Hey guys. Sorry it's such a short chapter. Thank you to xameliex22 and DxGRAYxMAN for being concerned. I will be okay. I'm feeling a bit better but not 100%. Enjoy this short chapter, i will do what i can to update sooner!

The two hybrids spent around an hour going through Jessica's stuff trying to decide what to keep or lose. While the brunette was packing boxes, the blonde started digging through her fathers stuff trying to find her necklace. She eventually found it stuffed under some clothes in her fathers room. Jessica walked back into the living room holding the box, to see Edward taking out the last of her boxes and putting them into Bella's truck.

"I found it." She walked over to Renesmee who put her arm around her waist. "I have the last thing from my mother and I am happy to put my past behind me now." Bella smiled and gave the blonde a good hug.

"I'm glad you are. Everyone ready to go?" The other three in the house nodded and they all drove back to the Cullen house. Once they arrived, Jessica and Renesmee started to move all of Jessica's stuff into Renesmee's room. Ness pushed her bedroom door open and gasped looking over at the missing wall. The wall had been knocked down and the two girls could see Emmett and Jasper moving things around for them.

As Emmett left, Jasper pulled Jessica over to him and sat her down on the bed. "I found some pictures I think you might enjoy Jess. I found them in my daughters stuff after she passed." Jessica looked over at the blonde man then back down at the box in her hands. She opened the latch and pushed the lid open.

Inside was a small pile of photographs, a baby blanket, a little stuffed animal, some jewelry, and notes. She picked up the little bear and gasped looking at the dusty bear in her hands. She then picked up the photos and flipped through them. She saw pictures of her, her mother and her father. She then stopped when she saw a small polaroid of her and Jasper. Jasper sitting outside of the house looking over at her from the forest as she was running around catching butterflys outside the house.

Alice grinned as she leaned into Jasper watching the young girl go through the box. "This was the day before mom died… how did…" The hybrid glanced up at the man and held the polaroid up. "Is this you? How did you see… did you… you saw me…?" Jasper sighed and nodded.

"We didn't know Jess. All we saw was a loving mother and daughter. We never realized what would happen the next day." Jessica looked back down at the picture then up at Alice.

"That means you were there? You took the picture?" Alice just nodded. "You guys saw us… you must have seen something Alice! Jasper! You must have felt the fear! You could have stopped it! You could have taken mum and I away and we would have been safe! He wouldn't have killed her!" Jessica stood up glaring at the couple in front of her who just stared at the ground by their feet.

"No Jess… when we came, you and youre mom were so happy and free in that moment there were no lingering fears. Alice didn't know who she was looking for. She saw it and we ran. We tried to make it to you, to at least take you away from him but… you were gone…" The man slumped down in a chair. His voice breaking. "He had already escaped with you… we followed his scent then it abruptly stopped… he was gone… Alice tried to look for you… she tried to follow his decisions but we were always just TOO late." Jessica looked up at the pixie then over at Jasper who was slouched down in a chair, his hands covering his face.

The blonde hybrid bolted forward and wrapped her arms around the Texans neck. "You tried… that's all that mattered… you wanted to save me." Jasper wrapped the girl in his arms and cradled the back of her head. "You did everything you could… please don't be upset… I'm here aren't i? I'm safe now." Jasper nodded as the hybrid pulled away.

"You are so amazing Jess…" Jasper wiped the tear off the warm cheek. Jessica smiled softly but jasper could feel the confusion so he continued. "You are comforting me yet I'm your grandfather and you just learned some shocking news and yet you are helping me feel better."

Jessica just grinned and nodded. "Of course. I don't want my grandpa to be upset." Jasper chuckled at the name.

Later that evening found Jessica sitting on a new window seat in the girls room staring at the sunset. She heard her name being called but just pulled the curtains around the seat and pulled the blanket around her shoulders tighter. She looked down at the photograph of her, Jasper and her mother. "Sometimes I wish I could go back there… to my mom and keep her safe…" The blonde whispered as a tear fell down her cheek and landed on the photograph.

Esme made her way up the stairs and knocked lightly on the door. "Jessica?" She asked in a quiet voice. "Jess come downstairs and have dinner." Esme looked around the room and her eyebrows knitted together. She pulled the curtain open and gasped. "Jess?! Jessica?"

Renesmee ran up the stairs as fast as she could then stopped when she saw her grandmother turn around. "Nana?"

Esme looked up from the picture in her hand and looked over at her granddaughter. That's when they both heard a scream and ran back down the stairs. They looked around confused until they saw Jessica standing in the middle of the living room behind a very confused looking woman, Jasper standing staring at her eyes wide, the game controller on the ground beside him crushed into pieces.


"Papa?" That was all it took for Jasper to fling his arms around the human, being careful to not hurt her and hug her tightly. The blonde wrapped her arms around Jaspers neck starting to cry. "Papa… dad… you… you're…" Jessica looked up at Esme then back at the lady. Before Esme could move, Jessica was wrapping her arms around her waist. She could hear the girls heart beat going crazy so on instinct she started running her fingers through the blonde hair and kissed her forehead.

"Jess. Jess its okay. Look. I'm here. Nessie is here." Jessica looked up then wrapped her arms around Renesmees neck as the brunette slipped her arm around her partners waist. Jasper finally stood up and looked over at Jessica then back at his faughter.

"Jazzy… you… I saw… Jazz youre alive?" Jasper cupped the girls (who was now the same age as her father) face, sheer confusion in his eyes. He then slid his eyes over to his granddaughter who was clearly a little shaken up, covered in mud, a cut across her face and down her arm. "Jess. What happened to you?"

"I don't know… I was sitting in the window seat then all of a sudden im back in the field, watching mom watch little me play. I grabbed her arm and then I was here…" Carlisle, who had drifted over to his wife, gasped. Jessica whipped her head around to face her foster parents. She then looked up and saw her mother who was staring at her, her eyes full of tears. "Mother…?" She muttered before she was scooped up and was being hugged tightly by her mother.

Jasmine couldn't believe what was happening. All she knew was that her daughter and grown up, she wasn't sure how, but then again she still struggled to wrap her head around the whole vampire thing. "Jessica! Your face!" Jasmine pulled back and looked over at the brunette who was all of a sudden cupping her daughters face. "Oh darling… come on. Lets get those cleaned up." Bella said, Jessica nodding and followed her partners mom into the bathroom.

"Papa… dad what's happening?" Jasmine whipped around to face her father. "You're alive… well kind of…" All of a sudden her face blanched and she started to shake, her head whipping around. "Wheres Charles?! Where is he?! I need to get Jess away!" Before Jasmine could take a step she felt two hands on her shoulders and she looked up to see a pair of kind, soft, topaz eyes looking at her.

"Jasmine. I know you're scared. Trust me when I say I understand the fear but you're okay. Jessica is okay. Charles is gone. He can never hurt us again." Jasmine couldn't explain why but she felt like she could trust this woman in front of her. She could calm down and allowed herself to fall into the womans arms. That was all she remembered before her whole world went dark.