I tend to work out sex chapters by using one I've already written and making it better or adding to it in different ways. On occasion, nothing much changes apart from names and how they do things.

In this case, it's the same kind of sex scene that's between Zack/Terra in "Can I Call You Mine?", but less teasing and far more loving.

Until then had been almost three weeks since he and Zack had had gotten together, Leon being the old fashioned type of person that preferred getting to know the other and waiting before getting anywhere near sexual with his partner. Not that he had any experience to compare it to as he hadn't gotten that far in a relationship before. That wasn't to say he was a virgin!

Stirring to groggily find himself half-buried in his pillow with a heavy warmth pressed against his back and around his waist, Leon sighed softly into the overused cushion as his eyes slowly opened, weighted from his sleep. He reluctantly shifted under the heat blanketing him, tilting his head to take note of the time. It was still early, between the times the sun rose and the alarm sounded. He had time to laze around, half an hour to forty-five minutes.

Letting his lids fall closed again, the brunette curled back against the living heater behind him, finding comfort and on the verge of falling back to sleep. Though he'd always had enough discipline to stay awake and even sort out everything he needed before the alarm sounded, he'd found himself to be much laxer after Zack moved in for real, the man seemingly having this effect on him that made him want to stay in bed and take pleasure in being somewhat lazy until the very last second.

A deep hum resonated in his ear, vibrating along his throat from where the warm mouth rested between the crook of his neck and shoulder, feeling the pressure on his back shift and the arm around his waist furling and brushing its way up to his ribs and chest. He let a tired smile tug at the corner of his lips as his eyes gradually opened again, drifting to the corner of his sockets.

"Morning," the former SEED murmured softly, smoothly and carefully turning himself over in the other mans' hold until he was pressed chest to chest with the soldier, face to face with the hot breath ghosting the lower half of his face and neck.

"Ditto," the other replied huskily without opening his eyes, lips pursing lazily in invitation and expectation, and without hesitance, Leon pressed his own to them. A simple morning kiss, feeling and hearing the content hum leave the other man, he brushed his fingers along the strong neck and up to his jaw, feeling the way he leaned into it and into him.

He sighed through his nose, tilting his head to let the kiss deepen and deepen, the hand around his back teasing his spine by carding the fingers up the centre from the small of his back to the point between his shoulder-blades.

Groaning softly into Zack's lips, the man already taking control without a fight from him, Leon laced his arms around the others' shoulders, locking his hand around his other wrist before the taller of the two laxly rolled them over until the brunette was on his back, the ravenette now above him and between his legs. He didn't think much of it, having been in that position before on numerous occasions. At least this time, he hadn't been pinned.

Much like the few times before, Leon became pliant and putty-like as a hot tongue brushed between his lips and came into contact with his own, the muscles tangling and sliding against each other, drawing breath from their lungs and making it so they had to part, only to resume a second later. He lightly pressed and brushed up against the other's chest, both hands ghosting up the strong ribcage above him and feeling the weight get heavier against him as Zack leaned into him.

For much-needed oxygen, Leon reluctantly eased their lips apart, breath coming in fast. Glancing up through dazed eyes, he saw the heavy panting, tinted cheeks, glossy and wanton eyes that Zack adorned, the soldiers' seemingly stuck in a momentary lapse in brain activity after he'd looked down at the former SEED. He looked lost, but definitely focused on him.

Gradually leaning up, he'd morphed his lips to Zack's, feeling the warmth around them build the moment he began returning it, tongue an all. It felt more heated, more feeling evident in the way the ravenette appeared to want more of it. The other broke free of his mouth and move towards his jaw, Leon gasping softly as he mouthed his jawline and made his way to his neck, lips drawing at the skin and drawing gentle breaths from his lungs.

He felt the repeatedly placed open-mouthed kisses along his throat, his hot tongue running flatly from the centre of his collarbone to the point beneath his chin every so often, his neck craning.

