The Rain of Sins

The butterfly effect. "The sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state". It's such an odd phenomenon when you think about it, one small event that changes everything after it in such an extreme measure, the most well known example being "A butterfly flaps its wings and causes a storm across the ocean"

A mistake in a lab lead to penicillin and saved millions of lives. A slight change in temperature can change an entire hurricane's path, causing untold property damage and loss of life. A pebble kicked off a cliff can start an avalanche, destroying everything in its path.

But that's what's so fascinating isn't it? One mistake can save a nation. One miscalculation can ruin everything.

All it takes is one push and gravity does the rest…

For better or worse.

-Rain of Sins-

-Arc Start: Prologue-

The world is a harsh and unforgiving place, the people who inhabit it can be even harsher. To hold dreams in such a world is dangerous, to hold them out in the open infinitely moreso.

This is a lesson a certain Izuku Midoriya has learned many times from many different types of people.

His Doctor.

"Kid, you have a second pinky toe joint. It's very unlikely you're ever going to get a quirk."

His Bullies.

"Ha! The quirkless kid wants to be a hero, what a joke!"

His Childhood friend.

"Listen Nerd, I'm the only one from this school who's hero material, YOU GOT THAT!?"

His Mother.

"I'm so sorry sweetie."

His Idol.

"No. A quirkless person can't be a hero."

That last one hurt the most… or at least it would when it sunk in, right now he just felt numb. Today had been a long day for him, first he got pointed out and laughed at by the class, then his notebook got burned, then he got attacked by a Villain, then got saved by All Might, then he found out All Might's secret, and then ,last but not least, he had his dreams torn apart in front of his very eyes.

All of these had piled on top of one another until Izuku's brain just shut down and led to his current situation. Absentmindedly drifting along the streets, relying on his feet and muscle memory to take him to his destination… which was still undecided. He couldn't let his mother see him like this, so home was a no-go, but he didn't want to think of somewhere else to go… he didn't want to do much thinking at all right now.

The atmosphere wasn't doing his mood any favors either, a cloudy afternoon sky overhanging a dreary street, empty save for the occasional piece of forgotten trash. The only noise to be found was an old crow on a telephone wire, and his own thoughts.

Maybe he should have listened to Kachan and just given up already, it would have saved him a lot of trouble, hell if he had listened he wouldn't have run into All Might in the first place… who would have ever thought that would be considered a good thing.

The Green haired student was shaken out of his thoughts by the sound of familiar explosions. Those were Kachan's explosions, he had been hit with them too many times to not know what they sounded like.

Thankfully Izuku has had plenty of experience with what to do in these situations. He turned around, and started walking in the opposite direction (He was quirkless not suicidal), however he only made it a few steps before something stopped him.

"Are those… screams?"

Turning to look did nothing to assuage the pit forming in his gut either, wisps of black smoke were creeping above the building skyline like dark skeletal fingers. Instinct carried his feet forward before freezing in place.

"A quirkless person can't be a hero."

The words bounced around his head with the weight of a freight train.

'Later' He told himself as he forced his legs to move 'I'll deal with that later.'

-Rain of Sins-

It took awhile for him to get where the explosions were coming from, and the closer he got, the louder the screams and explosions became. It was only when he rounded the last corner did he realize how bad the situation really was.

A crowd was surrounding the scene, only held back by a few police and a handful of pro heros, intense flames burned and lapped at the surrounding buildings, and at the center of it all...


The blond in question was in the center of the alleyway, blasting explosions in every direction and at every available opportunity, but that wasn't really anything abnormal, what was out of the ordinary was the giant sludge Villain wrapped around said mini-pyromaniac. The same Villain, Izuku noted with dread, that had attacked him not an hour prior.

'He escaped! But how?!' His mind was running overtime trying to think up a solution 'All Might had him contained in the bottles! He even showed me, he showed me and then put them in his pock-' His eyes widened in understanding and his stomach tied itself into knots 'It's my fault… I grabbed onto his pockets when he jumped, they must have torn open or at least been jostled enough so the bottles fell out!' He looked to the people screaming, the fires still billowing smog into the sky, and his friend fighting for his life 'This is all my fault, all of this is because of me it's my fault and I can'tevendoanythingtohelpanyo-'

He clamped down on his thoughts, closed his eyes, and forced himself to take a deep breath. 'Later.' he told himself 'I'll think about it later; right now I need to focus on the situation at hand!' He waited a few seconds to calm himself down before opening his eyes and observing the situation again.

