Just an Average Day Pt. 2

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Last Chapter

Once he arrived, he was given another status report, "The entire facility is on lockdown, we can't get into their systems. Yuu isn't here to help out, she is one of our main hackers".

"Don't worry I can get this done; I've done things like this". Naruto sat down at the computer and began to type away. He began to decode the viruses to scan what type of viruses they were. What most people do it place a virus and put a wall to protect it. What a lot of people don't do is analyze the virus first then begin to break it down. Naruto was breaking down the virus and was able to figure out what it was. Then he began to create an anti-virus for the virus. Then another virus to eat away at their firewall. Before Naruto finished, he then entered a new virus for the anti-virus and the virus he was going to use. The virus Naruto made was designed to counter the current virus in the Arima Hills security system. Naruto made another virus that allows him to protect his current virus itself. It was to defend his current virus from others. It was to scan and decode attacking viruses and defend itself. If they were to gain control of his virus, he programmed his main virus to only be defeated by a security code. His security code can be only deactivated via magic, the virus creates a new code every ten seconds before a new password must be entered in. The virus cycles through every type of passwords that include one to twenty words and numbers. There are twenty-six letters in the alphabet and then nine numbers that can be used in any order. One through nine can be used, but their orders are all different. For the calculations, there are a total of 46,800 different passwords that can be used to deactivate the virus. The virus is also anti-magic proof too, only the caster can remove the virus or deactivate it. The numbers can be cycled over again, there is an unlimited amount of time the passwords can be reused. Even if the person could luckily get the password, then they have to go through a magic checkpoint. If their magic matches up with the caster for some unknown reason. It will then deactivate.

Naruto created this virus during one of his missions to take down a secret organization in Japan. He did it to deactivate their nuclear devices that were created. Their nuclear weapons were able to disguise themselves as other nation's nuclear warheads. Naruto finished the hack and set it in place, "Alright I'm going, I'm going to save everyone. I'm going to find out who killed my family! If they even think of hurting Yuu-chan or Charlotte-chan! I'll make them live to regret that they were ever EVEN BORN! Naruto's voice sounded almost murderous, Naruto has requested a bike from his Jiji-san.

Waiting outside was a red motorcycle. Naruto slipped on a black bike suit; he attacked his katana to his back. He had his personal gun in his holster, he also made sure to have his gun license on him. As well as his license to kill. Naruto put his helmet on that resembled a fox, but he saw Sylvia, "Let me come help too, no one hurts my friends and gets away with it. I'll tell you everything that I know, including a possible underground nuclear facility".

"Tell me everything". Naruto says as Sylvi quickly changes into her biker outfit, "I already alerted Rias, Akeno, Rossweisse, and Shuri. They can use magic and help us".


Naruto and Sylvi quickly hopped on the bike and Naruto zoomed off racing to get to Arima Hills. Naruto and Sylvi got onto the main highway as people on a motorcycle came speeding up to them. Naruto growled, "I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR GAMES!" Naruto slowed down suddenly at the same speed the others were going. Before they could react, "Sylvi Drive!" Naruto quickly bent his back, backward and put his hand on the seat. He quickly pushed off landing on the guy's bike to their left. Naruto quickly kicked him off, he quickly took control of that bike and slammed it into the guy to Naruto's right. Naruto took that guy out by knocking him off. Naruto was holding onto two of the bikes. He quickly jumped off of them knocking them both into one another causing them to fall and slide on the ground. Which the guy in the back failed at dodging the two bikes that Naruto knocked down. He ran into them causing an explosion.

Naruto landed back on their bike as Sylvi drove faster, "Troublesome… let's keep going".

Play the Song Courtesy Call by Thousand Foot Crutch

Sylvi and Naruto both soon made it into Arima Hills. Naruto had his phone him with his anti-virus only allowing him to control the building. Naruto and Sylvi quickly entered; they both had their swords in hand. Naruto and Sylvi took their respected swords and whacked whoever was in their way. Naruto and Sylvi made it to the main floors as they took on incoming fire, "Stay here, you go find another way through". Naruto ran out as they began to fire their guns at him.

