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Lucy left her apartment and walked down the road slowly, aware of Touka's eyes on her as she girl watched from her apartment window. She felt maybe, just a little bad, but she was sure she hadn't crossed any boundaries when she had gently let Touka know that no she couldn't join her and Natsu for dinner because it was his call regarding who to invite and that it wasn't really her place to just bring someone along without him knowing about them since he was the one making dinner, and was expecting two people.

She had been polite of coures, despite the twitch in the girl's eye, and as Lucy turned around the corner, she whipped around suddenly, worried that despite the gentle warning, Touka may have followed.

She carefully scanned the scene, holding her breath till she was sure she no one was following her.


As she entered the woods, she saw a wisp of smoke rising from the direction of his house. Smiling to herself, she walked towards the house, finally coming to a stop when the house came into view. She stood on the end of the gravelly path leading up to his house, and licked her lips nervously as she considered what she was about to do.

No more chickening out, she told herself.

The words were ready in her head.

Natsu, you're my very best friend in the whole world. He would grin, beaming at her. Maybe even reach across the little make-shift table in his kitchen and ruffle her hair like she was a kid, calling her a weirdo because he would say he knows that. The table between them was very important so she could channel her nerves into playing with her fingers on her lap, hidden from view.

We've known each other for a very long time now, haven't we? He would nod.

There's something you should know. He would assure her that she could tell him anything. She would nod and then she would reach across the table and take his hands in hers, if she felt that brave.

I was planning to tell you after our quest ended, and I need you to listen to me very carefully and not interrupt, at all, okay? He would obviously whine about that, and she'd wait for him to finish, and then make him promise not to interrupt. He would oblige, obviously, but with a pout and some amount of confusion, she was sure.

We've known each other for a very long time. He would surely interrupt her here - "You already said that, ya weirdo." - and she'd shush him with a threat, daring not to interrupt her again. Now he would know she was serious and thus, would begin the really important part of her speech.

She'd take a deep breath.

We've known each other for so long now that I can't imagine my life without you anymore. You've seen me at my worst and I don't know if you realize it, but if I hadn't met you, I wouldn't be where I am today. I would never had the family that I do today, or living my life the way I wanted to if you hadn't brought me to Fairy Tail. You gave me a home, and a friendship that I cherish more than anything in the world. But over the recent years, especially that one year when I was by myself - There'd be an interruption here, she was sure, but she'd beat him to it - I know you don't like to hear about this, and I know you're sorry but - She'd squeeze his hand reassuringly - that's not what this is about. I promise. That one year gave me a lot of time to think. About us. Yes, we're friends. I love that. But I realized that you're a lot more to me than that. I've been wanting to tell you for so long but the timing was never right - Lies, she was just too scared - what with all the wars we were fighting, and one of us almost always dying - Throw in a little bit of dark humour to lighten the mod - but now that we're here, and everything is okay, I need to tell you. More for myself than anything else. I don't really expect you to say anything, or even expect you to feel the same way, okay? I promise. I just need to say it, but you have to promise nothing will change between us. You won't leave me, or anything, okay? - Now this was important. She knew he wouldn't, but reassurance. She needed that. So she'd make sure he promised, she nodded to herself solemnly.

She'd take another deep breath, after he made the promise of course.

I love you. As more than a friend. I love you so much that the feeling leaves me breathless sometimes. I love you even when you're an idiot. And then, based on his reaction on whether or not he understood what she meant, she'd throw in a "I love you like Bisca loves Alzack" for clarification's sake.

And then, she'd wait for him to say something.

Sounds good.

She frowned to herself, shifting her weight on her feet. Said words entirely relied on him not interrupting her, or she'd lose her flow of thought. But he wasn't exactly a man of patience. She started to fret a little because it sounded too long in her head, but each and every, single word in her speech was important.

"Darn it," she mumbled, kicking at a tiny stone that happened to stand in her way.

She looked up when she heard a chuckle, to see Natsu leaning against the doorframe of his house, arms crossed and looking at her with amusement.

"You gonna stand there kicking the poor little stones and talking to yourself all night?" he asked, grinning at her.

