Leave the Boy Scout alone."

"WHY?" Harley whined with a pout.

"Because it's just too easy, and we do not pick on the weak." I replied with a smirk.

"I do not believe we are talking about the same person," Ivy said, holding up both of her hands. "You can't believe that Superman of all people is easy to defeat?"

Giving them a small smile, I flicked my wrist and brought up a hologram. "Remember, Lois Lane herself said that Superman was raised the good old fashioned American way. Now, think about all of his approaches, what does that say about him?"

This time my attention was on Harley and Talia, yet I waited for either one of them to figure it out. Harley's eyes widened first as it dawned on her, but I held up a hand to forestall whatever she was going to say.

Ivy rolled her eyes before walking over and pouring herself a cup of green tea. Taking a seat beside my own, she then leaned back as she placed her legs in my lap. Smiling at her, I ran a hand along the muscle of her calf.

Shifting my attention back to the pair, I noticed a flash of jealousy quickly pass over Talia's face before disappearing as if it was never there.

Rolling her eyes, Talia shifted her body weight before she decided to speak. "From your hints and reading between the line's of this report. Superman was raised somewhere along the bible belt inside of the United States."

"Bingo, he wasn't raised to be some super advanced alien even if that's his once upon a time background," I said with a chuckle. "You're looking at a farm boy with powers, who also hang out with some friends that barely cover his weaknesses."

"Well, It's no fun kicking puppies."

"No, Harley, it's not fun to kick the puppy. So leave the Boy Scout alone." Ivy said with a smile across the table.

"So now, on to other topics," I cut in to make sure that we kept on task. "How's the recruitment?"

Peering over at Harley with my cup of tea in hand, I felt a shiver from the smile she gave me.

"Well, some of the eggheads wana send teams, but I got some of the girls to sign up." Harley replied smug, but I could tell from the look she had, that there was more.

"Okay, lay it on me."

The smile on Harley's face widen even more, "Well, while I was out with the girls I ran into that cape with the big bazukas with the birdie in the fishnets."

I could feel the headache coming as she spoke about Black Canary and Powergirl.

"So after we saved the kittens and the kiddies, I invited them to come join the fun." Harley finished with a flourish.

"And what did they say?" I asked an idea already forming in mind.

"Ohh, the one with the voice went on and on about so many things so I tuned her out, but check it. I gotta selfie with the blonde with the big bazookas." Harley replied far too pleased with herself as she held up a phone for me to look at. On the screen was a clearly exasperated Powergirl and a nagging Black Canary in the background.

Another photo was from another angle with Powergirl rolling her eyes at the camera. The third picture had her laughing though which was a plus in the right direction. People always just thought of that chick that followed the Joker like a lost puppy. Or hung out with Ivy, but what they always failed to take note of is how many people Harley has managed to cooperate with.

It's something that one could think of as minor, but when you took in the broader picture, then you really understood. Without the Joker around to ruin her life, Harley had a massive network of contacts that's always willing to assist her.

It's hard for them not to take a liking to her, then again her straightforward nature tends to hide the fact she is shrinking the person at the same time. Yet, it works so who am I to judge?

"Ohh and girl power wants to have lunch and meet ya." Harley chirped, bringing my attention right back to her. Couldn't lie, that bit of commentary stalled my planning for a moment, then again, there is no harm in being cordial.

"Let me guess," I hummed at her then booped her nose with a finger. "You have already agreed in my place."

"Well, yeah," Harley replied with a bounce. "This is like the perfect time to get to know her, she seems really sad, ya know."

Smiling at her I could only nod my head. "That is because she lives in a world that's comparable to cardboard with her level of strength."

"Well, why don't you just gadget up something fancy?" Harley asked, clearly confused. "You know girls don't like being brutes, so make her something that turns her into a pretty princess.

For a moment I said nothing as I mulled it over and the implications of red solar radiation that Clark obviously missed. Then again, they never made it clear how his kids came to be in the comics. They always left that as a grey area with a lot of hush hush involved.

"Yeah, I can do something like that." I replied with ideas and plans flowing through my head.

Yes, DOOM shall assist the beauty.


Clark Kent


Hovering over the snowy expanse of the north's frozen tundra, Clark was lost for words as he read over the paper placed in his hands less than an hour ago. The lawyers of the United Nations had shown up just as Doom had foretold and called his name.

For a time, Clark was just stunned inside of this fortress before things clicked into place and he zoomed out to meet them. Yet, all they did was serve the papers and turned around to leave. Didn't ask for an autograph, didn't ask for a picture, nothing, just served the papers and left. He couldn't even remember seeing any hint of suppressed adulation or distain on their faces.

