For everyone who followed or likes this story, I'm very sorry but I won't continue writing this. I got a severe case of writer's block which is as a result of me writing this story on a whim. There's also personal reasons. I actually got to sit down and think of what I wanted to do but I realized that I would never be able to write a high school dxd story even if it's a crossover because of some things in it. I'm bad at romance. Like very terrible at romance. I don't want to write a story where the main character gets a girl just because he's kind and good-looking. That's just bad to me. If I'm ever going to write romance, it's going to be slow going. I also realized that I don't have as much knowledge of the dxdverse as I need. I don't know enough about the lore and I can't make a correct power scaling in a universe where there's more hype than feat (it is a harem anime so I'm not very surprised). Last thing I want is to get PMs from triggered dxd fans who start raining insults on me and telling me to kill myself (imagine someone saying that you need the power of multiple juubis to be anything relevant in the dxdverse. Look at how much one juubi is capable of. How many people in the dxdverse can match it? I made an argument against that statement and got a ton of insults over it. It's alright to like an anime or a character a lot but it's just wrong when you refuse to accept a likely fact just because you don't like it. I don't like that superman can defeat Goku but at the same time, I accepted it) There's also the whole issue with God. I can't write a story where I'll have to input that he passed away which I would have if I continued the way I was going. Just thinking it feels like blasphemy to me. Again I'm very sorry. I might write something else when I get the inspiration.