How the Universe Bends

Hello back with a new story in mind from a friend of mine. He wanted me to create a Naruto x Princess lover crossover story. As of right now I probably am done with one of my other stories and started a new one. The first rough draft will be sent to Artemis9330, he is not my beta, but he is the person behind the madness in this story. The story is a bit of an OC type of story; however, this is still Naruto. I hope you all enjoy this, and Naruto will have an OC character to himself. However, I think everyone will enjoy this.

Life be couldn't be better for Naruto Kobayashi; he was walking out of school. Naruto was only eight years old, but Naruto was in school for special children like Naruto. He was absurdly smart for his age and his family knew Naruto was special. Naruto was 4'6 and weight about 58 pounds, he blonde spiky hair with blue. His yellow hair framed his face with him making him cute by many of the girls who walk past them. Naruto was walking towards his half brother's school. Naruto's brother was Teppei Kobayashi, he had black hair and dark brown eyes. His hair was disorderedly like Naruto's hair with brown locks of his hair framing his face. Teppei was 4'2 54 pounds. They walked back home where they ran into Teppei's childhood friend.

Her name was Akeno Himejima, Akeno had long black hair with violet eyes. Her mother Shuri Himejima along with their mother Kanae Kobayashi were childhood friends. They had their daughter and sons grow up together. Naruto was typically quiet, but he was always kind and fun when with Teppei. He hardly ignored any of Teppei's please and gave in when his little brother wanted something from him, "Naruto!" Teppei waved as his older brother arrived at the entrance of the school.

"Hey, Teppei! Akeno-chan, it's good to see you!" Naruto smiled, "Common let's start heading home I'm sure our parents are expecting us soon". Naruto began to walk ahead with Teppei and Akeno chatting up a storm behind him. Akeno was a couple of years older him, but three for Teppei.

Akeno told Naruto a message he had to pass on to him from Rias, "Rias wanted me to tell you that she was busy today. She said that her parents are in town, so they wanted her home as soon as possible".

"That's fine! I understand". Naruto smiled.

When the group made their way home, Naruto saw a mad in a black suit with black glasses waiting for him. "Akeno-chan, Teppei go inside and tell Kaa-san and Tou-san I won't be there for dinner". Naruto ushered them inside. He waited until they were gone, "More training?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, we need to perform a series of tests. We have noticed a shift in your DNA, there are some new abilities we think your beginning to unlock. You are the descendant of the Kusanagi family". The man showed Naruto to a black car as they quickly left. Naruto's world was very different from a normal boy's life should be. The Japanese government kept a close eye on Naruto since Naruto at a very young age was injected with a test experiment. Before Kanae married and became a Kobayashi. She had a lover named Minato Namikaze, she thought that he loved her. However, he found out that he was playing her.

Many knew she was the daughter Isshin Arima. Isshin Arima's best friends was the leader of Japan. Once she found out that the love Minato felt for her was fake, Minato at the time wanted to try different things. Minato found himself in a situation where he impregnated Kanae he decided to inject her with a serum in. He had a fiancé already, her name was Kushina Uzumaki. The serum was Extremis, it was a special serum that could enhance and strengthen the user. The survival rate was less than 10% and has never been tested on people before. It was a high probability to kill Kanae, but then there wouldn't be an heir to the company that her father runs too. Since he is the prime minister of the country he would be broken at the loss of his daughter. He did once she told him of the news, he went ahead and gave it to her when she was asleep and left her the same day, never to be seen or heard of again.

When she fell "ill" her father Isshin hired the best doctors to find what was wrong with Kanae. Many tests were run, they found out that she wasn't just injected with a strange serum. They also realized a strange hormone adjusts with her body as well. They soon found out about the technology they had. She was pregnant with the man she thought who loved her. She did, however, decide to keep the child and raise him. Kanae was kept guarded by men her father hired, one of them was Haruka Kobayashi. Isshin thought it was best to keep Kanae in hiding so it would keep her and her son safe.

Haruka Kobayashi had short brown hair. He was an honorable man and very respectful towards Naruto and everyone he met. He didn't care if Naruto was the son of a man who left his Kanae. He considers Naruto as if he was his flesh and blood.

Nine months later she gave birth child, she decided to name him Naruto. After the little fishcakes in ramen that she craved for when she was pregnant with Naruto. After a year she married her bodyguard Haruka Kobayashi and decided to leave the comforts of wealth and money. They went to live decent and respectable lives. They got jobs so they could help support their small, but happy lives. The only difference is realizing that Naruto was no ordinary special child. He had powers that he didn't know how to control. So, Isshin enrolled Naruto into a special program with the government allow them to monitor his growth and powers. While keeping him in a secluded area where no one knew about him. Only trusted and important people knew of Naruto's existence. Even Kanae was pronounced dead, to protect her and her child. Haruka and Kanae a year later have a child of their own who is the half-brother of Naruto. They named him Teppei, he was Naruto's little brother.

xxxxTime Skip Eight Yearsxxxx

Naruto was walking back home from his school he graduated from. He was wearing a black T-Shirt with a golden necklace that had golden shaped tears. He had a gold and silver bracelets on his left hand. While wearing slim black pants and brown shoes. His eyes changed a bit with them having a bluish and green like color to them. Today for Naruto was just another normal day, he was now attending the same school as Teppei did with him only being a year older than Teppei. Teppei was sick today so he stayed home.

Even though Teppei wasn't feeling good, it was Naruto's birthday. On October 10th, Naruto was now 16 years old and waiting for his parents to come to pick him up. It was already a crazy morning with his father trying to get him to get a girlfriend. Since Naruto finished his real training since he was 14 and went on many missions. The training he has received has lessened since he can control his powers with ease. Now it allows him to be free and be the person he wants to. Sometimes there are missions he is sent out on, often Naruto will come in for daily training to keep his reflexes and combat sharp. Naruto remembered the events of this morning.

xxxxEarlier That Morningxxxx

Naruto woke up from his slumber to find his room with all the things he collected. He had a custom-built desktop he made himself which only cost him about one thousand five hundred yen. Which was pretty good since it would cost way more. He had anime posters from My Hero Academia, Dragon Ball through Super. Naruto also hates GT, GT was not- cannon but he did agree that Ssj4 was a badass transformation. He had other mangas and video game systems in his room as well. Mainly his money came from his missions and held a good amount of money. He never waved his money around and saved it. He put much of the money into Teppei's college funds and his funds as well. His Kaa-san and Tou-san worked their asses off at their jobs.

