Chapter 7: The Strength of the Wolf

Dark Vaati- Well, I see you've managed to defeat Zero. Guess Master Tabuu should have to correct that weakness of Zero's. But I don't think I'll be needing Zero's help anymore. As you can see, Zero kept you distracted long enough for me to reconstruct the Negative Triforce. I can feel Demise's dark powers flowing through my vanes! Such power! Such a shame Wolf and Hylia couldn't destroy this version of the Triforce Demise created. Now it's my turn to play!

Link- You're saying that you've put the pieces of the Negative Triforce together that quickly?!

Vaati- I am a master of the dark arts. Maybe not as good as Ganondorf, but I do know how to work with magic items better than most. I did study under the Minish Elder, Ezlo, during my youth.

Aryll- Minish?

Vivian- Guess you don't know that much about Vaati. He was a Minish that lived with their elder, Ezlo, and studied under Ezlo as his apprentice. Until Vaati stole a magic cap that Ezlo created that grants the wishes of the one who wears it. And Vaati used it to become the Wind Mage that tried to attack Hyrule.

Dark Vaati- And I would've gotten the Light Force like I wanted if Link hadn't butted in and chopped my head off!

Link- Maybe I should do it again, Vaati! And let's see if Tabuu will reattach it a second time!

Link charged the Master Sword to pull power and tried to hit Dark Vaati with a Triforce Cut. However, Dark Vaati stopped the Triforce Cut by using his finger to stop the Master Sword.

Link- What the…?!

Dark Vaati- I'm actually impressed too. Ordinarally, the Master Sword's Triforce Cut would burn like hell to my normal dark magic. But with the Negative Triforce, you toy feels nothing more than a mosquito bite. You'll need more than just Hylia's sacred blade this time!

Dark Vaati then pushed Link away from him and knocks him to the ground.

Dark Vaati- With this power, I'm as strong as the demon king himself! This darker version of the Triforce was created by his magic after all. But I'm curious as to what else I can now do. What do you say we find out?

Dark Vaati pointed at Link with his finger and fired a dark beam from it. But before the spell could hit Link, Aryll suddenly appeared in front of Link and used Nayru's Love to block Dark Vaati's attack.

Link- Aryll…?

Aryll- You might want to hurry up on getting back up! I'm barely able to keep this energy at bay!

The Nayru's Love was starting to crack. But Skull Kid was behind Dark Vaati as he made a miniature version of the moon from Majora's mask appear and tried to have it drop on Dark Vaati. However, Dark Vaati caught the miniature version of the faced moon with his free hand without looking behind him.

Dark Vaati- That trick might've been a threat in Majora's Mask, but you really need to learn better tricks, Skull Kid.

Then Dark Vaati shattered the miniature faced moon in his grip.

Skull Kid- But…Kyrin showed me how to do with since Majora was the one who wanted to make the actual moon fall on Termina.

Dark Vaati- Now that I think of it, why would Majora want to drop the moon on a country if it would risk killing him too? But let's just get back to killing all of you!

Then these small black orbs with eyes on them, used in Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap, appeared around Dark Vaati and they fired a few small laser beams at Skull Kid. Skull Kid was barely able to dodge them, but when one was about to hit him, Vivian quickly grab Skull Kid and pull them both into the shadows in the ground.

Dark Vaati- That ****ing trick isn't going to save you this time!

Dark Vaait's hands turned into large blades and drove them through a shadow in the ground. Suddenly, a scream could be heard before Vivian and Skull Kid were lunged out of the shadows in the ground. Vivian also looked like her left arm was cut into.

Vivian- That's impossible! How could you…

Dark Vaati- I can see all darkness that's weaker than Demise's darkness. Even the frail magic of a Shadow Siren!

Dark Vaati quickly turned around and blocked Link's Master Sword with his two blade hands.

Dark Vaait- You just don't know when you've been outclassed, Link!

Link- Me and my friends have beaten Tabuu! I can take you down too!

The Master Sword began glowing, indicating Link was using the Triforce Cut again. This did cause Dark Vaati to feel the burn from the Master Sword's power. This caused Dark Vaati to flinch back a bit. Dark Vaati's hands returned to normal, but he quickly noticed Link charging at him and dodged. But Link managed to get a good look at Dark Vaati and noticed something was off about him.

Link- Aryll, Vivian, Skull Kid, there's no crest of Vaati's hand!

Aryll- Link, what does that have to do with…

Link shows Aryll the crest of the Triforce of Courage on the back of his left hand.

