This story has been sitting in my drive for a few months. Not very happy how it ended up coming out but it is as finished as it's going to get so I'm just going to post it.

This story was inspired by the FFXV comic of Bahamut and Gentiana in the FFXV Official Comic Anthology. I think it was called 'Snow' or something like that. I had a link to a user on Tumblr that translated it but it seems that their account is now gone. If I ever find a link to another translation of that specific comic, I will post it here.

Chapter 1


Strange creatures compared to the rest of those inhabiting Eos. They were one of the few intelligent beings but seemed unable to curb their baser instincts. They were violent and easily turned on their own kind. Even if it would be advantageous for their species, they seemed unwilling to work together in harmony. Humanity had the ability to think logically but their emotional instability interfered with that ability. They carried the potential to become something great if only they could overcome their flaws.

Bahamut observed them as he did the rest of Eos. Curious but unbothered by what these inferior beings did with themselves. They were part of Eos and the six Gods of the world, including Bahamut, were tasked with the responsibility of watching over it.

However, there one God was not content with merely observing.

Of the six Gods, it was the Infernian who intervened in the affairs of Men. He took pity on these frail, flawed creatures that fell to the harsh world around them. He admired their strength of will and endurance despite their unforgiving world.

Ifrit desired to help them. And so he granted the humans the power of his flames, allowing them to take control of their surroundings. To overcome the cold and even the darkest night.

Humanity was awed by the power shown to them by such a being. They began to worship the Infernian, begging for his attention and his blessings. Ifrit, in turn, was flattered by the love he received. He began to walk among the mortals and was made a King among them. He wished to lead them into a prosperous future.

Bahamut disapproved of the Infernian's actions. But it was too late to stop it. The Bladekeeper could only observe the outcome of the decision made. Maybe Ifrit's intervention could teach humans to overcome their flawed instincts. Maybe Humanity would reach their full potential under the guidance of a God. And maybe it would all be for naught and the humans would just tear themselves to pieces. Only time would tell now.

The humans learned much from Ifrit. They learned of the six Gods of the world, who eventually formally revealed themselves. The six Gods together were named the Hexathon. Humankind called them also Astrals and began to worship them as well. Ifrit was always a favourite among them.

Hundreds of years passed and the humans built beautiful cities and vast kingdoms. They held such a gift for creativity and ingenuity. The Bladekeeper had not planned to pay these creatures much heed but he could not deny that these creatures had some promise. They were rather interesting, despite their shortcomings. Some even began to show potential for magic. These humans became leaders among their kind.

Bahamut believed Ifrit was too close to the humans and stated as much. Unlike the Infernian, the rest of the Gods stayed rather distant from Humanity. They did not appear unless necessary. But Ifrit continued to stay in the midst of them as their King.

To the Bladekeeper, it seemed most of the 'love' given to Ifrit was only because of humanity's greed. Their worship was a means to ask more from him. When Ifrit had nothing left to give, what would the humans do?

The God of Fire did not heed the warnings given. He praised and defended the humans as he spoke with the Bladekeeper. And so the Infernian continued to do as he believed he should.

The God King began to learn from Humanity as they did from him. But what he learned was not fit for a being such as he. Ifrit was allowing his emotions to guide him, much like the humans he ruled. He was becoming as they were. Had Bahamut known how far the Infernian had fallen, he might have been able to prevent the disaster that was to come.


Foolish humans. Foolish Ifrit. What have they brought upon our Star?

The Infernian, now no better than the humans, raged across Eos. Wild and savage, he attempted to destroy the beings that had betrayed him. The humans he had loved. The humans he had attempted to guide into a better future.

The humans who had tried to destroy their King in their lust for power. They took all they could from the God and then turned on their King when they no longer had any use for him.

As a higher being, Ifrit should have been above this. Above being controlled by his rage. But the humans had changed him. Their fickle emotions had corrupted the very being of the God of Fire until he, like them, no longer cared about the consequences of his actions.

Bahamut and the other four Gods were given no choice. Five of the Six battled the wrathful Infernian for the life of Eos. Their war split the land and caused untold destruction as they fought to protect the planet and even the very humans that had betrayed Ifrit so. And truly the blame lay not solely on the humans. Ifrit should have known better from the beginning. Betrayal was part of a human's nature and he should have never become so close to them and allowed them to change him so.

Ifrit's anger knew no bounds. He took vengeance on those who assaulted him but then began to destroy everything the humans had built. Even the humans that had no part in the betrayal were not safe from their former King. Nothing could stop the anger unleashed. To the rest of the God's shock, Ifrit summoned a meteor that would have caused destruction to most of the life on Eos.

The Archean stepped in then, using his immense strength to catch the meteor as it fell. Many shards rained across Eos however, forming craters wherever they landed.

The vengeful God was finally struck down after that. The Infernian had used up most of his powers in that last attack.

Look at what you have become! Look what they have done to you! Bahamut's words fell flat in the face of the former King of humans. The God of Fire was too enraged, too bitter to care any longer. All he wished was to destroy.

The Bladekeeper dealt the final blow, leaving the corpse of the fallen God to rest on a volcano.

Eos suffered in the aftermath of the battle. A new sickness, one of darkness, began to spread and corrupt the planet. The Gods had very little power left, using almost everything in their arduous battle.

The Gods could do naught but watch the sickness spread. This new threat, what had been dubbed the 'Starscourge' by the humans, confounded them. It was something that they, even with their divine powers, they could not purge in entirety. It corrupted those infected, turning them into monsters. For the first time in their long lives, the Astrals felt something akin to fear. An emotion that had once been unknown to them.

Bahamut sought guidance from the Crystal, the heart of Eos that should have stayed safe and protected from all. It should have never needed to be called upon. The Gods should have been enough to protect the word and the creatures that inhabited it but it seemed they were not.

The Crystal suffered too as the planet did, it's light dimmer than the last time the Bladekeepr had laid eyes upon it so many eons ago.

The Bladekeeper called upon the power of the Stone, seeking guidance.

The Crystal showed a path, but humans were needed for it to come to pass. One of them, born many years from now would be the one to finally cleanse the soul of the planet. Two bloodlines would be chosen to bear the burden of Eos's future.

Why them? The humans? Bahamut wanted to ask asked, but knew he would get no response. The Crystal was not sentient. It could only show what may come to pass. Some of the many possibilities. Was this the only path left to them?

Bahamut reluctantly deemed it was when he saw nothing else could be done without the humans. The Stone showed only disaster without their assistance.

For the first time in his existence, the Bladekeeper hesitated to do what he must.

The God did not wish to give the Crystal to humanity. The fickle creatures that had played a part in the disaster that had befallen the world. The Crystal was the life, the very soul of Eos. It was more important than anything else on the planet. And he was to give it to the humans?

But the Gods could no longer protect the Soul of Eos in their state. Whatever that cursed sickness was, even the Crystal would not be enough to stop it as it was now. The humans needed it if the Starscourge was to be cleansed. The Soul had even show them succeeding.

The Bladekeeper had no choice in this. And… If that was the path shown then who was he to deny it? The Gods served the Crystal, and therefore the very planet itself.

Bahamut shook himself of his misgivings and headed towards the humans.

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