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The stolen guitar

Hannah Montana put on her white winter coat, grab her guitar case and walk out ot the limo wiating for her outside the Boston MAOC.

"Nice that the concert's finally over." says Hannah.

Suddenly someone jump out from the shadows and attack Hannah and grab the guitar case and steal it from Hannah and run away.

"Stop! That's my guitar..." says Hannah.

Looking all sad like a little kid, Hannah walk to the limo.

"What's wrong?" says Robby Ray, seeing his daughter so sad.

"I got attacked and the person who did so stole my guitar." says Hannah.

"Oh..." says Robby Ray.

He use his cell phone to call the police.

The next day.

Hannah...or just Miley now, sit on her bed.

She is very sad.

Miley wear only an oversized black t-shirt and baggy pink sweatpants.

"I wish I could get my guitar back." says Miley.

Yes, she does have a few other guitars, but the one that got stole, her custom-made Gibson CJ 165, is her favorite.

Damn!" says Miley, punching her teddy bear hard.

Usually she'd never hurt Beary the Bear, but she's so upset about having lost her guitar that she's half unaware of what she does.

The stand where she usually display the CJ 165 look so empty and it hurts Miley's soul to see that.

"Being rich as Hannah means I can buy a new guitar, but I don't think I'd have the same emotional bond with it." says Miley.

Miley drink a small sip of alcohol from a pink steel flask.

It's very rare that Miley drink, especially when she's in her civilian Miley form, but now when she's upset she feel like a tiny bit of alcohol will make her feel better.

"How do ya feel, bud...?" says Robby as he enter the room.

"Like crap." says Miley.

"Still upset 'bout losin' you guitar?" says Robby.

"Yeah..." says Miley.

"You can buy a new one exactly like it. I'm sure the folks at Gibson wouldn't mind makin' an identical replica." says Robby.

"I know, but there were tons of emotion in that guitar. I wrote 'I miss you' on it and such." says Miley.

Miley's Hannah-phone suddenly beeps.

"Miss Montana here..."

"Hello, this is Harry Larsen, LAPD. We've got a team searching for your guitar."

"Thanks, sir. My guitar is important to me."

"I understand, we'll inform you ass soon as we know anything."


Miley ends the phone call.

"Who was it?" says Robby.

"Police...they're lookin' for my guitar." says Miley.

"Good, Mile." says Robby.

2 hours later.

In a dark room somewhere, a woman is playing a song on Miley's guitar.

Her name is Yolanda Crow.

"Yes." says Yolanda.

Yolanda is 25 years old.

She has dark skin, red curly hair and blue eyes.

She is also evil.

"Holy shit, so damn great to have Hannah Montana's guitar." says Yolanda with an evil smile.

Yolanda wear a red leather t-shirt, dark skinny jeans and blue shoes.

"I am awesome." says Yolanda.