Brightest Doom

Chapter 17

By: BigToFu

Beta by: morde24

Vincent Doom


Walking through the portal, I took a leading step onto the pavement on the other side and stepped over to cast my gaze beyond the city. Warmth ran over me as the sun bloomed to life over the horizon. All around my location golden rays of radiance danced as the life-giving force made itself known.

I took a nice deep breath, held it for more than half a beat before releasing it back out, nodding my head as I felt myself loosen up some. I turned and spotted the location for today's little outing: the Eiffel Tower stood majestically in the distance looking dazzling as the sun shown off its metal surface.

While I took in the grandeur of the place, I was unceremoniously grabbed around the arm before I was pulled in the direction of a restaurant. Rolling my eyes at the irrepressible Harley Quinn, I decided to pick her up, princess carry style which seemed to tickle her fancy.

Ivy strolled along beside us as the kitty cat moved with a walk that was so impressive that it could be called gliding. Shaking my head at it all, I gave Talia a side-eye as she brought up the rear of our little group.

Some of the passing pedestrians gave us odd gazes, but they were all ignored as we continued walking at a nice sedate pace. Harley held up her phone before my eyes while directing me right to the cafe. Rolling my eyes, I gave her a nod while accepting the cheeky smile she shot my way. We made a right, then continued walking straight for a bit coming to this lovely place with outdoor dining with an amazing view of the tower.

Slithering around my chest, Harley swung her way around my body before landing on her feet with a smile. Those around us just watched stunned at her display, but I paid it no mind as I took the middle table. As I did that Harley, Selina and Ivy went inside to make themselves known to the staff.

Talia took the seat beside my own before pulling her shades upwards so that I could witness her rolling her eyes at their antics. Flipping her shades back down, Talia then pulled a tablet out so that she could get some work finished as we waited. After a bit of waiting, Ivy arrived with my order of orange juice as Zelda's mother box in my front pocket notified me of the completion of the little side project.

Pulling out the mother box as I accepted my drink, I peered down to see the results of some of the ideas that were rolling around in my head. The first idea that I had was to use Platinum Kryptonite. While it was true that it would make me as strong as Superman, the thought of giving up my humanity was not something I was comfortable with doing. Looking over the display that Zelda produced, I rubbed my chin in thought.

From what I could see, my second idea would better suit my restrictions. This second option would allow me to stay human but also gain me the benefits of tamaranean physiology. The changes wouldn't make me a tamaranean hybrid like most would think, but their genetic material would be grafted to my genetic structure.

All of their bodily abilities would be inserted into my own genetic structure with a metagene coded to my own. For now, this wouldn't make me as powerful as superman, but it would give me a nice step up in a death world like the one I now lived inside of.

With my mind made up, I gave the instructions one last read before pointing the mother box at my cup of orange juice. One press of the button later turned my freshly squeezed citrus into a gene-altering concoction. Talia gave me a look but said nothing as I finished my drink before I then pulled the glass apart by its atomic structure. Shaking her head at my display of power, Talia pulled out a small projector and placed it on the table before activating the device.

Around us, a screen shimmered into the air blocking the view of those around us from both listening into our discussions and viewing our features for lip-reading endeavors. Interestingly enough, the screening only worked one way, allowing us to see outside of the boundaries while also covering a vast array of the light spectrum; unfortunately, I was certain that it was still unable to keep a Kryptonian sight from penetrating the field.

A body pressed into my side shifting my gaze from the mother box within my position to look over to find flawless green skin. With a hum, I put Zelda back into my front pocket before putting an arm around Ivy.


Holding the door for the ladies, I waited my turn before entering the museum. The security guard gave Ivy and Harley a hard look before I stepped in his line of sight and shook my head at him. The guard never even noticed as the radio he was holding shorted out, but that wasn't my problem.

Folding my hands behind myself, I brought up the rear as the ladies went about their business as I ignored the look Selina was giving a few of the artifacts on display. Unsurprisingly, Selina's hand snaked around the hip of a very finely dressed lady and I watched as her necklace and watch vanished.

The pivot and turn with a swish of the hips had a leer, smile, and wink sent my way as she followed behind Ivy. Chuckling at her antics, I ignored the surprise of the lady as she realized that her things were missing. We carried on for some time until we had arrived at the marble room in the Louvre Museum.

