Brightest Doom

Chapter 19

By: BigTofu

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Vincent Doom

The Va'JJ Destroyer...

One leg of Power Girl's was tossed over my shoulder while the other was wrapped around my waist. Yet all of that was lost to me as my thrusts brought sweet music to my ears. The slap, slap, slap, of my balls against Power Girl's ass was all the music that I needed.

The look in her eyes blazed with the fire of need, I watched her leaned back onto the island in the middle of the kitchen. We were both so lost to the world as I pounded into her. The crunching sounds of the countertop were ignored as she pulled my head down to give attention to her prized chest.

I took a nipple between my lips before applying some pressure with my teeth. Her walls clamped down as the other leg pulled me closer. My head went back as I gave her nipple a mighty tug as my other hand went to work on her clit.

Power Girl went off firing on all cylinders; her arms smashed down into the countertop, breaking it. The leg wrapped around my waist pulled me forward in tandem with the leg over my shoulder. I smashed into her as she came all over the front of my body.

Picking her up so that she could lean on me, we both caught our breath. That was when we heard the noise and turned around. To my own utter amazement, upon turning around, I was looking at Martian Man-Hunter, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman. Now, I knew that Power Girl was a beauty, but damn, Wonder Woman was clearly ethereal, hell the way my cock twitched inside of Power Girl told her exactly what I was thinking.

It also didn't help that she tightened down upon my shaft. Oh yeah, Doom was the pussy destroyer today.

Then the little miss hot redhead had to open her mouth.

Barbra's eyes shot wide, "You've got to be shitting me. How are you alive?"

Honestly, I couldn't help myself, not only was it a good day. But I had just finished fucking Power Girl of all people. I was on cloud fucking nine. "Doom is the only mortal man of flesh capable of surviving such delightful endeavors."

Barbara's brows twitched and Wonder Woman gave me a smirk. Karen tapped me on the shoulder then motioned for me to let her down. Turning my attention from the obvious voyeurs, I placed her down on the counter.

This cheeky little minx gave me a wink before pushing me back slightly causing me to pull out. That was a wet sloshing sound as the cum I had pumped into her slipped back out onto the countertop. Then the minx vanished with a burst of speed.

So there I was standing with my dick out in front of not only Batgirl but also Wonder Woman. And like any dick, mine had a mind of its own. My dick began twitching and Diana gave it a raised brow; but instead of covering up, I stood proud.

A gust of wind was all we felt as Power Girl made herself known once more but with some style as she smacked one upon my ass cheeks. Without even flinching, I accepted the pants that were placed in my hands.

Turning, I kissed her upon the cheek before grabbing a dish towel, wetting it within the totally destroyed sink that was just spitting water everywhere. I then turned while very slowly cupping and not only wiping off my balls, but my shaft as well.

"Do you mind?" I asked with no care in the world even if my erection just would not go down.

"No, no, I don't actually." Diana returned with an appraising look. If I was a steak, then she sure as hell would have eaten me on the spot.

The only one that didn't keep her calm was Barbara, "Ohh my gosh, oh my gosh, I did not just see all of that."

"Yeah, you did," I replied with a roll of my eyes while acting as if I didn't notice her watching through her fingers.

Diana and Barbara watched me the entire time with a hunger in their gaze that was damn predatory. Then again, I was standing there cleaning myself in the middle of a totally destroyed kitchen. Yet, it was either that or some chafing, and I'll be damned if I chafe from neglect over something so easily preventable.

While I was getting proper, Diana had walked, well it was more like a glide if anything because damn those legs. She stood where I had previously been pounding Power Girl into the counter and dipped her finger in our leftovers.

My heart painfully thrummed within my chest as I watched her rub my cum between her fingers, she then gave it a sniff. Words caught in my throat as I watched Diana taste it with her tongue.

"Hmm, curious"

Karen slapped me in the chest pulling me out of my stupor as my mind had gone into shock as I watched Wonder Woman of all people enjoy the taste of my cum before going for another scoop. Well, that was until Barbara caught her hand, and Power Girl slapped me in the chest, snapping me out of it.

Blinking rapidly, I gave myself a quick shake before then taking notice of Martian Man-Hunter. Okay, now things were awkward with how the man doesn't even blink before the fact that he wasn't human rang a bell. Not only that, but neither was Diana, and I was certain that being sheltered on that woman-hating man-type island definitely had warped her sensibilities.