Link- Me, Zelda, and Ganondorf each have one of these crests on our hands because the three pieces of Hylia's Triforce in our bodies. When Nazo assimilated Ganondorf's Triforce of Power to his body, Nazo bore Ganondorf's crest. But I see nothing of Vaati. That must mean the Negative Triforce isn't inside of him.

Then Link turned to look back at the top of the pyramid and saw the Negative Triforce floating above the top.

Link- The Negative Triforce is still atop the pyramid.

Aryll- If we can destroy that…

Vivian- We could return Vaati back to his normal self.

Link- In those dreams I've been having…Wolf shattered the Negative Triforce with the Master Sword. I should be able to do it too!

Link began running up the stairs of the pyramid, but Dark Vaati teleported and cut him off halfway up.

Dark Vaati- You honestly think I'm dumb enough to let you go near the Negative Triforce with the Master Sword? Think again!

Dark Vaati turned his hands into blades again and swung them at Link. Link blocked with the Master Sword and his Hylian shield. But little did Dark Vaati realize, Vivian's shadow had already gotten her shadow underneath him and managed to grab him and pull Dark Vaati in.

Vivian- Hurry, Link! I don't know how long I can hold him!

Link continued to try and rush to the Negative Triforce at the top of the pyramid. But it wasn't long before Dark Vaati pulled himself out of Vivian's shadow and knocked her down the pyramid stairs in the process. Dark Vaati continued to try and get to Link before he got to the Negative Triforce, but a bunch of puppets suddenly appeared in front of Dark Vaati to block his path.

Dark Vaati- Like I told you before, Skull Kid, you need to learn new tricks!

Skull Kid was standing behind Dark Vaati holding his horn to call those puppets to try and attack Dark Vaati. However, it wasn't long before Dark Vaati smashed all of Skull Kid's puppets. Then Dark Vaati punches Skull Kid in the face and knocked him out.

Dark Vaati- ****ing little forest imp!

Dark Vaati was about to return his attention to Link when a rope of magic energy was lassoed around Dark Vaati's torso. Dark Vaati turned around and saw Aryll using Hylia's magic to create the magic rope.

Dark Vaati- First Link gets in my way and now his younger sister pesters me too. Buzz off, sweetie!

Dark Vaati summoned a few of those black orbs with eyes coming out of them appeared behind Dark Vaati and they shot a few magic beams at Aryll, knocking her out as well. Dark Vaati looked and saw Link very close to the Negative Triforce, about to strike it with the Triforce Cut. Dark Vaati was about to attack Link, but he stepped in another looming shadow and something reached out a grabbed hold of him.

Dark Vaati- Vivian again? I thought I…

But when Dark Vaati looked down, he saw Vivian still knocked out at the bottom of the pyramid. When Dark Vaati looked down, he was a shadow that resembles a wolf's head reaching out of the shadow grabbing Dark Vaati's leg. It looked very much like the female wolf that the swordsman from Link's dream called his mother. Then another shadow form of a wolf's head reached out and grabbed Dark Vaati's other leg. This one looked like the male wolf that the swordsman from Link's dream called his father.

Dark Vaati- What the?! Wolves?! Where did these come from?!

Suddenly, the wolf heads pulled Dark Vaati into the shadow.

(In a black limbo)

Dark Vaati fell into this strange place with darkness in all directions. Dark Vaati saw the shadow form of the two wolves who dragged him down into this place.

Dark Vaati- You think I'm afraid of a bunch of wolves?! I'm using Demise's power! I'm strong enough to crush even Link!

Suddenly, Dark Vaati sees a shadowy figure of a man standing behind the two wolves. This man was covered in shadows, but it was clear that he was wearing the pelt of a wolf over his body.

Dark Vaati- Who the hell are you?

Swordsman in a wolf's pelt- (Growl)

Then Dark Vaati looked and saw what appeared to be four daggers placed in each webbing of the swordsman's left hand.

(Back to the pyramid in Lorule)

Dark Vaati was launched out of the shadow like a cannonball, but he crashed somewhere close to the top. Dark Vaati had a nasty looking wound now on his chest that looked as if the claw of a wolf had sliced through his torso.

Dark Vaati- Wha…what the hell was that…was that…the Wolf…No! It couldn't be…Tabuu said…he died 1,000 years ago…with the rest…of the original team…

To make things worse for Dark Vaati, he turned to look at the top of the pyramid only to see that Link had already reached the Negative Triforce. It took some forcing, but Link managed to push the Master Sword through the Negative Triforce's magic barrier and pierce it. Causing the Negative Triforce to crack and shatter before causing an explosion at the top of the pyramid.

(Link's dream)

Link opened his eyes, or so he thought, and saw nothing but what looked like outer space everywhere he looked. Stars and galaxies as far as the eye could see. But before Link could wonder where he was, he saw a swordsman in a wolf's pelt standing in front of him.

