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A bit of suggested Noctis/Prompto later in the chapter.

Chapter 19

Ignis watched as Noctis ran his fingers through the thick fur covering Prompto's chest and belly, wondering if he realised what it meant that Prompto was allowing it, that he'd actually rolled over to give Noct his most vulnerable parts. Seeing the soft smile on Noct's face…he knew.

"Want to try coming over Iggy?" he asked after a while and Ignis nodded.

He took a deep breath and dropped down to his knees slowly, not wanting to startle Prompto with sudden movement. The movement got Prompto's attention, wolf gold eyes locking onto him. He rolled over and Noctis buried a hand in the thick fur at the back of his neck.

"Wanna say hi to Iggy, Prom?" he asked lightly, stroking the fur.

Ignis remained still, waiting to see how Prompto would react, but he remained still and quiet, leaning into Noctis. Ignis glanced into golden eyes, unsure if he should hold the gaze or not. He had noticed Prompto's unconscious testing of them and he knew they should have mentioned it, discussed it with Prompto because if they weren't careful the blond would end up at the bottom of the pack structure. Ignis hesitated but then lowered his eyes, submitting. As strange as it felt, he was the option that made the most sense and not because he was half human.

"Ignis," Gladio called.

"It's alright Gladio, I know what I'm doing," he assured him. Noctis was Prince and Pack Leader, he could not submit. As his Shield, Gladio could not afford to either, that left him and Prompto in contest for lowest rank. It would not affect his ability to advise anyone or anything so there was no problem with it.

He remained still as Prompto approached slowly, Noctis at his side. Ignis slowly held one hand out and then kept it there, watching as Prompto stretched out his nose to sniff him. Ignis remained still, keeping his body relaxed, he wasn't afraid of Prompto and he didn't want him to think he was. He felt a cold nose press into his hand, Prompto sniffing him and then his hand was being licked.

He bit back a yelp as he was suddenly knocked onto his back, Prompto leaning over him, sniffing at him and then his face was being licked, Prompto rubbing his head against him. Ignis lifted his hand to run through the thick fur and Prompto yipped at him, grabbing his shirt between his teeth, tugging it, so Ignis went with the motion to keep it from ripping. All of his research said that he couldn't be infected since he was only half human, but those teeth were large and very sharp, a bite, even an accidental one, would hurt.

"Okay?" Noct asked softly.

"I'm fine," Ignis assured him. He chuckled as Prompto nudged them together and Noctis wrapped an arm around him. Ignis relaxed against and Noctis glanced at him in confusion before getting it.

Noctis leant in and lightly nipped at Ignis' throat and he tipped his head to give him better access, knowing Prompto was watching them. It was the closest they had to a show of submission and hopefully Prompto would understand that. He yipped happily, pressing against their legs so Ignis assumed he had.

Noctis sat down again and Ignis joined him, Prompto laying down with them. "Should we try Gladio now?" Noct asked.

"Prompto seems rather relaxed," Ignis smiled gently at the wolf who had looked up at the sound of his name. He seemed to recognise his own name, which was good, it was more awareness than Prompto had said he usually had during the full moon. He scratched behind Prom's ear and licked him in return.

"Want to try it big guy?" Noct asked and Gladio nodded, slowly sinking to his knees, catching Prompto's attention with the movement. "It's okay, it's just Gladio," Noctis told him as Prompto got to his feet warily. Gladio was still on the other side of the room but because he'd moved he was now a possible threat.

He stayed on his knees, calm and strong and Prompto growled softly, wary and unsure.


"Hey blondie," Gladio murmured softly, keeping still.

Prompto had ignored him before but now that he'd drawn his attention he had to get him to accept him. He understood why Iggy had done what he had, though he didn't particularly like it, but he couldn't do that. For everyone's safety, he needed to be in a position of authority when it came to both younger boys.