One moment they were here calling for Superman, and the next they were serving papers before leaving. Clark was so stunned that he couldn't stop the flinch when his communicator beeped.

{Watchtower to Superman.}

[Superman to Watchtower, what is it?]

{We received an alert from your communications, stationary for more than one hour, are you in need of assistance?}

Clark looked down at his sixty day notice of intent to vacate. Hell, they didn't even count his fortress as a home. Just classified it as a squatter's residence. How was he supposed to fix such an issue? Doom was right, the fortress was never registered nor was it given approval.

Then again, there was never such a president for approval. He just accepted it as is and so did the rest of the world. Maybe that was the issue, letting out a sigh, Clark tapped his finger to his communications device.

[Superman to Watchtower, teleportation for one please.]

{Of course, please standby.}

Clark felt himself lighting as the air shimmered and he transitioned with teleportation. The lights cleared from his vision rapidly, yet Clark paid it no mind as he moved with a slight lethargic list to his steps.

As he walked, Clark failed to notice those around him as he made his way to the conference table in the observatory. Sitting down at the conference table, Clark just stared out of the observatory, stunned. He was being evicted. Him. Superman, savior of the world and member of the Justice League, was getting an eviction notice.

As he just looked down at the world that he had saved so many times, a green arm picked up the papers startling Clark out of his moment of silence.

"Clark, you seem to be in distress," J'ohn stated as he read over the eviction notice. "Ohh dear."

"They can't do that can they?" Clark asked his longtime friend.

"I do not know to be honest." J'ohn returned. "When I first arrived on your planet, it was through teleportation and I did not come with a means to transplant a home."

J'ohn looked thoughtful for a moment as he stared out the observatory window.

"Maybe you can work out a deal." J'ohn said with some thought. "It's clear that they would like you to evacuate your home while they work on repairing the north pole. I believe they have left the wording open ended for your interpretation."

"Doom did say something about not registering with any nation" Clark muttered to himself but J'ohn clearly heard him.

"Interesting," J'ohn said before waving his hands in the air.

"Interesting?" Clark asked but fell into silence as he watched J'ohn operate the hologram controls of the observatory.

"Yes, this Doom has made multiple moves to improve the Earth while being very vocal about Villain and Hero actions alike. Yet, when Luthor called him on his words. He then has proceeded to provide action." J'ohn replied, images flashing for both to see. "The deal to fix the melting ice caps would be the fifth such agreement with the United Nations. Papers are on file and everything has been paid in full legally with a team on standby for any challenges."

Clark watched as more and more images formed for him to read.

"Interesting note, Luthor called for instant expulsion, yet Doom and his lawyer challenged him to give you the standard ninety day notice." J'ohn said as a video played for both of them to hear.

"Great, the guy that's trying to kick me out of my home is trying to protect me from Luthor." Clark grumbled.

"Incorrect, The Fortress of Solitude is not your home. I would think that the farm you grew up on and the apartment you pay for would be classified as your home?" J'ohn asked with a raised brow as he stood there stoically.

Clark took that moment to think it over and couldn't help but to agree with his friend. It was true that the fortress wasn't his home, yet why must he give it up? The fortress was all that was left of his people and he shouldn't have to move.

Letting out a sigh, Clark then turned to look at J'ohn, "Where would I be able to put the fortress if not the arctic caps. Kryptonian architecture is very particular."

"Does it not come with stealth systems?"

Clark tilted his head, "It does, but I have never had to use them before."

"Then I would suggest you use it. I would also like to recommend that the agreement was to vacate the area while this operation is underway. I do not see why you can not move back in once it is complete." J'ohn said with his stoic voice. "I would also recommend you move your fortress to the South pole."

Clark stilled in his seat for a moment as that idea ran through his mind. Okay, that just might be possible, but he still had a court date to deal with. Clark shifted in his seat to peer down at the earth. Coming to a decision, Clark finally stood ready to head back down.

"Thanks J'ohn."

Turning around, Clark flew through the WatchTower until arriving at the cargo air lock and taking that out into space. Checking his orientation with the sun, he then rolled over as the light washed over the earth.

Flying rapidly high over the corn fields of Kansas, Clark hit the brakes hard in a cloud bank before landing inside of an old windmill. Chuckling as the clouds hiding him from the satellites that were tracking him went by . Clark went down a level then removed the stone he used to hide his spare clothing.

Once dressed he walked out the back and undid the bush that hid his favorite old red roadster bike, strapping the satchel that contained his hero suit onto the back of the bike. Letting out a sigh, he took a turn at the fork in the road, at the edge was a sign that pointed towards the Kent farm.