I had to say, the room was beautiful, they had an interesting Polynesian thing going on right now with a massive sundial in the middle. One had to appreciate the ingenuity of the islanders, they sure can improvise, another sign that the Mesopotamians were not the only one's advancing the world's scientific knowledge.

Ivy entwined her arm with mine before directing me towards the Greek paintings, yet fate decided on other things. Alarms blared and red lights flashed and heavy security gates slammed down all over the displays and main interest points of the museum.

"What the what?!" Harley exclaimed as the gate slammed shut in her face with a look that was none too pleased.

"Urgh, don't they know that this kitty doesn't like to be in chains without any spanking involved," Selina growled, pulling out a glove.

Turning to the side I could only ask the simple question, "Are you upset by this unexpected development?"

"Oh darling, my type of retaliation for disrupting our day would bring the Justice League down upon us and I would rather not get into any fights that just might rip my dress," Ivy replied with a flick of her left hand in her hair tossing her red mane over her shoulder. "I paid good money for this and the underwear that you will be peeling off later with your teeth."

Chuckling at that, I then turned in time to see Selina flex her fingers activating the gloves. Vibranium nails made themselves known before she stuck her hand into the security gate. There was a spark and flash before the overhead lights also went out before coming back in.

Selina did a tsk, tsk sound as she made a comment about such a faulty electronics system. Selina did another tut tut before stepping back and allowing the shutters to go up.

The people that were standing off to the side trying to avoid us decided that this was the perfect time to rush forward in an attempt to escape. Harley gave me a pout but that was ignored as blonde, white, and red came flying through a far wall. I slid Ivy behind me as I stepped forward to defend her while Selina and Harley flipped out of the way.

Shaking my head at the bullshit of the world, I then erected a psionic shield in the way of the incoming projectiles. Ignoring the detonations, Ivy and I walked over to the very leggy blonde bombshell with a very impressive window that drew all eyes.

"Ivy, can you be a doll and assist our friend here please." I said with a gesture towards Power Girl. Turning around, I made to walk forward before Harley beat me to it, as she came flipping over my shoulder.

"I. Am. Fine!," Power Girl growled from where she was lodged in the wall.

"Ohh honey, you are far from fine," Ivy replied before vines started to invade the wall where Power Girl was trapped inside with the steel beams pressing into her sides.

"Maybe she needs a good lay, look how stiff she is, girl needs to loosen up some." Harley popped as she went into action.

The rocket hammer that I had made her a few weeks back appeared in Harley's hands before she landed then sprang forward into a cartwheel, jumping and twisting as she went. I watched as her leg lashed outwards knocking over something that was clearly built in a lab.

As I followed behind, I noticed that Talia had made herself scarce while Selina had done the same, but not with the same goal in mind. Talia left to wrangle with the media and our counter-intel guys while Selina decided that she wanted an extended shopping spree since things were now free with a five-finger discount.

Letting the ladies go about doing their own things, I strolled along as I popped doors letting the civilians out. As I strolled along, I found the bodies of various destroyed robotic animals.

Sigh, the clues were stacking up, and that could mean only one person was behind this. The museum, the robotic animals could only mean one villain was behind this. Stopping at one of the railings inside the museum, I decided to make a mental call.

"Selina dear, before you made it to the jewelry wing of this lovely place, did you happen to stop by the art section?" I asked.

Selina hummed into my inner ear before letting out a sultry chuckle. "Ohh, well would you look at that, I was just about to contact you darling, this kitty spied a few empty displays before I started my shopping."

Sending her a raised eyebrow, I disconnected allowing her to finish up her shopping.

Down below there was a discharge or something causing a flash of blue and purple before Harley came flying out with a mad laugh on her lips and a rocket hammer in her hands.

I watched as Harley did a flip onto the ceiling, the rocket hammer gave her a boost allowing Harley to use it to pivot and run along the ceiling. Harley jumped from the ceiling to run down the back of the bones to a T-Rex before sliding down the tail and jumping off of it and launching herself towards the massive silverback gorilla.

Hmm, it would seem that I was right on the money, it was Monsieur Mallah and the Brain, they always had something against museums and scientific labs. Mallah attempted to bring up a massive weapon that could only be seen as overcompensation. He then turned it towards Harley, but I was already a few steps ahead of him.

A pinch to the internal mechanism made short work of the weapon and I left Harley to deal with the oversized animal. Pulling out my mother box, I gave it a quick check finding that my transition had already completed and my cells had absorbed enough solar radiation for the improvements to manifest themselves.