Prompto's hackles were definitely up as he stared at him and Gladio kept eye contact. He was growling but it wasn't a fully aggressive growl, not like he'd heard back at the school. It was more…unsure. Gladio's scent was all through the apartment, mixed in with everyone else's which was likely the cause of that.

"Easy Prompto," he murmured, holding his hand out.

"It's just Gladio," Noctis soothed, reaching out to stroke his fur. "I'm coming over Gladio, maybe if he sees me comfortable with you, he'll settle a bit."

"Take it slow but confident," Ignis advised.

Noctis stood up, running his hand over Prompto's ear before walking over to Gladio. He moved with every bit of Princely assurance he'd been trained in. He walked up to the kneeling Gladio and grinned before running his hand through Gladio's hair. "Tip your head," he murmured, leaning in, and Gladio did it, feeling sharp fangs scrape across his skin. Noctis had never bitten him, never come so close to doing so, having him do it now felt…odd.

Prompto's growls trailed off and instead he made a confused sounding whine.

"See Prom, Gladio's not a threat," Noctis called, holding his hand out to the young wolf who hesitated but then began moving towards them.


Prompto gasped for breath, whole body trembling, feeling hands on his body, and he whimpered.

"Shh Prom, it's okay, we're here," a familiar voice called, and he forced his eyes open to find he was half in Noct's lap.

"N…Noct," he groaned, then a cool hand pressed to his forehead, and he pressed into the touch.

"You're okay," Noctis sounded upset, why?

He blinked blearily up at him as cool lips pressed to his forehead instead of the hand. He whined, trying to get closer to Noct, seeking reassurance. Noct shifted, tugging sat him, and then he was fully cradled in his lap, head on Noct's shoulder. He pressed his face to his neck, breathing in his scent, licking at the skin. Noct's hand moved to run through his hair, not stopping him.

"How is he?" a voice murmured nearby. He struggled to focus, to turn his head…Iggy, it was Iggy. He smiled gently at Prompto, crouching nearby. "Do you think you can drink this?" he asked, holding up a water bottle and Prompto weakly tried to reach for it. Ignis moved closer and pressed the opening to his lips, carefully tipping the water into his mouth and Prompto swallowed.

He shivered and a blanket was draped over him even as he cuddled as close to Noct as he could.

"How do you feel blondie?" Gladio's voice called and he realised he'd been the one to drop the blanket on them.

"Sore…cold," he answered, and he felt Noctis shift his hold on him, rubbing his back.

"Let's get you to bed, okay?" Noct asked and Prompto groaned but nodded. He tried to get up but Noctis tightened his hold. "I've got you," he promised and then he was pushing to his feet.

"Noct…" he shouldn't be doing that! His back! It was one thing to pick him up if he was standing but to stand up with him?

"Noctis," Iggy spoke.

"I'm fine," he assured them both and then they were moving.

Prompto held still, not wanting to throw off his balance but so much as moving a finger. He closed his eyes, breathing deeply, letting Noct's scent fill his nose. He whimpered, biting back the urge to, well…bite. Not to hurt but to mark him as pack officially. Noct stopped walking, leaning over and then he was on the mattress. Noct went to straighten up but he didn't let go. "Stay," he pleaded, nuzzling at him.

"Okay," he agreed, "need to get you dressed first." He grabbed Prom's bag and dug out a pair of loose pants, slipping them up Prompto's legs, seeing him fighting sleep even as he tried to help him. Noctis then stripped down quickly and got on the bed too. "I'm here Prom, get some sleep," he murmured, yanking the blankets up.


Noctis held Prompto as his best friend fell asleep, the shivering slowly stopping thanks to the blankets. Not like he could help him warm up but still Prom had refused to let go of him. The trust he had in them…it was amazing. He was at his weakest and yet he had no fear in clinging to him and falling asleep in his arms.

