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Gift of the Demon

Chapter 1


Scowling, Kurama watched through the eyes of his host as that blasted Uchiha brat continued to strut and swagger around. This infuriating little shit held all the arrogance his clan held in the past, but the academy student hadn't even managed to unlock his Sharingan yet! Outside he saw the 'fight' going on as his host fought the Uchiha. Their silly little academy was about to end before the holiday break and the teachers had let their 'top student' in the Uchiha pick anyone to spar in for the final fight of the semester and, as always, the arrogant little shit had chosen his host.

"And the winner is Sasuke!" the teacher, Mizuki, announced with a pleased smirk as most of the students cheered happily. "Better luck next time Naruto, perhaps you should actually put in effort for your training."

"Or maybe you could try actually teaching." Kurama snorted in disgust at the annoying human. He held no love for his host but by being weak he made Kurama look weak.

"Of course he lost." Sasuke snorted, sneering arrogantly at Naruto as the blond Uzumaki worked to push himself to his feet, "He was fighting an Uchiha. We're the most powerful clan in the world with an unstoppable bloodline."

"Bloody Uchihas." Kurama scoffed before stilling, a dangerous smirk appearing on his face as he got an idea.


Wincing, Naruto shuffled down the street to look for a place to sleep the night, the Orphanage having refused to let him in for 'being dirty' which wasn't even his fault! After fighting Sasuke, Mizuki-Sensei had refused to let Naruto use the school showers and since the Orphanage hadn't let him inside he couldn't' use their showers either. Stumbling into an alley, Naruto slumped against a wall. Hidden and tucked against a wall behind a dumpster, Naruto felt himself drifting off, tired and hungry.

Then his eyes immediately snapped open as he found himself in what looked like a dark sewer. "What the hell?!"

"Finally, my jailer has arrived." A dark voice carried out from the shadows as Naruto looked to the source, seeing two bright gleaming eyes staring out from the dark.

"Jailer? The hell are you talking about?!" Naruto demanded, pointing at the weird eyes.

"Oh, how little you know." The voice chuckled, "How willingly you've accepted the lies of those around you. Tell me, what do you know of the death of your beloved Fourth Hokage?"

"He died killing the Nine Tailed Fox Datteboyo!" Naruto had been told that story time and time again by the Hokage and his teachers.

"No." flames appeared by the eyes, "He didn't." the flames grew brighter and larger to reveal the demon in question, the fox chuckling low and slow.

"T-that's impossible!" Naruto pointed a shaking finger at the fox.

"No, you cannot kill a Biju." the Kyuubi chuckled "Even if we are destroyed, we will simply reform."

"So…they locked you away." Naruto realized, "They…they locked you in me?"

"Yes." The Kyuubi seemed extremely pleased that Naruto had managed to figure that out. "But that's not why you're here. You are here because there is one clan I hate above all others. The Uchihas are the reason I'm locked away to begin with!"

"Then…what do you expect me to do?" Naruto blinked confused, not sure what all to say with the situation. He was positive the Kyuubi couldn't kill him or it would have done so already, and if it was sealed then there had to be protections in place.

"That Uchiha brat you fought earlier made a comment, how his bloodline was the best. How his bloodline was 'unstoppable'. It will amuse me to show otherwise. I intend to give you a kekai-Genkai just to spite them."

"You…you can do that?" Naruto blinked, stunned by the idea of someone giving him a power that would be passed down through his family in the future.

"I'm the strongest of the Biju," the Kyuubi scoffed, "of course I can. My deal is this. I will grant you this bloodline and help you figure out at least how to turn it on, I shall even help you acquire a weapon. In return you shall not only put that damned Uchiha in his place but shall show the world the power you can possess. You are my host so you reflect on me and I will not have you make me look weak!"

"I…deal." Naruto's eyes hardened. He was tired of being weak. He wanted to be the strongest, he wanted to be a Kage, to have respect! But the teachers at the Academy refused to ever really teach him. They kept throwing him out of the classes and hew as positive he was given fixed texts and faulty equipment.

"Tear off a portion of the seal," the Kyuubi ordered him, "Just a bit from the bottom should work. I need to be able to have enough of my power unleashed to affect you." Nodding, Naruto stepped up and found the seal on the Kyuubi's bars, tearing off a small portion. The effect was immediate as the Biju flared with an aura of violent crimson chakra. "Remember our deal brat." Kurama ordered before the chakra flared out through the bars, flooding the sewer like place as Naruto choked back a scream.

As the crimson light faded, Naruto found himself back in the alleyway he had blacked out in. "Was…was that a dream?"

"No Naruto," the dark voice of the Kyuubi spoke within his head, "it was not. You now have a bloodline of my own creation. I call it Dark Chakra, this power will let you not only be immune to any genjutsu, but it will make you resistant to Ninjutsu." The Kyuubi seemed very smug about that fact. "Now come, we need to collect materials to make you a weapon. I will guide your hands in its creation and help you learn to activate your bloodline properly, then you will be on your own from there."