He helped pay for the bills, food, while his Tou-san paid for water, electricity, and anything else. Naruto would always help around the house. Thanks to his Kusanagi being strong in him, he could do many things. He could even conjure magic like Kanae could. He trained his magic to the point where he doesn't need to chant for the spells either. Sadly, Teppei didn't inherit either of those traits and stayed dormant. Since it was a bloodline that is only passed down through their children in one of every other generation. It's about a 10% chance for their child to inherit the powers. This allowed Naruto to do a lot of the maintenance on the house and take care of anything wrong with the house. Naruto was very smart and had an IQ of over 300, there was only one person to have an IQ of 228. Her name was Marilyn Vos Savant she was only ten, but Naruto's IQ beat hers when he was the age of nine having an IQ of 250.

Naruto got up from his bed as he walked over and slid his black t-shirt with a red swirl on it. He doesn't know why, but he likes the designs and likes to wear it when he can. He put on a pair of thin and light shorts and made his way downstairs. Naruto towered over his family with him being 6'1. Kanae was only 5'6, Teppei at 5'8 and Haruka 5'9. Naruto knew of his real father and loathed him, he only had one father. He was Haruka Kobayashi, "Ohaiyo Kaa-san, Tou-san, Teppei!" Naruto rubbed his little brother's head.

"Mou, you always have to ruffle my hair". Teppei whines, "Anyways happy birthday Naruto-Nii! You're sixteen now!" Teppei let out some coughs, which was clearly shown that he was sick.

"Arigato Teppei, yeah I can't believe it". Naruto rubbed the back of his head.

"Naruto-kun you found a girlfriend yet? How about your hot teacher? Doesn't she have a daughter named Kunou?". Haruka smirked.

"Tou-san, Yasaka-sensei isn't like that to me. She is just Sensei, granted her husband left her after he found out she was pregnant". Naruto hated any type of man who would do that to the mom and the child. Why he hates his Minato, he would never respect him as a human being, "I'm just there for her when she needs it".

"Ah common now! She a pretty lady! She only 20, she still young and fertile". Haruka kept going on giggling.

Soon a frying pan was sent Haruka's way hitting him in the face, "Anata! Stop being hentai! Unbelievable! I swear I must take care of two babies in this house! Naru-chan is the only mature one here!" (A/N: Anata is (Honey) referred from wife to husband). Teppei even being sick had shivers run down his spine with Haruka feeling the same thing.

Naruto laughed, "Well, I need to get going before I'm late! See you later!" Naruto went to leave, "Feel better Teppei!"

"Naru-chan what do you want for dinner?" Kanae shouted.

"Kaa-san, ramen sounds amazing!" Naruto chirped as he ran out the door.

"Yare, yare daze… Ramen? Same thing every year". Haruka sighed. (A/N: Good Grief).

xxxxEnd of flashbackxxxx

Naruto was walking back since it was weird how they didn't pull up and pick him up. What he didn't know is that Rias and Akeno came down for the day. Rias and Akeno are both a year older than Naruto. They attend a prestigious school known as Shūhō Academy. They went ahead and were going to pick up Naruto with his family together. Mainly Rias wanted to surprise her Naruto because she has a crush on him. As Akeno has one on Teppei. Naruto sighed as he went to call his parents, but they never picked up. They must be driving, and he knows Teppei is sick and his Kaa-san gets car sickness if she picks up the phone while in the car. His Tou-san is driving.

Soon he saw a figure running towards him. It was Rias Gremory, a childhood friend Naruto grew up with alongside Akeno. Rias was a beautiful young woman with white skin, blue eyes, and a and a buxom figure. Her most distinctive feature is her long, beautiful crimson hair, that reaches down to her thighs with a single hair strand, known as an ahoge, sticking out from the top. She was running with tears in her eyes. Usually, Akeno wasn't that far away from her, the two were inseparable, "N-Naruto! Naruto!" Rias screamed in the mists of running and trying to catch her breath.

"Rias! What are you doing here!?" Naruto looked at her worried.

She tears running down her face, "I-It's your family… t-they've been killed in a car accident!" Rias finally got out. Naruto's eyes widen with fear and pain in his eyes.

"N-no… no… it c-can't be true! Where are they!" Naruto put his hand on her shoulder. Rias kept crying as she pointed towards the direction. Naruto scooped her up and began to high tail it to the scene of the accident.

xxxxTime skip a few days laterxxxx

Naruto was standing in front of a family headstone where his family laid to rest. 'Kobayashi Family. Kanae, mother of two and a wife. Haruka, Father of Two and a husband, Teppei, son of Haruka and Kanae, and little brother'. Naruto had an almost emotionless look on his face looking at the headstone. Ria sand Akeno watched over him for the past few days checking in on him. They would ask him how school was going, Akeno and Rias were a year old than recently went to a new school where Naruto is now going go to as well. His grandfather Isshin Arima was his Oji-san, Naruto was moving in with his grandfather.

Naruto stood there and then heard the rustling of a carriage and loud noise of hooves on the asphalt. He turned his head to see a horse carriage running off like a bullet. When the carriage came around, he locked eye to eye with a woman with pink hair and dark purple eyes. After they passed, he saw a bunch of guys on a jeep chasing after them. They were screaming wild and happily like a pack of dogs in heat. Naruto remembered seeing on T.V that wealthy people were being attacked. Without any hesitation, he ran down the steps chasing after them. He got on their family scooter that he used to get to the cemetery.

He raced down the steps riding on his scooter. He revved up the engine speeding towards them and pulled up next to the carriage, "Just hang on, I'll take care of them". Naruto swerved to the left going up the side of the hill and swerved his scooter to the right. It allowed him to fly up and over the carriage and land on the right side of the carriage in front of the jeep causing the guys in the jeep to hit the brakes, 'Lunatic!' the driver shouted slowing the car down.

Naruto watched as the carriage pulled ahead and jeep pulled back up with one of them swinging a pipe at him. The other a wide mallet used for carnival games. Naruto blocked their attacks with his free hand. Then jumped on top of the seat and hopped on their jeep, "What the fuck!" The guy went to attack Naruto was able to dodge out of his attack.

Naruto kneed him in the stomach twisted his arm backward. Then the carriage came back into Naruto's view and saw the carriage pinned the car up against the rail. "You bastard!" Naruto saw the guy with the beanie pull a gun out and began to open fire on the carriage causing the girl to scream.

