Giggles could be heard all throughout the air as 2 very young girls, looking to be around the ages of 10 and 11 years, ran through the different flower fields of their HomeWorld of the Mountain Scape. One girl would grab a pile of leaves that fell from the trees lining the fields and then throw it onto the other child while she would scream out with laughter filling her vocal cords and run to move out of the way before she was completely covered in leaves.

One of the young girls had hair as black as a Raven's feather, though each strand combined together gave off a very smooth texture. Her eyes were a crystal blue color, with swirls of forest leaf green showing up here and there within her irises. She was the oldest out of the two, only by about 1 year due to being the age of 11. The other young girl was the 10 year old, her hair was a chocolate brown color, with little highlights of a very light brown flowing here and there throughout the different strands. Her long hair, that feel to the middle of her back, was pulled into a messy bun, with a few different French braids leading towards the bun. The eyes upon her face was a certain blue color, with the ability to change between a light icy blue tone to that of a dark warm version.

"Come on Aleesha! Try to get me!" Yelled out the youngest child towards the ravenette, now known as Aleesha.

Aleesha just laughed out before thrusting her upper body towards with a little to much strength, causing herself to collide with the youngest female but they continued to laugh as they fell into the tiny piles of leaves. Aleesha rolled off of her younger sister and onto her back on the ground next to her before turning into what's called the recovery position, allowing her to face the brown haired girl.

"Say Aleesha, have you ever wondered if there was anything out there? Besides just mountains surrounding this village." asks Vesha, the ravenette turnee towards her as she hears her younger sister starting to speak.

"Who knows, there might be. Besides, why would you want to leave the Village? This place is an awesome world to live it and we don't need to leave." Aleesha says with a laugh. Vesha didn't really like that answer but she decided that she was going to keep her voice quiet.

Suddenly, a long brown stick appeared right in her face, almost hitting the young child in the left eye with the pointy end but she was able to catch it before that happened. Vesha looked at the stick with a very confused look before turning her eyes onto Aleesha, who was smirking at her while holding up her own stick in a sword fighting stance. Both hands sat firmly on the stick while her right arm was bent upwards. Vesha knew that at any moment, Aleesha would attack so she hurried to get into her own stance just as the raven haired 10 year old attacked.

Each girl dodged, blocked, and attacked with their sticks, trying to either strike down their opponent or try to keep themselves from being struck by the sharp sting of the stick snapping against their bare skin. As they continued their mock sword battle, a very subtle light appeared at the handle of Vesha's own stick, very small and unnoticeable to the human eye but it was growing brighter by the minute. Soon enough the light was so bright that Vesha and Aleesha both noticed it and were having to stop the fight to protect their eyes.

"What's going on V?!" Aleesha exclaims, shock permeating throughout her vocal cords. This light was not normal in the world of Mountain Scape, meaning that no one has ever reported to the authorities about a stick suddenly starting to glow like the sun.

"I don't know!" Vesha yells back before darkness started to invade her vision. She collapsed to the ground, only to be caught right as she fell by Aleesha. The stick with in her right hand continued to glow brightly, before it started to shift shapes into a sword like weapon which strangely looked like a gigantic key. Aleesha watched as the events unfolded, to shocked and concerned for her little sister to be worried about the unknown weapon that has now appeared within her hands.

Soon, the weapon changed back into that of a regular stick and Vesha started to open her blue eyes back open. Aleesha jumped up and started to help the young girl into a sitting position.

"What happened?" Vesha asked her older sister.

"You suddenly collapsed. I made sure to catch you before you hit the ground." Aleesha says, deciding that she wasn't going to tell the young brunette about the key weapon that suddenly appeared within her hands.

"Come on, lets get back to the village. I'm getting tired and thirsty." The raven haired girl said with a laugh before helping her younger sister up from the ground and they started to head back to the village.

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