Sylvi watched in amazement as Naruto elegantly dodged each bullet. The scene seemed to slow for a second as Naruto dodged their rain of lead. Naruto cast flight to his feet as he took off into the air. Naruto was flying around their bullets; he took a few scratches to his face. He took his sword Kurikara and swung at the incoming bullets. Time quickly went back to normal as Naruto swung Kurikara at blinding speeds cutting the bullets coming at him. Naruto flew up to where they were with the bullets. Her quickly swung his sword cutting their guns in half, he used the blunt end to knock them out col. Once Naruto began to go through the entire army with ease knocking them all out. He easily ducked, dodged, jumped, and parried their bullets. He did it with skill and elegance without even trying. His training he has been doing over the years were paying off as he outclassed every soldier in the Arima Hills.

While Naruto was outside, he saw a play thanks to Seika, Rias, and Akeno. They were able to get a distraction to make sure that people who were not involved were worried. They served as a distraction, while Naruto did what he had to.

Naruto began to run even faster as he ran towards the top. Naruto learned through the speakers that their main target was his grandfather. His Grandfather was the main target as Charlotte and Yuu would not be really harmed. It was a good thing; Naruto flew straight to the top. He flew out a window and went to the top cutting the window open. He got to the top and so did Sylvi at the same time, "Jiji-san are you alright?" Naruto asked.

"Yes, I am fine and unharmed. However, I cannot say the same thing for Hartman". Isshin looked at Naruto.

"I see, Sylvi, stay with Jiji-san and Vincent-san. I'm going to make sure Yuu-chan and Charlotte are alright". Naruto shot off from the scene to make sure that they were safe. Naruto ran through the halls, "Charlotte! Yuu-chan! Where are you!" Naruto through the halls shouting for their names. Naruto quickly checks the camera footage, the then received a message from his virus. It was a signal for bombs that were detected. Naruto quickly hacked the bombs wirelessly deactivating them with ease, "These people are shit at their job".

"Naruto!? Naruto!" Charlotte shouted out.

"Naruto-sama! We're in here!" Yuu shouted hoping for Naruto to hear them.

Soon Naruto burst into their room, he quickly swung his sword cutting their ropes off. He soon brought the two into a hug holding them close, "Thank Kami your both alright, I'm glad you're all safe. Naruto kissed Yuu on her lips as Charlotte frowned but smiled.

Naruto felt his heart hurt thinking that Charlotte and Yuu could have been taking from him. Naruto looked at Yuu, "Yuu understand that I love you a lot. However, I can't deny the way my heart is feeling". Naruto got the nod from Yuu as she leaned up and kissed him.

"I know Naruto, even if it wasn't long, I enjoyed having you to my self Naruto-kun". Yuu kissed and held Naruto for a bit.

Naruto slowly parted his lips from Yuu. Naruto looked at Charlotte, "Charlotte I don't want you to marry Hartman. I don't care who he is or what he does for your country. I love you Charlotte; you've been such a great friend. I really care about you, I don't want you to be married off to some random guy". Naruto moved his face close to Charlotte's face and kissed her. Charlotte found her lips being captured from Naruto's. She quickly wrapped her arms around his back with her hands working up to the back of his head. She kept him close kissing him not wanting to let him go.

Once they parted for air Charlotte had a blush, "I-I love you too… Naruto-kun…if you love me, then I will do everything I can. To make sure we're together". Charlotte kissed Naruto once again capturing his lips for a few minutes before they parted.

"O-Oh! Naruto! That man! The man who tied us up said he planted a bomb in Arima Hills!" Charlotte said worriedly.

Naruto chuckled, "Got that already taken care of". Naruto held his phone up showing that the bombs detected were deactivated, "The virus I programmed can only be controlled by me and me only. I can also control it where it is airborne and hijack Wi-Fi signals, Bluetooth, cellphones, laptops, and various other equipment that even use military-grade firewalls".

Yuu giggled, "You think of everything my dear Naruto-kun". Yuu kissed Naruto on his lips holding him close. She gently stuck her tongue inside of Naruto's mouth.

Once they parted Naruto smiled slyly, "Wow Yuu-chan so bold, is it because of the others".

Yuu nodded, "If Naruto is going to have more than one girlfriend and wife. Everyone will know who the dominant one it!" Yuu declared looking at Charlotte.

"I don't care! As long as I am with Naruto-kun I don't care!" Charlotte grabbed Naruto's arm holding it close.

Once the big disaster was settled the SPS squad came in and removed the bombs. Naruto and everyone were downstairs ready to finally leave. So that this hell could be over, and everyone could return to their normal lives. Everyone was going to head back to Naruto's house, but Charlotte. Her parents want her at her house, Naruto didn't want her to leave, "Charlotte you should know… Hartman… has been supposedly killed". Sylvia told Charlotte as she had hopes in her eyes.

