Chapter 2

The Crystal was given to a specific family, one that had been born with magic. They were one of very few with such abilities. Bahamut had known of them for some time, even favored them because their magic was reminiscent of his own. The Izunia family had been part of the human nobility for several generations.

The Izunias swore to protect the Crystal from harm when the Bladekeeper appeared before them with his request. The Draconian revealed to them that the Crystal would appoint a King that would help drive back the darkness. He told them the successful endeavour he foresaw, showing them the same. The brief glimpses of the future became known as 'The Prophecy'. All would need to be patient until the time came.

The Bladekeeper waited then, as did the remaining Gods. They could not rest until the First King took the throne and began to forge the path to the desired future. The Astrals lay dormant until the time arose for the human needed to fulfill his destiny.

… But instead of the Crystal informing them of a King, they felt it shudder. The Gods were in agony for several moments, which dissipated and only left a feeling of wrongness inside their being.

The cursed plague had touched the Crystal.

A man's virtuous nature had ruined him. The elder son of the Izunias allowed himself to become corrupted in his methods of saving his people. He had not taken well to the Crystal's rejection, lashing out at those around him. His younger brother ended up striking him down, only to realize he could not be killed. The elder brother was then imprisoned on Angelguard, meant to stay there until the Darkness could finally be cleansed from the face of Eos.

Bahamut once again felt his misgivings rise up. Even their 'good' natures led humans to ruin.

The path still led to the desired outcome despite what had occurred. The younger brother would instead become King. His line would bear the burden of saving all of Eos. The last of them would be born, only to die for his people. He was meant to ascend beyond both humans and Gods to fulfill his duty.

The younger brother was dubbed Somnus Lucis Caelum, formerly Izunia. He was different from others of his kind. He was logical, someone who could see what needed to be done and would do it without hesitation. He had cut down the corrupted one, the one that could have been the first King, even though he was of his own blood.

The King still had those fickle human emotions but he did not succumb to them as others had done. He held the future in his mind at all times. Bahamut found himself approving of this human. He was the first human to forge a covenant with him and the rest of the Astrals. With their power, the Founder King of Lucis fought off the darkness during his reign.

The second to form a covenant with the Gods was a woman from another line with the potential for magic. She became the first Oracle. The Draconian, surprised to find himself impressed with her conviction to her people and even to them, offered her his trident. She fought alongside the Founder King and together they pushed the corruption of the Starscourge back. It was not destroyed but it would not return for some time.

Seeing these two humans fight with everything they had, Bahamut began to believe he may have been wrong about some humans. But as a whole, their species had a long way to redeem themselves before the God could truly trust them.

The five remaining Gods began their long slumber after that. So did Bahamut, but not completely. He could not. He decided to keep vigil over the humans. The Astral used the last of his powers to enter the realm inside the Crystal. He would not rest like the other Gods until salvation was reached. The Crystal was already partially corrupted, he would not allow it to fall further into darkness.

Inside the Crystal, Bahamut could still observe the world, though he could no longer interact with it until he regained his strength. He would be able to speak to those in the vicinity of the Crystal, though none but the Oracle or Lucis Caelums would be able to understand him.

From his new home, the Bladekeeper vowed not to tread the same path as Ifrit. He would not allow these humans to change him.

Years passed, yet human nature did not change. They showed time and time again how violence and betrayal were part of their very being. Wars and other such tragedies were commonplace. The souls of humanity passed by Bahamut on their way into the Beyond. Their lives were so short that it felt like a continuous stream.

The God could reach out and touch them to see what they had done in their fragile little lives. Sometimes he did and felt regret. The sheer strength of their emotions, good or bad, caused the Bladekeeper to flinch away.

The Astral could admit he did not understand them.

Outside the Crystal, the humans begged for the help of the Gods in every matter they could think of. Health, love, death, fortune, they begged for it all. And then they had the audacity to curse them when things did not go the way they wished. Humanity was so very arrogant, believing the Gods must bend to their whims. But Bahamut would not. He was here to guide the Caelum bloodline in their sacred duty. He had no need to interfere unless the Prophecy the Crystal revealed was threatened. Let the humans fight with one another as much as they wished. Let them destroy each other.

The Bladekeeper was not humanity's pet. He would not grow close to them. He would not end up like the Infernian.

Many more years passed as Bahamut waited.

Some humans were rather interesting, the Draconian could admit. They were so different. From each other and from the Gods. They held such individuality. Most were free to do as they wished, no duty governing their lives.

The Kings visited the Crystal on occasion. Some demanded power, some begged help, some pleaded for a different future. Bahamut had to remind a few of their duty. Could they not see that their sacrifices were needed? The entirety of Eos was at stake. Every creature, big or small. Human or beast. Divine or mortal. Those sacrifices made would be worth it in the end. But this seemed too difficult for some humans to comprehend. What did a few lives matter when the future was at stake?

Sometimes however, the Kings just wanted to speak. Bahamut indulged them at times, curiosity winning over his caution.

The Draconian could sense when the Accursed managed to free himself. A shudder ran through the Crystal. A sense of foreboding was felt by the five remaining Gods.

Though the Accursed was now free, it was also nearing time for the Chosen to arrive. The path remained viable, as shown by the Crystal. Though he could not see every action that led to it, he once again saw the Starscourge finally being cleansed.

Whatever happened now was up to the humans. The rest of the Gods still slumbered. Bahamut could only guide in his state.

And so Bahamut waited for the Chosen King to finally be born in this world.

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