'I-It's just like every other villain attack you've watched, b-but you need to get closer if you want to see anything useful.' He told himself as he nudged his way through the crowd

He nearly had a heart attack when he saw All Might's deflated form out of the corner of his eye, before passing it off as his already worn out mind playing tracks on him.

Pushing the last few people out of the way, he finally got to the front of the crowd. 'Three heroes present with Mt Lady on the way' He observed 'It's okay Izuku this is just a standard hostage situation, the pros have trained for this a thousand times before, just calm down. Calm down, relax, and watch how they take care of it!' Except, as he watched with bated breath… they didn't.

"Fire is my weakness, I can't get to close!" Kamui Woods yelled.

'You have a water hero with you! Have you never had a campfire? Wet wood doesn't burn, have him blast you, then speed forward a branch arm, grab Kachan, and pull him away! Even if you can't get him entirely unstuck, he's aiming the Villain, you'll be in the opposite direction he's aiming!'

"The explosions are to intense, I can't reach them!" Death Arms chimed in.

'Pick up one of the many large pieces of rubble surrounding you, use it as a shield to get close, and grab him! If he knows you're there to help he won't shoot you, how dumb do you think he is!'

"The Villain's liquid, my punches wouldn't have any effect!" He continued.

'Excuse me? Can you not see correctly? He has eyes, and those are quite obviously not liquid! Or better yet, don't go for the Villain, go help Kachan, the Hostage who's in danger!"

"I can't get through, the streets are too narrow!" Mt Lady proclaimed from the street over.

'Then shrink down, get over here, and resize! Even if you can't grow, you can still help with the crowd!'

"We could really use some high powered water right now!" Death Arms yelled.

"I can't, I already have my hands full with these fires!" The water hero responded.

'Those buildings have already been evacuated, and actual firefighters are almost here. You're not even doing anything, because Kachan is the one causing the fires! Everytime you put one out, another starts. Save him instead of the empty building, stop more fires from being started, then with the help of the fire force put the rest of the fires out'

"We don't have the right Quirks!"

'At least you HAVE Quirks!'

As the aspiring hero watched the scene unfold, he sank to his knees.

'He's going to die. He's going to die because no one did anything. He's going to die, and It's all my fault! Please' he begged 'Someone, anyone please help. All Might help!"

But as the seconds ticked by, Izuku learned something very important. Something that, looking back, he should have realized in the doctor's office all those years ago.

The world doesn't give a fuck about him. It doesn't care if he becomes a hero or jumps off a bridge, It'll just keep spinning as it's always done and will continue to do.

Blinking away unshed tears, Izuku forced himself to look back at his friend, fighting for his life because of his mistake.

Izuku pushed himself to his feet, caught himself from falling, and moved.

-Rain of Sins-

Izuku numbly trudged his way through the alleyway that led to his apartment. It wasn't the stereotypical dark alleyways from movies with drug dealers and gangs, no these were just normal, well lit(ish), urban alleyways and the most dangerous people that prowled them were the occasional elementary school bully.

Speaking of bullies, Izuku knew this area like the back of his hand because he had been using it to dodge bullies that tried to chase him after school ended. Oddly enough, these aleys were one of the few places Izuku could honestly say he felt completely safe (the other being his home). Which in and of itself was ironic, considering he had been completely terrified of them when he first got chased into them by bullies back in kindergarten.

Half an hour of crying and a friendly stray cat later, younger him had mustered up the courage to find his way out. "All Might wouldn't be scared" was the phrase that he had repeated to himself over and over as he wandered in the vague direction of his home. And when it was all said and done, he had found a direct route from school to his apartment complex that shaved off a good fifteen minutes off walking.

"All Might wouldn't be scared huh?"

All Might was the reason he was walking this route right now. It turns out he hadn't hallucinated All Might in the crowd, he had swooped in to save Izuku from the sludge villain after he had rushed in like an idiot. Then immediately after that, he had to sit and be scolded by four different pro heroes for what was best summed up as "Being an idiot and, even worse, being a quirkless idiot". All Might had even tried to walk over before he got swarmed by reporters, looking like he really wanted to say something.