Naruto didn't know if it was true, but his body wasn't there. Naruto wishes he could have seen his dead body. Soon Charlotte's personal van came by and picked her up, "I'll see you at school tomorrow Naruto-kun, everyone I hope you all have a good night". Charlotte quickly gave Naruto a kiss on his lips. As they drove off in her white limo, and Seika was shocked.

"N-No way! Why are you two?" Seika was confused.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head, "Well Yuu-chan is alright with me now. She said I could".
"YEAH!" Rias, Akeno, and Shuri quickly hugged Naruto pushing their breasts into his face.

Seika could only blush and puff her cheeks out. Yuu frowned, "YOU THREE BETTER REMEMBER WHO THE DOMINANT ONE IS!" Yuu quickly pushed them off Naruto with a cold stare coming off her. Which sent chills down the other girl's back.

Naruto chuckled, "Y-Yeah we can all start dating, I hope that Charlotte's parents would be willing to allow me to date her too".

Seika had her hands together and she twitched her body left and right, "N-Naruto-kun… do you". Seika looked up at Naruto while blushing.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head walking over. He had a smile on his face, "Seika… we've been through a lot together. We've known another for a while we've gotten along together well. I can't say no to you". Naruto hugged her closer as she quickly went up on her tippy toes closing the gap between them. She pressed her lips against his, Naruto accepted her feelings, "I love you too Seika".

"I love you". Seika held her arms around Naruto not wanting to let go.

Rossweisse, Rias, Akeno, and Shuri all puffed their cheeks out, "What they get to confess, and we don't!" Rias, Akeno, and Shuri said annoyed.

"We already know you love him! You just want another excuse to kiss him!" Yuu added with a tick mark appearing on her forehead.

Rossweisse smiled as she decided she could wait for later. Naruto looked at Sylvi, "Sylvi you've helped me through a lot too. We've only been friends because we understood one another through our swords. I've never said anything because I've always known you had an interest in me. The times we clashed sword I've known".

"You talk too much". Sylvia grabbed his collar pressing her lips into his. She held it and soon broke the kiss gently, "I can't wait my dear fiancé". Sylvia smiled happily with the arrangement; Naruto was a man she could love. She knew he loved her for whom she was, not for a stupid marriage proposal.

Naruto looked over to see Rossweisse nervously standing on the side, "Uhh Ross-chan? You alright? Don't you have anything? Jiji-san and Obaa-chan I know were trying to set us up. I know your still my teacher and everything".

Rossweisse blushed walking over, "S-Screw the rules, but I definitely don't mind waiting though. As I can see the others have taken a very strong liking towards you. I can't help but say I love you too. Though I'm willing to wait on a family". Rossweisse places a peck on Naruto's lips, Naruto was accepting of her answer.

Naruto rubbed the back of his head looking at the girls, "W-well to think that we would all come out this soon about this". Naruto smiled giving them a smirk.

*Clap* *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* The sounds came from Isshin, Vincent, and Gondul, "Well it seems you have the women now Naruto-kun. Quite a harem you have here". Isshin smirked chuckling at Naruto. The girls all blushed as Naruto rubbed the back of his head not wanting to say anything.

"Wait what about that sweet Ayano girl?" Gondul asked.

Seika added, "Oh she still totally loves Naruto. She just wasn't in this one, good thing at that. She is still really only a civilian". Seika added, "Also my one of my best friends".

Naruto smiled looking at the group, "Well the Japanese government wanted me to have multiple wives, to begin with. Seems I don't have to worry about that now". Naruto began to chuckle as Isshin smirked, "If only I could have gotten that lucky".

Later That Night

Naruto was sitting in the family room at his house with Isshin and Vincent, "So, you're telling me that Hartman… lied to use and tricked us. He has now abducted Charlotte". Naruto had his hands folded under his chin.

"Yes". Isshin nodded his head.

"Because she is taken back to Hazelrink we are not allowed to interfere. If Hartman is still alive which means his engagement is still active as well. Which means you can't act on your". Vincent was cut off.

"Don't tell me what to do". Naruto shot up from his seat and pulled Kurikara from his storage dimension, "I'm going in regardless, I'm going to make sure Hartman pays… pays for taking Charlotte". Naruto stormed off, but before he could leave Yuu grabbed him.