Noct wasn't sure which had been worse, watching him become the wolf or the change back to human. At least for the second he'd been safe in their arms since he'd been sprawled over his and Ignis' laps at the time. He wondered what last night would change between the four of them, how working out pack ranking would affect Prompto's behaviour even in human form. He didn't think things would change between him and Prompto since he'd seen him as pack leader for a while, but Iggy?

Letting Prompto take the higher position just so he wouldn't be the bottom of the pack was something Ignis would do. He just hadn't actually expected it to happen. He knew that Ignis was the logical choice, that Gladio needed to have authority because he was his Shield. If anything happened, they needed Prompto to follow his instructions like he would Noct's.

He looked up as Ignis walked in, carrying a tray with some simply sandwiches and one of Prom's shakes. He set it down and then sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out to check Prompto's temperature. "His temperature is closer to normal," he offered in relief.

"Iggy," Noctis whispered and Ignis looked up at him, smiling slightly.

"It's alright, I know what I was doing," he assured him. "I was the most logical choice and it would have been unfair to Prompto to not have one of us do it." he absently ran his fingers through limp blond hair and even in his sleep Prompto pressed into his touch. "Get some sleep Highness," he reached over to gently ruffle Noctis' hair and then went to leave.

"Stay Iggy," he urged and Ignis hesitated but then nodded and then stripped down to join them, laying on Prompto's other side. He was almost asleep when the bed dipped again, Gladio joining them.


Prompto woke slowly, body aching in a very familiar way, limbs still heavy with exhaustion still. He was warm and the bed was softer than normal, leaving him struggling to remember and then it hit him…it wasn't his bed. He had stayed at Noct's…the whole weekend. He'd shifted for them and now he could remember flashes from the night. He'd gone to Noct…had given him his belly and Noct had rubbed the fur there. Iggy…had Iggy really done that for him? Did he know what it meant? He hadn't snapped at them! Or at least he didn't remember doing that. He'd growled at Gladio a bit, at least he thought he had…

He felt movement and then an arm was slung over his waist, a familiar arm. He twisted his head and forced his eyes open, looking at a sleeping Noctis. He turned back and found himself staring at Ignis who was also asleep, his body close but not quite touching him. Over Iggy's shoulder he could make out Gladio's slumbering form. He felt his breathing hitch and covered his mouth with a hand, trying not to cry but then he felt the arm around his waist tighten, a face pressing against his shoulder.

"S'okay," Noctis mumbled, nuzzling at his bare skin and Prompto shivered but then slowly tipped his head to the side in silent offering. Noctis froze and he placed his hand over Noct's. "Prom…"

"You trusted me, I trust you," he whispered. He knew werewolf blood was like the chocolate of the vampire world, especially the day after the full moon. He lay still even as he felt sharp fangs drag across sensitive skin, shivering again at the sensation.

"Sure?" Noct whispered, hand stroking his bare skin and Prompto shifted back even closer to him.

He felt Noctis shift, wrapping his other arm around him too but it didn't feel like he was being restrained or anything, it felt…safe. He moved his own hand to hold Noct's squeezing gently.

"Yeah," he promised and then he felt Noctis licking at his skin and he closed his eyes, breathing slow and deep.

He felt a slight sting as sharp fangs sank in and then an odd pulling sensation as Noctis began to drink. It didn't hurt but…it didn't feel like how his Dad or Ignis described. It was maybe somewhere between the two? He didn't feel unable to fight back like a human, but he also wasn't as aroused as a vampire would be….though there was some definite interest building in his body.

He trusted Noctis to stop before he took too much though, so he didn't even consider trying to get away. Werewolf healing meant he could lose more than a human could too, not that he thought Noct would take a lot. He bit his lip, trying not to moan, yep…definite growing interest. He tightened his grip on Noct's hand who squeezed back, his other hand stroking Prompto's stomach.

Noctis let go of the wound and Prompto could hear him breathing heavily. "Okay?" he asked gently.

"Yeah. It's…not like how anyone explained," he squirmed slightly.

