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The babe is born at midnight on a cold, clear night as autumn turns to winter and the stars alone shine bright above.

He is born without a firebender's spark in his eyes - this does not mean he is not a bender, it merely means that his fire comes late. He is born to his mother's love. He is born to his father's disappointment. He is precious, he is shameful, he should be protected, he should be disposed off and already the lines of his future are being drawn. He will be his mother's darling and his father's failure.

The newborn is Prince Zuko of the Fire Nation, son of Prince Ozai and Princess Ursa, grandson of Fire Lord Azulon, nephew of Crown Prince Iroh and cousin of Prince Lu Ten. Child of the Fire Nation Royal Family, descendent of the Fire Lords who rule the Fire Nation, of the Fire Lords whose title before it became that of a hereditary ruler was for the Head of the Fire Sages, the Fire Sages who are the Fire Nation's spiritual leaders, keepers of the Fire Nation's history and Master Firebenders. He is the great-grandson of Fire Lord Sozin and this alone is a powerful bloodline but the babe carries also a second, less known but no less powerful bloodline, for he is the great-grandson of Avatar Roku, the first male descendent and the first Firebending descendent both.

In another time, in another place, this wouldn't matter so but…

the Avatar is trapped in the Avatar State

the world is at war

Roku was the previous Avatar

Roku was a Fire Avatar

the First Avatar was Wan, a man whose native element was Fire

Zuko was born on the cusp, the turning point, of Autumn and Winter

Zuko is the mingling of two spiritually powerful bloodlines

…and in this time, in this place, it does matter.

The Prince is born in the palace. He is born with Fire Sages and servants in attendance. Zuko is born and he breathes. And with his first breath comes another presence. Roku wakes, unnoticed, unseen, unheard, unfelt in the room where a prince of fire as been born. Roku looks at this newborn babe, at the child that is his great-grandson. The child opens his eyes…and looks back.

So this is the first prologue. I think I will have 4 small prologues then the start of the story proper.