Izuku already knew what he was going to say though, so he ran away. He ran into the alleys he used to hide, but this time it wasn't from his bullies, it was from the person he looked up to the most. He ran and hid because after everything he had been through that day, he couldn't be sure he could hold himself together.

"You didn't listen to my advice and put yourself in needless danger."

But All Might was too kind to get angry over something like that. No, he wouldn't be angry at him and that's what made it so much worse.

"I'm not mad at you, I'm Disappointed in myself for my failure to convince you to stay safe."

Wiping away tears that threatened to spill, the green haired boy, sore, beaten, and exhausted, continued to push himself forward.

'Later.' he told himself 'I'll deal with it all, when I get home.'

So instead he tried to distract himself with positive thoughts. He had aced that biology pop quiz in 2nd period. He got All Might's autograph, and could show it to his Mom! And Kachan…

Izuku couldn't help the grin that slowly spread across his face. He had done it, he had saved his friend! Even if nothing had gone to plan, he managed to be a real hero an-


Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Turning around, Izuku came face to face with the exact person he had been thinking about just a second prior. Leaning on the ally wall, panting, out of breath, and looking overall worse for wear (He did just almost get eaten by a giant slime after all) stood the one and only Katsuki Bakugo.

"Kachan!" Midoriya smiled as he jogged to his friend, exhaustion forgotten. "Can you believe it? I finally was able to be a Hero! I was actua-"

The loud crack of an explosion rocked the alleyway, jostling Izuku out of his 'cheerful thoughts. The explosion wasn't aimed at anything, being set involuntarily by an overflow of emotion, a quick glance to Bokugo's hands, clenched so tightly they were turning white with small pops going off around them every few seconds, proved this theory. His expression as he looked up proved it a second time. Blazing red eyes accompanied by a sneer that practically oozed malice did very little to lift Izuku's fast plummeting spirit.

"You little shit."

Most words were spoken. These were spat, and dripping with anger too. How fun.

Bakugo pushed himself off the wall and stood to his full height, standing over Izuku as the poor boy tried to make himself as small as humanly possible. Being overly cheerful when Bakugo was angry, by general rule of thumb, was a bad idea.

Bakugo was fuming, this whole day had just been one giant clusterfuck. First he bombed a pop quiz, then he found out that Deku of all people was trying to mock him by being the only other person to put UA on his High School recommendation paper, then he got attacked by a fucking Villain of all damn things, got held hostage, and worst of all was FUCKING USELESS THE ENTIRE TIME! He had to play fucking damsel in distress, and sit there like a fucking sack of potatoes while Deku of all God Damned people saved his ass! And while All Might watched too! But that's not all! Nonono, when he saw him following him, Deku had the fucking audacity to try to run away after all that shit he just pulled!

So long story short. Bakugo was pissed.

"Did you really try to run away from me!?"

"Wha- I-I don't-"

"You really think you'd be able to pull that shit, make me look like a damn fool in front of All Might, and then run away from me!?"

"N-No! Th-that's n-n-not wh-what I-"

"BULLSHIT!" Katsuki's yell was accompanied by a pair of explosions.

"I can handle my own God damn problems! If I get myself into a shitty situation, it's my own fucking responsibility to get myself out. But then you came in, made me look like an IDIOT, and then instead of facing me like a man, you FUCKING RAN!" His eyes were practically glowing red in the shadows cast by the setting sun.

"N-No! I-I wasn't running fr-from you"

"Oh?" Bakugo stilled, his eyes narrowing dangerously "Then who?"

Izuku gulped, his answer feeling pitifully weak even as he said it "A-All Might?"


He fell to the ground. The explosion that rocked the ally, even though it wasn't aimed at him, was powerful enough to have his ears ringing.

"First you make a fool of me, then you run, and now you're FUCKING LYING TO MY FACE!" Bakugo was shaking at this point. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?"

Izuku only had a second to register a pair of hands gripping his collar before he was hauled to his feet.