"Naruto you can't! There could be an international dispute! Could lead to war! You can't go on your own this time! I beg you! I don't want to see you hurt or die! I know you have special abilities, but still! I-I don't want to see you die!" Yuu said pushing her face into Naruto's chest.

Naruto quickly hugged her and smiled slowly pulling away, "Is there any way I could possibly be able to stop them?" Naruto asked with a serious tone.

"No, if it was you". Vincent was again cut off.

Naruto then quickly jumped into the air wearing his Anbu Black ops gear. He was wearing a simple blue suit with a grey flak jacket, strapped up sandals and arm guards that went up to his elbows. While not on duty as an Anbu, he wore a similar outfit with segmented gauntlets and bandages over his calves. His fox mask that had red and black markings around the eyes, sides, and mouth, "Then they won't know it's Naruto Arima who've stopped them. If I am anything, I'm Kitsune… I'm here at Sylvia Van Hossen-sama's orders".

Sylvia smiled, "Kitsune I order you to rescue Charlotte Hazelrink, I don't care what you have to do. Save her and do anything to save her".

"As you wish Hossen-sama". Then Naruto vanished from sight stunning everyone.

Isshin smiled, "That smart going undercover of his agent name. Granted he still works for the Japanese government, but his name won't be revealed. If this is kept quiet, no one will know it was him". Isshin smiled, "That boy".

Naruto was on his bike the Arima funds bought, Naruto had a Dodge Tomahawk features 8.3 liters, V-10 SRT 10 Dodge Viper engine. It can produce a maximum power of 500 HP. Unlike other superbikes, Dodge Tomahawk has four wheels – two front wheels and two rear wheels. Surprisingly, Tomahawk could cross 0 to 60 miles in just 1.5 seconds. 8.3-liter, V-10 SRT 10 Dodge Viper engine, 2-speed manual transmission, Maximum power: 500 hp 5600 rpm, Maximum Torque: 712 Nm 4200 rpm, top speed: 420 miles per hour, 0 to 60 miles: 2.5 seconds, ear brakes: Dual 508 mm 16 piston discs, and front brakes: single 508 mm 8 piston discs. This was the money that the Arima funds couple have produced for Naruto. Only Naruto can drive it as it needs his fingerprints to turn it on and voice recognition. Naruto can push the motorcycle further casting simple speed enhances to the engine. Helping it handle up to over 500 mph with little issue. Naruto sped off ready to save Charlotte from Hartman, hopefully, bring her back to him where she can be happy. Soon Naruto received an email from the British Parliament.

It was about a half an hour into Naruto's chase, that he saw the train in the distance. It wasn't able to get very far with their speed. While driving Naruto summoned the extra gas canister he had prepared in advance in his storage. He quickly summoned it refueled and hit the gas once he was done. He sped towards the train as fast as he could. Soon Naruto caught up seeing the train, he closed his eyes while driving to sense for people on the train. He sensed guards and Charlotte on the train, "Naruto-sama we can't do much back home, but since your, there it's your best chance to try to accelerate the train".

"Thanks for the help Yuu-chan, but I already got that covered. The train doesn't have any type of Wi-Fi settings or anything, they seemed to have learned from last time. However, I'm just going to cut off the front of the train!" Naruto cast flight on his bike as he pulled up behind the train. He jumped onto the top and sped towards the front of the train. Once he arrived at the top, he activates a parachute on his bike which shot it off. Naruto activates a magnet spell to help his feet stick. Naruto proceeded to walk to the front of the train, he summoned Kurikara to his hand. His hand sent magic to the blade which began to sprout flames and he enhanced the flames with wind. With one swing Naruto cut the coupling on the train as the engine continued the rest of the train began to slow.

Naruto jumped into the train and began to search around; he saw guard shooting at him. He easily parried their bullets and dodged them with ease. Naruto ducked and dodged, then he even caught a bullet between his fingers and flung it back into the barrel of the gun. He caused it to explode in the guy's hand. Naruto used the blunt end of his blade and took them out with ease. Soon he ran faster at blinding speeds faster than the eye could see. Then an explosion went off as he quickly jumped out the window and cast flight on himself. He flew towards one of the side doors and opened it. He quickly found Charlotte right there as she looked at the person in front of him. Naruto spoke disguising my voice, "I'd never forgotten, but I'm here to save you. My contractor wanted me to save you". Naruto pulled her close to him with his sword out, "I've done digging on you Josephine. However, what your doing is wrong. Put the gun down, if you surrender peacefully, I'll make sure your free of any charges. I can see that you yearn for the attention of Hartman, but he denies your feelings and continues to go after Charlotte. Leave him… I'll make sure your given proper love. I know we hardly know one another, but I can certainly treat a rose such as yourself better than he has.

