"(...)" Kuro gesture

"(...)" Kuro silent talk

"..." normal talk


After Kuro leave, Tsuna suddenly fell and it makes both of I and Hayato jolted and rush toward him

"Are you okay, Tsuna"


Tsuna still have a grim expression when suddenly he burst out crying

"Why...why can't he tell me? is it hard to talk? Why...*hic*...I just want to help...he always helps me...he...*hic*...he understands me, he knows when I need help yet why am I can't understand him? Why I can't help him?...*hic*...why?"

I can't rebuke it since I have the same thought as Tsuna, it makes me really hopeless. I...I want to get stronger, I want to become worth for him so he can tell me what's burdening him, I tell Tsuna my thought. I hold both of his hand and he curiously stares at me

"Tsuna...I...I too have the same thought as you. Let's get stronger, and become worth for him so he told us"



"C-can we do it? can we become worth for him?"

"Of course"

The kid suddenly pop-out from nowhere like always


"That's why I'm here, I will make you a worthy boss"

"What I want is to become worth for him as a friend not as a boss!"

"Oy Dame-Tsuna you still don't understand, in Mafia... boss is everything, the family is everything, Kuro already becomes part of your family and that's mean if you can become a worthy boss and family, he will trust you more and It's not too long for him to tell his secret. In Mafia, family mean everything after all"

"I see..., I understand. Reborn please teach me how to become a worth family for Kuro, no...not just Kuro but for everyone too"

"Then I too should join, you won't mind right?"


"Me too...as Tsuna right-hand man I'll join too"

"Hayato... Thank you guys"

I'm glad Tsuna smile returned


Hmm... looks like I'm in debt with Kuro, he makes my job easier than I think. But...when I take a look at information regarding him, it's really worse...the suicide attempt he tries it's quite worrisome. I must keep this a secret from his friend or else it will make things become worse.

"Since you already fixed your mind, prepare for your 'lesson' later"


"Hahahaha, it's not like it will be hard right?"




"...You're really an idiot, huh?"

"Huh? what do you mean Hayato? and Tsuna why are you look so pale?"

"You understand later"

I leave them alone and now go to Kuro. I found him pick up his bag at the classroom



"Who are you really?"

"Normal human"

"That's not what I meant" I put out my gun

"Oh...you want to kill me?" he smirks

"If you an enemy"



"Pffft, hahahaha Oh my...I didn't know The Strongest Hitman have interest in me, I thought you the best at gathering information"

"How did you know?"

"How did I know?" he playfully tilts his head


When I pull the warning shot he just smiling. I don't like this, he's dangerous yet I know he will make a perfect addition in Tsuna Family. It's irritating

"Hee ~, I thought you will shot me for real. What disappointing"

"From the information I got, this is not the first or second time you try to commit suicide, I just want to ask, Why are you want to die so badly?"


He just keeps silent and smiling yet different from before it's a sad smile full of grievance and suffers. He picks his bag and leaves, he stopped at the door backing me

"There's no meaning to continue a life of suffering"


What is the meaning of that? from the information, I get he has a pretty normal family except for his father's job since I know him well, and he has a normal friend...but his behaviors are unusual after all. Why he's saying something like that? is there some accident that makes him like that? but...Tsuna told me he already been like that ever since his a kid

Tch..looks like I need to find more about him. Just you wait for it Miyuzaki Kuro, I find every secret you have


How long has it been since I meet him?


Tch... they're sure full of themselves, how dare they disturbing the piece, walking at the place there's no one at the park I see a boy hanging upside down at the tree...




I use my tonfa to cut the rope and the boy fell down with his head first, when people feeling hurt they will unconsciously utter a word yet this boy just keep silent but even this boy has a blank face I can see he quite dissatisfied

"Herbivore, what are you displeased about?"


Somehow I can understand what is he say

"Hm?" I raise my eyebrow

"(You interfering with my suicide)"




"I heard if the blood flows too much to the head, it can make your high blood pressure. And with high blood pressure that will make your heart beating to fast and you die...or that what's I know about"

Hearing this boy try to attempt suicide in my territory my mouth twitched and my grip at my tonfa tightened.