After an easy ten minute ride, Clark turned into the long driveway of his parents' farm. Letting the bike coast down the driveway, he unslung a leg as his bike came to a stop. Standing and taking a moment to smell the air, Clarks stomach rumbled as the scent of apple pie floated out of the kitchen window.

A smile formed on his lips as he heard his parents in the kitchen. Wiping his boots at the mat, he pushed the door. "Ma, Pa, Am home."

"Ohh, hey Clark, guess you smelled the pie in Metropolis, well have a seat it's almost ready" Ma Kent said with a smile as she walked over and placed a kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks Ma, but I wanted to ask you both about something, that's why I came." Clark replied as he took off his satchel before taking a seat.

Pa Kent folded his paper and placed it on the table, "Sure Clark how can we help. Did you bring us a grandkid from your time as a lady?"

Ma Kent chuckled at her husband as Clark slumped in his seat. "Buck up Clark, you know John's only joking."

Letting out a sigh, Clark slid the eviction notice across the table.

Pa Kent picked up the paper and read it over, "Superman's getting evicted, how's that possible?"

Clark let out a sigh, "Yeah, they are working to repair the north pole and I have to vacate the continent within ninety days."

"Well, why don't you move in with that princess everyone says you're dating?" Ma Kent asked as she pushed the morning paper towards Clark.

"Now, Martha, the boy doesn't need a cougar to take care of him." Pa Kent said with a chuckle. "Am sure Superman has been paid for the work he does. It's clear that he is providing a service to the world."

Clark gulped as he suddenly felt parched, he was here to tell his parents that he has never been paid to do work as Superman. Yet, before he could speak, the look his mother sent him said more than enough. Silence descended and that was enough for his Pa to look up from his reading and look around.

Gulping, Clark cleared his throat before speaking," Well, you see about getting paid for saving the day."

"Ohh Clark, we talked about this, even if you don't want to keep the money from your brand you can at least put it towards charities or in case something like this happens." Pa Kent said putting down the eviction notice.

"Ohh hush you," Ma Kent said as she picked up the notice that her husband was reading. While she was reading Ma Kent peered over the notice to her son. "It's not like we asked him to charge little old ladies for rescuing their cats out of trees. There are at least three Super groups out there sponsored and earning a living. And with that large space station that he and his friends operate out of, of course Clarks earning a paycheck."

"Yeah, about that." Clark started before stopping to think over his words.

Ma Kent looked up from her reading and Clark noticed his father shaking his head.

"What did I tell you Johnathan, you owe me a back rub." Ma Kent said before turning around and heading out of the kitchen. Clark heard her moving but he was far too focused on the fact that his parents had a bet on him listening to them or not.

"Pa, what is Ma talking about?"

"Don't worry about that, we already took some precautions years ago." Pa Kent replied as he poured himself another cup of coffee. "Now, cut me a slice of that apple pie."

Letting out a sigh and ignoring the urge to use his X-ray vision to see what his mother was doing. Clark got up and did as his father asked while also cutting a slice for himself and his mother.

Sprinkling some powdered sugar over the slices, Clark pulled out some forks and placed the plates on the table. As he sat down at the diner table, his mother came in with a large folder in her hands. His brows furrowed as he read the title of the folder, Superman Trademark.

"Ma, what's that?" Clark asked, unable to hold in his curiosity.

Ma Kent sat her paperwork on the table before freshening up her own cup of coffee. "I took some steps while you were still trying to figure out if you were going to go out into the world and be a hero."

Clark looked stunned as he couldn't follow his mothers train of thought.

Ma Kent rolled her eyes and pushed the folder towards him, "Well, I figured that my grand babies would need a future and with you being so strapped as is with your journalist budget, I took steps."

"We had those metal samples and with Star Labs willing to pay for anything extra-terrestrial, we sold it and used the funds to set up a few shell accounts." Pa Kent said without a care in the world as he cut into his slice of apple pie.

"It wasn't that hard to secure the name actually, but we had to make sure to get a nice lawyer to keep the books on the accounts." Ma Kent replied with an easy smile.

"True, but that rich kid Wayne keeps trying to get us to sell our grandkids future." Pa Kent huffed.

Now that caught Clarks attention, "What do you mean?"

"For some reason Wayne Industries was trying to contact us to buy the rights to Superman." Pa Kent returned with a huff. "We keep turning them down, but they don't seem to understand, no means no."

Ma Kent also huffed, "I was going to have the lawyers send a cease and desist, but you're here now and can handle it."

Again Clark was stunned, his parents not only were able to save his name, but Bruce knew and was trying to buy it right from out underneath him. His mind spun, yet he was brought out of his thoughts by a soft warm and kind hand.

"Eat your pie dear," Ma Kent said with a kind smile. "Everything else can wait until after."


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