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Location; Tatooine; GRN Resolute
Date: March 9
th, 2617

Anakin could not believe what his eyes were showing him. What was once a slum planet with nothing of value to it, was now a planet teaming with life. The people of Tatooine were now calling it "New Tatooine" to solidify its rebirth into this new world. What made it even more baffling were the Hut's announcement of, "The Hut Clan finds the slave trade no longer profitable or beneficial to itself. Any current slaves that were under our jurisdiction are now free to go and make their own lives." What did the CUS do that caused the Hut's to have such a drastic change in heart about slavery? Perhaps he could find out later. In the meantime, he wanted to go and see if he could find where his mother was buried and rebury her somewhere nicer on this newly revitalized world.

Yularen approaches Skywalker, "General, we are receiving a transmission from the ring"

"Put it on"

Yularen looks to a comms officer and nods his head, signaling the comm officer to let the message come through.

"This is Admiral Nikolaos of the CUS, what brings you to New Tatooine Skywalker?"

Skywalker locks eyes with Nikolaos, "This was my home and the final resting place of my mother. I want to find her grave and give her a proper burial somewhere nicer."

"….Fine, but I'm having two Rapier fighters escort you to the surface."

"That's fair. Just make sure they can keep up."

Nikolaos smirks, "Oh trust me Skywalker, they will be flying circles around your tiny dingy."

Nikolaos hangs up the transmission



Location; Tatooine; New Mos Eisley

Anakin walked through what was now "New Mos Eisley". What used to be a slum where people barely survived, was now covered in bright green grass, trees, and more life than he had ever seen before. It was almost surreal. People where now more than able to survive, they were able to flourish and if what he'd overheard from the people is true, New Tatooine was considering becoming a colony world of the CUS. Allowing their people to Eventually, he finds a speeder rental and rents a speeder, heading to his stepfamilies home.

Upon arriving at the Lars residence (which now sat next to a rather large lake) he knocked on the door and Cliegg answers, "Oh, Anakin. What brings you here?"

"I was hoping to rebury my mother in a nicer location now seeing as Tatooine has-"

"Been made better by the CUS? I don't see why not. She's still in the same place. Just mark her grave when you finish."

"Thank you, Mr. Lars." Anakin shakes Cliegg's hand and begins removing his mother from her old grave, puts her onto the back of the speeder, and drives to a spot with a cliff overlooking the lake with a lonely tree to provide shade for his mothers final resting place. As he digs the new gravesite, he can't help but remember all of the memories of his mother. Both good and bad. It hurt, in a way, having those memories resurface after all of this time. All the things he has done and seen in this war. All of the people he has failed to protect. Especially his mother. He had failed her. He promised her that he would come to free her after he became a Jedi but even then, he lost her in the end. He failed to come and free her from the Huts. Why? Why did she have to die? Why her? Why did the galaxy have to take his mother from him just as he was able to come and free her?! WHY?! He begins to cry, the flood of memories and pain overflowing him causing him to collapse to the ground and yell towards the heavens. The ground cracking beneath him as he yells.


Location; Tatooine

Agent Whisper watched Skywalker from afar. Curious as to what could cause him to breakdown like that. Whisper had observed Skywalker digging someone out of an old grave at the Lars Residence and had brought them here to be reburied. Whisper just could not understand it but, they had their orders. Observe Skywalker and make sure he doesn't try start anything. If he does, hit him with a tranq and send him back up to his ship. He's too high profile for an assassination, and they can't risk pissing off his wife, Senator Amidala, while they've been working on preparing to bring Naboo into the CUS. ONI was perfectly aware that Bonteri had shared the truth of the war with her (which was both smart and dumb on her part) which meant that ONI now had another opportunity to begin carefully tearing apart the Republic with the power of doubt, but for now, Whisper had to make sure that Skywalker didn't pull a fast one, and wait for Cipher Nine's report on his infiltration mission into the ruined Jedi Temple on Tython. The Neo Jedi Order had mentioned that there was something there they would need for future use and have told Cipher Nine that he would know it when he sees it. Whisper could only wonder what it could be, and why the Neo Jedi seemed so determined in getting it. But for now, he had to monitor Skywalker. And have slight concern over his mental health.