Link- Huh…? Who are…

Swordsman in the wolf's pelt- (HOWL)

Despite the fact he was not really a wolf, he did a very good impersonation of a wolf's howl. But as soon as he finished howling, his body burst into many lights before vanishing.

(Back at the pyramid in Lorule)

Link began waking up for real and he saw Aryll, Skull Kid, Vivian…and Kyrin standing above him. Kyrin was holding an empty bottle like you'd see in a Zelda game.

Link- Huh…Kyrin…?

Kyrin- I wouldn't try and move too much, Link. The fairy in a bottle I used only revived you. Not heal all of your injuries.

Link- Wait…where's Vaati?

Then Link turned his head and saw Dark Vaati lying in a crater in the pyramid before he changed back to regular Vaati.

Vaati- Damn you…Link…

Then a dark vortex opened up and sucked Vaati back to Subspace. Aryll and Skull Kid helped Link rise to his feet, but they found a videophone lying on the ground.

Link- Please tell me that's not what I think it is!

Kyrin- Afraid so.

Aryll- What's so upsetting about a videophone?

Kyrin- This is the same brand of videophone my brother uses. I guess we should see what Tabuu wants.

Kyrin pushes the button and Tabuu appeared on screen.

Tabuu- Kyrin? To be honest, I was expecting Link to pick up, not my older brother.

Link- What the…Tabuu's body…it looks…

Tabuu- Oh? You noticed the changes, Link? Well, I discovered a few pieces of myself hidden in different locations. Demise's Negative Triforce being one of them. And I've trying to put the pieces back together again.

Then Tabuu appeared to be holding what looked like a black spirit of some kind.

Tabuu- And speaking of which, it's time to put this piece back in…

Then Tabuu absorbed the black spirit and Tabuu's head suddenly grew long flowing white hair. Link was confused at first, but Kyrin grew wide eyed at the sight of this.

Tabuu- Much better. I've now regained 90% of my full power. And I've got my hair back too as an added bonus.

Link- Wait! 90%?!

Tabuu- That's right. I've figured out the reason why I could only reach 80%. Hear that, Kyrin? I've retrieved half of my power that your retarded friend, Marco, managed to snatch from me all those years ago!

Kyrin- That's why you called, to gloat?

Tabuu- You could say that, Kyrin. But here's something for you. Fawful has recently informed me that one of my followers has taken up a certain interest that could potentially interfere with some of my plans. And I'm going to have a…word with him right after this call…hehehe…But I'm sure you'll find out soon since the season 5 halfway story is the next story after this one. Until then, take care and give my regards to the Mario Brothers.

Then Tabuu hangs up and the videophone falls apart.

(Back at Link's house in Hyrule)

Link and Kyrin were standing outside of Link's house.

Link- Thanks for getting me and Aryll back to Hyrule. Hope I'll recover my strength in time for the halfway.

Kyrin- And I better bring the pieces of the Negative Triforce Wolf shattered long ago to my father. Maybe he'll know what to do with them. We can't let someone try to put them together again.

Link- This Wolf…he was the swordsman who wielded the Master Sword that was part of the original Super Mario Brothers team, wasn't he?

Kyrin- Correct, he was. His real name was Hope, but he was given the name Wolf by his adopted family, a pack of wolves that live in the forests of Hyrule. That's way most people referred to him as Wolf. Until he met the goddess Hylia, he thought he was a wolf. Bit of a shock when he realized he was a Hylian instead of a wolf. But he still chose to behave like a wolf. He also eventually met the Mario Brothers who helped him defeat Demise and destroy the Negative Triforce. But I did think it was strange he always carried the Master Sword in his mouth like that. But don't worry Link, because I'm sure all of your questions will be answered soon.

The End


(Tabuu's palace in Subspace)

Pyrrhon was in his room, typing away on his laptop. It wasn't long before Fawful entered the room and approached Pyrrhon.

Fawful- Hey Pyrrhon, Master Tabuu want see in throne room, now.

Pyrrhon- Uh…I'm kind of in the middle of something right now! Can't it wait a little…

Before Pyrrhon could finish, Fawful uses his finger to close the laptop and interrupt whatever Pyrrhon was doing.

Fawful- Master Tabuu not in good mood to wait. He demand Pyrrhon presence…NOW!

Pyrrhon- Ok…I'll go see what he wants from me.

After Pyrrhon leaves his room, Fawful turns around and makes that huge wide grin of his.

Fawful- GAHAHAHAHA! Oh you'll see what Master Tabuu wants from flaming dumbass! I have fury! Hehehe!