Author's Note:

Hey there everyone! Didn't think I'd be back so soon, did ya? Well, I started writing this and couldn't stop so I decided to get it going. So far, I have several chapters written. I'm writing this story a little bit different than the previous ones and I'm hoping that it flows a little bit better than the others. I have been waiting for this one for a while so I'm truly excited to be introducing it to you! Originally this was going to be a stand-alone story within the realm of the Revelations stories however, as Trouble evolved into what it was, this one had to as well. But the common elements that I wanted within the story are still there. Only certain aspects have changed and I will leave it there so I don't give away too much. I am still debating as to whether this will be combined with the other story I have in mind but we will have to wait and see.

Were you all able to read Parental Bliss? If not, it's all good. But for those of you who did read it, thank you so much for the support and the reviews! I wanted to give some spotlight on Joe since he was kind of ignored in Trouble but have no fear. Joe will have a part in this story but that comes later. I do like writing him and his interactions with his parents and family. Lol.

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So, without any further ado, I give you Waiting in the Wings. Enjoy!


David Wainwright slammed the door to his office and yelled at the top of his lungs. He was angry beyond belief; frustrated he had to miss his goddaughter's wedding. When he told Nancy over the phone that something had come up and he couldn't make it, he could hear the disappointment in her voice. David had no choice but to bail out because of several insignificant peons who worked for him.

Although he had his personal plane ready to go to Chicago, his assistant called to tell him that several of his constituents were in the process of trying to take over his company that he built along with criminal element that came with it. David had been keeping a low profile for weeks leading up to Nancy and Frank's wedding. He wanted to make sure none of those who wanted his job knew of them, something that he strived for long before he made the deal with Carson Drew. His presence at their wedding would have endangered the couple without either of them even knowing the reason behind it. David only hoped that cancelling his trip to River Heights would stop the fires of a coup from spreading and anyone from finding out that he had loved ones. The last thing David wanted to do was miss Nancy's wedding but it was imperative that she remain safe and didn't know what he really did. And now that he knew she was pregnant, David wanted to make sure that when he visited, it was because he was in the area for business.

"Sir?" replied the intercom on his desk.

"What is it, Bethany?" he muttered, rubbing the bridge of his nose. He sat at his desk, the in box piled higher than that of the out box, a strong indication as to how busy he really was. A mug of coffee sat next to laptop, left over from before he left for the airport. David took a sip forgetting its age and cringed at the bitterness of taste.

"Adam Stevens is here to see you," she replied. David groaned loudly. Stevens was one of the reasons why he had to return to his office and in his current mood, David did not want to speak or even see the man.

Adam Stevens was a bright, young, charismatic man who was quickly rising in the ranks within the organization. He also had a following, whether it be other young men seeking to become his protégé or young women seeking nothing more than a warm body to be with in bed.

"Sir?" Bethany said more quietly yet still urgent. David shuffled a few things out of sight including a photo of Nancy and Frank from their engagement party. Once he made sure the photos were locked away, he told Bethany to send the man in. Moments later a man walked in, a smile plastered on his face. David smiled as well though it did not reach his eyes. He rose from his chair to greet the man and took him in.

Adam Stevens wore a dark suit almost as if he were about to attend a funeral. His dark hair was slicked back with gel giving him an air of sleaziness that David detested in the man. As much as he wanted to get rid of him, David knew he couldn't for Adam was not only a master at numbers but also at lying which was something that David's organization frequently used in order to continue their businesses outside normal practices. He was also feared among those on the floor where he office is which made David wonder what else Adam did for the company.

"David!" cried Adam as he slithered his way across the room. The two men shook hands briefly before David gestured toward a chair facing his desk. He went back around and sat down ensuring that Adam understood who was in charge. "I thought you were going to be out of town this weekend."

"I was," David replied, his tone cheerful though strong. "But I got word of some very disturbing news that I had to cancel my plans. I was not happy and neither were the people whom I was meeting with."

"Oh?" the sleazy man said seemingly interested in who David was meeting. He remained standing not letting David get the chance to stare him down from above. Adam knew that the chairs were purposely lower than the desk chair so that David could stare down those he disliked. "I'm sure she'll understand eventually. Too bad you had to cancel at the last minute."

David became slightly alarmed, his face suddenly turning white. A reaction that didn't go unnoticed by Adam, whose smirk grew. Regaining his composure, David rose from his chair to glare at the man opposite him.

