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For Rosario, I will be using the manga as a source rather than the anime. I liked the anime but I am more partial to the manga's story. With Reborn, everything up to the future arc happened, so for the being the last 2 arcs of the manga didn't happen.

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Chapter 1: High School for Monsters

"Be safe Tsu-kun and call me at least once a week, okay?"

Sawada Tsunayoshi smiled at his mother, who couldn't stop telling him how manly he looked, before saying his goodbyes and leaving.

The 16 year was about to start his high school life. As he walked toward the bus station, he began to reminisce about the last few years.

After they came back from the future, things seemed to settle down. The Mafia and its shenanigans still butted into his life but it was nothing life treating. He made his peace with his position as Vongola Decimo. If he can't escape the Mafia, he could at least change it as he told his ancestors.

Of course, he should have known his luck was the kind that let him lower his guard. before screwing him over once again.

At the Inheritance Ceremony, it came to light, that Massimo Vongola was still alive. He survived the assassination attempt but was reported dead to confuse his enemies. Tsuna was brought in as bait, to make the story more believable. Only Nono and his father were aware of this, not even Reborn. who was very incensed at the deception. For Tsuna, it broke the last remaining connection with Iemitsu, upon learning that this whole charade.

The only reason that he was not sealed again. or even outright killed, was because he unknowingly gathered a lot of allies, who would make quite a ruckus if anything happened to Tsuna. It included the Cavallone with Dino, most of the arcobaleno, surprisingly the Varia, even the Giglio Nero family with Aria and Uni.

He got back to Nanimori unable to decide how to react to what happened. On one hand, he was given an out from the mafia, on the other half he was cruelly used by his father and the Vongola.

To make matters worse, soon his guardians and friends scattered, each having their own life. Hibari simply went back to watch over Nanimori and bite to death any who disturb the peace. Rhoyei without missing a beat went back to his boxing. Mukoro, Chrome, and the Kokyou gang had disappeared, probably because Tsuna was no longer Decimo, they held no interest in him. Gokudera soon went back to Italy swearing that he will regain Juudaime's lost honor and make those traitors pay. Yamamoto to the surprise of all began to date Kyoko-chan and also took up baseball once again. Lambo, I-pin, and Fuuta remained with Mom, but Reborn left, off to his next assignment.

The boy who had nothing was offered the whole world, only to get it ripped away from him. After gaining friends and family, becoming once again friendless Dame-Tsuna was a bitter pill to swallow.

He needed to get away. Away from the memories, away from everything. His out was high school.

Tsuna's scores weren't very impressive even with Reborn's tutoring. He couldn't really get into any other school than Nanimori High. But luckily his mother found a brochure about a boarding school where he could attend even with his low scores. Soon enough Tsuna became a student of Youkai Academy.

If he wasn't so focused on leaving, he would remember. a similar brochure brought a certain hitman into his life all those years ago.


A very creepy bus driver and a school bus, empty save for the two of them. It was suspicious as hell. If Tsuna still had any common sense left, it would be screaming from all the reg flags raised. Thankfully soon another student boarded the Vehicle.

He was a typical, average Japanese teen. He had black hair and black eyes, wore the green blazer of their new school. He introduced himself as Aono Tsukune with a shy wave. In return, Tsuna just gave a guarded smile as he returned the greeting.

They rode in silence until they entered a dark, long tunnel with their new school on the other side. When they finally arrived at their destination Tsuna had to wonder if he unknowingly stepped into one of Mukoro's illusions.

The sky was red, to the left of them there was a cliff-hanging above the sea, marred with shard rocks. To their right there was a big graveyard with vultures circling above and in front of them was a creepy, dead forest and at the end of the path stood, a literal haunted house with lightning flashing in the background.

When the fright factor seemed to reach its maximum the bus driver laughed, his eyes beneath his cap glowing.

"He he he he. You boys do be careful. Youkai Academy is a very scary place."

The reaction was predictable. Both boys gave out a yelp of fright as the bus driver left them behind, laughing.

Eventually, both teens gathered their wits and began to walk toward the school for their entrance ceremony.

"Ah, I can't stop, make way!"

Looking back they saw a girl speeding towards them on a bicycle, unable to slow down. Tsuna acted without conscious thought, pushing aside Tsukune. Unfortunately, it still left him in the path of the uncontrolled vehicle.


After surviving the trainer from hell Reborn, a head-on collision with a speeding bicycle is not something to worry about. Tsuna gingerly raised a hand to his head, examining the relatively small wound. Satisfied with it only bleeding a little he started to get up but stopped when his hand instead of ground met something else. Flesh.

