This is the result of my brain reacting to part of an answer on Quora. I forget what the question was, but part of the answer was something like "Steve could be King of Asgard". Originally, I was gonna post this story as part of my answer, but when I have to go to the bathroom and my iPad goes to sleep sometimes Safari closes and when it's reopened the page refreshes and I loose what I have, so I redid it in Notes. I found another question that asks "Since Captain America can lift Mjolnir, does that mean he rule Asgard like Thor told Tony Stark?" This can also be seen as an answer to that question. Just to let you know, this story will contain slash. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1: The Offer

Steve and Thor sat in lawn chairs on the dock after Tony's funeral. Steve was wearing his uniform from the battle; blue across his chest and down his arms, red gloves, white star on his chest, vertically alternating red and white stripes around his middle, blue pants, and red boots. He had short, blonde hair and blue-green eyes. Thor wore a black hoodie over a white shirt, dark blue jeans, and black and gray sneakers. He had long bright, blue eyes, long blonde hair in loose dreads and a medium bushy beard. Each held a beer in their right hands. Thor broke the silence.

"You've impressed me, my friend."

Steve took a swig of his beer. "How's that?"

Thor smiled and said, "You've fought well." He took a drink of the beer in his hand.

Steve looked down and smiled bashfully, "Thanks", and looked out over the lake, "but I always fight well, don't I? Is this about the hammer?"

Thor smiled and nodded, "Aye. I knew you could do it for years." There was a pause in which Steve takes a long swig of his beer, then Thor continues, "Which is why I choose you to be the next King of Asgard".


Steve did a spit take, "W-w-why me? There're must be tons of other eligible candidates for the job. I'm not even Asgardian! Besides, I thought you said Asgard was destroyed."

Thor sighed and said, "Steve, there's something I should tell you. The formation of the Avengers wasn't my first time in New York."

"Oh?" The question was met with a nod.

"Yes. I was here just over 100 years ago, before you were born," this earned a casual nod from Steve, "I wasn't always the man I am today. Back then I was what Tony would've called an 'Asgardian playboy '," Steve smiled and chuckled, "I was here with the Warriors Three; Hogun the Grim, Volstagg the Valiant, and Fandral the Dashing. They all perished during Ragnarok," Steve put a supportive hand on Thor's shoulder, which earned an appreciative smile. "As you can guess by his title, Fandral was worse than me," Thor said with a chuckle as Steve laughed. After a very, very brief pause, Thor continued, "My Friends had temporarily abandoned me in favor of their own interests; for Volstagg, it was food; for Fandral, it was women; as for Hogun, well, I never quite had him figured out. I'm not sure what his preferred pastime was. Anyway, a kind-hearted Irish woman named Sara took pity on me and showed me around. We grew close, and I cared for her very much. Had Father not called the Warriors and me back, and had he not had an aversion towards Midgardians, I daresay I might've married her. Months later, Heimdal notified me that she was growing and in a very happy relationship that I could not bring myself to disrupt. Some months later, there was a babe, fallowed by a wedding. I felt it best to stay away. When that relationship turned sour, I was unable to go to her to protect her. When they were both gone, child was grown. I didn't know how to approach him, and there was a terrible war on Midgard."

As Thor continued to tell his story, Steve began to realize the similarities between the story and his own life. The war…he thought. "Thor what was the sex of the child?" Steve slowly turned his head toward the Thunder God.

"It was a boy."

Steve gave a shaky gasp. Now, he understood. The child in the story was him. He wasn't mad at Thor for his absence, so he said, "Not to sound bitter, but I'm glad you weren't there," Thor hummed questioningly, "because I wouldn't have gone through the Super Soldier experiment," he gave Thor smile, "Thor, I wasn't born in Asgard. I don't know the laws, the culture of Asgard. What makes you think I'd be a good King?"

Thor smiled and looked Steve in the eyes. "You are exactly the kind of King Asgard needs. You are brave, a good man who will always do what is right, and a born leader. There is no doubt in my mind that you would be a steadfast and true King. And, you have my blessing. Asgard is gone, yes, but it lives on. Asgard is not a place; it's a people."

Steve was gobsmacked. There were so many thoughts racing through his head, all he could say was "I'll think about it."

Thor chuckled and clasped him on the shoulder, "I understand, my friend. This is a very big decision."

With a nod, Steve walked away without another word toward the cabin to grab another beer for Bucky. They had a lot to talk about.

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