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The Hundred Year Quest was finally finished. The White Mage had been taken down. It was finished and everyone was exhausted. Everyone was at a small port city at Guiltina, waiting for the next ship off the continent. Lucy watched everyone wearily shuffle about in the reception of the inn they were to spend the night in. Her gaze flickered over to the pink-haired dragon slayer, who was now chatting with Mercuphobia, who had graciously accompanied them to see them off.

She grimaced at the sight of Touka hanging right by Natsu's elbow and looked away to stare at her tightly clasped hands in her lap. The girl hadn't left Natsu's side since the White Mage had been expelled from her. Lucy hated herself for the feeling of resentment because really, she shouldn't care. She shouldn't be jealous. But she was. She was also hurt, because not once did Natsu ask the girl to leave him alone.

She sighed internally, chiding herself. Maybe he didn't care that way. Maybe it was all in her head that the relationship between her and her bestfriend was blossoming into something more. She looked up again to see Natsu was watching her, brows knit in mild concern as he looked at her questioningly.

"Nothing," she said softly, knowing he would catch her words.

His frown only deepened, and before he could say anything, Happy flew into her vision, blocking her line of sight. When she looked at him questioningly, he held up keys in her face.

"I got us a room!"


"Yeah! Team Natsu!"

Lucy smiled at the cat and took the keys from him, standing up as Happy perched on her shoulder. Natsu was at her side in an instant, starting to help with their luggage as Lucy quietly lead the way, lost in thoughts.

She'd been wanting to admit her feelings to him for quite some time now. She'd finally felt ready, after months of debating and internal conflict. She gave him a sidelong glance and opened her mouth to say something when she felt light nudge to her left, and much to her irritation, it was Touka. The girl squeezed herself between them, batting her eyes at Natsu as she started to ask him something about dragon slayer magic.

Huffing, she lagged behind, letting the two conversing mages pass by. Natsu didn't even notice and she swallowed down a frustrated grunt. Immediately, she felt two soft paws land on her cheeks as Happy peered at her from the top of her head.

"Is something wrong, Lucy?"

Lucy sighed, reaching up to the Exceed and hugging him tight to herself, soaking in the familiarity of the softness and warmth.

"Nothing, Happy, I'm okay," she said softly. "Thanks for asking."

He turned again to look at her, still unconvinced but she simply smiled at him and headed towards the room. Ignoring the clenching in her gut when she saw Natsu and Touka talking in the doorway, she went up to them, giving both of them a polite smile each before she opened the door to their room and stepped in. Only to freeze.

" Happy ! There's… only one bed," she said slowly. "How will the five of us fit in here!"

Happy dislodged himself from her arms and cocked his head at her. "Five? There's only three of us, Lucy."

"You said… Team Natsu…" said Lucy lamely, not taking her eyes off of the bed.

"Yeah, we are Team Natsu," said Happy, as if that should've been obvious. "There's three of us. Have you forgotten how to count? Is that why you are upset?"

"Luce? Why are you upset?" asked Natsu suddenly from the doorway, looking over his shoulder at her.

Biting back a sharp reply, she swatted her hands in a dismissive way. "I'm not upset. I was just asking Happy about…"

She came up empty. She had no idea why the thought of it was wracking her nerves because by now, she was pretty used to sharing a bed with the dragon slayer. It was as common as it was for him to rob her of her breakfast. Which was, well, pretty common.

She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck. "Never mind. I need to take a shower."

Natsu exchanged a questioning look with Happy, who shrugged and looked at Lucy with concern as she shuffled around the room to gather her things for the shower. She didn't see Natsu dropping his conversation with Touka mid-sentence as he absent-mindedly bid her a good night as Happy flew over his head to close the door as politely as he could in her somewhat irritated and upset face.

Natsu walked over straight to Lucy, and caught her arm, forcing her restless shuffling come to a halt.

"What's wrong, Luce?" he asked, voice soft.

She shook her head before rubbing at her temples as she squirmed out of his grip. "Nothing, I'm just… tired. It's been a long day."

He let her go, watching as she hurriedly walked into the bathroom before sitting on the edge of the bed.

Once under the shower, she started feeling guilty for her cold treatment. She knew Natsu tended to worry. If only she could get her head back on her shoulders. She had no idea why she was suddenly feeling so thrown off. Scratch that, she did have an idea.


Something uneasy stirred in her gut when she thought of the latest Fairy Tail member. Juvia had told her all about Touka. The girl's obsession with Natsu bothered even Juvia, and that was saying something. And the fact that the girl had chosen the apartment right next to hers? She was not looking forward to that.

She closed her eyes as she turned the water to a more scalding temperature, inhaling shakily as she let her forehead rest against the cool tile of the shower.

Things weren't so complicated yesterday.

What happened?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I'm just chickening out, she thought miserably. It had been easy to think some time during their quest that she'd admit her feelings after the quest. But now that it was after

Grunting, she turned the shower off and stepped out of the booth. Ten minutes later, having dried herself and fully clothed, she stepped out into the room again, ready to plaster her smile and pretend that everything was just fine.

As soon as she stepped out, Natsu's head shot up, sitting exactly where she'd left him, brows furrowed with concern. Immediately, she felt guilt settling in again and she went up to him with a grin.

"I'm so much better now," she said. "The shower really works wonders, huh?"

When he looked at her unsurely, she took his hands in hers and pulled him to his feet ." Go . It's your turn now. You'll feel very refreshed!" she said with faux joy.

He didn't budge, but continued to look at her unconvinved when she finally said, "Listen, Mister, if we're gonna be sharing the bed, you better get cleaned up, alright?"

Finally, he grinned. "Yes, ma'am."

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