Location; Tython; Cipher Nines refurbished X-70B Phantom

Cipher Nine piloted his old ship down to Tython. Careful not to fly too fast as it may ruin the cloaking field it generated to hide it. But he trusted his old ship. He knew it would not fail him. It never failed him before so why should it fail him now?

The X-70B Phantom was an old design. Dating back to the Sith Empire. When ONI first recruited him, they had recovered his old ship and modernized it. Replacing the hyperdrive with a much more superior Slipspace drive, more advanced cloaking and stealth technology, more powerful missiles and replaced the blasters with heavy cannons, and upgraded all the electronics and controls to modern UNSC standards. ONI also recovered the X-70B Phantom schematics and began reproducing the ship. They often gave their most respected, trusted, and most talented agents their own X-70B's, as well as producing civilian models of the Phantom for the public to use. The reason for this being that the X-70B was designed to look like a star yacht, made to look like there's a rich business man out on a cruise with their friends or family, or a politician flying one to get to the next speech they would be giving. After all, the security services of Coalition, Confederate, and even Republic worlds are less likely to pull over a yacht than a hauler. As evidenced by how easy it was for Cipher Nine to slip on through the Republic security service.

Cipher eventually is able to land on the surface, hidden away by the trees and foliage from the prying eyes of the Republic ground forces. Once he lands, he disembarks from his craft, checks that his pistol is silenced, and quietly makes his way to the old jedi temple. He had been here once before. Thousands of years ago when the Revanites within the empire attacked and brutally destroyed most of the temple. Forcing the Jedi order to relocate to Coruscant. But during the relocation, one of the Jedi masters, the very same Jedi Master that is now grandmaster of the Neo Jedi order back on New Erda-Tyrene, hid a holocron away. A holocron he had hid away due to the secrets that it had contained inside it. Secrets involving one of the oldest members of the Coalition. The Forerunners. During the time before the Eternal Empire first struck, Nathan had been getting strange visions from the Force. Visions from the Force that told him to seek out strange artifacts from the Forerunners and document them. At the time, he did not know why he was too be documenting this. But now that the Coalition has appeared, and the species that constructed the artifacts has been revealed and is part of the Coalition, Nathan had mentioned to ONI about it. ONI, not wanting to let the Republic get access on information on such advanced technology, ordered Cipher Nine to get to Tython, grab the Holocron, and then get the hell out of dodge. Long as the Republic soldiers keep their distance from the temple, everything should be fine. Should be at least.

Cipher engages his active camo systems and slowly makes his way toward the temple. Stopping every now and again to avoid attracting a Republic patrol walking past. After what would have felt like hours, Cipher sneaks into the old Jedi Council chambers and searches for a hidden activation switch that will reveal the holocron to him. It takes about 15 minutes, but eventually, he finds the switch hidden by what seems like an ordinary control panel on the wall. He removes the control panel from the wall and uses the switch. Once the switch is used, the center of the old council table opens like a camera shutter, and a glowing, blue, holocron floats out and hovers in midair. Cipher grabs it, flicks the switch again to hide the hole in the table, places the false control panel back onto the wall, and quickly leaves the way he came.

Once back inside his ship, he sends a quick flash message to ONI, "Holocron recovered, leaving Tython now. Inform the Neo orders." After sending the message, Cipher heads to the cockpit, turns the ship back on, engages the cloaking device, and then leaves the surface of the planet. Once out of reach of the planetary surface, the slipspace drive engages and he quietly slips away from the Republic controlled world. Out of sight, and out of mind.

Location; Coruscant; Senate Building Hallway

Date: March 11th, 2617

A young, blonde haired and blue-eyed woman closely follows behind Ambassador Maria. Following her to the senate floor.