Naruto pushed the guy into the door of the jeep knocking him out. The guy with the gun pointed the barrel at Naruto's face causing him to stop in his tracks. The butler landed on top of him slamming his body into the car. Naruto stood back up and the guy from before attack Naruto, but Naruto kicked him back into the car. Naruto saw he had a knife in his hand. The butler looked at the driver ready to pounce on him. Naruto saw the carriage as it began to drift to the right and the right-back wheel began to shake. Without anymore thinking, Naruto ran forward and jumped to the carriage and landed on top of it. He walked towards the side to find the girl trying to hang on for dear life.

The carriage hit a bump causing her to let go, but Naruto grabbed her hand last second. He quickly was able to pull her and caught her in his arms. He was holding her like a princess, but then the carriage gave way slamming into the rail causing the carriage to break and tossing Naruto and the girl off the side of the mountain. For that very moment, it's as if they were suspended in midair as Naruto kept her close to him. Naruto and the girls gazed into one another's eyes. Naruto saw their predicament as he pulled her into a hug. He sent magic to his body to help cushion their fall. He turned her where her back faced the sky and his back facing the ground.

"Milady!" The butler shouted out in horror.

At the base of the mountain

Naruto felt himself land on the ground as he created a small wind spell on his back to help prevent the fall from hurting too much. The girl in his arm was still awake and conscious hugging his chest with a tight grip, "It's okay now, we're safe". Naruto loosened his grip.

She sat up and smiled as she was straddled on Naruto's waist, "Thank you for saving me! I'm Charlotte Hazelrink. Nice to meet ya". She gave him a wink

"I'm Naruto… Naruto Kobayashi". Naruto gave her a small smiled, "Hmmm suggesting by your name, your outfit, and the horse-drawn coach you were in. I'm assuming you're a princess?" Naruto asked.

"Well yes, I am! You must be really smart to deduce all those in the heat of saving my life!". Charlotte smiled.

Naruto extended his hand, "You need help getting up?" He asked.

She accepted his offering and he helped her up, "Which reminds me, how can I pay you back for saving me?"

"Pay me back? No, don't think about it. I'm just doing what I was naturally gifted to do". Naruto smiled feeling good that he saved someone. He couldn't save his family, so the next best thing was to save others.

"I know". Charlotte pulled him in close a placed a kiss on his cheek. This earned a small blush from Naruto feeling her smooth lips on his cheek. She smiled, "Since we're on the topic… do guys like girls with big breasts?"
Naruto choked on his spit, "Wha-Hgn! Ack! *cough*What! I mean… guess it depends on the guy". Naruto saw her bounce on purpose to shake her chest, "We should get going back". Naruto picked her up bridal style and channeled wind magic to his feet. He began to take off in the air flying.
"Y-you can cast magic without any chants!" Charlotte said shocked.

"Hm? So, you can use magic too huh, yeah, I can. I've always been able to do it since I was born". Naruto gave her a grin causing her to smile back with a tint of pink on her cheeks.

"Impressive, there are only 10 other known families known to be able to use magic. They typically have to chant to use it". Charlotte was surprised, "The only other known users were Kusanagi, Gremory, Himejima, Kaneko, Hazelrink, Munroe, Zara, Houjouin, Pendragon and Hyoudou".

"Oh… well, my Kaa-san is an ancestor is a Kusanagi. She inherited the ability to use magic, I was her firstborn. I was the first to learn magic at the age of five". Naruto was shocked how well informed she was, but it made sense due to her status.

"We're here," Naruto told her as they landed several feet away from a white limo and the butler with the two horses on the side.

"I'll be going, thank you for saving me Naruto! I hope we get to meet again". Charlotte gave him a small and cute wave. Naruto already picked his scooter up and was walking with it initially.

"Yeah, no problem see ya around". Naruto smiled again as Charlotte walked up placed a kiss on his cheek again and then jogged towards the limo.

"Bye". Naruto sighed as a buzz went off on his phone he sighed as he made his way him. He had to pack everything up. Thankfully he had teleportation circle that took him home immediately. He took all his belongings and put them in a separate storage dimension. Naruto began to take anything valuable from his house to take with him. Soon, he teleported out of his house knowing he was going to be late. Naruto arrived at the placed to meet his Oji-san. The guards went to try to stop Naruto from entering, "Wait you have to believe me! Isshin Arima is my Oji-san and he called for me. I'm Kanae's son".

"Wow, aren't you throwing some big names around! I'm surprised you know of Kanae-sama". The guard looked at Naruto suspicious.

"Why do you carry nothing on you?" The other guard asked.

"Because I have all my belonging seal away in dimensional storage? Wasn't the Kusanagi which the blood that runs through my veins allows me to use magic". Naruto tried to convince them.

"Notify the police, we are going to charge him for trying to impersonate as Kanae-sama's son". The guard looked at the other guard.

"Yare, yare this is annoying. I didn't do anything but stating my name". Naruto sighed as she stood there.

"Stop". Isshin said from the steps, "That boy is true of who he says he is".

"Nani?" The guards looked at Naruto.

"I've never expected you to take after Minato so much". Isshin said with annoyance and hatred for Minato.

"Well, I'm not him you old geezer. Why the hell now do you want me in your life?" Naruto asked. Which the people around him didn't like Naruto being disrespectful to his own Oji-san.

"Calm down Naruto-kun, I did not mean it that way. I hate and despise that man, but I could never hate you. You are my grandson, regardless of who you look like". Isshin smiled, "Please come with me". The guards were in shock as one passed out flat on the ground realizing the mistake they have made.

Naruto made his way, "Gomen Oji-san, I was caught up in visiting my Kaa-san, Tou-san, and my Otouto. Then I saved a girl from a bunch of goons going after her".

"Interesting". Isshin raised an eyebrow.

"Oji-san… tell me, did my parents and Teppei deaths… were they an accident?" Naruto already knew the answer. He just wanted to confirm who in the hell would mess with Naruto.

Isshin narrowed his eyes, "What will you do when you find the murder?" Isshin asked.

Naruto narrowed his eyes in anger and hatred, "I find the man… beat him to an inch of life. Then I ask him why… why he would do this to my family. Then I would throw him in jail for the rest of his or her life. Let them live a life locked behind bars, knowing that they took my family away from me. I won't kill them; I'd be no better than them". Naruto tightened his fist.

"Interesting answer Naruto-kun, what will become after that?" Isshin asked.