At what he could only describe as a leisurely pace, the man above him planted kisses along his skin, a soft smile gracing Leon's lips as he the mouth press an open kiss between his collarbones, pressing another slightly lower and another slightly, repeating the motion and continuing to descend between the cleft of his chest before lowering further in slow inches. He was lost in the delicacy, the comfort and warmth that build and spread from the point of each kiss. The attention was almost intoxicating.

He felt a kiss being placed along the centre of his ribcage, another down his strong stomach and abdomen, muscles tensing just slightly from all the touch while another was placed lower against his navel.

Kissing there again, seemingly against going any lower for the moment, he felt the press of his tongue against his heating skin, slowly drawing back up his waist and over the path he had kissed his way down, Leon's spine arching up on reflex the higher he rose on his body. The brunettes' soft pants leaving his chest, breathing heavier and stuttering slightly as the sensations stopped after the other reached his chest.

His mouth fell open, the former SEED trying to regain some form of sense to lift his head and glance down at the other, noting the smirk and lust-filled eyes gazing back at him. Leon reached down, fingers and thumb brushing the mans' face, cupping his cheek and jawline before he drew him back into a hot and hefty kiss.

The moment they were aligned again, he left his legs being forced further apart, making way for the strong hips pressing down against him and drawing a deep groan from his chest, his legs hooking over the strong thighs. Only seconds later, he felt the rolling against his hips through their underwear, feeling him press against him and bite his tongue and then lip. He did it again, his stomach, as well as hips, rocking against the brunette. Unintentionally, his nails dug into the ravenettes' ribs, his spine arching up against him as a feeling of static sparked through his waist and stomach.

With every movement, Leon could feel the heat building and burning inside him and making his underwear feel that much more confined. A hand roaming his waist thankfully drew his attention, fingers hooking the hem of his boxers as they reluctantly broke the kiss for air. He panted softly, feeling the itch under his skin, swelling in his naval.

Focusing on the soldier, he was just as dishevelled, pupils having taken over most of the Mako blue, mouth slightly agape while he breathed in quick and heavy pants, cheeks a few shades pinker. They couldn't seem to hold off for a moment, Leon and Zack leaning in almost in unison to resume, mouths locking again while tongue danced and brushed, drawing stifled breaths and quiet, cut off groans. Warmth spread between them and heating the already hot room and burning skin.

Somewhere along the mind-fogging kissing, the brunette felt awkward shifting on the bed, eyes slowly blinking open to eye man while still heavily distracted. It was then that the movements eased, a second later feeling the hands on his waist, tugging at the underwear. Slowly breaking the kiss, he let his gaze fall between them, lips immediately attaching to his neck and shoulder.

Zack was naked, boxer kicked aside under the sheets and the soldier was de-clothing Leon, the fabric being eased down his thighs as he watched. Not only that, seeing the completely bare waist of the other man, his gaze grew slightly wider at the fact that he was entirely erect, though that wasn't to say that Leon wasn't either.

In an attempt to help, his shift his waist, reaching a hand up to nudge the taller man to sit up, drawing a grumble from the soldier. With cooperation, Zack sat back on his heels while Leon kicked his own underwear off, the brunette dropping back against the pillow once that kerfuffle was out of the way. The soldier always seemed to make things hard for himself, though it was something endearing to the former SEED.

"How'd I get this lucky," the much huskier voice caught his attention, Leon lifting his gaze to the heavily dilated blue eyes. He watched him, gazed at him as the other gazed back with so much warmth and heated want, still breathing a tad faster while kneeling between the brunettes' thighs.

"Zack?" he called softly, no actual question or sentence following. He was mildly surprised by how deep his own voice had become. He didn't the chance to think further on it as the other man gradually leaned back down between his legs, bodies brushing warmly with Zack's hands cradling the sides of his head, mouths connecting gently, the ravenette pressing down against him and engulfing him in so much of himself that he couldn't keep his eyes open.