She flushed red as she hastened towards the house, looking sheepish.

"I caught your scent a while back," he stated simply. "How long did you plan on just standing there?"

She laughed nervously as she made her way up the stairs of the porch. "I was just… thinking."

"About?" he asked, stepping aside as she walked past him into his house.

"Stuff," she said simply, as he closed the door behind him and followed her.

"What stuff?"

Damn, is he persistent.

She walks towards the kitchen and sniffs. "That smells amazing!" she exclaimed turning around to look at him with a grin.

He quirked an eyebrow and she knew he'd noticed her changin the subject, but is thankful when he doesn't push.

"Made your favourite," he said, moving to the kitchen and that's when she noticed the basket on the table. "Come on the food's getting cold."

He extended a hand towards her and she stared at it confusion, as he picked the basket up.

"Luce?" he called again, shaking his hand at her a little for emphasis.

She blinked at it dumbly, then looked at the basket in his hand before robotically taking his hand, still looking confused. He chuckles at her, but doesn't offer much in the way of explanation. His fingers curled around hers and he tugged gently, trying to lead her out through the backdoor in the kitchen.

"I… Where are we going?" she asked as she stepped out behind him. "What about dinner?"

At this point, Natsu simply rolled his eyes, clearly amused that she hadn't caught on to whatever it is that she was supposed to catch on. He waved the basket at her. "We're eating out?"

"We…. are?"

He laughed at that. "What did I just say?"

"That… we're eating out…" she said slowly, walking next to him now, hands still intertwined.

"Exactly," he said. "It's a clear night. I thought it would be great if we could eat under the stars."

Her eyes automatically went up, and she realized he was right. It really was a beautiful night. And then, she realized something.

"There won't be a table," she said lamely, looking at him and she was starting to panic, only a little bit.

He looked at her puzzled, smirking just a little. "No, there won't be. Because we're out. On a picnic blanket. By the creek. And… under the stars."

Something on her face made him laugh this time, a guffaw really. "Jeez, Luce. And they call me the idiot."

"Hey!" she said indignantly, finally snapping out of her stupor and when she attempted to smack his shoulder, she realized that they were still holding hands.

She fell silent again, now looking up at him as he led the way. With the way he wouldn't meet her eyes, she started to feel curious. What is he upto? If she didn't know any better, she'd think that this was romantic. She knew he didn't have a romantic bone in his body; he'd told her that himself when they'd somehow ended up talking about what their ideas of perfect dates were.

She gauged the possibilities in her head, oblivious to the amused look Natsu gave her as they came to a stop and he let go of her hand to set the basket on the ground. Carefully he retrieved the picnic blanket he'd had Happy buy that afternoon and laid it out on the grass. Looking up, at her, she was still lost.

He cleared his throat and she looked at him, startled at first, and then sheepish.

"Are you okay?" he asked, cocking his head.

"I am," she said, smiling at him warmly, her heart melting at how concerned he looked.

Crouching down, she helped him with the blanket and to lay out the food, internally shocked at how much he'd made. He really had gone all out this time. She wondered casually if they were celebrating something, then shook her head at herself as she slipped out of her shoes to sit down. She had a mission and she will not be distracted.

As she sat down, she saw with wide eyes Natsu lighting a couple of candles with a short flick of his fingers and setting them carefully on the bottom of an empty, upturned bowl, which he set on the grass in front of the blanket. Then, he slipped out of his sandals and carefully joined Lucy on the blanket, sitting next to her.

She clasped her hands in her lap tightly. Here goes.

"Natsu, you're my very best friend in the whole world," she said, and to her dismay he was frowning.

Her plan was derailed without the table already, and now this? Where was that grin she was so sure would come her way? What now? Think Lucy, think.

We've known each other for a very long time now, haven't we? - That was the next line. Say it. Say it, you dumbass.

He had tilted his head at her, his frown only deepening, face confused. Well, sure confusion was part of it, but not so soon! She hadn't even gotten to the main part yet. Her panicked look wasn't helping matters, she was sure.

"Luce?" he asked, he looked nervous now.

"Do you not… like this?" he asked, gesturing at the blanket and the food and the candles and all.