Looking up he came face to face with a beautiful girl.

She wore the girls' school uniform, green blazer, and suspiciously short skirt. She looked a little pale, with striking green eyes. Her long pink hair made her look angelic. She also had a rosary on a simple black choker on her neck. And apparently, his hand was resting on her tight.

Instantly red in the face Tsuna began to stammer out apologies, but the girl cut him off.

"I'm sorry. I suddenly felt lightheaded and couldn't stop in time."

Tsuna, feeling as if the curse of Dame-Tsuna followed him even here, began to reassure her when she gained a dazed look in her eyes. She slowly leaned toward Tsuna, lips slightly parted as if she was going to kiss him.

In his mind Tsuna began to panic, Poor boy couldn't prepare himself for getting his first-ever kiss from a girl, aside from his mom and that one time with Chrome. During his meltdown, his hyper intuition was trying to warn him, but without success.

"I'm sorry I can't help. myself."

With a sudden burst of speed, the strange girl dived down to his neck, biting him before he could even register what happened. Surprisingly, even though he flinched in instinct, the bite didn't hurt at all.

"Because I am a vampire."

Several years later, the loud shriek of 'Hiee!' that one Sawada Tsunayoshi released, would give birth to an urban myth. Many students would brave the now haunted forest, to search for the ghost of the poor first-year whose last cry could be heard for days.


"That was...weird."

"You're telling me. And I was supposed to be immune to these things after all this time."

Tsuna ignored Tsukune's questioning look as the two of them were walking to their classroom after the opening ceremony.

Tsuna gently rubbed his sore neck, finding no mark. It healed as quickly as the girl disappeared after the still shocking bloodsucking. Even though he saw his share of strange things, including grown man turned into infants. animals on fire, but the idea of a vampire was a new one.

Walking into the classroom Tsuna felt himself stiffen. The other students, already chatting in groups, felt wrong to the young mafioso. As if there was a mist illusion hiding their real self.

Tsukune not noticing anything strange went to take his seat. Tsuna followed claiming the seat behind him subtly trying to gather his dying will flames in case everything went to hell as usual. The flames that he was unable to call forth ever since the events of the Inheritance Ceremony.

'Well,' thought wryly as he looked around, taking special note of the bloodlust oozing from the guy to the right of him ' I'm not the student of the number one hitman for nothing.'

Soon their homeroom teacher, Ms. Nekonome arrived. She was a middle-aged woman with short blonde hair. When Tsuna focused on her really hard, he could use cat ears on the top of her head and a tail swinging behind her. It seemed to fit the apparent theme.

"Welcome to Youkai Academy. I don't have to tell you, but I will do it regardless. This academy is for Monsters."

The shock all but emits from Tsukune who can't comprehend the weight of these words. Even Tsuna, half-convinced that he was trapped in an illusion (really Mukoro? Again?), was also having a hard time making sense of what's going.

"The school's primary function is to teach you how to blend in and act in the human society without giving yourself away." continued the teacher before she was interrupted.

"Why should we hide? We should rip them apart and molest their women." came from the source of previously mentioned bloodlust. He was a tall, muscled boy, with his brown hair slicked back. A typical bad boy.

Nekonome-sensei furrowed her eyebrows, looking a little disappointed before she answered.

"Their population several times of our and thanks to their technology war between us would be disastrous. This school was founded on the principle of cooperation. Of course in this separate dimension where the school is there are no humans. If there were any, they would be killed."

'Well, at least that part is somewhat familiar.' though Tsuna sweating in nervousness. No matter how nonchalant he tries to act even to himself, this was not a good situation. He was in basically enemy territory, without allies and most of his weapons.

Tsukune was also feeling the weight of the situation, only he lacked the other's calm in outrageous situations thanks to his association with the mafia.

Before their sensei could continue the more and more alarming welcoming speech, the door opened revealing the sheepish form of the girl from the forest.

"I'm sorry, I got lost after the entrance exam."

As most of the class went starry-eyed at the slightly unnatural beauty of the girl, Tsuna massaged his neck, remembering the bite earlier in the morning.

The teacher smiled at her, inviting her into the classroom.

"It's no problem. You are Akashiya Moka, correct? Please, take your seat."

As she went to do just that, Moka caught sight of a wide-eyed Tsukune and Tsuna's best impersonation of a neutral Hibari glare. Blushing slightly she walked up to them with a big smile on her face.