"Alexandra Beniko, are you sure you wish to be here? The Jedi may feel you."

Alexandra looks to Maria, "I am perfectly aware that they may. Even if they do, they will not take me. I am simply too old. And even if they did try to take me, I am a CUS citizen now, and the CUS Council would likely declare war against the Republic for kidnapping one of their citizens."

"Very true. Well, let us see what the Senate will demand for us to give."

"Is it really that bad in there?"

"Very, but it could be worse. The Mon-Calan senator, senator Lessiff, is incredibly open minded and much more empathetic than his peers"

"The Mon-Cala always did seem to be a kinder race than many of the others."

"Really? I may have to look into them later"

Alexandra smiles and follows Maria onto the senate floor. Passing by Jedi Master Aayla Secura on the way.


Location; Coruscant; Senate Building Hallway

Aayla froze as the young woman accompanying Ambassador Maria walked past. The Force was strong in her, really strong. But what shocked and terrified her was the presence of the Dark side in the woman. Normally, the Dark side and the Light side are constantly fighting inside an individual. Trying to snuff each other out until there is only one or the other. But inside the woman, the Dark and the Light were not trying to snuff each other out. Rather, they were preforming an elegant and peaceful dance inside of her. Not even bothering to snuff each other out. Who was that woman? And how was she able to have the dark side and the light side co-exist so peacefully inside of her, that they danced in beautiful harmony? And more importantly, why was she with the Coalition and not the Republic? Aayla had to inform the Jedi Council immediately of this strange occurrence.


Location; Coruscant; Senate Building

The senate was loud, but not hostile for once. They were busy discussing what was to be done, now that only a few moments ago, New Tatooine had pledged its allegiance and loyalty to the CUS, becoming one of its colonies, but it would honor any old treaties or deals made with the Republic before it was Terraformed. Do they reduce the amount of star destroyers being sent through or near the new CUS space around Tatooine to reduce tension or not seem hostile? Or do they just continue sending the massive fleets through New Tatooine as they normally do?

As Maria got into a senate pod, Alexandra pulled out a tablet and started taking notes on how Maria speaks, how she composes herself, and how she uses body language to convey her message.

Maria speaks, "The CUS will continue to allow the Republic to send their fleets through the huts hyperlanes until the war is over honoring the previous agreement made between you and the huts. We will not stop you from doing this, but we would like to suggest seeing smaller fleets come through as to keep tensions down."

The senate murmurs and nods towards Maria. One of the senator's notice Alexandra, "Excuse me Maria, who is that woman with you?"

"This is Alexandra Beniko. She is learning to become a future Ambassador. So I was asked if she could shadow me while I am here"

"Well, I hope they are able to learn under such a calm person as yourself."

"Thank you, senator."

"you are welcome. Now then, onto the next topic. We were wondering if we could open a new trade deal with the CUS."

Maria inhales. This is going to take quite a while.


Location; Neimoidia; UNSC Prowler "Umbra"

Date: March 12th, 2617

The sound of knives being sharpened were heard throughout the armory in the prowler. UNSC Headhunters and Silent Shadow Operatives once again had a new task. The killing of another corrupt government official within the CIS. This time, it was Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation. Slimy bastard had invaded Naboo a few years prior and yet, after 4 years and 4 consecutive trials, was acquitted of all charges and got off scot free. Now, karma would finally catch up with him, and he was going to die a grizzly death.

HH-01 looked to HH-03, "Got that C12 all bundled up?"

HH-03 snickers, "C12 ready to go."

"Good. SSO-01, are your people ready"

SSO-01 laughs and the Silent Shadows ignite their energy swords, "We are ready."

"Good. Alright Headhunters, Silent Shadows, lets silence this bastard."

The Prowler slowly flew to the drop off point, opened its rear hatch, and all 8 of the two groups jumped out onto the ground.

HH-02 primed their weapon, "Activate active camo."

The seven others nod and engage their active camo.