Josephine stuttered with a blush on her face pointing the gun at Naruto and Charlotte. Naruto stated this because Josephine already knew it was Naruto. Josephine knew of Naruto's background why one would ask? Naruto shook his head, "Common don't let Hartman get to you, Josephine…should I say, Agent Neko… I know your working for the British Secret Service. I know you went behind their backs".

Josephine was shocked, "H-How do you know this! H-How do you know this about me!"

Naruto behind his smirked, "Easy… I just received word from the British Parliament… they want you alive or dead. Either or, I, on the other hand, made a proposition. They said if I could apprehend you and decide to take you on as my wife. I can release you from your crimes, the British Parliament and the queen as well. Say we're on good terms after I saved her Majesty herself".

Josephine took a step back then there was a sudden gunshot that rang from the side. Naruto suddenly saw Josephine on the ground with shock in her eyes, "I can't allow you to do that. Killing Charlotte, I need her. Also, you can't be left alive because there would be a scandal". Hartman said without a care in the world. He went to shoot again, Naruto quickly lunged forward in front of his shots. He cut the bullets then cut off Hartman's hand.

He began to scream as blood poured out of hand. Naruto quickly cast a quick spell only to stop the bleeding. Naruto had some anger to dish out. Josephine saw Naruto jump in front of her to save her. She couldn't believe it! She was going to shoot them before… though he offered to save her. Protect her, after she was shot, he saved her again. She looked down in distress, Charlotte ran over to help stop the bleeding, "Don't move it be okay". Charlotte smiled, "Welcome to the family if you accept Naruto's offer. Even if you tried to kill us, I forgive you". Charlotte smiled as Josephine had tears in her eyes. She began to cry in Charlotte's outfit.

Naruto looked back to see that Josephine needed to be healed. Naruto quickly kicked Hartman back to the ground. Naruto took his sword and sliced his hand open. He used his magic to extract the bullet, he let his blood drip on her wound, "Don't worry my blood has healing properties as well as an anesthetic to it. It should help relieve the pain and stop the bleeding". Josephine saw her wound heal up, she was still shocked by how Naruto decided to save her. Naruto radioed the British Parliament in, "I have captured Josephine, she is my custody now. I'll be taking her back with me".

'Qrrtz' The radio buzzed in, "Alright Arima-sama as a show of good faith and goodwill. We leave her in your hands. British Parliament out".

Naruto held the radio loud enough for her to hear. He looked behind him, "I wasn't joking when I said I'd take you in".

"D-Damn you, I won't be stopped! Not until I embarrass you! Isshin Arima too! I thought I rid of them when I took his family away!" Hartman smiled a bomb went off on the train. He smirked, "Now you will watch as I take everything precious away from you!" Hartman held up the final detonator. Before he could press the button, he couldn't feel his arm anymore. He looked to his right to see blood shooting out of his arm, "N-Nani? NANI!" He screamed in pain as his arm was cut off. Naruto used magic to stop the bleeding but not his pain.

Naruto growled at him, "Y-You took… my parents… Kaa-san… Tou-san… THEN MY OTOUTO!" Naruto threw his mask of glaring at him. Naruto walked up and pointed his blade at his throat.

He smirked, "I had no idea that Isshin's daughter was still alive… I thought Minato took care of her. Oh well, but then she had two sons. I heard she had one after the death, but when I heard she had another? Minato did not tell me that he had a son".

"SHUT UP! I'M NOTHING LIKE THAT MAN! I NEVER WILL BE! HE ISN'T MY FATHER AND NEVER WILL BE! MY ONLY TOU-SAN WAS HARUKA KOBAYASHI!" Naruto whacked him upside the head with the blunt of his sword. Naruto turned around as he sheathed his sword. He had tears in his eyes, he wanted to kill him so badly… so… so badly. He took the lives of his Tou-san… Kaa-san… and his little brother Teppei, "Though… if I were to kill him… I'd be no better than he was when he killed my parents. Besides… as long as they are within my heart… they will continue to live on". Naruto walked over to Charlotte and Josephine and hugged the two. Even if they haven't known each other long, Naruto needed someone to hold… something to hug. Those so happen to be there in front of him, Naruto let his frustrations and rage out. He cried in their arms while they both patted his head and rubbed his back. Honestly, Josephine seeing the Naruto convinces her to change, give her a chance, help make her happy, and then protect her. What could she do? All she could was accept that Hartman wasn't the man for her. Hell, he even tried to kill her. How do you love someone who tries to kill you?