Closing my eyes, I felt out the changes to my body and found a well of energy. It was like caffeine-concentrated extract was right underneath my skin. Opening my eyes, I held up a hand channeling some of the energy allowing my fist to glow purple and black before releasing the hold I had on the power within.

Turning to the side and taking a step away from the rail, I dodged the blast sent my way from the grey matter trapped within a prison of his own creation.

"You're not even a neanderthal," I scoffed at the thing with a sneer clear on my face for him to see. The brain was there underneath the railing in his container with a skull-faced decal on the front of what I could only describe as a robotic trash can.

Even at a distance, I could feel the cybernetics that made up half of the frontal cortex.

"I see the clown has found a new paramour." The brain said in that droll voice modulation of his.

"Yes, well both of us prefer my magnificent body over your inclinations," I replied with a gesture towards his body.

There was a slight growl before the Brain produced a cannon that tried to shoot me, I say tried because the shot never made contact. Power Girl made her recovery known as she appeared between the both of us. Power Girl took the hit in the chest, I let out a sigh and of course, she heard that if the side looks she gave me was anything to go by.

Before saying anything, Power Girl dove forward, landing with devastating amounts of force. The brain returned with a force field that took the hits from the flying debris.

"Ohh my, how is the show?" Ivy asked as she strolled up behind me before putting a hand around my waist.

Turning to give Ivy a smile, I spoke. "It is a little lacking, but it's not her fault."

Power Girl halted, that was a clear clue that she was still listening to what we were saying. Smirking at that, I turned to Ivy.

"So would you like to place a bet, our Harley versus the illustrious Power Girl?"

Ivy patted me on the arm, "That would be a sucker bet dear, Harley would win hands down."

Power Girl stumbled and I shot an arm out to deflect the blast aimed at her. A shimmer appeared in the air as my telekinetic shield unfolded before deflecting the blast. A twirl of my wrist had the Brain wrapped up in some loose steel wire hanging from the roof.

Of course, with a name like the Brain, he did not go down that easily. Instead of being taken out of battle with a few simple moves, the interface that acted as his container performed a few self-defensive measures. The cables were of course not enough to keep him locked down, but it would seem that Power Girl had gotten herself a clue.

There was a massive boom from the side and we all turned in time to see Mallah get launched into the air by Harley. What happened next could only be described as an ultra combo as Harley laid down a devastating beating on the gorilla.

After completing her ass-kicking combo at the height of their airborne arc, Harley performed a death-defying flip with the rockets on the back end of her hammer boosting her over into a hard kick. Mallah was sent slamming down into the museum floor below.

This turned out to be the distraction that Power Girl needed as she capitalized on the Brain getting distracted with Mallah's defeat. Glaring down at the monstrosity, Power Girl unleashed her twin beams of cutting force taking out the flight unit Brain had activated in his vain hope of escaping.

From my position along the railing, I could only look down upon the scene as one word came to mind.


The words flowed forward dripping with such disdain for the creature before me that everyone stopped to take a look at me. My face set into a scowl, I held an arm forward before performing a pinching motion shorting out a device hidden within Brains robotic trash can.

Witnessing enough of this farce, I turned and made to leave.

"Wait!" Power Girl exclaimed, causing a pause in my motion. Turning to look her over, I made a hand motion upwards before leaving.


Resting on a recliner bathing in the sun, we listened to the sirens as the police carted Mallah and the Brain away. Talia sat across from my location sipping on lemonade as she had already relegated the media situation to her assistant.

Harley the ever-present life of the party was regaling Ivy on her battle with the monkey that refused to let her pet him. Funnily enough, Selina was the only one that didn't come to the roof, but I guess that could be forgiven with her swapping clothing in the female guard's room. Even after she changed, I decided to not bring it up as she very inconspicuously drove off with a van filled with priceless paintings and jewels. With the way Harley's head turned in the direction of the van, I could see that she had already figured it out.

Yet, I was still mulling over the fact that it could just be basic intuition, or that Harley might have a touch of the sight. All of these matters were pushed aside as the lady of the hour decided to show up with her shadow hanging in the middle of the table.

"Could you not block the sun please," Harley asked, flicking her shades upwards. "I'm trying to work on my tan."

The moment Harley took in who it was that was hovering there she immediately popped up out of her seat with her hand held out.

"Harley Quinn, nice to meetcha," She said with an arm out for Power Girl to shake. "Are you interested in being my dommy mommy? You look a little tense, did ya come to let off a little steam?"