SSO-03 grabs their blade handle, "Death is coming Gunray, and we are his servants."


Location; Neimoidia; Gunrays Estate

Nute Gunray calmly walked down the halls of his estate, pleased with his recent acquisition of Twi'Leks. While the Huts may have ended their slave trade, damn CUS going through with abolishing it, it just provided more opportunity for him to expand the trade that the Trade Federation makes.

He sits down in his nice, new, leather chair and orders a slave to bring him some Corellian wine. But unfortunately for Gunray, this cup of wine would be the last cup he ever drank.


Location; Neimoidia; Gunrays Estate

Quietly the 8 soldiers crept through the Estate, careful not to disturb or cause any change around them. Carefully, they crept towards Gunrays room when, a slave comes by carrying a wine glass. Suddenly, a Neimoidian guard comes from around a hallway and runs into the slave.

The slave is barely able to avoid dropping the glass, "t-t-t-terribly sorry"

"Where are you going slave?"

"T-t-t-t-to Nute Gunray sir. Im bringing him some wine."

HH-01 activates their helmet radio, "HH-04, I have an idea."

"What do you have in mind?"

"Did you bring the Iocane powder?"

HH-04 smirks under their helmet and quietly, carefully creeps over and pours the powder right into Gunrays wine glass while the slave is distracted by the guard chewing her out. Once done, HH-04 quickly retreats back into the shadows, "Now all we have to do is wait for the news report to come in"

"Excellent work, alright everyone, back to the Prowler. We need to leave quickly"

The 8 soldiers then quietly left the way they came and returned back to the prowler, and took off into the sky, leaving the Estate and the now deceased corpse of Nute Gunray, behind.


Location; Coruscant; Jedi Council Chambers

Date: March 14th, 2617

"And in other news, the Separatist, Nute Gunray, was found dead this morning. Reports say he was found in his study poisoned after trace amounts of an unknown odorless and tasteless poison were found in his wine glass. The slave that was responsible for giving him the drink was interrogated extensively but it soon became clear that she was not responsible for Gunrays death. But the question remains, who was able to kill Gunray in his own home? How did they get in? And what kind of poison did they use that was able to kill the Separatist traitor?"

Mace Windu shuts off the holonet and puts his hands under his chin, "There was no way this was done by the Republic. A vengeful assassin or bounty hunter? Maybe, but definitely not the Republic. It was too…surgical. Done with a precision we don't have."

Yoda nods, "Strange this is. But worry, we should not. Missed, Gunray will not be."

Secura looks lost in thought.

Mace looks at her, "Something on your mind Master Secura?"

Secura looks up startled, "Oh! It's just…..I encountered something strange back at the Senate building"

"What did you encounter?"

Secura takes a large breath, "The woman accompanying Ambassador Maria"

"The one shadowing her?"

"Yes that one, she has a very….curious presence in the Force"

"What do you mean?"

"There is….great darkness and great light in her"

Yoda looks at Secura, "Explain, you must"

"Normally, the dark side and the light side are constantly fighting for control within a person. But when I felt the woman, this was far from the case"

Shaak Ti leans in, "What do you mean?"

"The best way that I can think to describe it is, the Dark and the Light in her were…..dancing"

Ki Adi Mundi looks surprised, "Dancing?"

"Yes, and not a dance of aggression, but a dance of elegance, love, and protection. It should be impossible! No one should be able to master both the dark and light inside them! It would destroy them."

Yoda thinks, "Strange, this is. Master Secura, talk to the woman, you must. Find out how this is possible, you must"

Secura stands up and bows, "Yes master. I will get on this immediately."

Secura leaves the Jedi Council Chambers and heads toward the hotel where the Ambassador is staying at.

Mace and Yoda look at each other, "If what Secura says is true, then the CUS is hiding something inside their borders."

"True Master Windu. But interfere, we cannot. Until we know for certain, we must not fight."

Windu nods and relaxes in his chair."


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