"For trying to attempt suicide in here, I bite you to death!"

I rush toward this boy try to hit him, alas it failed because he dodges it and when I try to hit again he just avoids it, again and again, he's just like a rabbit and it makes me irritated but...I feel excited because there's someone who can dodge my attack. I can't help but smirk



"What's your name?"

"Miyuzaki Kuro"

"Little animal...fight me!"


He then runs away and I chase him, he then turns to the section, when I run toward the section he's already gone. Tch...he's good at running away, but I will find him. After that I sometimes meet him and somehow a strange and irritating meeting, there's a time a meet him floating at the river, and when I hicking I found him hanging in the middle of the cliff, and again at the park he tries to hang himself with rope and there's time when I walk at the middle of night, I'm seeing him sitting alone at the swing.

His eyes filled with despair and loneliness. He just looking up at the night sky even I didn't see his cry but I know he is crying

And then he notices my presence and look toward me, he put a rarely small smile and then leaving, I just merely watching him walking away, somehow I can see he enduring something big, something restraining him...but I don't care because it's his problem, if he can't handle his own problem that means he is weak and I hate a weak herbivore, but if it's him...I'm looking forward to the future

End Flashback


Ever since that, things getting change for a little. I together with Takeshi and Hayato got trained under Reborn tutelage, and it's getting more crazy like meeting Haru, Lambo appearance, Reborn throw us to the death mountain and lots of it. About Kuro, we rarely play together now thanks to hellish training from Reborn. We only have time together when we have homework or project together.

Ever since that too, Kuro just letting the incident past, but for us it's still lingering in our memory, at least all of us promise to get stronger together for him to be accepted and be worth for him, so he can tell us everything.


"What is it Dame-Tsuna?"

"Are you sure with this I can be worth it for Kuro?"

"Are you doubting my method?"

There's a dark air coming from Reborn and I have a bad feeling, my instinct says I must run right now

"N-no, o-of course not"

"I see...now answer this question"





Damn Reborn, how the hell this kind of method makes me stronger? I feel like he engraving a trauma for me.


Looks like Tsuna, Takeshi, and Hayato changed, I feel they became stronger, and Tsuna now became calmer and matured a bit. Walking at the road after school, I see a child in front of me and I know is this boy

"Miyuzaki Kuro, rank 1 in most feared person for his ruthlessness and intelligent in Mafia, rank 2 in intelligent in Namimori Middle School, rank 1 in person who has a high suicide tendency in Namimori, rank 5 in most-searched person in Mafia, rank 10 in strongest person in Namimori Middle School"

And then he pulls out a big book from his pocket? and writing something in there


"Ah, I'm sorry...my name is Fuuta de la Stella. I'm searching for Tsuna-nii, can you help me?"


"Thank you!"

Walking our way to Tsuna's house, Fuuta talks a lot of things, like his favorite and dislike. Reaching Tsuna front door, I push the bell and the door opened by Nana-san

"Oh my, is it Kuro-kun?. now you rarely visit, what's the matter?"

"(point at Fuuta)"

"Who is this child?"

"(He searching for Tsuna)"

"Tsu-kun?, but Tsu-kun still not come back yet, how about you guys go to Tsu-kun rooms first, I will prepare a snack"

I and Fuuta take a look at each other and we coming inside the house and go to the Tsuna room. It's not too long we inside Tsuna room, Nana-san come with tea and snack

"Sorry for waiting too long, here's the tea and snack~"

"Thank you"


"No problem, just wait a little more, Tsu-kun will back around this time"


We enjoyed our tea and snack, I can see Fuuta sometime take a glance at me. And then we hearing Tsuna greeting at below and come here, he quite shocked when he sees us

"Huh!? K-Kuro? why are you here?"

"(point at Fuuta)"

"Hm? E-ehhhhh!?. you're the kid I saw during P.E and suddenly got chased by a lot of men, w-wait...what are you doing here?"

"They were Mafia"

"Huh!? Mafia!, why are they chasing you?"

Somehow Tsuna regain his calm

"He was chased because of his ability" Reborn answer

"What ability?"

