Walter Simmons watched as Mechagodzilla powered down due to the lack of power needed to run at the full one hundred percent, a frown forming on his face as the mechanized titans. His daughter was in the Hollow Earth looking for that power source, to power this creation to end Godzilla once and for all. He looked at the displays at the information on the latest testing, the mecha's main weapon leaving number ten in two halves on the ground.

In the Hollow Earth, the humans were watching the shape of Kong galloping across the landscape of the land. Nathan Lind grimaced internally as he looked at the surrounding views until something on the scanner caught the pilots attention.

"Ma'am?" The pilot looked up, "We're being followed by another beast."

"What is it then?" Maia Simmons asked before the HEAV shook as a deep low hum filled the air.

"Atlantic Iris," Nathan said, remembering the scientific name of the Kaiju known as Iris, "Apart of the Atlantica Gyaos species. Atlantica Gamera is also of that same type of Titanish super predators, except they were all created by the people of Atlantis."

Maia frowned, "So they were bio-engineered monsters?"

"Pretty much, though many speculate that the people of Atlantis came from within the Earth." Nathan shrugged.

Maia's frown only deepened, as the nearly two thousand meter long length of Iris flew overhead. That was until a deep guttural roar got Iris's attention and something started hitting the H.E.A.V., looking like red starfish that were leaking brown sludge onto the vehicle. Iris's deep call filled the air as the H.E.A.V. was forced to land to remove the quite large starfish creature. However, the creatures that Iris fought caught the attention of the group and Kong. These creatures were like dragons but made for water, as Ilene gasped in shock.

"Atlantica Dagahra," She gasped as Maia frowned, "The first creations of the people of Atlantis before they supposedly scrapped them. Unless they were made down here then they fled to the surface."

Iris was busy cutting into the Dagahra monsters with its tentacles, Sonic Scapals tearing into the flesh of the beasts without any resistance. By the end of it, Iris landed on the ruins of what appeared to be an ancient temple. The only Dagahra left alive was the Alpha of this pack, a massive black monster with yellow markings that groaned at Iris. Iris extended her right arm blade before slamming it through the skull of the Dagahra Alpha, killing it before absorbing its blood into her body. A few minutes later, she retracted the arm blade and loosed a deep thrumming call into the air.

"Lets be glad that she's only watching Kong and not killing him," A pilot said as another shot the starfish off the H.E.A.V., "Or we'd be stuck down here for good."

Up on the surface, Mark Russell was beginning to feel worried as the equipment picked up Godzilla's approach. Of course, Mark was still reeling from getting slapped by his daughter into the dirt all the way back at Florida. He had been very stupid back then and way too focused on believing Godzilla had changed to not see what the problem was, until Madison left him with a red handprint on his face and his clothing covering in dirt. After that, Mark had been looking back at Godzilla's behavior and started to understand why Godzilla was acting up.

Apex was making something that was driving Godzilla into a very territorial mood, attacking Florida was a warning. But now, here in Hong Kong, Mark was going to see the King of the Monsters. Not the first time he had seen Godzilla but this was going to be a new experience, as the waters around Hong Kong started to light up blue with the approach of the monster King. Godzilla rose out of the waters, bellowing loudly as he looked around the illuminated, colorful city of Hong Kong. His spines glowed blue and flashed over and over, as he looked this way and that.

Now what was he going to do exactly?

While events transpired to the liking of the Fae counsel, one of the few alien hybrids of that counsel sneered at the others. She was a black haired beauty in a seductive red silk dress that left her arms and back bare, as she glowered at the young son of the Fae that started this entire line of events. Her disgust with the Fae had only grown greater as her mother, a vampiric alien lifeform from the Indilous Cluster Galaxy, had fallen for a Fae Lord before dying birthing her. Not only that, she had been around since the Titan War began.

Her sharp nails dug into the intricate wood of her throne like chair as she watched Godzilla charging his most powerful weapon. Unlike the others, she had worshiped the Gojira Species as Gods and still did, in secrecy of course. The Fae were worshipers of Tiamat, the same freak of a Goddess that created the Kongs. She felt her blood burn with the hatred that even the Gojira species held for the Kongs but forced it down, unlike her Gods, she could hide it and make it seem like she did worship Tiamat.