Naruto thought about it, "Live the life the way they would want me to. Live for them, "I'm naming my children after them. Not until that day comes, is when I can finally say I've gotten my revenge. Throw the bastard who killed my family, then raise a family of my own. I don't want my children to have to know what it was like to lose family".

"You're smart just as I thought you were". Isshin began to walk away.

Naruto went to follow, "Naruto-sama your clothes".

"Hold it, Naruto you saved someone did you not?" Isshin looked at him.

"Yes, I did". Replied Naruto.

"Ahahaah! Great! You will go like that! You got dirty for a good deed. Follow". Isshin began to walk away.

Naruto followed with Yuu giving him a bow. They kept walking as they made their way to a large room with white painted walls. It had chiseled in decorations with red banners, the ceiling was also designed very nicely as well. Many people were there and were wearing very nice outfits. Many people were chattering, but then soon the lights shut off and spotlights were aimed at Isshin, "To my dear guests, board members, and officials who have supported the Arima Group. Our special guest has arrived, I would like to introduce you to my son. Arima Naruto, he will be the successor to the Arima Group". Naruto stayed silent not know he was going to stay that, Naruto only let a sigh out. Dealing with politics and people trying to kiss your ass to warm up to you? This was going to be a real pain, but this was what Naruto got himself into. Dealing with fake people who kiss your feet and throw gifts and money at you to be friends. Naruto only hopes to find real and authentic people, if he is to be the successor of the Arima Group.

"I'm sure you were all wondering why he is covered in dirt as well". Isshin said with pride behind his voice. However, there were lots of giggles and chattering among the crowd, "This was because he saved someone, uh who was it?" Isshin looked at Naruto.

"Her name was Charlotte Hazelrink". Naruto replied causing everyone in the crowd to shut up.

"Ohhh! Ahahahah! Princess Hazelrink!". He walked over putting his arm around Naruto's neck. Naruto didn't mind it too much since he was his Oji-san. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to get used to him. He has no other family members left. Anyways I would like to apologize for his outfit. If you would all, please give him time to change". Isshin smiled, "For the meantime please enjoy yourselves". Everyone began to clap for Naruto.

Soon they went into a room where they could change and have a quick chat, "So, you named me your successor. You did so, then I can get an advantage and some type of network. Once I get a network going, I can try to track down my family's killer and throw them in jail. Many of your underlings and others will look down on me as if I'm not fit for the job. So, convincing them during this ball was important so they are well acquainted with me?"

Isshin laughed, "Ahahaahah! Yes, very good Naruto-kun, Kanae-chan did send me letters of your success through school and achieving an IQ over 300. I expect nothing less from you".

"Not just that, I will also have enemies who would want me dead. Hence why the attack my family, since I didn't look like my family members and I wasn't seen outside that often with them either. Since I kept a strict schedule of keeping out of their way when I left school. Since I had private training, I wasn't seen with them as often. They concluded that I wasn't a threat, they, however, didn't know. That I'm the illegitimate son of a bastard who left Kaa-san". Naruto knows of the secret paths he would take to get to class. So, he would stay out of sight most of the time. Naruto made sure to act just like friends to Teppei and Teppei made sure to act just like friends only.
"Very good, now that they know you're the successor. You will need powerful allies, so make as many as you can tonight. It's important, I also heard you inherited your mother's gift for magic. Specifically, the Kusanagi?" Isshin remembered the reports of the testing on Naruto. Naruto simply nodded confirming Isshin's assumptions. "Which reminds me, I would like to introduce to you, your Oba-san".

A woman with white hair, green eyes, and a buxom figure regardless of her age, "Hello Naruto-kun my name is Göndul, it's so nice to meet you". She smiled.

Naruto smiled back extending his hand, "Nice to meet you too Oba-chan".

"I would like for you to meet my granddaughter Rossweisse, she only a few years older than you. She is going to be your teacher when you start attending Shūhō Academy. She will be your civics teacher and chemistry and physical education". She motioned her hand to the woman beside her.

Rossweisse is a beautiful young woman with long, straight silver hair and aqua-colored eyes who appears to be in her late teens. She was wearing a suit that fit her body perfectly and showed off her curves and chest, "Hello it's nice to meet you Naruto-sama". She smiled with a blush on her face.

Naruto looked at her with a bit of a blush on his face, "Nice to meet you too, just call me Naruto, don't worry about honorifics". Naruto couldn't take his eyes off her. Her long silver hair and green eyes, she also had a pink ribbon in her hair which gave her a cute feminine touch to her appearance.

Isshin chuckled, "You know Rossweisse you could potentially date Naruto since your only a few years older than him! Besides you've never had a boyfriend before!"

"Mou! Oji-san!" Rossweisse blushed.

"It's true! You've never had any real experience with men before dear! You should try to date Naruto-chan here!" Göndul laughed. Rossweisse just stayed quiet blushing annoyed that people keep teasing her about not having a boyfriend.

"It's okay Rossweisse-chan! You'll find someone someday, you're pretty and cute. I find it hard to believe you're having that much trouble". Naruto put his hand on her head.

"It's true though I can be rather clumsy and be a real fool!" She had tears in her eyes making it look like she was going to cry at any moment.

"Ah! Rossie-chan? Can I call you that?" Naruto asked.

Rossweisse perked up, "Really! I've never been given a nickname before! Thank you!" She jumped forward tackling Naruto to the ground. She opened her eyes to find her hands on his abs with his shirt pushed up. Her face buried in between Naruto's crotch, "Ahhh! Ahhhh!" She tried to squirm, but her body was going the opposite.

"Rossie-chan! What are you doing!" Naruto was confused about what the hell was going on. Rossweisse kept making things worse as she began to cry and moan as the grandparents began to make fun of her. She clawed her way up onto his chest pushing her face into his chest to hide her embarrassment, "You're making it worse!" Naruto tried to get her attention.

She kept clawing up as she found her face inches away from Naruto's face, "Rossie-chan could you please get up?" Naruto began to try to process how they got into this position.

Rossie felt her jacket was loose and hanging off her body. Her outfit felt down a bit revealing her shirt which had a few buttons undone. Naruto could see her bra, "Ahhhhhhh!" She tried to cover herself, but she lost her balance falling forward.

