Gift of the Demon

Chapter 5


Putting his papers back in his pocket, Naruto lazily looked around the village he'd been born in, walking through the gate with his team and team B, the gate guards watching them with wary distrust. "So, straight to the hotel or are we going to look around first?" Gaara asked, Omoi thankfully remaining silent thanks to a seal from Gaara, even if it was clear the paranoid Genin's lips were still moving.

"Best to familiarize ourselves with the village layout." Yugito-Sensei answered, "We don't know what sort of 'tests' that Konoha has cooked up or where they are. Knowing what buildings are were is an advantage never to waste. Information is one of the most important tools you shall ever use in your careers."

"Yes sensei!" Naruto, Hinata, and Gaara nodded seriously.

"Hey!" B pouted at his own team, "How come you three don't listen to me like that!"

"Stop rapping and we might." Samui gave a flat stare as Naruto and Gaara's dad recoiled as if struck, giving the most pathetic puppy pout they'd ever seen.

"It is unsurprising." Kurama-San scoffed disdainfully "Gyuki was always the same growing up. So flamboyant, so dramatic, so aggravating." Naruto smirked, preparing to tease the Biju sealed within him when he felt Kurama-San give him an annoyed one-eyed stare from within the seal "Compare me to that description and you'll regret it brat. Don't forget I can still mess up your chakra control during these tests if you annoy me." Huffing, Naruto crossed his arms, grumbling even as his team noticed and snickered.

"Is Kurama-San bullying you again?" Hinata asked, hugging him from behind as she giggled, her expression playful and eyes likely twinkling behind her shades, the necessity of hiding the Byakugan crucial for now.

"When isn't he?" Naruto grinned back, having grown much more comfortable with his Biju partner over the years, even if the nine-tails was the biggest Tsunedere he'd ever met.

"I AM NOT A TSUNDERE!" Said big orange tsundere snarled angrily in his mind.

"Suuuuuure Kurama-San." Naruto's grin told his friends enough about the conversation. "Anyway, do you guys feel watched as well?"

"Yeah, they started following us the moment we entered the village." Hinata nodded, subtly adjusting her glasses to make it clear how much she knew "Such a lack of trust, and after they broke the treaty while in wave." She made an exaggerated disappointed sound.

"Any word on the fallout of that?" Gaara looked at the senseis of the two teams, Samui and Karui intrigued as well after having heard about the situation. Omoi was probably too busy thinking up more and more dramatic and unlikely outcomes.

"When you lot get into the finals, A will come down to watch. The plan is for him and Sarutobi to discuss the matter then." Yugito told them, Naruto swelling with pride at how confident his sensei was that they'd make it through.

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE SHITS!" hearing the familiar banshee like screams of one Sakura Haruno, her screech in war having brought back 'war flashbacks' from childhood, he looked to see her chasing a group of three little kids, clearly intending to give them a beating.

"Come on." He sighed, cracking his head as he went to follow "Might as well save those kids from the harpy."

"We'll catch up to you later mom!" Hinata waved at their Sensei.

"Keep dad from doing anything stupid!" Gaara bowed to team B, who agreed while said team leader sulked pitifully. Rounding a corner, he saw Sakura now on the back foot as two of the kids trembled in fear, the lead academy student being held in the air by someone with a sand village headband, fist cocked back to punch the five-year-old in the face.

"Y-you're gonna regret this!" the kid growled, futilely thrashing in the older shinobi's grip.

"No, I really don't think I will." The Sand Shinobi, probably a puppet user given the package on his back, smirked eagerly "In fact, I think I'll be enjoying this."

"I didn't realize pedophiles were allowed in the Suna Corp." Naruto remarked as he walked into the alley, Hinata and Gaara at his side "Especially ones that pair that with a BDSM kink."

"I…what?!" the Suna shinobi turned to glare at Naruto while the teammates by his side just gaped.

"Wow, that's some shitty make up. Look, the village is hosting the Chuunin exams, not clown college." Hinata smirked, twirling a kunai on her finger while Gaara glared at two of the three Suna shinobi who, after a moment of confusion, suddenly paled drastically.

"Hello Tamari…Kankuro." Gaara scowled at them as Naruto and Hinata recognized the names of Gaara's old 'family', their somewhat playful mocking expressions hardening in an instant as Naruto let out his sword, the seal holding it one of the only one's Gaara and the other seal makers of Cloud had managed to design that could function with his Kekai Genkai.

