*Knock! Knock!*

A person masked in shadow stood waiting in front of a grand wooden door. The door served as the entrance to what could honestly be called a castle, of the type one would find in a fairy tale wonderland. The sound of faint footsteps could be heard approaching the door from the other side, growing louder and louder as they drew closer... before the door opened.

"Why hello!" a young, pink skinned woman greeted. It was obvious she wasn't human, what with her exotic skin, pointy ears, and long dark purple hair. She was dressed in some sort of black and purple regal garb, "You must be the little tourist I got word about." she opened the door wide and held her hand to the inside, "Come on in."

The shadowed figure did as told, the woman closing the door behind them. Once inside, the individual looked around at the mansion, the home grand in ways fit for a goddess.

"I guess I should introduce myself," the pink skinned woman said as she walked in front of the nameless individual, "My name is Sekari… the Supreme Kai of Realms, but if you're here, I guess you already knew that, haha!" she put her hands on her hips, "So, what's your name?"

The person opened their mouth, before the Kai raised her hand to interrupt them, "Actually, don't tell me. I have to keep up with so many names, I wouldn't remember yours anyway!" she giggled. She nodded her head to a door behind her, "So, your here because you wanna know what my job is, right? Well, let's go! I'm more than happy to give you the grand tour."

She led the stranger through the door at the back of the castle like home, revealing an unbelievably grand room with 10 massive mirror-like panes hanging suspended against the walls.

One could see various random images appearing within each of the 10 panes.

Sekari walked into the center of the room, each of the panes shifting and moving as she walked. The mirrors grew smaller, until they were as tall as she was and circling around her. With a silent order, the 10 panes lined up behind her.

"As the Supreme Kai of Realms, it's my job to look after the different universes." Sekari said as she held a hand out to the panes, "As you can count, there's 10 of them."

The voiceless individual walked up beside her, the two having a close look at the 10 different universes.

Sekari continued, "Each universe is quite unique, with its own expansive set of stars and galaxies, set of existing characters, and sequence of events… all that I have to learn and memorize. But that's actually the simple part. The complicated part of my job comes with something I like to call… the web."

The visitor opened their mouth, but Sekari cut them off before they could say a word, "Each universe has a timeline, one timeline that we label the true timeline. The web is what I call the never-ending series of alternate timelines that branch off of the true timeline… all of these alternate timelines being worlds that I have to observe, and make sure never cross… and that's not all!" she said with a forced smile, "Each Universe has a mirror universe attached to it, sort of like a cassette tape," she pointed to one of the mirrors, the pane turning to a complete 180, "The mirror universe is actually a universe of its own, but its not unique enough from the universe it mirrors to be given its own pane separate from it." Sekari let out a heavy sigh, "And each mirrored verse has its own set of stars and galaxies, set of existing characters, and sequence of events that I have to look after, also."

She flipped the mirror back around.

"So that's really a total of twenty different universes I have to look after… fun right?!" she said with a twitch in her eye. She regained her composure, "But you know what, I think I'll give you a little rundown on the various Universes, and how I keep them organized."

She pointed her finger to the pane on the far left, "Each individual pane is lettered off, and the sides of the pane is numbered off; as in," she brought the pane closer, "this pane here, a rather bizarre world centered around the 'Joestar' family, is connected to Universe J, but is side 1 to a 2 sided mirror, so we call it J1, get it?"

The nameless stranger nodded.

"Good!" Sekari said, "Universe J2," she flipped the mirror around, "is centered around a man who wanders an apocalyptic wasteland searching for his kidnapped fiancee." she sent back the pane and pulled up the next one, "Universe I1, is centered in a world of Alchemy, the events revolving around 2 brothers attempting to turn their bodies back to normal, all after a failed attempt at resurrecting their deceased mother… the story told by that world is rather beautiful." she said as she flipped the pane, "Universe I2, takes place in a world where man-eating giants have forced humanity to the brink of extinction. The central character is a boy who had to watch his mother get eaten by one of those giants right before his eyes... probably one of the most grim and horrifying realms of the bunch, if I say so myself."

Sekari pushed back the pane and brought up the next one, "Universe H1, is centered around a highschool where Devils and Angels are anything but myth. Universe H2, is also centered around a highschool… only this particular highschool is strictly for monsters only… the central character is a human unlucky enough to find himself enrolled at this school."

The next pane came forward, "Universe G1; a world of Pirates, strange fruits, and dream chasers… 'nuff said. Universe G2; a mystical world of Wizarding Guilds… once again, 'nuff said." Sekari smiled at the next pane that floated forward, "Universe F1 is set in a brutal world ruled by an oppressive Empire. The story revolves around a group of assassins who work to take down the empire notch by notch… hm, you really don't wanna get attached to anone in that Universe. Universe F2, like its F1 counterpart, is set in a world where a ragtag bunch of sinners have to save their land from a tyrannical kingdom."