His own hands rose, reaching around the strong yet curved waist to rest against his lower back where his fingers began brushing along his spine and soft skin, slowly raising and feeling Zack's warm body completely press down against his own, skin to skin with nothing between them. It drew a shudder from him the moment their hips gently ground together, a soft groan crawling up his throat and into the other mouth.

Barely there a full five seconds, he'd felt their waists curve apart thanks to Zack's shifting, body and mind faltering as he felt a hot hand wrap around him with what sounded like a higher-pitched moan breaking in his throat. His breath stuttered, muscles in that general area growing tense with the firm grasp.

He awkwardly swallowed with the mans' lips still pressed against his, pelvis shifting as Zack started stroking with a slow but tight rhythm, already feeling as if he were intending to drive him crazy. His muscles tightened further, abdomen clenching and unclenching with every down and up-stroke.

Leon felt his own gradually deepening pants, his legs shifting against the taller man, the room heating up around him to the point he almost felt dizzy. The feeling only built as their bodies were aligned again, hand still slowly working him while Zack brushed and rubbed their firm torsos together, strong hips rocking against his.

A cracking gasp escaped his throat the moment he'd felt something incredibly hot brush between the seam of his cheeks, the other mans' shaft sliding against his bare skin. Leon breathed heavily, groaning and shifting against the hand and erection, head dropping back against the mattress with his mouth open, eyes shut tight. He couldn't concentrate, his ability to focus having been thrown aside much like their underwear.

He could feel everything, growing hyper-sensitive to each touch and kiss that was suddenly pressed against his throat, his neck craning as he drew at the skin, mouthing him and planting open-mouth kisses along the side. His breath caught in his throat, hitching every so often as Zack gradually started planting them further up, leading towards his jawline.

The drawn-out moment of ascending kisses and his lips were taken again, Leon returning it without hesitation, groaning against him and arching up into his body, spine curving in place the more he touched and stroked, feeling far weaker and at his mercy.

Even more so when it felt as though the other man had stopped teasing him and began pumping with enthusiasm, stroking faster and with more pressure while feeling the very faint wet droplets land on his tensed abdomen. He'd started leaking, panting harder. Reaching up to grip Zack by his shoulder, he throbbed in his hand, pulsating and twitching, squirming and gasping while rocking up into his hot palm and down against Zack's even hotter shaft.

The heat getting to him from inside and out, only then actually feeling a light sweat reaching his skin, sparsely dotting his body as their movements gradually became faster, more erratic and needy. Static had him arching into the man as his lip had been lightly bit, the shakiest groan leaving him and going south immediately.

With more shifting and the bed feeling as if it were dipping too far, he gradually opened his eyes to see Zack leaning over the bed towards the bedside drawer, still working the brunette through a thorough stroking. He could feel it coming on, feeling the heat burning through his stomach and groin, sparking his nerves and sending his mind into a thickening fog.

He had to stop his hand before he released. That thought actually giving him a moment of concentration, he reached down, hand wrapping around the wrist with enough firmness that it halted the hands' motion, a gasp leaving his throat along with some physical disappointment after not reaching the climax he really seriously wanted to.

"You okay?" glancing up at the unreadable expression, only unreadable due to his current state, he felt the bed dip against, Zack now leaning back over him with his grip still holding tight to his shaft, still motionless where Leon had stopped him.

"Not yet," the brunette panted, trying to catch his breath and noting the change from unreadable to obvious glumness. It took him a moment to pick up on the situation, brows knitting as his eyes fell towards the lube and condom wrapper, "Not that, this," Leon gestured to the hand around him, still short of breath and dazed for the most part.

He watched as the other man quirked a brow, eyes falling to the redheaded erection as solid as any other muscle belonging to the former SEED. Realization only then apparently dawned on him, his eyes growing wider and his hand slackening around him enough to reluctantly let go and give him a few seconds to calm himself down before he really did reach his point.

"Sorry, my bad," the soldier grinned, the mood having flipped again. Leon had had no idea that the other man could look like a kicked puppy even during current events. It'd been both adorable and heavy on the brunettes' heart, hoping that he wouldn't be the cause of that kind of expression again. He enjoyed the whole puppy thing that Zack had going on, but kicked puppy wasn't one of the expressions he liked.