Naruto found his lips locked with Rossweisse as he had his eyes wide open. His brain began trying to process this, but his brain began to shut down. He has never been this intimate with someone before. Rias would always tease him and place a kiss on his lips, but never did anyone kiss him on his lips. Rossweisse's brain began to shut down as her body took over what her body wanted. She began to kiss deeper into Naruto's, this wasn't a simple kiss on the lips. This was a full out, open your mouth so our tongues can play. Rossweisse just lost herself letting her body do the talking. Naruto still trying to break free, but his body was refusing him to getaway. To make matters worse Isshin and Göndul began taking photos laughing at the two. Göndul was happy, "Yes! We should have them get married! What do you think Isshin!"

"Well, I don't see why not!" Isshin chuckled for the two, "Congrats Rossweisse! You found yourself a man within minutes of meeting him!"

Rossweisse snapped out of her trance realizing she was locking lips with Naruto. At this point Naruto had steam running off his head as his brain overheated. Rossweisse was the one going after him and kissing him. She blushed harder not wanting to admit that she did enjoy kissing Naruto. It just after so many years of trying and getting rejected by men. Like her body began to stop listening to her and do what it wants. Naruto already to figure out how his relationship with Rossweisse is going to be. "You serious about her being engaged to me!?" Naruto looked at his Oji-san and Oba-san shocked.

"I mean, not in the beginning. We can still arrange for it to still happen". Isshin began to chuckle.

"Wait! Rossweisse! Don't you want a say in this!" Naruto looked at her, but she just stayed silent with a blush on her face.

"If Oji-sama and Oba-sama want it... then so be it". Rossweisse blushed.

xxxxScene shift to Naruto conversing with the businessmenxxxx

After Naruto was able to cool off and recover, he had to talk to many men who were very interested and intrigued by Naruto's appearance. Hence Naruto began to tell them that his Kaa-san uses to have a lover before Haruka. Naruto said he didn't know who it was, but he knew. He hated the man's guts, "Naruto-sama I'm Tonomura from the Arima Group's steel manufacturing branch!" The man had slick back brownish-grayish hair with glasses.

"Nice to meet you Tonomura-sama, please just call me Naruto. I don't care for suffixes or formalities". Naruto smiled.

"Please just call me Tonomura". He shook Naruto's hand.

Naruto began to converse with everyone showing off his charisma, he was slowly but surely wrapping them all around his finger. Naruto was taller than almost everyone in the room. However, then a man with neck length wavy deep cherry red hair came walking in, "Excuse me, if you all don't mind. I need to speak with Naruto-dono since I am his escort".

"Sir Van Hossen". Tonomura said shocked.

Sir Van Hossen leaned into Naruto's ear, "Pathetic don't you think? You speak well with others gaining their trust. You seem to be aware of what they are trying to do. Let me properly introduce myself I am Vincent Van Hossen".

"True, and I'm not afraid to admit it. Trying to get friendly cheery with me to get closer to Oji-san. It's nice to meet you too". Smiled back finally meeting someone legit and honest.

"Would you like to meet my daughters?" Vincent said with a smile on his face.

Naruto looked down to see a little blonde girl with purple eyes, "Papa is he the one who became Ojii-chan's son?" The little girl asked.

"Forgive her for not using proper words". Vincent spoke.

"No worries". Naruto waved it off.

The girl popped out and did a twirl and then a curtsey, "Pleasure to meet you, I'm Maria Van Hossen".

Naruto smiled as he walked over and rubbed her head, "You can just call me Naruto". Naruto smiled.

"How about Naruto-Nii?" Maria smiled.

Vincent spoke up quickly, "Maria that's no way to".

"Vincent-sama it's okay, I don't mind it. I find her cute". Naruto smiled.

"Yeah! Naruto-Nii!" Maria ran up and hugged Naruto's leg.

"Please Naruto, just call me Vincent". Vincent smiled back.

"That's fine with me, I'm just glad to meet some real people". Naruto let a sigh of relief out.

"Maria? Do you know where Sylvia went?" Vincent asked.

"Nee-chan? She went somewhere". Maria said, she didn't know where she was at all.

"What?" Vincent said a bit confused himself. Then Vincent turned his head to see Isshin, "Isshin-sama is so charismatic, Oh! Maybe that's where you got it from ne?" Vincent smiled.

"Who knows, his personality can change the entire atmosphere of the room". Naruto recognized the shift in the atmosphere since his Oji-san held a lot of power.

"Well, we'll excuse ourselves for now!" He waved goodbye.

"Bye Onii-chan!" Maria waved.

Soon some of the businessmen came up and began to talk up a storm with Naruto. Thankfully, Naruto was able to talk to each one of them easily. He was able to break them down and get an idea of their personalities. Some were easy to manipulate, while others were followers. Some were headstrong, and others not so much. Naruto could see through them like a lighthouse light through the fog.


Naruto was in the break room as he sat down. The maid that has been with him put some water down, "Arigato… I never quite caught your name". Naruto looked at her.

"Oh, my name is Yuu Fujikura". She said politely and bowed. Yuu has short dark hair and sports a slim, curvaceous body with ample breasts. She was wearing the typical maid outfit.

"Oh, it's nice to meet you". Naruto stared at her for a little bit. He couldn't lie Yuu was a cute and pretty girl. She as even in a maid outfit too, "Huh?" Naruto ran over towards the window to see something shining in the distance. He realized it was a sword, he smiled seeing another swordsman.

Naruto opened the window, "Naruto-sama! What in the world are you doing!" Yuu said with her eyes widen and her heart about to bounce out of her chest.

"Mah! Don't worry so much!" Naruto leaped out the window.

"NARUTO-SAMA!" Yuu shot towards the window to see Naruto free falling towards the ground. What shocked her next, is she saw green magic circles appeared on his feet as he began to fly off in the distance, "He can use magic! Geez". Yuu began to hold her head feeling a major headache. Just who was this Naruto guy and how crazy is he?

Naruto arrived towards the girl seeing her finish up her last stroke of her swings. Naruto clapped for her, "Impressive, I've always wanted to meet a fencer. Then get a chance to fight against one". Naruto smiled as a blue magic circle appeared in from of his hand. Naruto reached towards his right side, "Come to me Kurikara!" A sword appeared in his hand with the blade glowing blue.

"Ruffian!" She dashed forward striking at Naruto, but Naruto parried her attack with ease.

"Don't you dare hold back!" Naruto began to counter and strike at her.

The girl wa shocked at his speed and power he had. She was forced to go on the defensive when his sword were coming at her. One point he was swinging so fast it was as if he was swinging two blades at once. She read his last swing as their swords clashed causing sparks to fly, she smirks with Naruto smirking along with her, "Hold it right there!" Naruto turns his head to see his Oji-san call out.

"T-Tou-san?" The woman said shocked.