After about five minutes Naruto stopped crying, he wiped his eyes. He stated with the microphone for all to hear. Everyone else was back at his house, waiting to make sure he was alright, "Hartman is defeated, Josephine has switched sides… girls if you're all hearing this. I promise… to protect each and every one of you. It includes Josephine… you were manipulated and used. I'll give you this chance to change and become my wife and lover along with the other girls. Oh, and Akeno…. Jiji-san… Hartman…killed them". Naruto cut the microphone, "Let's leave the rest to the police".

Naruto, Charlotte, and Josephine walked off the train. Naruto summoned his bike through his phone as it came speeding towards them. Once it was here Naruto pushed a button which made a side seat come out. Naruto hopped on with Josephine behind him and Charlotte in the seat, "We aren't far from home". Naruto used magic to pick up Hartman's unconscious body and laid him in front of Naruto. The group drove off with Naruto finally saying, "You're going to pay Hartman… you're going to enjoy the rest of your life behind bars". Naruto might have lost it while he cut his arm off. However, the bastard didn't need to die… as much as Naruto wanted him to die.

Back at Naruto's House

Akeno heard what Naruto said as she frowned and began to cry, "T-That bastard took Teppei-kun…". Akeno looked down at the floor sad. Akeno didn't try to cry too much, "I-I know Naruto isn't Teppei-kun, but he has been there just as much as Teppei as been there. My love will begin with Naruto… through Naruto, I can also love Teppei".

Isshin sat on the couch and Gondul helped Isshin as well, it was still a difficult loss for Isshin. However, he is glad that Naruto was still alive and well. Only Hartman, Josephine, and Charlotte knew Naruto was there. Even if Hartman would say Naruto was interfering with the International matters, Naruto could say that he went to apprehend Josephine as a runaway spy from Britain. He so happens to be there to save Charlotte as well. Charlotte and Josephine could also vouch for Naruto as well.

Time Skip Hour Later

Naruto arrives back at their house with officers waiting for Hartman. They took him away, Naruto walked up to everyone waiting for him. Akeno ran up and hugged Naruto, "Naruto… I want you to know that I still love you. I also still hold my love for Teppei, I know it sounds wrong but I".
Naruto cut her off kissing her on the lips, "Akeno… I know you still love Teppei. I know you will love me for me. You are also tied to Teppei through me, I would never tell you to stop loving Teppei. I'm just glad you're sticking with me, it feels as if then I'm doing Teppei a favor by loving you for him".

Akeno smiled happily as she back up as Charlotte wrapped her arms around Naruto, "Thank you Naruto! You saved me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She pressed her lips against Naruto's holding him close.

Naruto put his forehead to hers, "I'd never let you get hurt, I'd never let anyone else get hurt. You're all too precious to me, I want to make sure you all stay safe".

"NARUTO!" A voice spoke up as Ayano came running from her car with Yuu as well.

"A-Ayano?" Naruto said shocked, "What are you doing here!"

"Yuu filled me in on what's been going on! I heard what happened! You idiot! I was so worried about you! Baka! Baka! Baka! Baka!" She shoved her face into his chest while trying to hit him for running in recklessly, "Your too reckless! Heading headfirst into everything!" Ayano pressed her lips against Naruto.

"What!? I knew what I was doing!" Naruto tried to fight back, "I-I came back alive and everything!"

"No Naruto your pretty reckless". Rossweisse added in chuckling.

"When you went headfirst into the raining of bullets at Arima Hill?" Sylvia smirked.

"You continued to run through the halls blocking each bullet with just your sword?" Seika added.
"You went headfirst into saving Charlotte". Rias added.

"You then almost blew up with Charlotte and Josephine when Hartman tried to blow up the train". Akeno added with a smirk.

"H-How did you see all this?" Naruto asked confused.

"I placed a GSP and camera on Charlotte's clothes while she wasn't looking after the Arima Hill's incident". Yuu added.

Naruto shook his head, "As expected of you Yuu-chan". Naruto rubbed her head receiving a blush from her.