With that said and done, Zack feeling no regret towards the fact that he'd almost been the cause of the brunettes' almost ejaculation, he rolled on the condom after tearing the wrapper, the bottle of lube still in hand. Uncapping, he spreading the cream over his fingers, his warm gaze dropping to the feverish expression Leon wore. Red cheeks, half-lidded glazed over eyes, a light sweat with hair framing his features. He was a sight to see, heavily affected by everything that the soldier had done up until that point.

With a soft smile and strained resolve to prepare the other before attacking, he lowered his hand and watched the mans' face carefully as he pressed his fingers against the others hole, easing them inside and letting them sink as deep as they could before curling them against the inner walls.

He saw his eyes slowly close, bottom lip being drawn between his teeth to bite and hands gripping lightly at the sheets and his arm, his hold tight and shaky.

He started to pump his fingers in and out in smooth strokes, curling and twisting them when they were deep and splaying them apart on the way out. Leon's body tensing a few times during his ministrations, the soldier felt him roll his hips softly with each stroke of his fingers, closing around them when he curled his digits here and there. The brunette started panting again, his voice lacing his breaths. He drew his fingers back, feeling him close around them softly before he added a third, pressing tighter against the warm insides.

The man beneath him squirmed and writhed as soon as he curled his digits again, messaging his walls and twisting his fingers carefully while he gazed down at him, almost dazed with how thick the heat and sounds were as they melted into the walls, bed and everything else in the room. He smiled softly at the other man, his ears focusing on the audible gasps and soft moans, the pressure still building between them.

He stroked a few more times, his pace getting only a fraction faster before the others' waist arched, Leon pressing against him and clamping around his fingers, unable to stay still and even wrapped strong legs around his hips with a tight grip.

The sight was breathtaking, leaving Zack hot and with a fast heartbeat, so much so that he felt as though his heart would break a rib or two.

After a moment, he reluctantly pulled his hand back, feeling the other relax some as he withdrew. He lifted himself onto his heels and took a deep breath before glancing up towards Leon's face, their gaze locking once he realized that he had been staring back at him, lust clear in his gaze and in his own.

He reached out for the bottle again and lathered himself quickly before he shifted to lean over the other man, his thighs spreading further apart. Planting a deep kiss against his lips, the brunette immediately returning it, he aligned himself and gradually pressed his hips forwards, feeling minimal pushback as the head of his shaft was smoothly inserted.

Zack carefully continued pressing his hips against the other, being slow and easy with him. He knew that he could take it, but they weren't animals, nor did he want to hurt him, which was a factor if he wasn't careful. Men could be just as delicate as some women. Not to say that Leon was. He was far from delicate and could probably take a lot more than even Zack could. Zack was probably a massive wuss in comparison.

Gazing down at the other and feeling the arms lacing his ribcage and neck, fingers threading through the long hair at the base of his neck and gripping, his own hands resting against the bed and under Leon's neck. They were completely aligned, Zack sheathed as far as he could and the brunette holding on with his nails still dragging against skin. They were pressed together, wrapped entirely in each other's warmth.

For a moment he stayed still, letting the other man adjust before he pulled his hips back slowly and then pressed them back in, feeling him close tighter around him and hook his legs along his upper thighs. He felt his heavy sigh against his lips as they brushed.

He did it again, pressing in as deep as he could and pulling back only to stroke back inside of Leon, hearing a repeat of his pant with an audible hint of his voice as his walls hugged him.

Zack pressed his mouth against his neck, kissing warmly and feeling him drop his head back against the pillow, waist arching against his as he continued thrusting slowly, rolling his pelvis smoothly. Warmth burned in the pit of his stomach and groin, having built over time and continued to do so, the bigger one of them gradually beginning to pick up the pace, thrusting a fraction faster and sliding deeper.