"Tsuna-kun! Tsukune-kun! I'm so glad we are in the same class."

As expected the class was soon up in arms about how this new beauty knows the 'plain brown-haired guy' and the 'even more plain black haired guy'.


What followed for Tsuna and Tsukune after homeroom, was exploring the school, while being dragged by a surprisingly strong Moka. Despite her looks, she was at least as strong as Rhoyei. On the plus side, there were no shouts of extreme.

While they toured the school they encountered the class's would-be bully, Saizo. He tried to intimidate the two boys with differing success. Needless to say, it was a lost effort on Tsuna, who could look a rampaging Xanxus in the eye without flinching. At least outwardly.

Thanks to a quick escape provided by Moka the three found themselves in a quiet hallway with a vending machine. Tsukune was slumped next to a wall, Moka was drinking a tomato juice while Tsuna's choice was a green tea. After not speaking for a while, because even now he had difficulty speaking to the opposite sex, the former mafia boss spoke up.

"So you're a real vampire? Like one in the legends?"

"Yes, I am a vampire," answered Moka, lightly touching the rosary on her neck. It seemed to lit up faint purple to Tsuna who gave it a sharp glance. Strangely the accessory seemed to stare back. "My powers were sealed by this rosary. If it ever came off, my very scary vampire side would come out."

Tsukune looked like he still had a bit of a hard time comprehending the situation, none more than the cheerful vampire who befriended them. Tsuna only let out a thoughtful hum, his mind moving around the rosary. A little like the pacifiers without the whole 'the world's existence rests on it' part.

Engrossed in his thoughts he missed Moka's distaste for humans caused by isolation and only caught the end of them being her first friends. He finally began to pay attention when she turned towards him with a blush on her cheek.

"You are the first person whose blood I drank directly. It was my first time. It was delicious and yummy."

Tsuna could only smile back in nervousness, trying to find the so-called silver lining. Well. being seen as a food source was probably better than being seen as a body placed in high rank with enough power, ready to be possessed. Maybe. (Why, Mukoro? Why?)

Following their recess away from the crowds, the three young students continued to walk around the school grounds, ending the tour at the dormitory.

The rundown building reminded Tsuna of Kokyou Land, even so, he still felt a little uneasy about the thought of living the next 3 years there.

With a quick goodbye, the ever so cheerful vampire left for the girls' dormitory, leaving the two boys alone. A quick look at Tsukune confirmed the teen still looked like he got a death sentence. Trying to think of something to cheer up him, Tsuna came up with a blank. Most of the motivating speeches he received either started or ended with a kick to the head. He doubted it would help.

Well, he was always good at improvising.

"It'll be alright Aono-san."

The other boy looked back at him with questioning, but wary eyes. He began to walk into the building but turned towards the former mafia boss, who couldn't help but scratch his head in embarrassment.

"I mean, I'm a human too. This place looks a little scary, but it will work out, I'm sure. So let's survive, yeah?"

Instead of answering, Tsukune simply walked into the dormitory, leaving Tsuna out b himself. Seeing that his encouragement was unsuccessful, the boy's shoulders sagged. Well, he thought as he began to search for his room, at least there is no Reborn here to punish me because mafia bosses need to be able to encourage their subordinates.

Shivering slightly the brown-haired teen still looked around warily, half-expecting the baby-sized hitman to appear from out of nowhere.

Finding his room was fairly easy. Stepping into it, Tsuna was surprised at how minimalist it was. A small 4 and a half tatami room, containing only a futon, a desk to study with a chair, and a self.

It was more than enough for Tsuna who quickly packed away his belongings and got ready for bed in short order. As he laid down on his futon he thought about the day he had and whatever crazy situation he found himself in.

'New day, a new beginning. It couldn't be worse than the Mafia, right?' was his last thought before he fell asleep.


After a surprisingly calm sleep, Tsuna woke up and got ready for the day. He was ready to go, with a lot of time to spare, because he needed to make a detour. He planned to go to the principal's office, to found out what is going on. He was sure that it is no coincidence that he and Tsukune ended up at this school. A place surrounded by so many secrets, wouldn't make a mistake of letting attend not one but two human students. There was more going on, and his history involving the mafia showed that is not wise to ignore such things.

Tsuna stopped in his tracks as he began to leave his room, eyes fixed on a small box that he didn't pack away yesterday. It was a small, black case adorned with the Vongola emblem, so much like the case that carried the Vongola half-rings so long ago.