"N-Naruto-sama". Josephine said nervously with a blush on her face, "Charlotte-sama I-I just want to say that I'm sorry. I hope you could". Josephine was cut off.

"You said you were sorry! You even hesitated Josephine! It shows your still a good person! If Naruto was willing to save you and trust you! Then I'm okay with it!" Charlotte smiled putting her arm around Josephine's shoulders.

Naruto walked over, "Josephine… I saw the way how Hartman treated you. I know how you feel, I can tell you followed him because he promised you happiness and love. I bet he didn't give you anything. I know we don't know one another, but I want to promise you that I'll do my best to".

Josephine quickly attached her lips to Naruto; she held it and wiggled her tongue into his. They slowly parted with a line of saliva still connecting the two, "I-I promise Naruto-sama I will always love you. You gave me a second chance, you promised me, love… I accept being yours forever even if you just use me. I just want to make sure you love me, even if it's only for my body!"

Naruto shook his head, "Josephine, you may have a lovely body just like the rest of these girls. However, I don't only just want to love your body, but I want to love everything about you". Naruto brought her into a more passionate kiss, a kiss she felt that she was truly loved. Naruto slowly broke the kiss as he turned to the other girls to speak. Josephine listened to Naruto which made her love him even more, "Not only that, but I also want to have a family one day… that includes little kids running around". Naruto smiled as the other girls blushed at the thought, though it was a thought they didn't mind that much.

Isshin walked up to Naruto and smiled proudly, "Naruto… seeing you grow up even without your family. You've become a splendid young man; you've found friends and people you can trust. You surround yourself with love, you continue to let love fill your heart. Kane-chan, Hakura-kun, and Teppei-kun would be very proud of you Naruto". Isshin brought Naruto into a hug.

Naruto accepted the hug from his grandfather, "Thanks Jiji-san… having them with me all the time. It has made me happy, I'm glad I have been able to be with the girls I have now. I promise to make sure everyone is happy and loved".

Yuu walked up, "Naruto you've been there for all of us, you've helped each and everyone one of us. Some a lot, some not as many, but you treated us all fairly and equally. You allowed me to be your one and only lover. Even if it was for a little bit of time, I love you Naruto. I can't wait for what the future holds".

Naruto brought Yuu into a hug and kissed her on the lips. He gently parted their lips, "Common let's go inside it's been a long day. Charlotte, when we can, let's contact your parents. I want to propose to them engagement with them. I don't want you going anywhere, Rias that goes for you too. No one else is leaving me, being taken away from me. Not again, I will not allow it to happen". Naruto smiled, he promised to himself. He would never ever let anyone take his family away again.

Time Skip Week Later

When everything that escalated has gone down, Naruto along with Ayano, Isshin, Lily Kaneko (Ayano's mother), and Mason Kaneko (Ayano's father) (A/N: And yes, I just came up with random names for them now). They were in court with the Uchiha family, Sasuke, Itachi, Mikoto, and Fugaku. Along with the Inuzuka's because of Kiba being Sasuke's accomplice. The judge listened to the cases. He heard each side and came to a single conclusion, "Kiba Inuzuka you hereby sentenced to ten years in prison. Your never allowed to step foot inside of Shuuhou academy ever. If you are ever caught being seen near Ayano and her family, you will be arrested and thrown in jail for twenty. As for Sasuke Uchiha… your father wanted the highest penalty you could possibly receive. I hereby sentence you to thirty years in prison in an attempted rape. You will then be banished from this city and never be allowed to step forward. If you are to travel through this city. You must be accompanied by your father everywhere you go. Your never allowed to go near Kaneko-chan and her family. You're never to go near Arima-sama's family ever. If you do, you will be thrown back in jail for another fifty years. You will be exiled from Japan". The judge slammed his hammer down as Mikoto began to cry in her hands. Fugaku only kept his eyes shut and looked down disappointed in his son. He may never ever get to see his little sister. Fugaku might not even want Sasuke near their unborn child. Itachi was very disappointed in his little brother, seems he was unable to change.

Once that was over, it was a brand new chapter. A brand-new story for Naruto, it will soon be time for him to continue the next chapter. He has beautiful women waiting for him at home, they all love him. He loves them all back, they are all one day hoping to have a family one day with Naruto.

A/N: Now don't worry this isn't the end. I am doing my own little spin-off series with this. The next chapter will be dealing with the Uzumaki Corp, though I must ask my friend to see how he wanted this story to go! I hope you all enjoyed! TitanFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!