Sekari sighed in exhaustion as she brought up the next in line, "Okay! Universe E1 is centered around a white haired half-devil with dog-ears and a sword... hey, don't give me that look! It makes sense in context! Gosh! Universe E2, is centered around a red haired samurai who doesn't kill people… that one also makes sense in context!"

The Supreme Kai aggressively pushed back the pane and pulled forward the next one, "Ooh! This world, I love! Universe D1 is set in a world where cute little monsters are caught, collected, and trained to fight each other, yes! I know! It sounds cruel, but these creatures 9 times out of 10 form genuine friendships with their trainers. It's a really cute world, honestly. Universe D2, is a world of digital monsters that are used to fight evil monsters in the real world of that Universe."

Next pane, "Universe C1, a world of superheroes and a boy's journey to become a hero like his idol. Universe C2, a world centered around a boy who… hunts for his missing father… a world that can get surprisingly dark..."

Next pane, "Universe B1, a world where a hot-headed boy becomes a shinigami to kill off evil spirits and send the good ones to the afterlife. Universe B2, a world where a delinquent dies and becomes a detective of the spirit world who hunts down rogue demons."

The last pane came forward, eliciting a deep sigh in exasperation from the Kai, "Finally, we're down to the last. Now, this Universe, A1, is one you might be familiar with; the world of magical orbs, martial artists, and alien warriors. And then you have another world you may be familiar with as well, Universe A2, the world of ninja and tailed monsters. Believe it or not, these two Universes are my favorite." she sent back the other panes to their original positions, thus keeping the Universe A pane the only one left in front of her,

"I'm gonna let you in on a little secret about Universe A1, one that other Kai's wouldn't tell you." she said as she leaned in to the strangers ear, "The DragonBall timeline that everyone knows; ya know, where Goku comes to Earth as a baby, hits his head, loses his memories, and becomes a savior that stops King Piccolo, the saiyans, Frieza, Cell, and Majin Buu? Well, that's technically not the true timeline… even though that's the one everyone is familiar with. You remember that 'Web' I told you about earlier? Well, that's where it comes in." she folded her arms, "You see, in one of the other timelines, a boy traveled back through time in hopes of creating a better world than the one he grew up in. The timeline he traveled into is, of course, the timeline you're familiar with. Unfortunately, we can't consider a timeline that's been tainted by time travel as the 'true' timeline. Thus, the timeline that Trunks, the time traveler, came from is more in line with what we've come to label as the true timeline. In his timeline, Son Goku dies of a heart virus, and later on, the other heroes of that timeline get murdered by a pair of Androids that make the world their playground. Fortunately for Trunks, by going back in time to save Goku and train with his father, Vegeta, he manages to help save the alternate timeline he created, and his own world when he went back home to kill the Androids and Cell. Hooray for him, he got to live happily ever after."

Sekari's voice then got serious, "But, even that isn't considered the true timeline… believe it or not. You see, in the timeline you're familiar with, which I'll just call the 'popular timeline', it's easy to overlook one other factor… Cell. The Cell who became a major enemy in the popular timeline, actually time traveled before Trunks did. When Trunks changed the popular timeline by killing Frieza before Goku could arrive, Cell had already been around for a few years before Trunks arrived. Cell's presence in the popular timeline, affected the Trunks who time traveled to that particular timeline as well… and in a pretty major way."

She brushed her purple hair out of her eyes, "Trunks, by dealing with the Cell that time traveled to the popular timeline, managed to become strong enough to kill the Androids and Cell of his own timeline with brute force. He only became strong enough to accomplish this due to encountering another time traveler in Cell, which means that Trunks timeline, was effectively tainted by time travel."

"So," she continued, "let's take a look into Cell's timeline, shall we… well here, Goku dies of the heart virus, the Z-Warriors are killed by the Androids, Trunks goes back in time to another timeline to give Goku the antidote, but because Trunks never encounters Cell, he finds another way to stop the Androids of his timeline... by uncovering their emergency shut-off switch. Once Trunks uses that switch and destroys them, he prepares to go back in time once more to spread the good news… only for Cell to jump him, murder him, and take his time machine to the popular timeline where, well, you already know."

Sekari folded her arms, "So, Cell's timeline, being the only timeline that hasn't really been tainted, is the true timeline. And in the true timeline, Goku dies of a heart virus, the Z-Warriors are brutally murdered, and the saiyan race is effectively extinct." she smiles,

"Depressing, isn't it? I'd say it's almost nihilistic." the Supreme Kai shook her head, before she looked back at the stranger, "But the True Timeline isn't the only 'dark' reality of Universe A1. You see, the web contains literally countless realities and timelines based on things that could have been. Every event that transpired in the True Timeline and even the alternate timelines, have alternate realities that branch off from them, and alternate realities of those alternate realities, and so forth, thus creating the web."