I wanted to say that Batgirl was the only one that had any sense of propriety, but not when I glanced at her and caught her staring at my bulge. Ignoring that, I let out a sigh before picking up Power Girl who let out a squeak in surprise as I sat her on the countertop that wasn't broken since we never had sex on top of it.

Everyone stood stunned as I ignored them and proceeded to make us some toast and eggs. Wasn't all that hard since the kitchen was still somewhat intact even if the rest of the house wasn't. Humming to myself, I then gave Power Girl a plate with a couple of fried eggs while I kept the one with toast. Another plate was placed before the guest who was still watching me as if a second head grew out of my shoulder.

"Ohh, thank you," Diana replied with a smile as her hand came up reflexively.

"Welcome," I muttered before giving Power Girls legs a nudge. She gave me a look before it clicked and she spread her legs for me as I leaned back into her.

The look Batgirl flashed was so damn salty that I wouldn't need any for my eggs. Pretending as if I never saw that look, I turned my attention to the two adults as I passed Power Girl a slice of toast over my shoulder.

"So, mind sharing with us now what brought you all here to our little love nest?" I asked as Power Girl gave me a light squeeze with her legs. Diana was mid-bite, clearly having no fucks to give or just completely different priorities.

It was clear that she wasn't going to speak up since her mouth was very full, and I acted as if I didn't see her finger dip into the white cream one more time. So that only left Martian Man-Hunter to speak or Batgirl whose face was still flushed red.

Martian Man-Hunter took his time, being the obvious one to speak. "Tremors were reported within the area."

Power Girls legs went tight around my waist and I had to stifle a laugh at that. Man, this was that episode straight out of Smallville, but I was actually living it.

Power Girl did a fake cough in her hand to clear her throat, "Yeah, about that."

Yet, before she could speak, I cut her off. "We will handle it and I can compensate for any of the damages."

"Thank you." Martian Ma-Hunter said with his smooth voice. "But, might I know how this came to be?" He responded with a hand motion.

Again, I spoke before Power Girl could as I was trying to control the main narrative of the situation, "Yes, well as you can see not everything can stand up to the stress it was placed under and the environment suffered for it."

"I see." The Man-Hunter responded with a dip of his head.

Power Girl spoke up, "Yeah, don't worry, it won't happen again."

Now, it was my turn to fake a cough, "I don't know about all that, but I am pretty sure I can build a few compensators to mitigate any damage for next time."

"REALLY?" Three voices asked all at once.

Calmly taking a bite out of my toast and eggs, I then washed it down with some premium orange juice with everyone's eyes on me as I cruelly extended the moment. Smacking my lips for added measure, I then sat my cup down with a satisfying lip smack.

I smiled, cleared my throat, then spoke, "A localized field shouldn't be that hard to make, and it's far better than to just expect the environment to survive our vigorous lovemaking."

"Yeah, about that, how did you survive, I thought you were human?" Batgirl asked with an accusing tone.

"Ohh, Doom is very much human, you can even check my DNA if you like" I replied with nonchalance as I then rubbed my hand under Power Girl's nice thicc thighs, "But when such a lovely pair of thighs decides to play their part like a pair of earmuffs, your force of will shines through to make sure one survives such an experience."

Diana looked at me speculatively before a hand went down to her lasso. Hmm, I wonder how that would affect one such as I; it was playing with my soul after all. Then again, there were things such as half-truths and lies by omission if you weren't very specific with the questions asked. A Lot of things are left up to interpretation during replying.

Ohh, I know exactly how to play this. Clearing my throat, I held out my hand towards Diana, she of course noticed where I was looking before unwrapping the lasso from her hip.

"Then so be it, for the lasso of truth shall help us learn the truth of your soul." Diana intoned with far more seriousness than what she showed up with.

Accepting the end of the lasso, I then wrapped it around my arm. "Then ask your questions, and please do make sure they pertain to the current situation."

Diana then gave me a kind smile before parting her very succulent lips, "Then let us start with something simple. Do you intend any harm to Power girl?"

"Depends on what you define as harm?" My reply came back automatically before I could enact my decency filter.

The legs around my waist tensed along with the arm that was hanging over my shoulder. Wonder Woman gave me a speculative look while Martian Man-Hunter still had that blank neutral look on his face. The real tell was how Batgirl flinched from my reply but I said nothing as I made a show of rolling my eyes. I then made a carry-on motion with my hands at Diana.

"Elaborate on that please, what type of harm do you intend to inflict upon Power Girl."

