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The land of Lighting boasts the most advanced use of electricity of all nations, beyond even that of the land of Fire who were usually the lead in economical advances.

This of course meant that Kumogakure, the nation's military hub, possessed the most advanced utilities in the entire world. This was the nation's Think Tank after all.

Strolling out from a tunnel carved through a small mountain, the first thing I noticed after adapting to the light were the basic transmission towers.

They always drew my eye. Something about the way dull metal contrasts with crisp clear blue sky... or maybe just nostalgia I suppose.

It was strange to think these slightly ugly things were cutting edge for this land.

I felt no buzzing tug from the live-wires overhead as many of my peers did, thus It was unlikely my primary chakra affinity was lightning.

My attention was drawn by repetitive shouting ahead.

"-ere! Cart to West Academy here! Any children for West Aca-" So the man shouted.

That's my ride it would seem.

I walked towards the group, out of the sun and into the shadow of a larger mountain. Though from my angle it looked less like a peak and more like a sheer cliff-face.

For reference, we were on a platform that circled the midriff of a "small" rock at about one-hundred meters of the ground. The vaguely pointed rock itself was two-hundred and fifty meters in height total.

This baby mountain was one "gate mountain" situated on the outskirts of the small mountain range that Kumogakure has made its home. The Kage Tower/Military HQ, residence of the Raikage, was nestled bang in the centre of this geological middle finger to mankind.

Indeed, my new hometown was pretty cool.

And cold.

Very cold.

Approaching the shouting man, I got a better look and realise he's not the only adult waiting and greeting. To his side was a smiling smaller woman with what looked like a clipboard addressing a line of children and parents before her one at a time.

She slipped my notice previously due to her lack of blindingly white flak vest that the man wore.

The man flashed me his equally blindingly white teeth with a smile as I came into view and gestured me to the woman while still shouting.

Shouting man, I dub thee Shouting Man.

The smiling woman had slightly darker skin than my own caramel brown but identical soft looking black hair she had tied in a ponytail. Hmm, with my baby-fat face lacking enough definition to set us apart, she could easily pass as my young mother or elder sister.

Our only major difference except age and gender were my amber eyes to her homely brown.

She also had a nice smile, a sight better than my grumpy, pudgy mug.

Smiling woman, I dub thee Smiling Woman.

With SM and SW named adequately, I waited patiently in line behind a mother-daughter pair.

"-Ink I'll do alright mummy?" The daughter asked.

"You'll do fine sweetie. Mummy believes in you." The mother answered.

I felt a bit guilty for listening in like that, but they were hardly quiet, not to mention similar exchanges could be heard from all over the platform.

It was heartwarming.

Then they repeated the exact same lines a few seconds later. Then once more a minute later again… and again… again… again…

The daughter repeatedly asking her mother to reassure her. The mother steadfastly complying without a hint of annoyance and a smile to mask her own nerves.

Such exchanges could be heard all over the platform.

I felt a twinge within me. I was jealous. It felt a little bittersweet.

No, I shake my head clear of any semblance of negativity. I was jealous, yes, but there was nothing bitter about this.

It was only sweet.

Better. It would not do to have such gloomy thoughts so early. Especially not today.

Today was my first day of school after all.

From there I fell into a sort of trance most people do when waiting in line alone. A state of not ignoring anything, but not quite listening, I merely submerged myself in the atmosphere, letting my legs stop and start on auto-pilot as my mind wandered.

Before I knew it, or rather, when I came to, the mother-daughter pair had finished and walked to the side, presumably for a long hug like many others before them. It was now my turn.

"Hello there little one," Smiling Woman blinked as she looked down, hunching slightly as child-workers oft do, "where are your parents?"

Oh dear.

I shake my head. "Orphan." I say quietly, not because I was especially sad, but because I was naturally quiet.

"Ah." To her credit, Smiling Woman hid her grimace at her faux pass well. "The orphanage groups are ferried directly to the academy though, did you leave early perhaps?" She asked softy, now crouching at eye-level instead of just hunching.