"I-I do-don't u-und-"


"I-I couldn't ju-just w-wa-watch y-you d-die, I-I ha-had t-to d-d-do so-somth-thing!" Izuku stuttered, practically shaking like a leaf.

"SO WHAT!? I got myself into that shitty situation, it's my own fucking responsibility to get myself out!"

"N-no i-it wa-was m-my f-fa-fault."


Bakugo pushed Izuku away, the green eyed boy managing to catch himself before he fell. Absent-mindedly, he noted that his shirt's collar was burnt and lightly smoking.

"P-pi-pity? Wha-No! I-I wa-was h-helping ou-out a f-friend in n-need!"

For five tense seconds, the ally was completely quiet. No yelling, no explosions, not even any wind, just pure silence.

"This is such fucking bullshit." The tension that had filled the alley disappeared not with an explosion, but with a exhausted sigh as Bakugo stuffed his hands in his pockets, and turned around to walk away.


"Don't play dumb with me Nerd. Friend? I'm not your friend."

'You've always looked down on me, ever since we were little. No matter how hard I worked to get to the top, you always acted like I needed help, always thought I couldn't handle anything by myself, always mocked me "One day I'll be just as strong as you Kachan!". You were quirkless, useless in a fight, I was on the top. And after constant practicing, after training till I dropped day in and day out to get to that spot, you, a scrawny nobody who hadn't put a day into training, hadn't gone to the gym even once, acted as though I was still on your level. At the very bottom. And no matter how many times I pushed you down to prove that all my effort had paid off, you continued to come back.'

"I don't want your friendship."

'I Don't want your pity.'

He paused mid step and Izuku's hope, formerly smashed, soared…

"And quit with the 'Kachan' thing, it pisses me off."

Only to be smashed down once again.

And he walked away. Just like that.

Izuku stood in the alley for a while, just staring off into space, his mind trying to sort through everything.. He stood in the alley for a bit longer. Then just a bit longer. Then a little longer still, until he could form a coherent thought.

'Later. I'll… I'll deal with everything later… when I get home.'

And so the green haired hero admirer turned and walked towards his house, the opposite direction of where Bakugo went.

Both of the students had been shaken by the conversation. As one-sided as it was, it had been the first real conversation between the two in years. Unfortunately, as bright and flashy as it was, none of the really important things that really needed to be said, were spoken of in any detail. And while neither of them knew it yet, that lack of communication in this conversation would come to cause many things to happen later down the line, many regrettable things. And as a pebble kicked off a ledge turned into a landslide, this too was perhaps the most regrettable mistake of all… because it was the only avoidable one.

-Rain of Sins-

A certain deflated number one hero walked through the streets, his time limit having expired almost an hour ago, and his sense of direction failing him horribly.

'The kid was standing right in front of me, how did I manage to lose him!'

He had managed to take about five or so steps before he got flocked by reporters, and by the time he got away from them the kid was long gone. The symbol of peace had tried to track after him. He had tracked down many dangerous villains in his time as a hero, what was the difference?

The difference was, that the child was apparently far more capable than the supposed top-villains, having not only spotted the pro, but given him the slip multiple times before finally managing to lose him.

After twenty minutes of chasing dead ends, Toshinori had attempted to ask to see if anyone else had seen where the boy ran.

Unfortunately he hadn't taken his appearance into account.

A tall, gangly man in his forties, asking around for the whereabouts of a teenage student who he wasn't related to, didn't know the name of, and who was currently running from him… Not his best moment.

He cringed as his phone rang, silently cursing when he saw the time. He had a scheduled meeting half an hour ago, about him teaching at U.A., with principle Nezu… who was currently calling him.

He could only sigh as he accepted the call. Even though he was quirkless, the boy had had an incredible drive to be a hero. So strong that, even though he almost certainly wouldn't pass, Toshinori knew he would attempt the U.A. entrance exam anyway. He would be able to find the boy then, at the exam, and make him his successor.

"No. A quirkless person can't become a hero."

He would attempt anyway… Right?

Nana would be so disappointed in him.

-Rain of Sins-

Izuku laid in bed, staring at the ceiling. It was well past sunset, but he was still wide awake. He was too busy unpacking the day's events to be tired, but it was just so much.