It was the day Reborn went back to Italy. Mama and the others were in the living room talking, while Reborn dragged Tsuna up to his room. A little annoyed at the hitman and still bitter about what happened to him, he tried to resist but of course, it was futile.

Sitting on his bed, he tried not to look at Reborn, not wanting to admit that it hurts, the thought of him leaving. They sat there in silence before Tsuna had enough and had to ask.

"What do you want Reborn?"

The hitman didn't answer immediately, instead stared at Tsuna as if searching for something, Leon perched on the top of his hat. In the end, he grabbed a case from somewhere and laid down before Tsuna opened, showing a few peculiar items.

"Here, you will need it."

The brown-haired boy frowned as he looked at the case's contents. He recognized each of them, but couldn't understand why would Reborn give them to him. He turned his confused eyes to his former tutor.

"Why would I need it? I'm no longer in the Mafia."

"Because you still can't ignite your dying will flames." Tsuna suddenly paled. He did his best to keep this fact secret, so how could Reborn find out about it? The hitman continued, seeing he had his attention. „Ever since what happened at the Inheritance Ceremony with…Iemitsu, you couldn't use your sky flames. In this situation the hyper dying will mode is not something you could enter into. And as much you would like to deny it, sooner or later the Mafia will try to take you back. So I will leave these with you just in case."

The young teen was silent, staring at the case, with an almost hollow look on his face. Deciding, he said his piece, Reborn got up and began to leave the room. He still paused in the doorway once again turning back to his former student.

"You may not be Decimo, but you were still trained by me. If you make me look back, I will have to come back and give you a few reminders."

Flashback End

Tsuna stared at the case for a few minutes, internally battling with himself, until he gave in and with a sigh, he grabbed its contents and took them into his bag. Finally ready, he went to get answers from the only one he could gain. The principal.

It took him half an hour of wandering from one person to another, to admit that his endeavor won't be successful at all. It seems as if the principal thrived on being mysterious. No one could tell him one solid thing about him, people only saw him when he wanted to see them. And he would rather stay clear of the Public Safety Commission if half the things he heard about that group was true. A little disheartened he simply went to the dorm to get his books and all, trying to ignore the feeling in the back of his head, that something is gonna happen.

When he gathered everything and decided to go to class he overheard the gossiping student body. Apparently, Saizo cornered Tsukune and threatened him to stay away from Moka. A little worried about the black-haired boy and also remembering what he suffered because of bullies, he went to search for the human boy.

He found him in the middle of arguing with the vampire Moka. The girl looked worried, maybe sacred while Tsukune was agitated, all of his belongings packed up. Tsuna reached them to hear the end of the argument.

"I'm a human! Through some kind of mistake I ended up being let into this school, but I'm different from you." shouted the boy, the words pouring as if a dam finally broke through.

"No there"s no way a human could be here…" came from a pale, frightened Moka. 'Seems like monsters fear humans as much as in reverse," thought a bemuse Tsuna.

"Moka, that look on your face was because you already realized I'm a human…" said Tsukune turning away from the young vampire. His body was trembling from the multitude of emotions rippling through him. Fear, anger, helplessness. „That's right, I shouldn't be here after all anyway."

Moka tried to stop him, grabbing his arm, but he pulled away from her.

"Let me go! You hate humans right? And excuse me for being friends with a monster!" he spat angrily, leaving behind the stunned girl.

Tsuna saw all this happening from the cover of the trees, unnoticed. He let out a sigh, seeing the young vampire gloomily walking away. He debated a little with himself, to get involved or not, but that damned good nature of his won out. Mentally grumbling to himself, he went after Moka.

He chose to walk leisurely, so when he finally caught up with Moka at the cemetery (and why is there a cemetery in a school, better question why go there?) it looked like he was not the only one who wanted to talk to Moka. Saizo, who was in the middle of revealing his monster form, probably had other ideas than talking to the frightened girl. Tsuna was having a hard time seeing the girl as a scary vampire. Monstrous show of strength from time to time not counted.

Getting closer, the former mafia boss in training looked at the form Saizo had taken, and he had to say he was not impressed. Green skin, hulking body with fangs and a long tongue. Tsuna was briefly reminded of those monsters used by Iris Hepburn when he went to the future to attack the Millefiore base.

Saizo grabbed Moka, Tsuna withheld a swore as he began to stealthily get behind the bully. Without his dying will flames, his choices were highly restricted. While he was stronger than the average human, seeing the body of his enemy he thought that would help him little. Unlike Ryohei or Hibari he didn't have inhuman strength outside of dying will state. Luckily Tsukune came back, drawing attention away from him.

