Romeo and Juliano two young men, both from Verona, Italy, a place where their story took place, the town where their lives started and ended.

Romeo was 19 years old, tall with brown hair and brown eyes, face with very strong jawline and thin cheeks, lips red as blood and freckles all over his face.

Juliano was 2 years younger than Romeo, he had curly, dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes, very skinny and long face with small forehead and very full and black eyebrows.

First time Romeo saw Juliano was at LGBT pride of Verona but it was not for the same reason why he was there, Romeo was there to celebrate and have fun and show off himself but Juliano was on the other side of the fences where the religious people were standing and protesting the pride. Juliano being gay but still in closet was there with his parents whom are very religious and traditional people. Juliano looking back at Romeo gave him reason to find out where he lived and follow him when the pride was over.

That evening they met each other and the time they passed together brought them very close.

Time was passing and Juliano was waiting when he would become 18 years old so he could tell the truth to his parents and leave to live his life differently. But the day that Juliano's parents would find out about his sexual orientation came early. One evening Romeo snuck into Juliano room to spend the night with him and they fell asleep together. The morning came and Juliano's mom came in the room to wake him up and saw Romeo and Juliano both sleeping in his bed holding hands.

Juliano's parents found out about their son's orientation and decided to send him to religious conversion therapy camp. Juliano came up with his own plan. He took big dose of sleeping pills but not as much that would kill him. His plan was to scare his parents and show them how much he did not want to go to the camp. He wrote the message to Romeo about his plan and went to a very long and deep sleep. Sadly the message because of the internet malfunction did not get to Romeo.

The next morning instead of the parents Romeo found Juliano unconscious and without knowing what his plan was. Romeo decided to join his lover in death, he cut his wrists vertically and pronounced his last words:

-"Eyes, look for the last time upon his face. Lips, take your last breathless kiss. Here is my love.".

Suddenly Juliano came back from his sleep and saw what had happened, he saw his lover Romeo dead, empty of blood beside him and in this great sadness he decided to kill himself this time actually so he took the remaining sleeping pills and overdosed.