Bombshell after metaphorical bombshell had been dropped on the poor teen, so you had to forgive him for being a bit stressed. Said stress had bled over into other things, like his attitude towards the pros at the rescue scene. His thoughts had been jaded and a bit cold, and while they were all technically right, that didn't mean they were deserved. Or his conversation with Kachan, he stuttered normally, but it wasn't usually that bad! He could barely get out a single word for heaven's sake! And Kachan, Kachan had…

No. He swallowed. Not Kachan… He had made it very clear how much he hated that name.

"I don't want your friendship."

'Deep breath' He told himself 'Of course he wasn't my friend, the evidence had been there in spades, I had just been too stupid to realize it' He wiped at the tears, born of stress and emotional overflow, that were threatening to stream down his face 'He's basically the school celebrity while I'm the bullied loner. It doesn't matter that I have the best scores in our grade, our teachers still constantly pamper him while making things as hard as possible for me. He has an incredible quirk while I- I'm just a quirkless nobody'

'His quirk put him on the top of the world since the moment he first got it, while my lack of one…' He rolled over, desperately trying to get away from that train of thought, only to find himself face to face with one of his All Might posters.

"No. A quirkless person can't become a hero."

The words echoed around his head with the force of a freight train, and the only thing that came to Izuku's mind was 'Why?'

'Why does everything come back to me being quirkless. A quirkless person isn't favored as much as someone with a powerful quirk. A quirkless person can't be a hero. A quirkless person gets scolded for running to help while Bakugo gets unbridled praise. It all comes back to quirks. Every. Damn. Time. Everything is about quirks. Quirks run our society! Quirks are… They… wait…'

Izuku blinked.

"What exactly is a quirk?"

The question, blunt as it was, brought his mind to a screeching halt.

Scrambling for an answer to such a simple question, his mind turned to his classes.

"Quirks are a genetic mutation in the human genome that allow for the use of incredible powers." He muttered to himself. "These mutations can be passed down genetically, and first appeared over two hundred years ago. The first known case was a light quirk."

Simple question, simple answer, straight out of the textbook. Except… that didn't really answer the question, did it? Quirks were a mutation to human DNA, but what type of mutation allows its user to do things like spontaneously grow taller than a building? What about mutation type quirks? Having a tail or wings might make sense if you stretch science, but how did human DNA suddenly start mimicking lizard DNA so closely as to allow a person to share almost every trait with the animals, all the way down to behavior patterns? Speaking of animals, principle Nezu of UA was an animal who had a quirk, so quirks weren't just exclusive to humans.

Izuku pushed himself to sit upright as his brain tried to comprehend how his "Simple question" had turned into a labyrinth of mysteries.

Now that he was thinking about it, every history book he had ever read claimed quirks just "appeared" one day and became more common as time went on, and left it at that. But why? Every quirk biology book claimed quirks were the ultimate form of evolution, but that didn't make any sense. The theory of natural selection takes place over hundreds of generations, taking millions of years to make any major noticeable difference; Quirks, meanwhile, appeared seemingly overnight. And even if that was the case, how did it explain quirks that were based on human technology? The hero Ingenium was a great example of this, his mutation type quirk manifested as engines in his elbows! That's mechanical machinery, it doesn't have DNA!

Izuku stepped off his bed, made his way over to his school bag, and fumbled around in the dark for a few seconds before he managed to successfully pull out his biology book. He set it on his desk, turned on his table lamp and started flipping through the pages, hoping to find an explanation to his increasingly complex query.

What could possibly cause such an extreme shift almost overnight to not just the human population's DNA, but the animal population's as well? Some claimed that quirks had always been around, saying the witches and their "magic" that were burned back in medieval times, were just people who had quirks, but that explanation fell short too. If they actually did have quirks, they would have been passed on to their children, and what was the possibility that every quirk manifested before 200 years ago was an emitter quirk. Ancient mythical creatures like mermaids and minotaurs maybe could be explained as mutation type quirks, but again neither of those theories explains the sudden boom in quirks almost 200 years ago.

He finally arrived at the section on quirks… only to find a half page paragraph.

'That can't be right.' He thought while re-scanning the page. 'There has to be more!'