"A mon-mon-monster!" shouted the black-haired boy who probably came to apologize.

"I believe I warned you not to come near Moka." growled Saizo, his grip tightening on the girl, causing the girl to let out a grunt in pain.

When Saizo swatted away Tsukune with his free hand, Tsuna abandoned all pretense of stealth. He quickly ran up to the monster and with a yell, he punched him in the face with all his might. He probably didn't cause too much damage, but the shock of the punch was enough for Saizo to release Moka and allowing Tsuna to pull her away.

"Tsuna-kun?" asked the vampire, feeling relieved.

A moment later the brown-haired boy was forgotten because Moka spied the groaning form of Tsukune who ended up crashing to a tombstone. She tried to run up to him, but Tsuna held her back, a furious Saizo soon stepping in the way, rubbing his jaw. He glowered at Tsuna, who was too busy trying to think of what to do.

"I'm sorry." cried the girl, tears falling, thrashing in Tsuna's arms."After all...Humans and monsters are very different, aren't they? Because I'm a vampire I suck the blood of humans and end up hurting them…The truth is I just felt like I wanted to make a friend even if at a human school." she continued crying, fixated on the still form of Tsukune. „But I guess it's impossible since I would surely be able to do nothing but hurt Tsukune as well."

She stopped when she felt the arms holding her tightening a little, a reassuring warmth coming from the boy next to her. Tsuna still eyes Saizo, but he had a gentle smile on his face, more genuine than any she saw from him yesterday.

"I know I'm not in a position to say anything since I'm just another human who has more than enough grievances against other humans, but it doesn't matter what you are. Only who you are. It's your actions that determine your life, not what you were born. I don't care that you are a vampire and the same goes for Tsukune, I care that you are my friend. So let's kick this guy's ass and go to class."

While Moka digested his words, Saizo runs out of patience, and with a yell, he ran towards the duo. Tsuna pushed Moka to the side, while he dodged in the opposite direction, avoiding the enormous fist that landed where they stood a moment before. In the middle of the battle, he didn't notice that when he pushed Moka he also grabbed the rosary and took it off, nor the vampire's widening eyes. Instead, from his school uniform, he pulled out a black gun. Seeing it, Saizo let out a derisive laugh.

"What's that? A human toy? What kind of monster are you, if you can't even fight? Go ahead, use your little toy, it can't harm me."

Ignoring the giant monster, Tsuna got down on one knee, aim steady. Instead of Saizo, he turned the weapon to a still not moving Tsukune.

"Oi, Tsukune. Here's a pretty girl crying and you decide now is the time to nap? If you are really her friend, then get up and do something with your dying will!"

as he shouted the last words, he aimed and fired a bullet straight into Tsukune's forehead. Saizo stood there dumbfounded like he couldn't decide what to do now and Moka let out a horrified gasp, not knowing what's going on anymore. All the while she felt her sealed side resurface now that the rosary is removed.

Before anyone could react something changed. Tsukune, who looked dead a second ago, suddenly was on his feet. Orange fire burst from his forehead where Tsuna shot him, his eyes pure white. His clothes inexplicably were destroyed save for a pair of green boxers. His gaze was locked on the big monster.

"Reborn!" roared Tsukune, fully slipped into Dying Will Mode. „Save Moka with my dying will!"

With that war cry, he charged Saizo, who couldn't react fast enough and was punched by strength several times stronger than normal humans. While they duked out, Tsuna was content to simply watch until he felt the eruption of ominous energy, and strangely enough dying will flames.

Looking up, he saw Akashiya Moka standing before him, looking down at him, but it was not the Moka he met yesterday. She had silver hair and alluring, red, slitted eyes. She had a more mature air around her than the pink-haired version. Also, judging by her uniform, this form was more…mature than the sealed form. But most importantly, she was dangerous. He felt like prey, frozen in the eyes of a predator.

This comparison reminded him of Hibari, and with the thought that he was able to stand the gaze of someone like him, Tsuna was able to force his legs to move. Standing up before Moka, noting that she was a little taller than him, he gave her a curious look.

"Soooo, that's the scary vampire side?" he asked lightly, trying to ignore his body's natural responses. The girl only raising an eyebrow at him."Meh, seen scarier."

"Is that so?" Moka asked back, amused. her voice was unlike anything he ever heard. It was like a trail of honey, leading you into a dark pit, full of predators ready to tear you apart…Mukoro certainly left him impressions. And traumas.

Tsuna shook his head, trying to get the images out of his head.