"Lady Demetrescu," The young Fae Lord addressed her, as she turned her alien blue eyes on him, "I see you're enjoying the festivities?"

She smirked, her lips parting to show her twelve sharp fangs that her mother passed onto her, "I may enjoy them but I do remember that Gojira was my responsibility to handle. You took that from me."

The Fae Lord shrugged, "Father wanted it dealt with, much more than your slow plan would ever call for."

"He also gave that woman," She took a sip out of a wine glass which was filled with the blood of a unicorn, "Ilene, I believe her name was, that book that only told the history as you wanted it to be."

"I found it easier to do so while actually not alerting Gaia to the plan," The Fae remarked cooly, smirking softly, "Kong is going to kill Godzilla and the Titans will bow to him and then we'll have the Titans destroy the world before we have them bow to Kong to be killed by him. With their blood, Tiamat shall be reborn into a new world."

Demetrescu internally tore out her heart at the words this being was spouting, as she smoothly got up, "While I'm sure the plan will go spectacularly, what's to say Godzilla won't simply kill Kong and then leave his four most loyal to deal the final blow?"

The Fae laughed, "Apex of course, we've been planning Tiamat's return for centuries. Godzilla will not survive what is coming to end him. At long last, the Fae will rule the world once more."

She left as he muttered that last bit to himself, heading to her own manor as she made up her mind on what to do. First things first, she mused to herself, it was time to interfere much more than she already had done beforehand. Much like when she gave that 'Dark Wizard' Voldemort Gojira's blood to make him into the hydra beast, or when she sent Namako to the Alpha Titan. Or when she first helped awaken her deity inside of the boy known as Harry Potter, Lady Lilith Demetrescu had been fighting a secret war against the beings she was forced to call her people. But right now, she was going to mess with their plans even more, beginning with the weapon they wanted Kong to find.

Vanishing into a shadow and appearing in the Temple of the Kongs, Lilith went to work with her magicks. The weapon the Fae had created was laying before the throne, like it was waiting for someone to pick it up. She could feel the mind warping power it had, so she disintegrated it before summoning one of the older axes. It had been embedded into the skull of the former Gojira Alpha, so she took her time and some real reverence in setting it up to be spotted and be grabbed by Kong. Unlike the Fae infused Axes, this axe was the first Axe that was created by the Kongs to battle the Gojira species.

Meaning that Kong would be fighting without any Fae help or interference against her God. She finished setting up the needed pieces before vanishing into the human world, looking at the skull of what used to be the Left Head of Ghidorah. Nicknamed Kevin by the humans, the regenerated head being named San, Lilith put her hand on the snout of the skull and felt for the life force. She found it and pulled it up to the surface, grimacing at the clearly insane mind trying to take control until she calmed it down.

"Your time will come," She projected into the invisible force of life in that horrid skull, "To face the one that tore you from your brothers. Be prepared to take it."

With that, she pulled her hand away as she stepped into the shadows once more. Appearing in her bedroom, she walked out of it and to her viewing chambers. She was going to watch as the Fae's plan fell around them and when it did fail, she would be the first to leave this horrid pocket dimension for good. If her plans played out, Godzilla and the other Titans would come here and wreck unimaginable havoc upon the Fae and end their legacy here.

As she waved her hand before a massive crystal slab, the images appeared and swirls of color showed. Before her was her deity, Godzilla, looking around for that faint life signature of Ghidorah. She waved her hand behind her as a chair came into existence, allowing her to sit upon it as she made half of the crystal show her Kong and Iris as they and the humans closed in on the Temple of the Kongs. She smiled softly at one of her long term projects, Maia Simmons, as she seemed in control of herself at the moment. Oh how it would be wonderful for her deity to meet one of her successful creations, after unleashing the beast known as Shin Godzilla upon Japan all those years back.