But there wasn't any more. Just the singular paragraph that, after reading through it, barely contained any information at all. Most of it was just the author bragging about his other works, meanwhile the actual information provided could be best summed up as "Quirks appeared, so now we have them".

The book was closed with gritted teeth and tossed back in the general vicinity of where his bag was. The aspiring hero turned off his lamp and booted up his computer, the same computer he watched All Might's video on everyday as a kid. A quick click and his browser popped up.

'To cluttered.' was his first thought upon seeing the multitude of open tabs leftover from his previous uses, ranging from online games, hero newsboards, and school research assignments. Normally he would be more than capable of sorting through them all, but he was already exhausted from the previous disaster of a day, and now with this rabbit hole of a question eating at his mind, he just really didn't want to spare the mental effort. So with a few more clicks, he had closed all the excess tabs, and was on a blank search page.

The screen was completely white save for a search bar and the company logo. Just a few keystrokes and he'd be done, then he could go back to bed. Go to bed and finish thinking about everything that happened. But first he needed an answer.

You see, the funny thing about life is that, for all the incredible things that people do, the things that end up changing the world the most are almost always done on complete accident.

In his clearing of tabs, the young man who in another life would have become All Might's successor not half a day prior, had closed a tab he first opened nearly over a decade ago, and hadn't closed since. A tab with a very certain video that had inspired him to become a hero all those years ago, a tab that like a door of destiny had been closed to make room for a question.

As the clock struck midnight Izuku took a deep breath and typed out his question.

"What is a quirk?"

And outside his window… a butterfly flapped its wings.

-End Chapter-

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OK so basically I was re-watching the show, and I realized that it really did a good job showing all the hero society's flaws via different characters.

I mean you have Stain for the whole "Heroes aren't really Heroes anymore". You have Endeavor and Bakugo (At the beginning of the series at least) showing how not everyone deserves their quirk. Shoto is a perfect example of "Quirk Breeding" and how morally disgusting people with power can be. Hitoshi (That's the purple haired general-ed guy right?) shows how people are discriminated against for having been born with the "wrong" quirk. Izuku's middle school shows how people are willing to bend the rules, brush things under the rug, etc for Bakugo (A bully who has used a very dangerous quirk on his classmate) and how people care more about a person's quirk than the person themselves. And of course Deku who shows just how little society cares about the people who don't fit the status quo, AKA he was told to kill himself and no one batted an eye (I'm pretty sure the quirkless suicide rate is insanely high in canon, something like 80% of all teens)

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And then they did nothing with any of it! They just kinda go "oh this is bad, but it turns out kinda ok for this one character, so onto the next arc!" Yea, sure it turned out good for Deku, but what about all the other 20% of the population that's quirkless? They're not getting all for one and magically being whisked away by the #1 hero to UA.

And sure Izuku goes and saves Todoroki (sort of, he couldn't do anything about his Dad) but what about all the other kids in situations like that? Or even Shoto's siblings for that matter! And this just seems to happen again and again and again, one character with this problem is given a happy ending, but the problem itself isn't fixed! And Deku's just so damn happy to finally be a hero, that no one seems to want to break the news to him!

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(This next part might contain a small bit of story spoilers but meh, who cares. If you care for minor spoilers skip the next two paragraphs)

So basically if the Main show is about how Izuku becomes All Might's successor and focuses solely on helping people instead of society as a whole, working his way from the top down. Then this fic is the yin to that yang, with him focusing on helping the world as a whole instead of exclusively targeting the people in it, working from the bottom up.

Izuku isn't going to be whisked away and have 90% of all his problems solved by All Might and a magic hair without working for it. He's going to have to claw his way up from the bottom, and see the problems of society's rotten underbelly in all their unholy gorish light in the process.

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His character, and all characters for that matter, will be the same at first (as close to cannon as I can write them) but they'll naturally change and grow through their experiences, all varying from "little change" to "Extreme motivational, and deep psychological outlook changes" by the end of the book, but that's a given with any story, and I wanna save that all for later ('cuz spoiler reasons).

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This doesn't mean I'll be tossing canon stuff out entirely, it just means it'll be different. For instance Overhaul and his gang will still be running around, it's just certain plans were never made because certain situations played out differently than in canon, so any plans will have to be different to acclimate those different outcomes.

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