Kurama stared at the moon. It wasn't that of the elemental nations but rather a naturally occurring satellite of a desolate planet made of nothing but oxygen, nitrogen and diamonds. The air burned but

it didn't affect him. Very few things affected him these days. The moon looked beautiful with its blue glow that had a few splotches of crimson. It reminded him of the blue curtain one of the daimyo's adviser had hung on the night before a blade severed her spine, staining the cloth red like a bloody work of art done by an ink artist. Those were back in the days when the life of a ninja was simple. You got a mission, carried it out and returned to the village. That was before the war, before kaguya, before they found out everything. In the end the. trouble all boiled down to the otsutsuki clan. Because of their greed due power, kaguya rebelled, due to their persistence, kaguya made the zetsu. She knew they were coming. She simply chose to handle it the wrong way. He. and his partner had received the shock of their lives when she had appeared to them a month after the war. She had told them everything. Her original plans for the infinite tsukiyomi. His partner had steeled his mind afterwards on what to do. The next morning, he had left a suicide note on his chair and after faking a hanging with a clone made from his blood, kurama's chakra and zetsu cells, he set a flight course to the moon. Everything after was history. They had spent years hunting and killing otsutsuki clan members and those of the the organisation kara . Years of frustration, agony, battle, genocides, gaining strength and losing parts of their conscience but it had been worth it. They had wiped out the clan down to the last ones. His partner had refused to spare even the children or infants. The pregnant were kiled, the babies cut out of the wombs and stabbed with a gudodama . Their home planet had been destroyed with a combination of the bijuudama and the nonubuko sword. It would only exist as a memory. But upon returning to the elemental nations, they realised they had forgotten one person: toneri otsutsuki. The man had wrecked havoc on everyone and although he was defeated, he used the last of his power to explode with the force of the sun ,evaporating everything that took breath. Even the the waters were dried to the crust of the land. He shook his vulpine head to get rid of the flashbacks and shifted his slitted eyes to his partner. Golden hair with white streaks that reached past the waist shaped an angular face. The lean yet heavily muscled abdomen littered with hundreds of tribal looking tatoos. What had once been orange pants had been switched out for black knee calf length pants. The calf down to the ankles were covered with black medical tape. Black shinobi sandals worn out due to running at speeds hundreds of times greater than light. His partner's eyes opened to show blue iris that glowed with power in stark contrast to the sclera that seemed to suck in light.

"Kurama i found a place with actual life on it", said the male. The fox's gaze turned irritated."Naruto, just because a world has life on it doesn't mean we should set course immediately. The past experiences should have taught you that". It was true though, one time on a planet they went to for a restock in supplies, the inhabitants didn't take kindly to unknowns dropping in so they launched an attack without dialogue. Naruto was forced to destroy the whole planet. It was the first of the many others that would join in the great beyond. Naruto smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. A quirk he hadn't lost for which he was thankful for. He had lost so much, he held on to what he still had. "Well, it's not the most peaceful from what i could tell from it but the more violent acts are kept secret so all we have to do is make ourselves as normal as possible, suppress our power, change our scents and we're regular boring humans", he said persuasively. On a honest note, he didn't want to go either but seeing inhabitable planets and hostile ones got annoying after a while. They had travelled a lot andncountered much from people with god complexes to actual gods. Some were neutral to him, some were friendly and some he just avoided. A prime example being the pantheon of greek gods. He wasn't too fond of them due to their history and deeds. Kurama rolled his eyes and waved his ten tails as though swatting away flies."I'm not taking crap from anyone regardless of whether they be normal or supernatural so don't expect me to tolerate simply because of keeping a poorly planned cover". Naruto nodded and stood putting on his sandals, donning his growled in anger as he watched Naruto wear the gloves they both knew belonged to madara uchiha. The growl intensified as he watched Naruto seal away madara's gunbai and kama on his back and place a sheathed chokuto in a harness attached to the pants. Finally he wore a dull orange cloak(similar to what sasuke wore in the last movie). After the preparations were done, Naruto made a half ram seal, a seal on his neck glowed white and a tear in reality space began to form. Naruto and Kurama looked at each other, gave a brief nod and Kurama entered, followed by Naruto after which the tear sealed up.

N/A- im sorry if this isn't so good this is my first fanfiction. The dialogue between naruto and kurama isn't much because there isnt much to say between them. if you wonder why read the title. they have no aim they are just immortals living life as it comes. they only have themselves and where one goes, the other goes. kurama didn't argue much because think of ot that was the closest plant with any form of life. imagine spending time travelling the cosmos finding only desolate planets or planets with hostile conditions. i don't know about you but I'd kick back in an actual one. naruto will NOT be OP. the four satans combined will give him a tough battle. great red will tire him out . Ophis will eventually defeat him after a drawn out battle. shiva will destroy him with a thought