When I think my life end with death yet now I staring at wide blue sky, a lot of children playing together. They're so pure, innocent, still not tainted by cruelty of this world. Why am I given a second chance? I who died by taking my own live because can't endure the cruelty of the world, the society, being ignored, dumped, and 'punished'

Sitting below the tree wacthing them playing, I feel hurt...its hurt to continue this, why? why? why me? what's my reason be given this chance? can someone tell me? I don't know where is this, how I expect to know if I don't know what is my reason here?

Until I met him, sitting alone in there nobody cares about him, his eyes wanted to join them but he's look afraid. Something snapped at me, his look...brown defying gravity hair with big brown-amber eye. Now I understand where am I,

Katekyo Hitman Reborn

I keep wacthing him, I thinking if I help him, if I reach his hand will I find my reason in here? be given a chance in here. Let's try it, let's try be with him..if I still can't find it

I will end it again