AN: In this fic Jacob did not imprint on Renesmee. Femslash. Oneshot but if wanted i can continue. Also, Charles was turned into vampire and had Jessica with a human. All canon pairings aside from Jacob and Ness.

Renesmee was done with the day as she plopped down next to her mother in their literature class. She was thankful t that moment that nobody filled the third and empty seat at their table. That was until today as the new kid wandered in to the classroom and the teacher sent her to the Cullens' table. She sat awkwardly beside Bella who was eyeing her up.

The vampire could tell by her heart beat that she was like Renesmee. A hybrid. She glanced a look at her daughter who was staring at the new girl as if she was seeing a god. Bella nudged her.

"Sorry…" The daughter murmured dropping her eyes to her notes a blush creeping up her face.

They spent the class trying to pay attention, however both hybrid girls couldn't stop staring at each other. It was odd for them to see someone like them but that wasn't it. Neither girl could ignore the pull they felt towards each other

As the final bell rang for the day and the Cullens' all gathered around the cars, Bella was explaining what had happened during Lit. All the while making the youngest Cullen blush more, whining.

"Mama… stop…" She groaned quietly hiding her head into her fathers neck.

"Ness. I know what a true mate pull looks like. We all do." Commented Alice as the hybrid girl slowly trudged out of the building. She got into a car with a man Edward recognized instantly.

He stalked over to the car growling as he heard the man telling the young girl that she looked stupid and no one wanted her so give it up. She must have been telling him about the interaction with Renesmee.

Jessica felt someone's hand on her arm before being wretched out of her fathers car.

"Get your filthy paws off-" But before he could finish Edward had cut him off.

"If you don't get out of her Charles Evenson I will slowly burn your pieces one at a time." At hearing the name most of the Cullen children stepped into action. Bella and Rosalie pulled the blonde girl to the side. Renesmee put her arm around her. The boys stepped around Edward growling.

"You better leave Mr. Evenson. There are about 6 vampires in this lot alone who want to rip you to pieces. You hurt our mother. We won't kill you if you leave and do not come back."

The confused man knew he was outnumbered and sped off.

"Who are you?" The hybrid blond asked whipping her head around looking at all the vampires surrounding her until her eyes landed on the being who made her heart skip a beat.

"Lets just say were going to become good friends. But first, we should get you back to our house." The brunette who had been in her English class said. She stepped back shaking slightly.

"Your eyes are gold… papa told me gold eyes are bad…" She muttered wrapping her arms around her waist.

"No sweetheart. Gold eyes just mean that we drink animal blood not human blood. We mean you no harm and just want you safe from your father." The man with messy hair who had pulled her from her fathers car said. "I know your father hits you. I know he's not a good man and you shouldn't have to live with him anymore."

Renesmee stepped forward holding her hand out.

"I wont let anyone hurt you Jessica. I promise. Do you trust me?" Jessica couldn't quite explain why but looking into the brown eyes of the girl in front of her she felt like she could trust her. She could trust her to not let her get hurt. She nodded slightly taking the girls hand stepping beside her. "Good. Lets go to my house and we can tell you more there alright?"

The blonde followed the rest of the crew to the cars and got in the back with Renesmee. Bella and Edward up front. They all drove to the Cullens' home.

As they pulled up to the house Jessicas eyes widened seeing the gorgeous glass house in front of her. She stepped out of the car and followed the others up the stairs and inside the house where someone she recognized right away greeted them.

"Esme." The caramel haired lady whipped her head around and took in the sight of the new comer.

"Hello. Do I know you?"

"No. But you know who her father is. I hate to tell you this Esme but… Charles is here…"

A small gasp and a hand flying up to her mouth made Jessica step farther back from Esme.

"I'll leave… I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare or hurt you… papa has a photo of you in the house and he told me who you are."

"Sweetheart… You are not leaving this house. I don't want you out there with your father out still." Esme stepped forward and pulled the girl into her arms where the blond instantly relaxed and felt home. She could trust this family.

Renesmee slipped her arm around Jessicas waist after Esme let her go which made Jessica melt into the other hybrids side. The two fit together like missing puzzle pieces. The looks passed around all the vampires knew what that meant.

"I'm glad you found your True Mate Nessie." Edward smiled fondly at his daughter who blushed and buried her head into Jessicas shoulder causing the blond to laugh slightly and put her arm around her shoulder.

"Thanks daddy…" That caused the blond to look between the two confused. "We should explain our family to you." Jessica just nodded and let her other half guide her to the couch and sat beside her with Renesmee's legs draped over Jessicas lap.

"So to start I'll explain my life. I was born in Forks years ago to my mother Bella" She motioned to her parents who were sitting on the love seat together "And my father Edward. She had me while she was still human. This is my family. Alice and Jasper" She nodded towards the pair who sat on the floor at her parents feet "Rosalie and Emmett" Her hand motioned towards the other two who sat on the couch beside them "And my grandma, Esme. My grandpa is at work at the hospital."

Jessica nodded at all of them and looked down then looked at Esme.