Ivy smiled before pulling Harley into her lap, "Easy Harls, easy, we should give the hero some time to speak."

Power Girl looked a little lost, but she did cut the hover and took up one of the available seats. She looked around at us, but I could see the question already brewing. It was easy for anyone to see that she not only had plenty of questions to ask but had also watched the video uploaded from the bat computer.

"I am not so sure about all of that, but I did want to ask." Power Girl said trailing off before her eyes widened and she added more to her statement. "For a friend of course, yeah a friend."

"And what is it that you wanted to ask?" Talia requested as she leaned forward.

"How did you survive, isn't she lethally poisonous?" Power Girl said with clear confusion on her face. "No offense or anything."

Ivy scoffed with a wave of her hand. "None taken darling."

Harley did a cartwheel out of Ivy's lap placing herself right next to Power Girl. "Ohh and is this friend in an all-white get-up with a red cape?"

"Yes, I mean no." Power Girl answered a little too forcefully.

I let out a soft chuckle before humming in thought, "I could say that I'm not built like most mortal men."

"Yeah, Doom's just way better than all those lame O's"

"That he is Harley dear, that he is," Ivy said as she let out a soft chuckle of her own that clearly transitioned into a purr. Power Girl blinked at the sudden shift and heightening of sexual tension.

Harley let out a squeal, before leaching into a hug at Power Girl. "You're so going to love our bedroom. Victor can do this thing with his tongue that's going to make you go cross-eyed. Blew my mind the first time and I turn to mush all over, still makes my clit shiver whenever I kiss him."

Poor Power Girl looked so lost, before she shook her head, "No, no, I came to ask for a friend."

"Ohh sweety, it's alright, we can add your friend to the calendar after we work out your kinks." Harley returned easily before sliding back into her own seat.

"Wahh, whahh, I didn't say anything about me." Power Girl tried to deny but the red blush on her cheeks was a clear giveaway.

"Hmm," Ivy hummed, "Harley is correct, his tongue does make one weak in the knees."

There was no hiding that blush transitioning from light pink to scarlet, nor the spike of jealousy I got across my empathic senses.

Harley did a little tappy clap as if she figured out something monumental. "Ohh, I know, Doomy, let Power Girl hold your hand."

Giving her a long speculative gaze, I held out my hand to her as I came to my own conclusion. It is not passion or interest that she lacks, but a suitable partner.

Holding the gaze of Power Girl, I held my hand out. "Here this shall assuage some of your feelings in the matter."

Power Girl looked at my hand and I had to force myself from rolling my eyes, " Take my hand, feel as much as you would like, then squeeze with all your might."

We all watched as Power Girl slowly reached for my hand, I smiled as she entwined our fingers before holding my hand firmly. There was nothing to be said about the extra time she took to inspect my hand or the little sniff and inhale that she performed. I knew damn well what had gone down this morning and even with a shower, Kryptonians had an incredible sense of smell. I was also very certain that Power Girl got herself a nice whiff of all the ladies at the table from my digits.

Power Girl gave my back knuckles a little rub before lining her hand up with my own, then squeezing.

Her eyes widened at the realization that no matter how hard she squeezed, my bones would not break. My hand held firm, that seemed to surprise Power Girl. The shock was clear and evident on her features as she inspected my other hand before then trying the same thing with my shoulder.

At this point, Power Girl was within my personal space even as she looked like a madwoman in her desperate attempt to figure me out.

"That's not possible…" Power Girl let out in a whisper.

"Well, that's doomy for ya, always doing the do," Harley spoke up with a shrug. "So about you being my dommy mommy?"

The earnest look on Harley's face must have been far too much for Power Girl as she took off into the sky leaving a sonic boom behind. There was another sonic boom as she appeared before us once more.

"Sorry, I really am, but something came up, raincheck, bye."

She flew up this time not as fast and that was when Harley struck.

"Nooooo, come back, I wanted to see if the carpet matches the drapes," Harley yelled to the sky and from the way Power Girl almost fell out of the sky before vanishing with a sonic boom. It was clear that she heard Harley.

Shaking my head, I took in Harley's antics as she knelt on the top of the table with her arms raised as if she was the main lead from the old school planet of the ape's film.

"My dommy mommy!"

Authors Note:

Why did Power Girl run away, will Harley ever find herself the right dommy mommy.

Find out next time on Brightest Doom

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