She blinked, her worry forgotten, but feeling guilty.

"What, no, I love it! So much!" she said, eyes wide. Look what you did, you made him feel nervous. Bad Lucy!

"Then why'd you go and say that out of the blue," he asked indignantly.

She crossed her legs now and turned to face him. "Say what?"

He looked at her disbelivingly, but she could see confusion on his face. "Natsu, what is going on?"

"You really don't understand?" he asked unsurely.

"Understand... What...?" Hesitation was clear in her voice.

He looked at her blankly for a minute, before groaning, a hand slapping across his face, before looking at her accusingly. "You told me this was your idea of a perfect date!"

"What?" Yeesh, I've asked that so many times today.

He seemed to have the same thought, because rolling his eyes, he straightened up and sat opposite her, mirroring her position.

"When were coming home from that mission at Hargeon!" he said, impatiently. "We were eating lunch and some idiot of a guy came up to our table and asked you out on a date!" he said, scowling.

"Oh, yeah." Lucy blinked as her memory grew clearer. "You burnt his pants off! Don't you still deny it, I know it was you. Pants just don't spontaneously combust, Natsu!"

"That you'll remember," he mumbled, before continuing. "And then we started talking about perfect dates and-"

"And you said you think all that's crap, boring and a waste of time!" she said, looking at him with annoyance as she counted each of those on her fingers. Where is this even going! Of course, I could count on Natsu to throw me off course, nothing ever goes to plan! she wailed internally. She only remembered what he said because when her feelings for him grew, that stopped being the idea of her perfect date because well, it would never be something he would do. She hadn't even though that he-

Wait a second...

At her words, he started to look a little sheepish and rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Yes, well," he said timidly. "That was before."


He grunted in annoyance. "Come on, Luce. I thought it'd be obvious by now!"

"You told me this was your idea of a perfect date!" This, he had said.

"Is this... a date?" she asked, her voice hushed.

"Finally." He exhaled, chuckling at her. "You were actually supposed to figure that out earlier. Why do you think Happy isn't here?"


Then he looked at her seriously before reaching across and taking her hands in his, his thumb tracing light circles as it brushed over knuckles. Oh, wow, she thought.

"We've known each other for a very long time now, haven't we?" he started, making her head shoot up to look at him. Hey, that's my line!

She nodded, her throat drying up.

"There's something you should know," he said, making her eyes widen again, and she wanted to laugh. How dare he steal my lines. "I wanted to tell you for a while now but the timing was... Ugh, anyways, I had decided to tell you after we finished the quest and I had the perfect way ready because you said this is was the idea of a perfect date but apparently you don't remember that and-," he paused with a huff, and looked at her in a way that made her cheeks warm.

"Only because you said you thought it was crap!" she said defensively.

His eyes widened. "Really? That's why you-" Then he shook his head. "Stop distracting me, you're making me forget my words!" he said petulantly.

Hmph. Serves you right!

He breathed in deeply and continued. "Like, I said, I was going to tell you after we finished the quest and we're, you know, in the after now, so... But you, um probably already know by now but anyways I still need you to listen to me-"

She was physically incapable of taking it anymore. Taking a moment to take her hands out of his grip so she could grasp the collar of his shirt, she pulled him forward and kissed him on the lips. He responded instantly, hands snaking around her back as he pulled her closer and she moved into his lap as she cupped his face, tilting it slightly to deepen the kiss. He groaned slightly and they kissed until they had no choice but to part for air.

"Hey, I had a whole speech planned!" he said raspily.

"Well, so did I!" she argued, resting her forehead against his.

"It's a shame I never got to hear it," he chuckled. "Maybe I should've waited some more," he mused.

"No," she said pointedly before looking at him shyly. "The short version of it is that... Well... I love you. I have for a while now. So much that it makes me breathless sometimes."

"Funny," he said, Natsu said and looked up at her, a warm smile on his face as he moved to brush away some hair out of her face. "I was about to say the same thing. I love you too. More than you know."

She beamed at him, proceeding to kiss him again.

Some adventures last forever, and neither of them were complaining.

~ fin ~

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