"How did you…you know…" Tsuna started to say, dumbly motioning for her body."Didn't you say that rosary sealed your powers or something?"

In response, Moka slowly shifted her stance, one hand placed on her hip, the other pointing to his left hand.

"It did. But you took it off."

She was right. In his hand rested her rosary, the center gem looking duller than when he saw it on Moka.

"Sorry." he handed it back with a sheepish laugh „But is this thing supposed to come off so easily?"

"No." came to the response, Moka suddenly looking serious, all amusement left her face. Her red eyes seemed to look into his whole being, studying him. „No one was able to take it off since I was sealed. Not my other, naive side, not my family, no one. You are the first."

Before anything more could be said, Saizo crashed no much further away from them, before getting up and continue duking out with Tsukune, reminding them that they were not alone.

Moka watched them for a few minutes, before once again turning to Tsuna.

"What did you do to him?" she asked eying the gun in the teen's hand.

His answer was an absentminded hum as he carefully put away the weapon.

"Trade secret."

Moka watched him with her piercing eyes, giving no reaction. After a few moments, feeling uncomfortable, Tsuna decided to elaborate.

"Let's just say, humans have their monsters," he said, giving the girl a bitter smile.

Moka looked intrigued, but it seemed she grow bored of the little fight next to them. With a sharp turn, she began to walk Saizo who managed to swat away Tsukune for the time being. That dark energy that Tsuna sensed was practically radiating from her body.

The green monster caught sight of the vampire and opened his mouth to say something, but never get the chance. With little effort Moka jumped up, putting herself above Saizo.

"KNOW YOUR PLACE!" she roared as she kicked the bully's face sending him crashing through the forest. He was still flying when Tsuna lost sight of him. Safe to say, he won't be back for a while.

Tsukune stood dumbly before them because he lost him, adversary. Finally, after the dying will flame on his forehead died out, and with a blink, a normal, a still little hurt and almost naked Tsukune was left behind. He stared in incomprehension at Moka, but before his brain could work and remind him that he stood there in nothing but a boxer, a vest was thrown to his face.

"Great fight." praised Tsuna, snickering to himself as he walked up to them, missing his vest. „But really? Stripping? I'm not one to criticize you, but it's a little weird. Well, at least you not confessed your love in a boxer, or anything stalkerish like that, so good job."

As the poor boy tried to say something, completely bewildered and tried to cover himself up, Moka simply rolled her eyes. She gave Tsukune a look, momentarily surprised he showed no fear, only confusion. After a few seconds, she decided to ignore him and walked up to Tsuna, once again eying him as if she was contemplating whether to eat him or not. Or drink in her case.

The former mafioso remained relaxed, his fabled Vongola intuition telling him, he had nothing to fear from her.

"You intrigue me," she said, at last, words carefully measured. „As your blood is very delicious for my sleeping self, I will let it go for now. But I will have my answers. Until we meet again," she placed the rosary back to its place, her power slowly disappearing. „you better babysit the other, sentimental Moka."

With that, she was back to the relatively more normal-looking, pink-haired, who fell into hir arms, sleeping. Tsukune saw, the shorter, weak-looking teen easily gather her up in bridal style, he couldn't help but ask.


"It's a long story. But first, we should get you some clothes, if you don't want to be remembered as that naked guy!" answered Tsuna with a light laugh, beginning to walk in the direction of the dormitories. Tsukune ran after them, trying to catch up.


The next day, after Tsukune decided to remain in the school, the three friends began to walk to class. Moka walked in between the boys, cheerfully talking about anything that came to mind. Tsuna looked more distant than yesterday, deep in thought, while Tsukune tried to accept what he heard about Moka's other personality.

They suddenly stopped when they heard the growl of a stomach. The two boys looked around trying to find the source of the sound, while Moka blushed prettily. Embrassedly, she turned to Tsuna.

"Tsuna-kun?" the brunette simply turned to her, tilting his head questioningly. „Can I have some of your blood."

Tsukune looked as if he choked on something while he blinked lazily at her. After her a few moments, her cute factor won out.

"Sure, but don't drink too much"

As the girl latched onto his neck with a happy squeal, the former mafioso decided to blame Reborn and Mukoro for his total lack of survival senses.

While they slowly walked, he thought of Vongola, his guardians, Reborn. For the first time in a long while, he tried to keep down the resentment, the anger, and the hurt he felt towards them. 'That time of my life is over' he thought, thinking of his new companions, 'Time for a new beginning.'

This is the start of a new adventure.