"Huh?" Naruto was a bit surprised.

"They're a good match". Vincent smiled.

"Indeed, they are". Isshin smiled happily.

"Onii-chan is just as strong as Onee-chan! They are both amazing!" Maria chirped happily.

"Seem you saved me the trouble of introducing you to her Naruto. Now that you two have spared, you understand one another better, do you not?" Isshin smiled.

"Oji-san your talking like you… set… met up in an arranged marriage". Naruto said with as much of a frown on his face as the girl next to him had.
"Indeed, she is Sylvia Van Hossen. You're fiancé". Isshin said happily as Sylvia readjusted her figure and hair to stand up straight. Sylvia has blond hair that is generally put up in a bun. She has blue eyes and she has a particularly large bust and has quite defined her curved body.

"Fiancé ne?" Naruto looked at her with her looking back waiting for him to say something perverted. That or he was going to act stupid or say something stupid. Naruto closes his eyes and remembered when they were sparring. Each strike she sent his way was strong and forward. She knew where she wanted to attack. Each strike, each stroke of her sword showed her handwork and determination. Each strike she sent his way, her stress lessened and lessened. She was troubled and upset she did not want this marriage, "Oji-san, Vincent-san, I have no ill will towards Sylvia or any of you two. I will be straightforward and honest, Sylvia holds no love for me, and neither do I. I may have crossed swords with her, but that was from a swordsman standpoint. That's how we can understand one another, but I do not have feelings for her. She doesn't hold any for me, as for the marriage. I'm calling it off because I simply don't have the feelings for her. Sylvia, I mean no disrespect you are a very beautiful woman. Your strong, hardworking, determined, and most of all proud. You hate the fact that you're being forced into this, I would never force anyone to do anything if you didn't like. I respect you as a swordsman and a woman, but I do not accept you as my Fiancé". Naruto turned to leave with Isshin and Vincent seeing this coming from a mile away.

Sylvia was surprised by Naruto's words; they were true and genuine. Naruto did think she was pretty, but he respected her as a woman and a swordsman. This caused her to blush at the compliment, but also feel relieved that she wasn't being forced into something she didn't like.

Later in the Limo

Isshin was in the limo with Yuu and Naruto. Naruto has fallen asleep in the limo due to everything being thrown at him. Naruto was very smart and was able to handle it like a true leader of the Arima group. Everyone told Isshin with clarity and sincerity that they liked Naruto. He has all the qualities of a leader that they need, "Yuu-kun do you think I threw this at Naruto-kun too fast? I feel as if I almost forcefully change other people's environments. However, somehow Naruto can adapt quickly and respond appropriately to each outcome".

Yuu nodded her head, "I see what you mean master, Naruto seems to be a very caring master and seems to put others before himself. He thinks things clearly and tried to think of every possible outcome. Including outcomes that even seem farfetched and would sound like even lies. Naruto handled them today like a true leader of the Arima leader, don't you think master?" Yuu sat there smiling as Naruto's s position shifted from his face from leaning and falling on Yuu's left breast. She smiled rubbing his head and moved some hair out of his face.

They soon arrive at the house Isshin had set up for Naruto, "Please take care of Naruto-kun for me Yuu, I know you will do just fine". Isshin left and got into another limo taking him home.

"I will do my very best master". Yuu nodded her head to act as a bow to not wake Naruto.

Isshin left and Yuu spoke up, "Shujin-sama we're here".

Naruto opened his eyes, "Huh? Oh!" Naruto shot up to find out that he was napping on Yuu's breast, "I'm sorry!" Naruto quickly replied.

"It's quite alright please follow me". Yuu stepped outside and Naruto followed as she opened the door, "Welcome home Naruto-sama". Yuu bowed as she opened the doors for Naruto.

Naruto's eyes seemed to widen in shock to see the entire entrance of the house with rows of maids bowing politely to Naruto, "I am your head maid Yuu Fujikura, these are all the maids or servants waiting to serve you".
"Welcome home master!" They all shouted.

Naruto felt dirty and wrong to have this many cute girls working for him as maids, "Ummm Yuu?" Naruto looked at her.

"Yes, Master?" Yuu looked at Naruto confused.

"Could you guys maybe not call me Shujin-sama?" Naruto rubbed the back of his head feeling uncomfortable.

"Naruto-sama?" Yuu leaned in confused with the other maids looking at one another confused.

"Well I mean like could you just call me Naruto instead and drop the honorific?" Naruto felt in the wrong to have the girls to always be so formal with him.

"That's no possible! Calling Shujin-sama other than Shujin-sama is unacceptable! Now! Everyone!" Yuu signaled them.

"Naruto-sama!" They all bowed causing Naruto to let out a sigh, "Can I make it a direct order?" Naruto asked.

"Direct order?" Yuu said confused.

"Yeah… can't I force you guy to just call me Naruto?" Naruto looked at them.

They all looked around nervously and Yuu said, "I mean you could, but it's against our code to call Shujin-sama other than Naruto-sama. Using -Sama at the end is important for us maids. After all, we're just lowly".

Before Yuu could degrade them any lower than they already think of themselves, "Yuu I never said I looked down on you or the other maids. I'm just thankful to have you guys around, but I would never and could never ask another human being to treat me as if I'm better than. We're all the same here, aren't we? We're all human which is why I wish to have everyone call me just Naruto".

Yuu had a tint of pink and confusion on her face along with some of the other maids. Yuu was surprised by this, "Kaa-san always told me to respect others regardless of who they were. I don't think of you Yuu or the other maids as lowly humans. I think you guys better than me just because you guys are here willing to help support me. That's more than I can ask for from anyone".

Yuu smiled, "Naruto-sama we were hired and saved by Isshin-sama, he took us in and gave us a purpose for our lives. We were once orphans and he took us all in to give us purpose. Now that he gave us a new chance at life. I do wish to serve him any way I can, I wish to serve you any way I can".

They made their way towards rooms where Naruto was lost in thought about the current events. He just wishes he could go back to his normal life where he was in the shadows. His family was able to live modest and proper money for themselves. Naruto realized he accidentally bumped into Yuu, "Oh! Yuu-chan sorry about that". Naruto said quickly, "I was lost in thought".

"It's okay Naruto-sama, this will be your room". Yuu opened the door for him to go in and see a large room with most of his things already there and unpacked, "Dial two if you need me, I will be in the room next door. Have a good rest Naruto-sama". Yuu left closing the doors.