"G-g-g-g-" the now named Temari took a step back, face pale, although Naruto wasn't sure if it was from shock or fear.

"Gaara." Sand rose ominously from Gaara's gourd, moving and coiling like a serpent, "Gaara Kikanbo."

"Now, are you going to put the kid down." Naruto leveled the massive sword, holding it one handed as he pointed it at 'Kankuro's' face "Or are my brother and I going to have to get angry."

"Ahem." Hinata coughed pointedly.

"Apologies, or are me, my brother, and my amazing girlfriend going to have to get angry." Naruto amended as Hinata nodded pleased.

"…Tch, whatever." Kankuro tried to act tough even as Naruto could see him still shaking, dropping the kid to the ground before the Suna team left, the third member seemingly not understanding why the other two members were so scared but going along with it.

"Well, that happened." Naruto shook his head, resealing his sword while his team turned to go, not bothering to focus on the kids they saw were unhurt or the Banshee who was coming out of her shock.

"Hey, what do you think you bastards are doing here!?" oh great, the Banshee came out of it faster than he expected.

"If your ears worked, you'd have heard me mention the Chuunin exams." Naruto rolled his eyes.

"Maybe her screeching damaged her hearing." Hinata pointed out with mock innocent concern.

"Hopefully her screaming hasn't done the same to hear team. That would likely do horrible damage to their shinobi career." Gaara added as Sakura's eyes widened, likely at the thought of what it could do to her 'precious Uchiha', "And such a thing would be all her fault too. Such a shame."

"Shut up, shut up, shut up!" Sakura screamed again, the kids clutching their ears and taking the chance to make a run for it.

"So uncouth." Naruto shook his head, cleaning out his ear with a finger after the screaming "Come on guys, let's leave the harpy to her screeching. I feel like some barbeque."

"Ooooh, that does sound good." Hinata licked her lips, "Maybe grab some cinnamon buns or dango afterwards."

"Of course, Hinata-Hime." Naruto smiled at her, ignoring his brother mock gagging at their interactions. Hinata however just punched the redhead in his arm while they walked off laughing, leaving behind a panicking pinkette.


"So?" Kakashi leaned against the wall of Sarutobi's office, the old man observing the Cloud team that had been in wave using the crystal ball scrying technique.

"It's definitely him Kakashi." Sarutobi nodded, the trio on the orb leaving Sakura behind in the alleyway, "I am surprised he intervened to help my grandson."

"If I can give my personal opinion Sir?" Kakashi waited for a nod before straightening "I know some like Danzo are expecting Naruto, and by Proxy cloud, to be planning the destruction of leaf. 'Vengeance' for his childhood or 'The Kyuubi's will' or whatever. But personally, I don't think Naruto gives enough of a damn to bother."

"Doesn't give enough of a damn?" Sarutobi's tone made it clear that Kakashi had best elaborate on that and quick.

"I'm not saying he's happy with us, or forgave what happened when he was a kid by any means." Kakashi shook his head, having read the transcripts of what the interrogators had discovered from those academy teachers after he went missing. He didn't blame the kid for running honestly, "But from what I've seen and gathered through my contacts who have met him or heard about him down the grapevine he cares about Cloud too much, cares about the people in cloud too much, to try to destroy us. That would start a war and risk his friends lives for petty vengeance. Now, if we attacked cloud first or did something else major to his village then I don't think he'd bat an eye at watching Konoha burn to the ground. But for now, all we are to him is an annoying memory, one he doesn't care about all that much."

"Hmmm." Sarutobi steepled his fingers, "I'll keep this observation in mind. For now, I assume you've been trying to force some restraint into your team's heads after the council meeting." Kakashi frowned at that, remembering how the council had pushed and forced the issue, overruling him to put team 7 in the Chuunin exams despite his wishes.

"Done my best. I'm not sure if the push was for Danzo to get his spy in the exams to gather data or for Sasuke to 'show off'." Kakashi scoffed, knowing full well that Danzo still had ROOT going around. Hell, everyone did, the issue was that nobody could prove it as the old bastard was sneaky if nothing else.

"I suppose that's the best we can hope for." Sarutobi stood up "I'll go have a word with Ibiki. Hopefully he can get some information during tomorrow morning's test."