He heard his deep gasp, chest arching and Zack tilted his head to press his mouth to the collarbone, planting kiss after kiss there and feeling him arch continuously with his thrusts that only gradually got faster and deeper, slipping further in with every few strokes. The legs tightened over his hips, drawing his pelvis in closer and forcing him that much deeper, the gasps getting heavier and more vocal. Zack had been breathing heavily along with him, gasping as well when the other kept closing up around him, tensing and making it tighter and more pleasurable for him as well as for his bed mate.

Zack closed his eyes, his mouth still pressed against Leon's neck, but open and panting against him with a knitted brow. Each strong and heavy rock and snap of his hips forced him to bury himself deep, the light sweat and lube shared between them making it easier to gain more speed, the man writhing and gasping beneath him, his nails stuck in his skin and dragging, drawing red lines.

He groaned deeply when he felt the brunettes' lower waist lift every time he rolled forward, meeting him halfway and feeling the hard contact as he got faster and harder. They were both panting hard as the heat continued to build with each thrust, Zack's hands gripping the sheets. Though not a moment later, Leon's joined his, snaking up between them to dig his claws into his forearms and he shifted his own swiftly to the mans', fingers entangling.

He opened his eyes and lifted his head to gaze at the others, watching as he gasped and arched his waist over and over, meeting him hard and fast, and then harder and faster. He lifted his head and brought their faces together, forehead to forehead where their eyes locked, Leon still gasping and before Zack could lean down to kiss him, he leaned up, butting their heads together and lips clashing in a strong, passionate kiss, mouths locked together tightly.

Hot sparks were shooting through his body, spreading and rushing through his veins, heat building and putting pressure on his groin with a knot tightening and tightening in the very base of his stomach, searing through him. He arched hard against the man and forced himself as deep as he could go, feeling the walls tighten up around him, Leon's gasps turning into loud moans and short cries of pleasure, nails almost breaking his skin.

Zack felt too hot and all the built-up pressure it forced him over, his thrusts short and fast, but deep and heavy, bringing himself to his edge and he burst inside of his brother, inside the condom, a deep and lingering groan leaving his chest and vibrating through him. Leon tightened up around him, locking him in place and arching with a heavy and deep whine, white spurting from him and landing over his abdomen.

He absentmindedly continued to thrust through their highs of bliss with stinging pleasure even after their orgasms, but they were slow, soft, just simple.

Gradually coming to a stop and reluctantly forcing himself up onto all fours, Zack tried to catch his breath before gently pulling from inside of Leon. He gazed down at him from where he leaned above the other on his forearms, both panting harshly and deeply. He waited for a long moment, just simply watching him through their after-bliss, smiling softly as the other unwillingly opened his heavy hazed eyes to stare at him in return.

"I'm the lucky one," he watched as Leon chuckled softly, having barely been able to actually say it as his voice faltered halfway through, cracking and spent. He recalled what he'd said before, his rhetorical question that the brunette only then answered in their bliss.

"I'm luckier," Zack replied after a moment, a smile engraved on his face as he leaned further over the other man and relaxed against him, foreheads pressing together with soft pants being shared between the two men.

"Don't start a battle you can't win," the brunette then stated simply, seriousness to his tone but nowhere near. He could see and practically feel the amusement and almost playful air about him, something he rarely felt from this man unless it was after some physical play, like a deep make-out session or a lot of touching and handjobbing. Basically, whenever he was spent and felt as if he'd had enough attention to completely fog his beautiful mind.

"Them's fightin' words," Zack scoffed, enclosing the man in more before turning them onto their sides, holding the brunette closer and even ignoring the feel of the release smearing between. They had time to shower and even if they didn't, Leon would make sure they did either way.

"Loser makes coffee," humming in question, he drew himself from his momentary thought just in time to feel warm lips press against his own, mind instantly blanking as he felt the tongue slip passed his lips and ensnare his own, groaning gently and a little hungrily.

I hope that you enjoyed this story and took pleasure in reading the build-up between the pairing. Thanks for joining me along the way or even from the start if you did.