Naruto went and laid on his bed taking off his jacket and outfit in general. He hated having to wear the suit, it was tight and constricting. He couldn't move as freely as he wanted to. He looked at the phone and decided to call Yuu so he could talk to her momentarily.

Within no time flat Yuu came walking in with a bowl of ramen. Naruto began to eat the noodles happily, "Yuu! Did you cook this?" Naruto asked.

"Um yeah! Why do you ask?" Yuu seemed worried, "Is it not up to your standards?"

"No, it's not that… just… I like it. It reminds me of the Ramen my Kaa-san would make". Naruto had some tears in his eyes.

"Naruto-sama! I'm sorry for bringing up sour memories!" Yuu bowed.

"No! No! Yuu! Don't apologize for that, it reminds me of good memories with my Kaa-san. With everything that has happened. This just makes me feel relaxed and feel better". Naruto looked up at her and smiled, "You just remind me so much of my Kaa-san. You look almost identical to her, but your hair cut is a bit different. You have a similar loving persona she had". Naruto got up from his seat and quickly hugged Yuu. Naruto had some tears run down his face, "I-I just miss them…so much… Kaa-san… Tou-san… my little Teppei! They didn't deserve what happened to them!"

Yuu smiled as she brought Naruto into her chest as he cried, "It's okay Naruto, I'll be here for you when you need to talk to me anytime".

Naruto looked up from being in her chest and blushed, "Thanks".

"Don't get used to me calling you Naruto, Naruto-sama it was just that once". Yuu looked at him sternly.

Naruto gently went back to his seat, "Which reminds me, is it common for rich people to have arranged marriages with other rich families?"

"Yes, it's common". Yuu answered.

"Wow, what about personality? Do you know how the person is? How do they act? If you like them for who they are?" Naruto looked at Yuu shocked.

"Personality?" She said confused.

"I mean how they act every day, with other people and with you. It's important to find out who you love and who you match it. I mean marriage is getting married to the one person you love want to spend the rest of your life with. Then eventually have children together". Naruto looked at Yuu.

Yuu smiled, "Well it's your choice Naruto-sama, this is your opportunity and choice".

Naruto smiled, "Okay then… well, I hope in time you can come to understand Yuu. You're a sweet girl Yuu, you're caring, gentle, serious, and smart. There are just some things you didn't learn when you were brought up as a maid. I want us to be friends, so please don't always try to act like I'm better than you. I don't see myself higher or lower than you Yuu. You and I are the same, we're both humans. Nothing more nothing less".

Yuu bowed, "Arigato Naruto-sama". Yuu had a small blush on her face. Naruto seemed like he was going to be a real eye-opener.

xxxxover by Sylviaxxxx

Sylvia was still trying to process the fact that Naruto, the man she was engaged to. The man that she had to marry just broke off the wedding proposal. When she fought in a small bout could feel sadness and pain from Naruto. She sensed stress and loneliness, she wondered just who he was. What he was, this Naruto was an interesting person indeed.

xxxxNext Morning at Naruto's Mansionxxxx

Naruto woke up as he had on his Pj shirt and pants. He was half asleep as his brain was still trying to reboot. He found himself in his room with three of his maids. One of them began to undress him unbuttoning his shirt while the other two were holding his school uniform. Then he felt his pants drop along with his underwear, "Huh". Naruto looked down to see Yuu taking off his underwear. His junk just came out slapped her across the face, "AHHH! What's happening!" Naruto like back up and hid his private parts, but to no avail, his hands just weren't big enough to hide his big dick. The two maids holding his clothes along with Yuu blushed to see Naruto naked. They didn't expect him to be THAT BIG they had to guess he was at least seven of eight inches when soft. Which made them wonder what it was like hard. Then they quickly pushed that down, "Yuu-chan! I think I can get dressed". Naruto said with a sweatdrop appearing on his head.


Naruto came walking out wearing a maroon jacket with golden lining on the outfit. He had maroon pants. Naruto walked outside to find the maids with tints of red on their faces after they heard just how big their master was. Naruto saw in the distance the maids lined up by a limo with the Arima Group on it with Yuu by the limo in a similar school uniform like him. Naruto let a sigh of relief out smiling that Yuu was going with him to the same school.

They both were in the limo soon with Naruto hesitating about this morning, "How are you doing Yuu?" Naruto asked.

"I-I'm good Naruto-sama, I hope you're having a good morning. I'm sorry about earlier, if we knew you liked getting dressed, we would have let you do it yourself". Yuu had a tint of red appear on her face.

"Oh, uhh yeah well anyways… huh? What if I got my bike or something? Now that I think about it, I could fly to school every day". Naruto liked that idea instead of taking a limo.

"No! That simply won't do!" Yuu stammered.

"It would save us the trouble". Naruto was cut off.

"Impossible!" Yuu put her foot down releasing a small aura of killing intent which made Naruto back down, she was like Kaa-san.

Naruto sighed looking out the window, "Huh what is this school again?" Naruto asked.

"This is Shuuhou Academy, this is where you and I will be attending for now on". Yuu smiled, "First we'll stop by the principle's office for introductions".

Naruto remembered that Akeno and Rias were attending this school. Since the death of his family, Naruto hasn't spoken to them since. He knows just how in love Akeno was with Teppei, the two were dating. Their parents didn't even know they were seeing one another. Naruto looked at his phone to find a text and a call from Rias a couple of nights ago. Nothing from Akeno, but most likely Rias was watching over her. Once the limo stopped Yuu and Naruto stepped out at the front entrance. He saw people stopping to stare at him and were whispering. Naruto could hear them easily; they are talking about how he was the adopted son of Isshin Arima. The first-born child of Kanae was a boy named Naruto. Then people began to crowd Naruto a bit with all the kids being very interested in Naruto. Naruto already knows how famous his Oji-san was and wasn't surprised that a lot of people recognized the name on the limo.

Naruto decided to dip out and quickly sped off not wanting the attention. This confused many people as Naruto was there one moment but then disappeared the next. "Now, shall we get going in…Naruto-sama?" Yuu was confused about where Naruto went.

Naruto found himself lost he found an area full of tables, "Oh boy I forgot to bring Yuu along, better head back". Naruto sighed.

He turned around to leave, but then felt someone bump into him. She stumbled backward, but Naruto caught her before she could fall. Naruto looked at her as she opened her eyes to see the one who caught her. Naruto peered down at the girl, she was a short and petite girl with brown hair up in twin tails. She had brown eyes wearing the same outfit as Yuu, "Sorry about that miss. You alright?" Naruto apologized.

