A/N: This was originally my Leon /Leon Leonhart sex fanfiction from my old account that I'm gradually editing. Hope You Enjoy.

"It'd be one helluvan upgrade to our defences," watching as his blonde companion mulled over the schematics on-screen, Leon nodded along with Cid's muttering, thankful that they finally had a working improvement for further protection. It'd been a while since they made any progress on population safety rather than offence.

"All we need now are materials. Tron and you can handle that," the brunette mentioned, already going over what would be needed in terms of resources and coding. He'd have to make a list of what they already had in the castles storage hanger' it was filled with a lot that they could use.

"Hey, Leon!" the call from the kid ninja had him flicking his gaze over his shoulder towards the door, "There's a soldier guy with a huge-ass sword in the Bailey and Aerith says she and Cloud know him!" she explained loudly as she excitedly bounced through the threshold, Leon's gaze following her beaming grin.

"Are they coming here?" the man asked as he turned more towards her, arms crossing over his chest. It wouldn't hurt to clean up a little in the meantime, the place had become a bit of a sty since they started working on their schematics. Mostly Cid's mess, mind you.

"Dude's unconscious and Cloud's not around. Aerith wants your help dragging him back here," the ninja shrugged, the group having found it to be a regular occurrence that the blonde was rarely about anymore. Regardless of that, he did show up when he was needed. The man seemingly had a sixth sense for knowing when they required help or not.

"A'right, pretty boy. Let's go," at the overused nickname, Leon grunted under his breath, his brow twitching slightly in return as the blonde's hand heavily landed on his shoulder. The two headed towards the door, Yuffie stepping aside and following after them as they made their way out of the building and towards the Bailey.

Fortunately, there were far less Heartless after Sora had been there, the brunette finding his eyes wandering along their surroundings with caution and a clearly alert posture. But as they strode up the steps to the Bailey and walked across the upper platform, they hadn't come across any, not even the smaller, black creatures that appeared from the dark corners.

Upon stepping foot in the Bailey, he shrugged off the lack of Heartless and let his gaze fall to the surprising built man lying on the ground with his head cradled on Aerith's lap, a massive weapon at his side. Yuffie hadn't been exaggerating when she'd mentioned the sword being huge. It was as tall as Leon, not that he would voice that.

"You know 'im?" Cid questioned as they closed the distance, Leon crouching at the mans' other side to look him over, minding the weapon as he leaned above it to look him over.

"Zack. He was a close friend of mine," noting her tone, the former SEED lifted his gaze to the woman, concern clear in her expression. She was worried for him. Not that he blamed her; he seemed beaten up, bruises and scrapes marring his face and a large bloody gash just barely visible through the equally bloody midsection of his uniform.

"What's with the sword?" the blonde continued, kneeling along the mans' hips to peer at the gash in his torso. The grimace that left him wasn't that far off how Leon felt about it. It appeared to be pretty nasty, definitely worth using a Cura on, probably one of the stronger spells, not that Aerith would mind. She'd favoured the stronger ones when a wound seemed as bad as this one.

"It's called a Busterblade. It belonged to his mentor," the woman replied after a moment, her hands focused on brushing the long, dark spikes above the unconscious mans' forehead, "He gave it to him before he passed away," though she hadn't, it sounded as if she trailed off, falling into her thoughts while gazing down at the sleeping face.

Shifting slightly to lean his elbow against his knee, Leon lowered his own eyes to the pale features, "Use a Cura on him," he requested, his eyes raising again to meet her halfway, "It wouldn't do him any good if we were to move him while he were injured,"

Having seemingly drawn her from her own mind, she slowly nodded before dropping her gaze back to him, her hands reluctantly leaving the mans' face with her palms reaching out to be held over his chest. They hovered in place, a moment of silence passing between them as a green hue took over, a glow spreading throughout the space from the bright vines that shone between the womans' hands and the mans' body. It spread and spread, a lingering flash almost making Leon shield his eyes as it completely engulfed the figure before ever so slowly dimming and ebbing away.

Leaning back over the sword to inspect the man, the brunette let his gaze flicker from injury to injury. Though there were still blood and wounds here and there, none were life-threatening at first glance. The one that had been was nowhere near as severe, leading him to believe that she'd focused on the most critical of injuries rather than each and every one of them. A smart move.

Easing himself to stand, Leon lifted his sharp eyes to Cid, "Let's get him back," he nodded towards the Bailey gates, following the blondes' lead as he shifted to the mans' legs, the brunette carefully switching places with a reluctant Aerith. He slid his arms under the ravenettes, locking his grip on his wrist after his forearms rounded the mans' wide chest.

"You got his arms?" Cid asked from ahead, taking a glance over his shoulder to see Leon nod in confirmation. They waited a few seconds, counting under their breaths, "And lift," the blonde called, the two carefully easing up the dead weight of the soldier until they were in a good enough position to carry him safely.

"Damn, he's heavy!" the blonde gritted out as he took the first few steps forward, Leon following behind. True to Cid's words, the guy had some weight to him, not enough for the brunette to complain about carrying him, but enough that he could feel some strain in his arms while keeping him up.