"O…okay Kyuubi-San." It felt odd talking like this to someone the entire village said was evil, but didn't they say the exact same thing about him? And this Biju treated him better than most everyone else in the village did.

"Good. Now go to the Forest of Death. There we shall acquire what we need. Your academy will resume in two weeks and I expect you to beat that Uchiha brat this time!"


"Alright everyone," the Chuunin instructor clapped his hands as morning lessons came to an end "lets head outside for the first spar of the new semester! Sasuke, you are still the top ranked student for the class, so you get to fight and choose your opponent. Who do you want to fight?"

"Uzumaki." Sasuke scoffed with a confident smirk. It wasn't much of a surprise as Sasuke always chose to fight Naruto. Iruka wasn't sure if it was just because the two were always arguing or if Sasuke just wanted a guaranteed win. Looking over to Naruto, Iruka was surprised to see the Jinchuriki didn't look like he normally did. Typically the Uzumaki child looked brash and arrogant, proclaiming that he'd 'crush' Sasuke. Now though, the kid looked still confident, but it felt different, like there was a knowledge to back up that confidence.

Leading everyone outside, Iruka and Mizuki took their places outside the ring while the rest of the class watched. The two looked exactly like they had before the break, apart from Naruto now wearing gloves for some reason. "Are the fighters ready!"


"Yes sensei."

"As the top student, Sasuke gets to choose the type of spar. Sasuke, limit to Taijutsu, limit to weapons, or no holds barred?" Mizuki spoke as Iruka held back a wince for Naruto. Those were the parameters always used but Sasuke was beyond unusual in that he already knew an elemental Jutsu thanks to his clan library.

"No holds barred." Sasuke gave a cold smirk.

"Then begin!" the instant Mizuki spoke, Sasuke shot forward, showing impressive speed for an academy student as he held a Kunai in hand. Naruto ducked the slash and retaliated with his own Kunai, something Sasuke deflected lazily.

"Is this the best you can do Dobe?" Sasuke scoffed as the two separated, the student clearly enjoying the feeling of dominating the fight, "I suppose I had best end this." Sasuke flew through hand seals, "Great fireball Jutsu!" the ball of fire, which would have been impressive even if Sasuke as a Genin already, hurtled towards Naruto as Iruka prepared to call the fight the moment it cleared and rush Naruto to the Hokage for treatment.

He was stunned then, when Naruto leapt forward into the fire, letting loose a battle cry as he entered the ball of flames bigger than he was. When Naruto emerged from the other side, the blond Biju container was wielding a massive sword, the blade covered in a malevolent purple chakra aura. That same purple chakra poured from Naruto's eyes and mouth as the student showed no signs of being hurt by the fire. Before Naruto could even try to strike at Sasuke, Mizuki shot forward and did a palm strike to Naruto's ribs, sending the student flying hard into a tree.

"This fight is over!" Mizuki was glaring at Naruto, "Sasuke, you win. Naruto, get out of here! I'll be speaking with the Hokage about what you did. If I were you, I wouldn't bother coming back to the academy tomorrow." Iruka saw Naruto push himself to his feet, looking hurt and betrayed as he gave Iruka and Mizuki a cold look, as if waiting for them to take back those words. When this didn't happen, Naruto gripped his sword as it disappeared into what Iruka assumed was a seal on the glove and slunk away.


"So you're saying he draw on a malevolent power in the academy?" the Third Hokage frowned as the two Chuunin instructors gave their report to him.

"Yes Hokage-Sama." Mizuki reported seriously, "I could sense the evil of the Kyuubi in that power. I recommend he be removed from the Shinobi program immediately."

"Your words will be taken under advisement." Sarutobi spoke firmly, his tone making it clear the matter was to be dropped and would not be done, "Either way, I'll have Jiraya return to tighten the seal. We don't need the Kyuubi trying to communicate with Naruto. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to talk with the Ambassador from cloud, they've been waiting on me." Standing up, he nodded to the two academy instructors as they depart, none of them noticing the blond child in the rafters who had been listening in. Tears falling down as the child looked at the third Hokage with betrayal.

AN: For a bit more information, I got the idea for this Bloodline from the 'Satsui no Hado' from Street Fighter. It's not the exact same but just inspired from it. Naruto's chakra is 'corrosive' in a sense that it eats other chakra. This makes him immune to Genjutsu and ninjutsu aren't nearly as effective on him as his chakra eat away the chakra from the techniques as they hit him. There are weaknesses for it and side effects so don't worry, it does have drawbacks. The sword is the design of 'Chaoseater' from the Darksiders franchise because I can honestly see Kurama having a sense of style in line with making a weapon like that.