She looked up at the man's face and blushed, "It's okay, but you should seriously watch where you're going". The girl complained.

"You should be more apologetic to Seika-sama". A girl with green hair and hazel eyes walked up.

"You should be kissing the ground begging for her for forgiveness". A girl with purple hair purple eyes.

Naruto had a sweat drop appear, but then Naruto got up and stood straight up. The girls realized he towered over them, "Gomen, it was an accident. We're all human ya know, the name is Naruto". Naruto stuck his hand out.

Seika looked at Naruto's appearance, "Good you have proper school uniform too, it's important since you're attending this school now". She lifted his shirt up to see his white shirt underneath was tucked in as he was wearing a black leather belt. However, she lifted his shirt, she untucked his shirt as she showed off his six-pack he hand hiding under his shirt.

"Really… you had to do that". Naruto deadpanned, Naruto noticed the blushes on Seika's and the other two girl's faces. Naruto pulled away tucking his shirt in.

"Are you a freshman?" Seika asked.

"No, I'm a sophomore. I just transferred today". Naruto replied.

"No wonder I didn't recognize you". Took a pose and smiled, "My name is Seika Hōjōin, ring a bell?" She winked.

"Uhhh who?" Naruto deadpanned.

"How dare you". The green-haired girl stammered.

"It's okay it's fine, just means he will learn who I am later. See you later cutie". She winked at him walking away. Naruto sighed, at least she was honest with the last part.

"Naruto-sama!" Yuu came running up.

"Gomen Yuu, guess I got lost". Naruto smiled.

"Common let's get going". She smiled.

Naruto smiled as they began to walk and Naruto placed his hand on her head, "Thanks for worrying about me Yuu-chan it means a lot". Yuu had a tint of pink stained on her cheeks as they went to the principal's office.

When they arrived, Naruto found himself shaking hands with a short bald man with a weird mustache, "Ah! We've been waiting for you! Arima Naruto-sama!" The staff behind their hands began to clap and cheer.


"Seems like Oji-san has a big influence on this school. Did he donate money to this place?" Naruto asked.

"Yes indeed, he has donated large sums of money to the school. I think it was ten trillion". Yuu said with a smiled.

"Geez, that's way more than I have I thought I made a good living". Naruto mumbled.

"What do you mean? You have a job?" Yuu said shocked.

"Something like that yes". Naruto chuckled rubbing the back of his head.


Naruto found himself standing in front of the room, "My name is Arima Naruto… you can all just call me Naruto". Many of the students were shocked and the teacher who was some old man was smiling happily.

Once class was over Naruto began to sigh thinking about how this life was going to be. He felt like blowing off steam in the weight room or doing some training exercises. Then someone spots up, "I'm Nezu Haruhiko, feel free to call me your friend".

"Oh… hello". Naruto hated where this was going.

"Ah! Such a friendly greeting! As expected of Arima Isshin-sama's blood!" He went to move forward but was knocked away by a mob of people crowding him.

Many people began to greet him and tell him that their parents were working under his Oji-san. Just more people trying to get to know him. If they could stand out it would mean a lot for their families. Naruto sighed at everyone's attempts, but then he found two hands covering his eyes, "Guess who?" The voice said behind him.

Naruto stopped and smiled, "Charlotte Hazelrink?"

"Correct!" The now named Charlotte began to press her assets on Naruto's back.

"It's so good to see you again! I wanted to stop by and give my thanks again for saving my life!" Charlotte smiled.

"Oh! You don't have to thank me for that. I would have liked it if we did this in private. I don't care too much for the spotlight". Naruto scratched his chin.

Charlotte began to feel the energy inside of her chest begin to explode, "Mmmmm I'm so happy!" She sprang forward tackling him to the ground.

Naruto found himself on the ground with Charlotte straddling his waist. Naruto blushed to see her right on top of him, she could feel the lump in his pants, "No". She blushed bringing her hands up to her face.

"Don't give me that!" Naruto yelled.

Outside the classroom Sylvia was talking to herself, she wanted to go thank Naruto for freeing her from this marriage contract. Since they are going to the same school, after all, she opened the door, "Excuse me". She opened her eyes to find Naruto on the ground being straddled by Charlotte.

"Oh, Sylvia". Charlotte was surprised.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Another voice came ringing out. Sylvia stepped inside as two figures walked into the room.

"Rias! Akeno!" Naruto said shocked as he saw the two standing there.

"Naruto!" Rias and Akeno both shout with happiness and worry in their voices as well.

"H-H-HOW INDECENT!" Sylvia shouted, but before she could run Naruto appeared in front of her stopping her from running away. She was clearly getting the wrong message.

"Calm down Sylvia, Charlotte and I just met up too just a moment ago. It seems like you two know one another. You know her better than me, which means you would know that she tackled me to the ground". Sylvia sighed.

"Guess your right, but still not appropriate for school". Sylvia complained.

Naruto then turned his head towards Rias and Akeno, "Rias… Akeno how are you doing?" Naruto walked up, before them.

Before anything more was said Akeno ran in and began to hug Naruto as she broke down. "HE'S GONE NARUTO! HE'S REALLY GONE! I MISS HIM SO MUCH NARUTO! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!" Akeno began to ball her eyes out as she hugged Naruto. Everyone was shocked at the change of pace.

"I know you do Akeno… I miss him too". Naruto said upset which confused many, but only a few understood what happened.

A/N: Alright! I hope you all enjoy it! I know I'm posting a new story when I got like four or five other stories going. However, I am making this to throw out there for people to take an interest in. The person who wanted me to do this said there would be incest in the future between Naruto and Shuri Uzumaki/Namikaze. She is the only one, she is 22 but I think I'll make her at least 21 and she left her family. She has been working for the Arima Group. I don't know if I'm going to go the direction of her knowing she had a half-brother. Her other brother is Menma Uzumaki/Namikaze who married Hinata Hyuga having Boruto and Himawari. I know for a fact that this is a harem too. For the harem details go as follows, Naruto X Sylvia, Charlotte Hazelrink, Seika Hōjōin, Yuu Fujikura, Rias Gremory, Akeno Himejima, Rossweisse, Yasaka Takahashi, and Kaneko Ayano. He wanted more, but I'm putting the cap there. At that point, I think it's too much as I already think it's a lot already. I will try to get back to this later, this won't see an update anytime soon, maybe one in the upcoming week, but I got other stories to work on. TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!