"She is a super being so I don't know if she will get strained muscles, uterus bruising, or any of the other mishaps that might happen during sex. Then again, the type of pain I do want to inflict is pretty self-explanatory when you check out that nice pert behind of hers and fail to see a handprint." I replied with a shrug as the lasso glowed a golden color. "Ohh and let's not forget some biting. Hell, she got off when I had her nipples between my teeth. Or when I raked my teeth over her..."

Anything else that I had to say was cut off as Power Girl put her hand over my mouth. The heavy breathing I could feel on my back which I found out about with how her hard nipples pressed into me.

With a smile, I reached up and lowered the hand over my mouth and raised an eyebrow, then said in a low, sultry voice… "Basically? I am going to fuck her brains out."

Everyone within the room stopped and just stared at me and that was also the first time I actually got a reaction out of Martian Man-Hunter. The big guy gave me a raised eyebrow and if he wasn't judging me, he damn sure was taking mental notes.

Shrugging, I removed Power Girl's hand as I looked at Diana. Yet before Diana could ask her question Barbra beat her to it.

"How are you not dead?" Batgirl came forward and asked with clear exasperation in her voice. The force of it had Martian Man-Hunter himself turn to her. Ohh, if only Diana had realized how she had given me a direct connection to her soul with the lasso. So many fail to understand that not only was the lasso of truth a connection to one's soul but that it was also a two-way street.

Turning my attention to Barbara, I ignored the faint red that overcame Diana's features. "Doom is built stronger than mere mortals."

"That's just not possible, I heard about some of Clark's issues. Hell, most if not all of the superhuman categorized women in the Justice League all have the same issues." Barbara seethed before pointing a finger at Power Girl. "Her involuntary muscle twitch alone should have broken your everything!"

Before the lasso started glowing, I grabbed my will, twisted it into a spike of lust. Then sent it through as the lasso started to glow its brilliant gold. Trying not to laugh at Barbara's little outburst and blush, I gave her my attention as noted the minor rose-red tint that came over Diana's features.

"As I said, Doom is just built differently," I replied smoothly, but I could still hear the windows error message play in her head as she couldn't figure it out. Letting out a sigh, I decided that it would be in my best interest if I elaborated on the matter. "Any sufficiently advanced genius would be able to improve upon their mortal form."

Martian Man-Hunter gave a raised brow that matched the one Diana was also giving me. The major difference was that Diana was also sending the fuck me eyes. Smiling at the room as I kept sending lust across the lasso to Diana, I gave her my attention. Idly, I noticed how her eyes shifted to the hand I had running underneath Power Girls thighs.

Batgirl's only response was to just look at me with a gaping jaw, but I pretend to not have seen her reaction.

Luckily she was spared as Diana cleared her throat, the smile she gave me though was all teeth, straight predator. Honestly, at this point in time, I had no care about it in the world.

"How many positions did you take in your lovemaking?"

Batgirl at her side stuttered before finding her bearing and letting out a squeak. "What?"

Again Power Girl's hand flew over to cover my mouth, "I don't think that's a valid question."

Unfortunately, she didn't fully understand the power of the lasso as it forced me to answer the question. Of course, I decided to answer my way.

"Unfortunately, we tried far too many for me to keep track of, but I did note she liked three distinct positions," I answered with a smooth and easy smile. That sparked something in Diana's eyes if the glint was anything to go by.

Before Power Girl could interrupt, Diana decided to make her thoughts known. "Really, do tell, for research of course."

Of course, I cleared my throat first, "Well, first was the dommy mommy position, both thighs as earmuffs as she held my head in place as my tongue went to work." Diana nodded her head and there was nothing anyone could do with the lasso glowing. So of course, I was going to abuse the hell out of it. "The second position was with one leg over my shoulder, of course, you did walk in while that position was on display."

"Yes, I do recall seeing her in such a fascinating position," Diana said with a nod of the head.

"Ohh and I believe the position that might have caused the tremors was the face down ass up position," I replied with a nod of the head. "After we really got into it and got the edge off, we really got into the flow of things and it took about two thrusts before she stopped hunching." I continued then placed a hand on my chin. "Once we worked that out we basically broke the bed, the wall, the floor, and then the basement, but at least enough of the bedding was leftover."

I grimaced for all to see, "She might be Kryptonian, but I do not wish carpet burn upon her."

No one had a chance to say anything more or even digest what I said before Diana shot forward with another question. "How long can you please a woman with your tongue?"

The lasso glowed, and they all knew what was coming as my face smoothed into one of pure neutrality. "Doom is a man of great perseverance. So there is no limit, for Doom shall do all that is necessary to please his partner."

