Yeah... I need a life...

What happens when Ladybug and Cat Noir text? This! Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna Bleach my brain, you guys have fun reading this! Lol

I don't own Miraculous! If I did, Ladybug and Cat would've figured out whose behind the mask during that one episode where Hawkmoth took over the whole town and they are in the sewer recovering before jumping off a cliff into sewer water with a power up form.


Marinette stares at her phone, wondering why she agreed with Cat about joining a messaging app so they can message each other without being transformed.

BackInBlack123: My Lady, what do you call a cat in love?

She groans and relies...

RedFashion321: ugh... what Chaton?

She felt her urge to hit the black cat hero grow as he replied back.

BackInBlack123: a meower boy! XD

RedFashion321: remind me to purposely hit you with my yo-yo next time we patrol...

BackInBlack123: MEOW! My lady! You wound me so!

She rolled her eyes at Cat's response before sending him a gif of the anime character Vegeto Blue deadplanning, which he replied with sending a gif of Naruto in a Rock Lee outfit smiling.

RedFashion321: really?

BackInBlack123: believe it...

RedFashion321: ...

RedFashion321: you better become Hokage then dork

Turning off the app, Marinette sighs, "maybe texting that dork won't be so bad after all..."


Adrien smirks and sends a video of Asta from Black Clover shouting that he'll become the Wizard King to Ladybug before logging off for the night, "did you see that Plagg? She thinks I'm her dork!"

Plagg shakes his head, "I'm sure that's not what she means..."


If you want more, send ideas of what the two could send each other! No reveals tho, those two are to dense to realize it, after all, if Cat can't figure out Ladybug is Mari from the username, they are to clueless!