"I should probably explain my story too. My father was turned not long after you passed. He spent a couple years by himself then he met my mother. They had a good relationship but dad got to excited one night and they had me. I killed my mother instantly which is why my dad hates me so much. He keeps me around purely to torture me and seeing as its all I've ever known I don't leave. I'm to scared he'll come after me. I'm not as strong as you are Esme."

The others flinched slightly hearing why her father kept her around which caused Esme to sit on the other side of Jessica.

"You're father will never hurt you again Jessica. Ever." Jessica smiled and hugged the motherly vampire again muttering a thank you into her neck. Esme nodded rubbing her back. "Of course. Now. My two hybrids. It is time to get some homework done before dinner."

The two girls groaned and slowly made their way to Renesmees room to start their homework.

"She already fits in perfectly hmm mom?" Jasper mused looking up at the two girls who closed the bedroom door.

Upstairs Jessica and Renesmee plopped down on the bed and pulled their books out. The more they did their homework the closer to the two girls got to each other. Jessica looked up at her mate and smiled as they met eyes. Slowly their heads leaned in and their lips touched. The feeling of each others lips on theirs felt perfect. Right where they were meant to be. Ness shoved her books off her lap and pulled Jessica on her forcing the blond to straddle her. Finally needing air they pulled back keeping their foreheads touching.

"That was-"

"Perfect." The both nodded and went back in to kiss again. Jessicas hand trailing her way up Renesmees shirt and towards her breasts causing the brunette to moan. They pulled away quickly as the bedroom door swung open causing them both to jump and whip their heads to the doorway.

Edward stood there, hands on his hips with an eyebrow raised. Both girls pulled apart sheepishly and settled back into their original spots grabbing their books.

"Sorry dad…" Renesmee muttered sneaking a glance at her father who just shook his head chuckling and turned to leave.

"The door stays open!" He threw out before heading back downstairs.

Bella who was sitting on the couch laughed at her husband from her spot beside Alice as they watched Emmett try and flip Rosalie outside in the garden.

"Babe. We were way worse." She muttered causing Emmett to stop and smirk at Bella which let Rosalie flip Emmett on his back and stand above him grinning hands on her hips.

"Don't even think about it Em." Emmett groaned and let his head fall into his hands as he sat up. "Besides. Dad should be home soon and you know how he feels about us wrestling."

Just as she said that they all heard Carlisle pull up the driveway. He opened the front door and barely got a step inside before Renesmee had barreled into his arms. He chuckled and pulled her into his arms.

"I missed you too beautiful but why the bouncing?" He raised an eyebrow as his granddaughter bounced around then stopped as a girl stepped up beside her and took her hand. He had missed the second heartbeat in the room. Not entirely sure what was going on he took a glance at one of his daughters. Bella just smiled back at him.

"Dad. This is Jessica. She is the new kid in our school. She also happens to be your new granddaughter." Jessica blushed looking down at her feet knowing what Bella had said was true but still felt uncomfortable as she had never actually thought about that. Her life had been filled with nothing. Nothing but the beatings from her father and the names at schools. She had been alive for nearly 90 years yet she had never had anything other than her father.

Carlisle smiled down at the blond girl who looked lost in thoughts.

"Its nice to meet you Jessica. Are you alright?" The girl hadn't realized she had gone off in her thoughts and quickly pulled her hands from Renesmee's hand before her palms started to heat up.

"You as well sir. Yes im fine." Her hands started to shake and she bolted out the door of the Cullens home and into the forest. She felt multiple people follow her and she stopped quickly making the rest of them stumble as they stopped. "Please. Leave me alone. I cant control this…"

The others gathered around her then were quickly flown backwards as the lightning hit the ground next to Jessica. Rosalie was up quickly and had bolted to the young girls side. She held her hand as the hybrid broke down and started to sob. Renesmee had her arms around her mate within an instant. Edward looked around the ground seeing the lightning mark on the ground near them. Bella slipped her hand into his and stole a glance at Esme who stood shocked with Carlisle's arms around her.

"What just happened?!" Emmett asked after a few minutes of silence.

"It's my power… if I could control it I should be able to control lightning and thunder but if I get overwhelmed the lightning just sort of happens." Jessica explained as her head was buried into Renesmees shoulder. "I guess I thought about my father to much and the crap hes put me through and the fact that I now know what Esme went through and I got mad that he could ever do that to someone so kind. I also just remembered that I don't have a family and I never will."

Esme smiled and pulled herself from Carlisles arms and sat beside the hybrids and rubbed the blondes back.

"Sweetheart you have a family now. You are now part of this family and you will have to deal with us forever."

Jessica smiled up at her and looked around at her new family. First to Jasper and Alice, the empath and the pixie who were now her aunt and uncle. To Rosalie and Emmet, the bear and the ice queen who seemed to have melted a bit meeting her. To Bella and Edward who were watching her and their daughter with so much love that she felt a strong sense of parental pulls. Next to Carlisle and Esme who were staring at their newest granddaughter smiling kindly. Finally, to her mate, her other half, Renesmee. The person she knew she could never live without now. This was it, she was home.