The pane showed flashes of different events, "There are so many timelines where Goku didn't hit his head as a baby… meaning he remembered and carried out his saiyan duties, for all the horrors that brought. There are timeline's where Raditz murdered Goku and Piccolo and kidnapped Gohan, thus molding the child into a brutal warrior that served under Vegeta; one of the more interesting realities in my opinion. There are timelines where Vegeta killed Goku during the two saiyans legendary battle on Earth. Realities where Goku never transformed into a super saiyan against Frieza are common. It's simple how that happens. When the tyrant survived Goku's spirit bomb, he kills Piccolo instead of Krillin, which unfortunately isn't a big enough push to send Goku over the edge. Of course Goku and the others died on Namek as a result, as well as the Earth itself when Frieza made his way there for vengeance. There are tons of timelines where Gohan lost to Cell at the Cell Games, the poor boy never finding the strength within himself to overpower Cell's Kamehameha. There are realities where Majin Buu devoured all of the fighters in the Universe he wanted, realities where Broly murdered all of the Z-Warriors, and the list goes on and on."

The Kai smiled, "Sucks for them. I've even spotted some odd timelines where Goku marries Bulma instead of Chi-Chi, where Vegito never unfused, and where Bardock successfully rallied the saiyans against Frieza in a full-scale mass rebellion."

She flipped the pane around, "All those realities, and that's just A1. A2, is actually a tad bit less complicated, seeing as there was no time travel involved. In the realm of ninja's, an orphaned outcast goes to the edge of the world to try to save his best friend, all while pursuing his dream of becoming a respected leader. In the true timeline of this realm, he succeeds! But that doesn't mean the web doesn't have its share of dark timelines for this Universe as well…"

The images started flashing, "There are tons of timelines where Naruto never passes the genin exams, the poor boy. There are timeline's where Sakura and Sasuke failed Kakashi's test by not giving Naruto their food during the bell test, ensuring the three of them were sent back to the Academy… as a result they were split up and given different jonin. There are timeline's where Tazuna was assassinated by Zabuza during Team 7's mission to Wave. There are timeline's where Orochimaru killed Naruto and Sakura during the Chunin Exams and successfully stole Sasuke's body. Dozens of timelines where Gaara killed Sasuke and Naruto during the invasion are common, as well as timelines where Sasuke killed Naruto at the Valley of the End. What else am I missing? Ooh, I spotted a timeline here and there where Madara puts EVERYONE in the world under genjutsu, where Kaguya successfully kills Team 7 and takes back all of her Chakra... the list goes on and on." she shrugged.

"I already told you, my job is to keep these Universes from crossing over each other… which, you may think doesn't happen often, but it does! A lot!" She pointed to the pane, "And when it does happen, I normally have to step into that particular Universe's timestream and either A, get rid of the rift that bridges the two Universe's, or B, if things get bad enough, erase the time streams of the two crossed verses altogether. For example, once, in a timeline of A1, Bulma Briefs created a machine specifically to open the doors to other dimensions… and guess what happened... Son Gohan fell into that machine and wound up in Universe A2. Unfortunately, after a while, I had to erase that timestream… which really sucks because I was getting myself invested in the story of that little dilemma." she shook her head.

"I'll also let you in on a little secret of mine… nobody keeps tabs on what I do! So, technically, I can do whatever I want. To keep myself from getting bored, I actually do like to see what happens in certain crossed universes. Just so I can avoid making the same mistake of killing off interesting stories, I tend to separate certain crossover timelines into my own little… I guess you can call it a secret portfolio. One of these crossover timelines that I've kept to myself, is centered around young Trunks, in a timeline much like the true timeline, though with a few changes. In this timeline, an accident with the time machine sent the boy and his mother into the world of ninja. The events that transpired… could honestly be called a tragedy for the world of ninja."

Sekari grinned, "And we're gonna watch."


A/N: Figured I'd give you guys an idea of how the multiverse is structured in this Universe (Yes, I'm ignoring DragonBall Super rules).

Call it the mirror-verse, or the Wrath-verse, if you will.

As expected, I structured the mirror-verse around anime I love. Although most of them were pretty damn blatantly obvious, I wonder if you guys can pick out every anime within' the mirror-verse.

As far as the Supreme Kai goes, 'Sekari', she mainly serves as an Author Avatar, while the faceless 'visitor' is you guys, the reader. She was a fun way for me to explain the world without me giving you a long ass authors note about it, haha!

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