He heard Noct breath in deeply, but he didn't feel embarrassed, he'd never developed the body issues others at school had. Too many years strapped naked to an examination table or just part of being a wolf?

He could feel blood dripping down his neck and shoulder and then Noctis was lapping it up with his tongue. "Want to stop?" he offered.

"M'fine," he promised, yawning.

"Your body's still stressed from last night," Noctis murmured against his skin. He began licking the wound and Prompto felt the skin tingle as the wound healed, though it was already healing.


Ignis lay with his eyes closed, listening. The smell of blood had woken him, and he had almost intervened, but he had decided to stay quiet as long as they didn't push things dangerously. Thankfully, Noctis was being smart and had stopped before risking too much stress on Prompto's already exhausted body.


Noctis lapped at the skin as the wound healed. He could smell the way Prompto was reacting to his bite, not as strong as another vampire would but definitely not like a human. "Want a shower?" he offered to give him privacy to deal with things however he wanted.

"Don't think I can stand that long," he admitted, shifting restlessly, trying to turn, so Noctis loosened his arms, helping him roll over.

Noctis gently brushed some hair back of Prom's face and he pressed into his touch. "What do you need Prom?" he asked gently. Prom's blood was unlike any he had ever tasted before, it really was like chocolate; rich and powerful. Prompto had offered it freely, without a seconds hesitation so if he needed help dealing with anything post-feed then he'd do it.

"Noct," he asked in confusion.

"Food, water…help," he glanced down slightly to ensure he knew what he meant and Prompto's eyes went wide.

"Water?" he asked and Noctis sat up to grab the bottle beside the bed, Prompto levering himself up slowly.

He tugged Prompto back to lean against him and then gave him the bottle. "Iggy brought in some sandwiches and one of your shakes too."

Prompto nodded, drinking the water. "Maybe…help with a shower?" he asked hesitantly.

"Okay," Noctis agreed, so once he'd drunk the water and had a sandwich, he helped him up and into his own bathroom.


As soon as the water started Gladio opened his eyes and tapped Ignis who rolled over. "They doing what I think?"

"Most likely," Ignis answered, a little embarrassed. Noctis had fed from him before so he would know best how blondie was feeling. "His reaction is…less than even my own," he explained and Gladio nodded.

"You think they?"

"I think…they love each other but I am unsure how. We all care deeply about each other after all. I have been doing as much research as possible into pack dynamics. Prompto is…unmated and in an all-male pack. Some of my reading would suggest that such 'help' is not uncommon in such packs. So it may just be his instinct to allow his pack leader to help with any issues he has. It isn't like Prompto is body shy or anything."

"Get the feeling he was one of those kids who likes running around naked," Gladio smirked but then sobered, they all knew he'd never really had the chance to be a kid, even once in Insomnia. It had been better, and he'd been able to do more of what a kid should, but he'd been isolated from his peers.

"And with pack hierarchy now settled, we may need to remind him of certain boundaries, but gently."

"He's been playing human for years; you really think it'll affect him that much?"

"Wolves lives revolve around their pack, so it is possible."

"Well as long as he keeps anything wolfy limited to here and his home it'll be fine."


Prompto collapsed on his bed, already missing Noct's, missing his pack. Unmarked or not, they were pack now. And…in a way…his fingers brushed the spot where Noct had bitten him, there was no scar but Noctis had bitten him, just like he would expect from his pack leader. He…he wanted the others to bite him too, the idea of them drinking his blood, of being able to give that to them, well it felt good; a way to contribute to and help the pack.

Maybe next full moon they were free, they could spend in his den. And maybe one day…he could mark them? No…it wasn't worth considering, sooner or later he'd have to leave Insomnia to keep his secret. It would hurt even worse if he marked them when the time came to leave. Noct said Ignis would think of something but he honestly didn't see any way of it becoming possible, not until Noct was King and maybe not even then.