It was at night, 9 PM, Juliet was once again on instagram. She was liking some beautiful Californian sunsets. She was in her room, on her king size bed overlaid with soft plaids and pillows. Her room was next to her best-friend's, Carmen. They were just like sisters, willing to die for each others. They were almost linked blood to blood.

At the same time, something was watching her, the eyes came from the balcony, we could see it through the pink flowing curtains. It was the eyes of a thing that looked like a cat but with a human shape, a human size... Juliet was ready to sleep, she had turned-off the lights, putting her headband on her eyes when a sound came from behind her door. We could hear mouse steps, that were accelerating until the headboard. Meanwhile Juliet was dreaming of the Prince Charming. He was taking her to a luxury restaurant and getting her roses with a hidden Tiffany's ring inside the bouquet, such a nice dream ! Let's get back to our mouse, actually, it was Carmen, she decided to wake her up to tell her something. Juliet was disturbed and was mad because it was a wonderful dream she woke up from. Anyway, Carmen was talking about a date with a boy, she was texting him everyday but never met him in real life, so it was her first view. But the problem was that the guy concerned wanted Juliet to be at the date. Juliet was not really enthousiastic about the idea, but said " yes " to, finally, get rid of her friend.

The following day was the first view between Carmen and the guy. They were talking about all and nothing but the guy's attitude was a little bit strange, anyway, it was not shocking. He was looking pale, with diformed eyes, meaning that he didn't look like a human being. The dinner was a great idea because it was a missunderstanding between Carmen and the guy, they were almost like brothers ans sisters, they were laughing and laughing. At the same time Juliet was not excluded but the guy was glaring at her.

Some days later, the guy was at Juliet and Carmen's home. They were playing a board game and, there, Juliet was talking about love. She was young and had no experience. For her, love was something abstract and it was useless to be in a relationship. The only love she wanted to have and to give, in order not to be disappointed, was to give it to God. The fact her parents divorced disguted her to be involved in a relationship.

Later in the evening Juliet was brushing her long blond hair. She was putting some face and body cream before going to bed. Suddenly, someone knocked and locked the door behind him. Juliet was surprised and confused. Unexpectedly, the guy was there, in front of her ! He explained that he was in love with her and had the eternity in front of him. He explained her that he, actually, was not really human. Juliet began to be scared and was getting really anxious. The guy was approaching but Juliet clarified a point for him : she didn't want a man in her life because she was devoted to the Lord. The guy was not listening that lyrics ! He walked two steps closer to Juliet and came closer and closer. Then he moved nearer the balcony. When Juliet started screaming, suddenly, the guy was turning into a werewolf and then threw her down the balcony. After the crash, he was looking at the dead sweet body. Due to the velocity of the fall, there was such an impact on the ground that her body broke up, her head immersed into the swimming pool. After a while, Carmen entered the room screaming with fear after having heard strange sounds. But there was nobody in the room ! It was perfectly quiet with neither trace of Juliet's body nor of the guy…