Chapter 1: A Wolf's Warning

(Demise's castle 1,000 years ago)

The Demon King, Demise was in his throne room, crafting what looked like a black Triforce out of his own dark power.

Demise- Hylia might have her golden power, the Triforce, but if she can create the Triforce, why can't I? I'm only ashamed I didn't think of this sooner. Would've saved me much time instead of all those failed attempts at claiming Hylia's only to be stopped by a warrior wielding her Master Sword. Soon now…the people of Hyrule will experience the Triforce in its negative form!

Suddenly, Demise's servant, Ghirahim, rushed into the throne room and was looked injured. Cuts and bruises were covering his body.

Ghirahim- Master, we have trouble!

Demise- By the look of things, you've failed to defeat Hylia's chosen champion and that enchanted sword.

Ghirahim- It's not just the swordsman, master! There were two other men who claimed to be from a distant land called the Mushroom Kingdom! It was three against one and I couldn't handle being ganged up on like that! To make matters even worse, one of the Lord of the Universe's sons is friends with those two strangers and they've been informed about your plan!

Demise- …(Grunts)…Well, this is troublesome news.

Suddenly, the sound of Demise's guards screaming could be heard from the throne room and it sounded like the door was being banged on. Eventually, the door was knocked off its arch and on the floor of the throne room. But what was strange was what was standing on the knocked over doors was a gray wolf.

Demise- Huh…? A wolf? What's a wolf doing here in my castle?

Ghirahim- Master…that is no wolf…

Then the wolf rose to its feet, revealing that it was actually a man wearing the pelt of a gray wolf.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- What does it look like? I'm here to huff, puff, and blow your place down!

Demise took notice that Ghirahim was taking a few steps backwards from this man dressed like a wolf.

Demise- So this is who Hylia gave the Master Sword to? To think, Ghirahim was bested by someone who dresses like an animal.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- I do more than dress like a wolf. I was raised like a wolf, I hunt like a wolf…

The swordsman in the wolf's pelt pulled out eight daggers and held them in each webbing of his hands. Then he pulled out the Master Sword and placed the handle sideways in his mouth.

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- And I fight like a wolf! (HOWL)

A few Moblins tried to attack the swordsman in the wolf's pelt from behind, but the swordsman in the wolf's pelt blocked the Moblin's spear with four of the daggers held in one of his hands. Then with quick reflexes, much faster than that of any human, the swordsman in the wolf's pelt struck down the Moblins that tried to attack him.

Demise- I'll admit, you are able to move with the speed and grace of an actual wolf. Ghirahim, get rid of him!

Ghirahim- Master, I'm still injured after that freak and those two mustached blimps ganged up on me!

Demise snapped his finger and Ghirahim was instantly healed.

Demise- Now you should have no excuse, Ghirahim. Like I ordered before, get rid of this man who thinks he's a wolf!

Ghirahim- As you wish, Master! I will not make you regret giving me this second chance!

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- Move it, Ghirahim! I'm here for Demise, not you!

Ghirahim- Sorry, dumbass! But my master has ordered me to kill you! And that's what I intend to do, Wolf!

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- I think you forgot I wasn't alone in that fight earlier…

Then the swordsman in the wolf's pelt dropped to the floor in a T position as a way of ducking under a massive red and green swirling fireball coming right at Ghirahim. Ghirahim created a magic barrier to block the fireball, but he saw the swordsman in the wolf's pelt rushing right passed him. He was running on all fours like a wolf, but he was also running at the speed of a wolf and heading straight for Demise. Ghirahim tried to attack the swordsman in the wolf's pelt, but he noticed a fist coming at him from behind. Ghirahim managed to dodge and saw a man who looked like Fire Mario and a man who looked like Fire Luigi standing behind him.

Ghirahim- You two again?!

Man who looked like Fire Mario- Wolf, Loewy and I will handle Ghirahim! Don't worry about us!

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt (slightly muffled with the Master Sword in his mouth)- Thanks, Marco! You're all mine now, Demise!

Demise- So be it, you retarded animal! I can't wait to see the look on Hylia's face when I show her your severed head! And I will finally conquer Hyrule with my Negative Triforce!

Then the Master Sword and Demise's sword clashed and a bright light was admitted from both swords when they touched.

(Link's house 1,000 years later)

Link quickly sat up after waking up from a dream he was having. Link put his hands on his kneecaps (despite his lower half was still under the blanket of his bed) and began breathing heavy, like he was trying to calm himself down. There were also beats of sweat dripping from his face.

Link- What the hell was that?! I keep having that same dream where I'm a man dressed in a wolf's pelt fighting Demise…

Link calmed down a bit and got out of his bed.

Link- Maybe some Lon Lon Milk will help me get some sleep.

After Link left his bedroom, the Master Sword (despite being sheathed) admitted a bright glow for a moment or too. And there was a sound coming from the Master Sword that almost sounded like the howl of a wolf. But the Master Sword stops this before Link returns to his room.

(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Vaati, Zero, and Pyrrhon were standing in the foyer of Tabuu's palace.

Vaati- I do like the fact that Master Tabuu said I can keep the Negative Triforce as my reward for this mission, but why is he making me take this mute eyeball with me as my backup?

Pyrrhon- Vaati, don't you also turn into a giant eyeball?

Vaati- True, but that form isn't as creepy as Zero's angelic form. And the fact he never talks and occasionally weeps a tear of blood only adds to his unsettling presence.

Zero slowly moves his eye to looks at Vaati.

Pyrrhon- Relax, Master Tabuu said you're in charge while you and Zero are in Lorule looking for the pieces of the Negative Triforce one of the Master Sword's previous wielders hid there.

Vaati- Lorule…?

Pyrrhon- That's right. You people of Hyrule aren't familiar with the story of Lorule.

Vaati- I'm from the Minish world, not Hyrule.

Pyrrhon- Anyway, Lorule is actually what everyone is Hyrule refers to as the Dark World. It was once a beautiful place until their version of the Triforce was destroyed. The land slowly fell into decay and eventually turned into the wasteland we all know today.

Fawful- You seem very well informed, Pyrrhon…

Pyrrhon quickly looked behind him and saw Fawful with an unusual look on his face.

Pyrrhon- Well…I spend a lot of time on Divinipedia.

Fawful- Divinipedia you say…is that what Pyrrhon do all day on laptop?

Pyrrhon- Uhh…you could say that. Would you like me to send you a link, Fawful?

Fawful- Maybe later. Right now, Master Tabuu ask Fawful to see Vaati and Zero out.

Fawful's headgear creates a massive portal for Vaati and Zero to go through.

Vaati- Alright Zero, let's get this over with as soon as possible.

Zero nodded his head and followed Vaati through the portal before it closed.

Pyrrhon- Well…I'm out of here!

Fawful- Really? Why Pyrrhon leaving so soon?

Pyrrhon- Well…I think I'd like to look up a few more things on Divinipedia in case Master Tabuu need me for whatever mission he wants his followers to do for him next! Catch you later, Fawful!

As Pyrrhon leaves, Fawful continues to look at Pyrrhon in an unusual way.

Fawful- Oh yes…Fawful catch Pyrrhon later. Right now, Fawful should look things up as well while Fawful has free time…hehehehe…I have fury!