I shake my head again. "I have my parents house." My father's smithy anyway, I'm not sure if mother ever lived there for extended periods. "Legacy." I added when SW looked confused.

She only looked slightly less confused. "... Your guardian?" She queried.

"A drunk cat." I supplied. "Forcibly retired from service." I said like it explained everything.

"Oh." Which it did in this case given SW's look of understanding. "I see." She hardly looked pleased.

Well, I imagine this looks pretty bad from the outside. An orphan son of someone who gave their life for Kumo, now seemingly neglected by their chosen guardian to the extent he's had to walk himself to school on his first day.

Yeah that's pretty bad.

What is it with me and drunks anyway?

"I see." Smiling Woman repeated, this time with a bit more grit. It seems my drunk cat will be getting an earful from someone fairly soon. "Well then, may I ask your name little one?"

I nodded. "Ohashi Yama. Age five." I gave the relevant information I heard others give.

Smiling Woman flipped through the pages on her clipboard, scanning the lists for my name. "Ah, here you are." Her pen made scribbling noises as she did whatever next to my name.

"Very well then." She smiled directly at me, it was still a pretty smile. "Just head on over there okay sweetie?" She pointed at a cart being crowded by some adults. "We'll be leaving for the academy in just a bit okay?"

I nodded wordlessly as she gave me another winning smile.

Moving past the parents milling about, I finally got a clear view of the cart itself. Or carts actually.

They were the stereotypical open-air carts, the type you see horses lug around in movies, but strangely these had metal wheels.

I was confused, why would they hav- oh.

I blinked. How did I miss that before? They were rather conspicuous.


These carts, were actually the carriages of a very basic train.

No. Given the lightweight nature and likeliness to run through public areas, it would be more accurate to class this contraption as a tram-train...


We have public transport.

Though I saw no engine or such, there was probably some chakra-lightning equivalent running beneath each "cabin" I assume.


I was expecting to wait and ruminate on my new founding for a while longer, but as it turned out I was one of the last in line to register anyway.

Soon enough, "It's time! Children hop on, parents say your goodbyes!" Shouting man shouted. The call sounded slightly morbid to me. Goodbyes are something to be feared in the shinobi world.

Perhaps SM was alluding to the parents saying goodbye to their children's innocence? We were off the be trained as tiny murder machines do not forget...

I blink. Ugh. I shake my head clear of the thought.

Amidst the calls and whatnot of those surrounding me, the carts quite abruptly jerked into motion, much to the squeals and surprise of their passengers.

Myself included. It'd been a while since something beneath me moved autonomously.

How nostalgic. There were even the clunk, clunk sounds as we passed over the rails… with barely a bump at that. Suspension was surprisingly good.

The rail we were travelling on looked to spiral upwards around the bigger mountain that cast a shadow on us previously. The chill in the air gradually became even more crisp as we rose but was countered by the sudden sunlight.

To the left there was a breathtaking view of flowing valleys and mirror-like lakes, lit brightly by the rising sun peaking over a wall of rock in the distance.

There was also a sheer drop to our dooms should any of us topple out of the carriages.

We were used to it.

Picturesque sights and heights were par of course here in Kumo.

"Nobody lean too far out of the carts now children!" Of course the Shouting Man still had to say that, because children are stupid.

Smiling Woman was nowhere in sight, I had expected her to join us at the back of the carts as SM took to the front, but it seems she has other jobs to do or she will make her own way to the academy.

Probably the second. She wore no flak vest, but my intuition told me she was a shinobi.

I can't wait to learn wall-walking.


There was a general awkwardness amongst the children as the adults disappeared from sight around the curve of the mountain.

Maybe it was due to my good mood, maybe I wanted to dispel some awkwardness, maybe I just wanted to be an adult amongst children, but I decided to go against character and voluntarily talk for once.

Looking at the white haired boy across from me I spoke, "Hey, you." He starts. "You're finally awake."


"You were trying to cross the border, right? Walked right into that Imperial ambush…"

Or maybe I just got caught up in the mood of being carted away with a bunch of kids and wanted to play.

Hur hur.


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