"Fuuta is an informant, who can make incredibly accurate rankings. Because of his 100% accurate ranking, he's being targeted by Mafia. What do you think if someone exploits Fuuta's ranking book? you can grasp all of the weakness or strength of a person and can make it as a benefit"

"N-no way...so you mean Fuuta-kun always in running?"


"Tsuna-nii, please save me..."

"W-why me?"

"Because Tsuna-nii rank 1 in inability turn down the request and lack of ambition among all bosses"

"(That's quite pathetic of you Tsuna)"

"I don't want to hear that from you, Kuro"

RebornWacthing Tsuna right now I see he making a lot of progress, taking a glance at Kuro I can't help be thankful to him since he the one who triggering Tsuna to become stronger. Not noticed by them, Kuro leaving the room and at the outside Kuro being stopped by Mafiosos.

"Dame-Tsuna looks like they're catch up with us"


Tsuna and Fuuta take a look toward the window, and Tsuna shocked when he see Kuro at the outside being confronted by mafiosos

"K-Kuro!? what is he doing in there!?"

"They're Todd Family"

"Todd Family?"

"Uhm! Todd Family is ranked 7 for bloodlust out of all Mafia Famiglia"

"What!, Oh no Kuro is in danger"

"I don't think so, Dame-Tsuna...take a look"


Watching Kuro confronting the mafiosos from the window, my curiosity at its peak. Now...what will Kuro do?

"Oy, where's is Fuuta de la Stella!?"

"Oy, kid. Can't you hear my boss talk to you!?"

One of them called Paolo to pull out the gun and point it at Kuro's forehead, normal people will be terrified and waver and yet Kuro calmly watch his opponent, and suddenly I can feel something from Kuro.

This feeling...this is...I can sense a bloodlust from Kuro, his face turned dark, his eye became darkened. The mafioso feel the same thing terrified by it, they are frozen at a place like they can't escape. The gun that pointed at Kuro forehead fell

"Go, don't come back"

Kuro's voice filled with coldness and intimidating, all of the mafiosos run from the place. Tsuna run toward the front door followed by me and Fuuta


"What the hell are you doing!?, don't you think that is dangerous what if they really shot you!?. You will absolutely die!"

Kuro just smiled at Tsuna statement

"So let it be..."

"What do you mean!?"

Kuro just leaving Tsuna not answering his answer, the air around Tsuna changed, his eye became orange-amber and his demeanor became calmer but I know he is angry. He holds Kuro wrist and brings him back to his room, reaching Tsuna's room, Tsuna closed the door.

"This is the first time my exceeding my expectations"

"You mean Dame-Tsuna?"

"Actually, Tsuna-nii is rank 1 for the most cowardly person at Namimori"

"I see..."

Third P.O.V

Inside Tsuna's room, Kuro who still being held by Tsuna just smirks amused by this turn of event. Tsuna know Kuro smile it's not what it means

"What are you laughing at?"

Kuro chuckled because it's interesting

"Hehehehe, it's just interesting Tsuna"

"So you mean by having a gun at your forehead it's amusing? what if that mafiosos accidentally pull the shot!?"


"Kuro, you're getting more changes"

"I'm not changed Tsuna, I'm still me. I just amused by how are you today, you became different,.well... I'm glad"

"You didn't mean it"

"It's true, why are doubting me?"

"Well somehow I know the reason you want to change, even Takeshi learn kendo with his father and Hayato keep modifying his 'firework'"

"H-how did you know Takeshi learn kendo?"

"It's secret~"

"It's not fun if I spilled everything"

Tsuna can see Kuro having fun teasing him and Tsuna can't hold anymore his frustration

"Am I still not worth for you?"

Kuro demeanor turns calm, he facing Tsuna who almost crying but still holding it


"Don't you waste your time with such a human being like me. I'm not worthy of it, just let me be..."

Tsuna is quite shocked by his friend and speechless for what his friend saying. He had a lot of questions about his mind but before he talks about it, Kuro leaves Tsuna not even take a glance at him. Tsuna just stand still and his grip tightened and there's blood at his hand