"That, Adam," he replied through gritted teeth, "is none of your business. My private life has nothing to do with what we do here and as long as I'm in charge, it will stay that way. You need to remember who you're talking to, you spineless worm."

"Ooo, such words, David," Adam said mockingly. "Those are fighting words. Just you remember, your time is coming to an end soon. Several members of the board along with a few colleagues of mine want you gone. You know that, but since you're the founder, you're safe...for now. But if you don't watch yourself, someone could do the same thing to your new love that happened to your wife and daughter. But it's good to see that you finally found someone new. I just hope she knows what she's getting herself into. Maybe you should retire with her before it's too late."

David laughed knowing the man was fishing. Adam knew nothing of the real reason why he was going out of town and apparently most everyone thought he was dating again. David wanted to make sure it stayed that way for the time being. The only bad thing was that he was really looking forward to the wedding. He liked Frank and the whole Hardy family. But David was also concerned that they would eventually find out the truth before he could tell them personally. He shook his head, coming back to the present. Adam still smirked in front of him though he had his fingertips pressed into David's desk, leaning forward, waiting for his reaction.

"I suggest, Adam," David replied rather pleasantly, "that you not speak to me like that again. You know nothing of my personal life and you never will. The board knows it's off-limits after what happened to my beloved wife and daughter. You ever come into my office acting like a king again, I'll personally make sure you reach the lobby quickly, using the express 'air' elevator. Do I make myself clear?"

"You wish you could do it, old man," Adam laughed, leaning closer to David, their noses inches apart. "I'm the future of our organization and this company. You will be the thing of the past soon and no one will remember you. Whoever you are protecting will eventually feel the full wrath of us if you like it or not. It will only be a matter of time before we find out who they are and you won't even know it until it's too late."

Before David could retort, Adam's smiled melted into a sneer and the man made his way to the door with no acknowledgment to Bethany who was just walking in with a stack of papers in her arm. She watched him leave, confusion on her tired face. When Bethany turned back to David, she was shocked to see actual fear in her boss, something that was very out of character for him. Out of everyone in the organization, she was David's most loyal employee with her being the only one who knew of Nancy.

"Is everything all right, sir?" Bethany replied once the door closed. She nonchalantly took a small device from under the pile of papers and swept around the desk. The device soon began beeping loudly in the vacant space where Adam once occupied. Bethany felt under the desk soon pulling out what looked like a small dot. David shook his head, holding up the mug of coffee remnants and his secretary dropped the dot into it with a quiet plunk.

"Any others?" he asked looking around the room. Bethany walked the office then shook her head when no other listening devices were found. "They're getting desperate, Beth. I don't know how much longer I can do this before they either come after me or anyone whom I care about. I could never forgive myself if anything were to happen to you or Nancy and her new husband. This has to stop but only Adam has shown his face. Who are the others, I wonder."

"What are you going to do for now?"

"Keep my eyes open," David sighed. "And probably keep my distance from Nancy for the time being. I promised Carson. I just wished I had gotten there earlier to protect him as well."

"From what I gather," Bethany stated wisely, "the accident that killed him had nothing to do with you, David. You can't beat yourself up about that or about Nancy. I'm sure she knows you care. What are you going to do if someone finds out about her?"

"Whatever I have to do, Beth," he said grimly. David took out the photo of his wife and daughter, remembering the day the two were killed. They died because of him, neither one of them ever knowing his real business or the criminal empire that came with it. They just assumed he was the founder and CEO of a major corporation. All he knew was that he wasn't going to let the same thing happen to Nancy, no matter the cost.

The moment Adam was on the elevator heading down to his office, he pulled out his cell phone and dialed a number.

"It's me," he said once the person on the other line answered. "It's definitely a woman that he's getting close to. David Wainwright still hasn't learned his lesson but he will soon enough. Whoever it is will wish she never met him."

He listened as the other person spoke then nodded.

"I'll keep my eyes and ears open," Adam replied. As he walked down the hall towards his office, several people shifted quickly out of his way as if avoiding the man altogether. He smirked at this, feeling good that people were afraid of him. Turning his attention back to his phone conversation, Adam replied one last thing before ending the call. "David Wainwright will never know what hit him or where it will come from, that I can guarantee. We will find her and her head will be handed to him on a silver platter before we finally wipe him off the face of the planet."