"Must be all that muscle," Yuffie commented as she caught up beside them, eyes fixed on the heavy body. Aerith was alongside them eventually, seeming a tad tired and he couldn't see the sword as he glanced between the two girls.

"What about the blade?" he asked after a moment, tilting his head so that he could see the steps that led out of the Bailey rather than feel for them. He'd rather not trip in his current position. He, Zack and Cid would go down.

"It's too heavy for anyone that doesn't have some kind of strength enhancement," the female brunette informed with a light sigh, seemingly dejected, "I managed to drag it into one of the balconies, so it's out of sight," not dejected... simply tired, likely from attempting to move the weapon. Leon could go back to retrieve it after they set the ravenette up in bed. It wouldn't be that much of a hassle and even he could lift more than a regular person could.

Their pace slowed completely as they reached the stairs, Cid and Leon taking their time to be sure that neither would understep nor overstep, going as far as to sync their footfalls to reach the bottom with ease. Having almost tripped once at the very top, the brunette had become overly cautious on corners with steps, he stepped further out after they'd finally reached the bottom, minding everything around them, including the girls.

Upon seeing the Restoration Committee's base come into view, the two gradually quickened their steps, Leon feeling more relief than he'd expected as they narrowed the distance between them and the building, the two being careful with the extra two steps up to the front door, the door that Yuffie quickly opened for them.

"Finally," Cid groaned huskily, the two heading towards the bed and pausing for Aerith as she swiftly grabbed the few books that had been discarded on it. Once she'd finished, they manoeuvred the man up onto the sheets, his head on the pillow and body atop the thick comforter. He had made any reaction so far, no indication that he had been even the slightest bit aware or conscious, even after being healed. Maybe he'd been knocked out rather than fell unconscious.

"Feels like I've been weightlifting," the blonde grumbled as he rubbed his bicep and forearm muscles, flexing slightly and drawing an amused huff from Leon. The other did enough training for a platoon and yet he complained about carrying one man that happened to weigh a tad more than him.

Giving Zack one last glance, Leon turned away and headed back towards the door, "I'll be right back," he mentioned as he stepped through the threshold, following the path he knew all too well back to the Bailey. He skipped a couple of steps per stride as he climbed the steps, turning the corner at the very top, and still, no Heartless had appeared. He was far too used to them hiding in every crevice to relax.

Upon re-entering the Bailey, Leon eyed the area, stepping around to the furthest balcony to the large blade propped awkwardly against the wall, uneven with its size and Aerith's lack of strength compared to the wielder.

Reaching out for it, he gripped the hilt, getting a feel for it before he attempted to lift it the first time. And to his surprise, he really couldn't, not like he could with his own. His second attempt, he used both hands and put some effort into it, his jaw clenching at the weight and strength he needed to force to actually get it off of the ground.

Tensing and bracing himself, he angled it until he could let it rest against his shoulder, immediately feeling it weigh him down with its tremendous mass. He had a sudden awe in the man that carried this blade, akin to the awe that he held for Cloud, who carried a sword just as massive and heavy. Though it hadn't surprised him. Aerith had informed him of Cloud fondness of large weaponry, having been given a massive one by his mentor before his death. It seemed that heavy type blades were a common thing in their world.

By the time Leon made it back to their HQ, he was exhausted, his muscles on his upper right protesting and snapping at him for the strenuous use. Stepping back inside the building he backed up against the wall to set the blade down.

"Well, holy cow," Cid greeted him, amused surprise crossing his features as his gaze landed on the brunette across the way. He sighed with a smirk and eyed the sword, making sure it wouldn't fall before he reached out and shut the door.

"Thank you," he heard Aerith call from beside the bed, Leon glancing over to see her smile falter, "I thought we would've had to call Cloud," it really wavered after mentioning the blondes name, her eyes falling to the man in the bed, "I don't think he's ready to see him just yet. I don't think he came to terms with Zack's death the first time," her words drew his attention, his brow creasing in realization. The mentor she'd mentioned before regarding Cloud, the large sword and her current wording of 'Cloud coming to terms with Zack's death'.

"This is his mentor," he voiced, taking a few steps towards her until he stood at the head of the bed, looking over the headboard at the ravenette. He fit the vague description he had been given when they'd first talked about a man in their past. Black hair, sharp but soft features, pale and handsome, and a strong, well-built physique.

"Could you watch over him? And maybe patch him up a little?" registering her soft request, he turned to her, a brow quirking in a silent question as her smile ever so slowly returned to her gentle features, "Some Heartless were spotted near the slums," she replied, gradually lifting herself from the stool just as Yuffie jumped him from behind, her arms wrapping around his neck and shoulder, "And I called dibs on her being my healer!"

Internally grumbling for being volunteered, he awkwardly turned around to face Cid, "Hey, don't look at me," he waved his arms to shrug Leon off, "I'm supposed to be working out what we need for our upgrades. Figured I'd go talk to Tron as soon as we were free," the man informed.

"Alright," he sighed in resignation, thinking that maybe he could get that list started while he babysits the unconscious man.