Ok so here's a challenge for you dragon ball z fans this is a dragon ball z and ed, edd n eddy crossover challenge.

Ok here's the idea

What if Goku Black was traveling to different dimensions to train and destroy them and in the world of Ed edd and eddy he destroyed this world but the kanker sisters were saved by a strange portal opened up and sends them into the world of dragon ball z where they meet a shy Oc character who finds them and takes them in and the kanker sisters falls madly in love with him and becomes his lovers and brides and and he is 17 years old and is friends with Goku and the others and joins them in there many adventures and battles along with his lovers the kanker sisters ok and the shy Oc must help train the kanker sisters to become warriors like the z fighters. This will follow dragon ball z to dragon ball super with any twist and tweaks you want to add ok. Oh and you can choose the shy Oc to be ether human or saiyan or neko ok.

If you choose neko he will learn potential unleashed just like Gohan when he face against majin buu

If you choose human he will learn kaioken and ultra instinct ok

If you choose saiyan he will learn super saiyan 1,2,3 and 4 ok