Power Girl's arm went around my chest only to pull me back as the look Diana gave was one of pure hunger. Shit, maybe I should pull back on all that lust and sexual energy. Yeah, that was a no since this was a mountain that Doom was willing to climb.

Idly, my mind drifted to the form of that one villain called Giganta, wait wasn't she also a Wonder Woman villain. Hmmm, I would have to talk with Harley and see about looking her up. Then my idle musings were interrupted by the hot redhead in the room. Honestly, I didn't notice it at first, but damn the room was charged with sexual energy.

The act of taking in the atmosphere brought me to the fact that Power Girl was radiating pure heat onto my lower back.

"How long does it take you to recover, what is your refractory period?" Batgirl asked, completely pulling me out of my musings. Yet, I was not the one to field this question.

The hand that Power Girl had over my shoulder came down to show a possessive hold as she looked Barbara directly in the eye. Her face split into a smile before she decided to answer the girl after showing her claim over my person. "Thirty-four point nine two seconds between firing massive loads capable of impregnating even Kryptonians. We never even took a break to sleep yet, so yes that means he had the staying power to not only go all night but even into the day. Which you all decided to interrupt and are of course still here."

Yeah, that last part Power Girl growled out at the room, and well damn, Diana looked like she was ready to challenge her on that fact. Sigh, that had to be either Amazon blood in her or Zeus's blood deciding to show itself.

Well, now that was my cue, so with that as the sign. I stood forwards with a clap of the hands. "Now, that you are all aware of the situation, I believe it is time that we part ways, yes?"

The look Diana shot me was one of pure betrayal as I unwrapped the lasso from my arm as she gave it a tug.

Martian Man-Hunter let out a sigh, "I would have liked it if you came with us to the WatchTower for an examination."

Grimacing, I shut that shit down, "Yeah, that's not going to happen, pretty sure that I don't have any internal injuries, and if I did. Then Power Girl would have pointed it out for me."

"Correct, now we can all have lunch later like planned." Power Girl said and boy was that news to me. Didn't know that they had a brunch planned.

"Mind taking the trio with you?" I asked, turning towards Power Girl.

I watched as she mulled it over for a second before nodding her head.

Diana gave Power Girl a look before nodding her head. "Then we shall have words later sister."

Damn, had to shake my head at that, I would not want to be a fly on the wall during that lunch. Yes, well, I was going to stay well away. I'll leave all the chaos up to Harley since this seems like it's going to be a fun time for her.

Letting out a sigh, I turned and picked up Power Girl. Of course, I made sure that I had a nice firm grip on that ass. Batgirl let out a squeak as I shot her a wink as I turned around showing her that I was holding Power Girl with just one hand.

Power Girl of course ate it the fuck up since she was and has always been the strong one in any relationship. Then again from what she alluded to about her last relationship was long ago and that time frame counted in years.

Leaning forward to whisper into her ear, I said the one thing all-women love to hear. "I believe shopping is in order since you have a brunch to be prepared for."

Carrying her in one hand, we proceed to leave the broken home, the inspectors at my back. Walking between Wonder Woman and Martian Man-Hunter, I received a quick pinch on the ass that I was one hundred percent certain came from Diana.

The reason why I knew it was her was the killing intent that spiked from Batgirl when I skimmed her surface memories. So being the asshole that I was, I felt some parting words were needed.

"Batgirl, do give my regards to Nightwing," I said with a half-turn, then turned to Diana. "Maybe next time, you would be willing to show me the skills an Amazon wields with a sword?"

Authors Notes:

Well, that happened, I wonder what's happening with Bruce and Clark. Find out next time on Brightest Doom… The Plot thicc'ens

I wonder how many people knew that the lasso of truth was such a double edge sword.

After all, the best way to beat certain people is not to face them with your fist, but to face them with knowledge while attacking from angles that they would never expect.

For those who don't get it, the lasso of truth creates a two-way street between the souls forcing them to speak their truths. Notice that I used the term 'THEIR TRUTH" which could be interpreted in many different ways. It's why Batman can get away with calling his identity as Batman when the lasso was used on him instead of Bruce Wayne.

Now the same way the lasso can break mind control is also the same way it can influence the mind; again that lasso works both ways. Yet, what you saw was not mind control but influence, which is a totally different thing. Shame they aren't aware that he was the avatar to the sage force.

You don't face people like Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman with your fist. That's a foolish endeavor.

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