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Robin had some sort of diary in her hand. It had a bluish cover with some seagulls painted on the cover. At first glance it could be deducted that the original owner must have really liked the sea.

Luffy was delighted "Thank U Robin. But Robin~ How will it help us to find that person"

Nami a little suspicious about the situation asked robin where and how she had found it.

Robin."In the storage where all the useless books lied I found an unusual book. It was unusual as it didn't have dusts covering it unlike others. So I got interested and read the first page. It seemed to be a diary of a person but the name of that person seemed to have been removed purposely and only the words.."

Robin was interrupted by Luffy as he grew impatient by every passing second.

"Let's just read it. We decide everything after reading!"


Mom and Dad were fighting once again. Even after they had promised not to.


The Marines came once again to ask for protection fee when all they did was run away when the town's people most needed.

WHY DO PEOPLE WEAR MASKS (ahem *not because of COVID-19)

Brother said he was gonna become the greatest Pirate ever. But why did he in the end left me and went to the heavens faster than dad.


Why did sister said it was okay when it was obviously not. Why did she have to leave us





The first page ended

Everyone heaved a little sigh. They just could feel the inner madness of the owner after reading the first page,

Nami sighed a little bit "This diary's owner must have some kind of grudge towards Ussop."

Ussop was also unsettled a bit after reading the first page

"HEY! Im not a liar." But Ussop wanted to deny that he was liar.


Luffy was cut by Zoro who was silent previously ,"Dont waste time on these stupids. Continue on reading the next page" (Not literally cut)


Father was arrested the day before after he had killed Mother. Before he was taken away he patted my head after what seemed many years.

He said for me to live happily and smile always and unlike him don't place my happiness in one basket. After all if that basket breaks all his happiness will *fwoooooosh away.

But do the marines really have the right to arrest Father after all that has happened. Mother was unfaithful and had to be punished.

Because Father was the sole breadwinner of the family before he was arrested, now I'm left to fend for myself. Everyone has left me. Maybe this must be because of me. The neighborhood kids must be true that I'm a curse. I'm a curse that brings bad luck to everyone near didn't deserved that. I wanna make amendsbut….


The Uncle from the restaurant who was also my father's sole friend in the village said that I should become stronger. He said that only strong people have the so called luxury to enjoy their rights.

I need to become stronger. More than anyone so that I can….

So that I can smile like father said. So that I can become happy. So that I can choose my own destiny


The page ended.

Ussopp sighed "The more I read the more depressive I feel. Even horohoro onna couldn't make me feel this depressive"

Luffy patted(smacked) Ussopp in the back.

"Shishishi I really want this person to become my crewmate. He is really interesting"

"Continue reading robin. Just ignore these fools."

As Robin turned the other page she found that it seems to be torn and only the word

STRONGER… seemed to be left.

She felt a bit regretful. Even though the age of the owner was unknown their writing seemed to be really smooth befitting of their….

"Luffy I think this diary's owner might've been our ship's writer or something related to writing. I just cant remember the exact job"

"Robin now that you've mentioned it I too feel a bit that they must've been one of our crewmate" Ussop

"Now there's even more reason to find them. Let's get them back everyone!" Luffy's spirit was once again raised. Even the depressive word didn't bother him anymore.

"Robin, Let's jump two pages or three. By their words one can obviously guess that they must gonna be training hard."Nami felt that they should go a bit faster. She just had her navigator's intuition ticking in currently.

"As your wish~"


The fruit tasted like garbage. Even brushing twice didn't help me. The rumors said that it tasted like garbage but it's even worse than that. But at least it grants me powers.

The bounty today was a bit unsuccessful. I let one escape and two beaten to unrecognizable shape. I only got 98% of the total promised bounty but still it is a lot. I can eat for like 2 weeks without worrying. Huhuhu The feeling of clanging pouch of money is really satisfying. I wish I would never have to worry about money and live my life in luxury.

With today's money added, I have a total of 4 million beli. Now Im total of 1 million beli away from my dream house.The house is really fashionable, stylish and all but what caught my attention really was that it was located near the seaside. And there are only handful of houses nearby too. I wont have other listening my master plan too. Also if I really do fail in completing my dreams I would still have a place to comeback. After all...never mind.

I might have a problem cause with most of the pirates with bounties with over 400k already being hunted I think I might need to change my hunting spot. Let's go to the next island and see if there might be big fishes left. But Im worried that the fishers there might not welcome me (after all Im gonna sweep away all the fishes there. tehe~)

Joking aside the bounties that were published today were a bit of interesting after all a D was published in it. Monkey D Luffy, a man who defeated the fish with the highest bounty in the east blue. Marshall D Teach, Trafalgar D Water Law... Now and then the Ds seemed to be popping up as if they are some kind of tuna fish unlike the Sharks that they ought to be. But oh well~ Who am I to be complaining. It just means more beli for me huhuhu.

Monkey, Marshall and Trafalgar, I'll be waiting for all of you in the grand line. Hope you three aint gonna disappoint my expectation and build up some ability to resist. After all catching a dead fish with zero resistance and a lively fish with resistance have two different feeling of satisfaction.

The page ended

Ussop was the first one to wake up from that. "It just seems like the diary changed it's owner completely. Where was that depressive feeling a moment ago. I just wasted my time on reciting my *BECOME HAPPPY MANTRA.."

Luffy ignored Ussop"This guyate a devil fruit..AWESOME I WANT HIM.."

Nami resisted beating up these twos as she didn't waste one minute of her life for these twos.

"The real important part is that this guy knew about us before we reached grandline. He even knew about Teach and Trafalgar. Is it really as simple as this owner wrote... I don't really think so. This gut feeling tells me that the owner is hiding something important and it might be in that 3RD page. Let's try to find that page. Everyone search around the room"