The idea and the title came from Conejillo89! Please support this amazing author's works! This is the first chapter of Where Angels Fear to Tread. Please enjoy this story. Warning: NSFW Lemon in this chapter.

Sawatari was trying to talk to Seira, but the teenager seems more interested in her schoolwork. He huffed, but he knew that it wasn't really her fault. He hasn't really confessed to her yet. They were sitting in Sawatari's bedroom at his house. He didn't know why she was in there with him, but Sawatari had almost forgotten that he had asked Seira to come over.

As Sawatari glanced at the womanly figure that Seira had, he couldn't help himself as he bent down to get Seira's attention. When his eyes reached Seira's gaze, she was shocked by how interested he was in her face. A heavy blush rose to her cheeks as she looked away shyly and Sawatari couldn't help but smirk mischievously at the young girl in his bedroom.

Her blush became heavier when she noticed how mischievously Sawatari was looking at her. What is wrong with me? She thought, feeling her heart pounding. It was like she could tell that her heart was about to burst with how hard her heart was beating. With strong bravery and her curiosity peaked, she gazed up at Sawatari to see him smirking down at her still. Her face felt like a tomato and Sawatari was sure that Seira was looking like a fire hydrant, but he didn't mind. She is so beautiful. At this thought, Sawatari didn't know what provoked him to grab Seira's face and kiss her with such fierceness, but all he knew that she had kissed him back. He was surprised that Seira was kissing him back, but he didn't mind, instead he enjoyed it as he slipped his tongue into her mouth to explore her hot cavern. Seira simply let him do whatever he wanted in her mouth with his tongue. His tongue teased hers as she enjoyed the kiss.

Sawatari pulled back as he stared at the look in Seira's eyes. It was obvious to him that the kiss was her very first ever kiss. Sawatari had never felt so hungry to kiss Seira, but recently, he had been wanting her in every way, but he was patient enough to wait. He didn't want to force her after all, this was the first time she had been into his bedroom. Both of them were still in their school uniforms, but the heat was making Sawatari want to take his shirt, since he had gotten rid of his uniform jacket when he had walked through the door as he followed Seira from behind.

As he watched Seira stare at him with shock and innocence in her eyes, he couldn't help but to release a small growl of want and possessiveness. He placed his forehead on hers as he locked gazes with her. "Sorry." He spoke softly as if speaking louder would startle the girl. To him, Seira was a kitten that was full of innocence of the real world and he wanted to protect her from it, but he also wanted her to know about the dangers in the real world.

"It's fine." She responded as she couldn't meet his gaze. Sawatari gently pushed his forehead into hers. Seira couldn't help but smile at the young man. She had finally found the confidence to look up at Sawatari and she blushed once again. Sawatari had placed his hands on her shoulders and he moved his lips to hers once again. They both close their eyes to kiss once again.

For some reason, the kiss ended with Seira laying under him. Sawatari encased her hands in his to help her relax as he kissed her cheek. he kissed her neck and he released her hands to place his hands on her shirt and he looked at her, asking for permission. She mutely nodded out of pure instinct. Sawatari smiled as he took off Seira's school shirt. Her white bra appeared in front of him and he wondered why she even bothered. He didn't want to rip it, but he did want it off and Seira took off the bra that was obviously aggravating Sawatari. Sawatari went back to her neck to kiss as he growled as he started to suck on her neck. Seira whimpered from the obvious pain as Sawatari was sucking on her skin to give her a love mark. He wanted to give Seira a hickey and he wanted to show her a good time. When Sawatari removed his lips, there was a purple bruise on her neck, showing that he was successful in giving her a hickey.

Sawatari latched onto Seira's breasts with his teeth and hand and he was awarded with the sweet moans from the girl under him. She's so beautiful. She was made for me. He thought as he continued to bite and fondle her breasts. Sawatari lost his shirt in order to let Seira hold his bare back. Sawatari smiled down at Seira. "I don't mind if you scratch my back. This will hurt." Sawatari tells Seira after taking off her skirt and her pink panties. Sawatari unbuckled his pants and he pulled them off, leaving him in his green boxers. He slowly pulled down his boxers to show Seira the organ that will give her the most pleasure.

Seira was shocked at the member that was being shown to her. To erase her shock, Sawatari kissed her to relax her and to prepare her. Seira was very dumbfounded at how large his member was. Sawatari smiled at Seira and he crawled back on top of her. "Alright, darling, like I said before, this will hurt." He softly spoke to Seira as he rubbed lube on his penis. He knew to not go in Seira dry as he knew that it would only hurt her more.

When he was finished rubbing down his penis, he placed his member near Seira's core and her breath hitched when the hard member simply touched her folds. He kissed Seira as he pushed himself into her. In his mouth, Seira screamed as he managed to break her hymen in one hard thrust. "Ah!" She screamed in pain, but her scream was muffled by Sawatari's lips as he kissed her beforehand. Blood fell from Seira's thighs as he rested inside of her to let her get used to his size.

When Seira opened her eyes again, Sawatari saw the small tears in her purple eyes and he frowned. He kissed her tears away. "Are you okay?" Sawatari felt her hands on his back and he nodded at her and she rested both of her hands on his back. "Yes. Go ahead. You can move." Seira tells the young man. He smiled at her. I'm so proud of her. He thought as he started to move inside of her angel. The moment he started to thrust inside of her, Seira's hands did their magic and he could feel a sharp pain on the skin of his back, but he ignored it in favor to continue giving Seira and himself pleasure. As he thrust inside of the girl's tight core, he could see her eyes change from natural shyness to half-lidded eyes. This was her first time, alright. Her tightness is squeezing my dick. Sawatari thought as he started to pound Seira's core. The moment Sawatari removed his lips from Seira's, a scream from the girl erupted and it made Sawatari's member stiffened when he heard her scream his name. "Sawatari!" She called out his name like it was her lifeline and the moment his member had stiffened, the young man had released his load inside of the girl. They both moaned when this happened. Sawatari relaxed himself before he pulled out.

For some reason, Seira felt a gut-wrenching emotion in her stomach and she didn't know why. The sex was amazing! She felt tears run down her face. She covered her face as she cried for reasons unknown to her. Sawatari didn't know how to comfort her as it was her first time having sex and he had heard of other people reacting in the same way she was doing at the moment.