New story and my first concerning the Kids Next Door. I don't know how I came up with this idea. I started binge-watching Kids Next Door and out of no where, I though adding elements of the Hunger Games would be interesting. This chapter is simply a journal entry to help set the scene for the story. I hope it works, if so let me know, if not please still let me know.

Edit: I've actually remembered that i was partially inspired by the author burkhart in writing this story, because this Author also wrote a KND story that had inspired elements from a specific movie. in this author's case the story Wedding Wars, which was inspired by Bride Wars.



My name is Rachel McKenzie, I'm 16. For those who don't remember, I was once supreme leader of the organisation known as the Kids Next Door. We were an organisation of children who fought adult tyranny around the world. When you turned 13, you would be decommissioned and have your memory erased. You would forget everything about the Kids Next Door, once the process was complete. You may be wondering how I still remember the Kids Next Door. Normally we allowed a few teenagers, to remain undercover to spy on adults and sabotage their plans. That's not what happened in my case. I and so many others, remember the Kids Next Door, because in the end, after more than a century of fighting, we lost. I'd like to say no one exactly remembers how it happened, but we all do.

It all started, with the disappearance of an operative. His name is Nigel Uno, formally known as Numbuh 1, leader of sector V and considered one of the greatest Kids Next Door operatives ever. After some weird elaborate treasure hunt, to steal the birthday cake, off the spoilt Delightful Children From Down The Lane, he disappeared. For a while, I had no idea where he was. I wanted to. I even ordered his teammates, but they said they didn't know. I always knew that wasn't true, but I decided to leave it alone, because despite being their supreme leader, I felt it wasn't my business. Eventually, I retired from being supreme leader and Nigel's second in command Abigail Lincoln or Numbuh 5 took over. I've never explained why I decided to retire, because I feel everyone would laugh at me if I did.

About a year after Nigel's disappearance, is when everything went horribly wrong. It was then, when I discovered that Nigel had been recruited by what was known as the Galactic Kids Next Door. They were dedicated to fighting adult tyranny across the entire universe. We discovered the hard way, that they were far more extreme and ruthless with their approach. They wanted to destroy our planet, because they felt it was too overrun with adults. Nigel was the one who got the final decision, as to whether our planet would be destroyed. To the shock of every earth-based Kids Next Door Operative, he agreed, and our planet was invaded. The earth operatives fought bravely, but we were outnumbered, with inferior technology. Despite all this, we managed to capture Nigel and bring him in for interrogation. We also managed to rescue former KND operative Chad Dickson, once known as Numbuh 274. I'm sure it comes as no shock, that Nigel was considered a traitor by nearly every member of the Kids Next Door. There were a few however, who wanted to hear him out. Those few being, his old team and myself.

At first it appeared that Nigel truly believed, in what the Galactic Kids Next Door were doing. I didn't want to believe it, as the Nigel Uno I knew, would never do something like this. I think his teammates, didn't want to believe it either. To everyone's surprise, Chad came to his defence. Chad explained that he had overheard a few operatives say, that Numbuh 1 had been brainwashed, into fully believing the ambitions of the Galactic Kids Next Door. Not a lot of people believed Chad, as he was also considered a traitor. Thankfully Abigail knew that Chad wasn't a traitor, but was actually a teenaged spy for the Kids Next Door. She had to reveal what Chad was and how the Kids Next Door had teenagers and even adults working under cover. This got many angry comments from the rest of the organisation, but they had to accept it, as they were bound by the rules to follow the orders of their supreme leader.

Having learned this information, Abigail got the best scientists in the Kids Next Door, to start looking for a way to get the original Nigel back. It took a lot of hard work, but eventually, Nigel's best friend Hoagie, also known as Numbuh 2, managed to invent a machine to reverse the process. When he was back to his old self, Nigel had no idea what was happening. Abigail was the one to fill him in. It came as no surprise, that Nigel became overwhelmed with guilt. He couldn't believe what he'd done, what he'd planned to do. He lost the will to fight after that, because he felt he no longer had the right to fight alongside the kids next door. It didn't help, that most of the operates still considered Nigel a traitor and refused to fight along side him, despite Abigail's orders.

Eventually, we were found by the head of the Galactic Kids Next Door. Nigel begged him to call of the attack as he didn't want his planet destroyed. The alien creature wouldn't listen, as the decision had been made. After that, we lost. Every sector, in every country on the planet, had been forced to surrender. We were outnumbered and overwhelmed and there was no way we could win.

Then out of nowhere, the adult villains came to our aid. The adult villains, who had been fighting against us for years, saved us. They had waited until the Galactic Kids Next Door had been worn down before making their move. The Galactic Kids Next Door, were caught off guard in their victory celebrations, were defeated and destroyed. Although our planet was safe, it only got worse for us. As soon as the Galactic invaders were defeated, the adults turned on us and ordered us to surrender. With our resources depleted and not wanting to risk any more lives, Abigail told us to throw down our weapons and surrender. That marked the end, of the Kids Next Door. Every operative in the world was rounded up. The leader of the Adults, known as Father, then got a hold of the Code Module, to make sure there was no one missing. He also discovered, the identities of all the undercover spies and any decommissioned operatives that were still alive and had them recommissioned. He did this to let us know, that the days of the Kids Next Door were over, and we were to be punished for our crimes.

Now the Kids Next Door is all but extinct. The Moon Base was destroyed, every treehouse headquarters was found and destroyed. Any hidden research facility and even the Code Module was destroyed. It wasn't long after that, that Father took over the entire world, and is now known as President Father. To punish us for our crimes, any former kids next door operative, along with their families are now forced to live in poverty. Many of us were separated from our friends and put in 12 distinct districts. You were lucky, to be put in the same district as an old teammate. They did this, hoping there would be less chance of rebellion. Nigel's team were lucky. Abigail and Hoagie managed to be put in the same district. As were his other two teammates Kuki Sanban and Wallabee Beatles. I on the other hand, was not so lucky. None of my old teammates are here with me. I am however in the same district as Nigel. I often see him doing odd jobs around town. Most former Kids Next Door operatives, had to get jobs when the organisation was destroyed, to support their families. Nigel and I were no exception. I've always wanted to go talk to Nigel. I want to tell him, I never considered him a traitor and that I still consider him a friend. I also want to tell him the true reason I retired as supreme leader, but I can never bring myself to do so. I sometimes feel he wants to talk to me too, but for some reason he won't.

Some former Kids Next Door operatives were extremely lucky. Chad was forgiven for his crimes, due to his parents being major league villain. My best friend Fanny Fulbright was also forgiven, due to her dad being, Father's right-hand man. Both Chad and Fanny could lead normal lives, if they agreed to change their ways. I haven't seen Fanny since, I just hope she hasn't forgotten the Kids Next Door and what it stands for. If you think my tale is grim, I haven't even gotten to the worst part. As the ultimate punishment for our crimes, and for the adult's personal amusement, we're now forced to fight each other, in what they call the Games Next Door. Basically, what happens is that one boy and one girl between the ages of 10 and 18 is chosen from each district, and we must fight each other until there is a victor. Thankfully no one's died from these games, but those who lose aren't allowed to go home to their families. No one truly knows what happens to them. A lot of people have lost their faith in what the Kids Next Door stood for, because of this. What's worse, is that you may be forced to compete, even if you weren't a Kids Next Door Operative. You can be forced to play, just because you were a sibling of a Kids Next Door operative. This is done to ensure, that no other kid tries to challenge the authority of the adults. The only good side, is the victor and their family are rewarded

These games have been going on for the last five years and in that time, I've been lucky not to be selected. My younger brother Harvey has also managed to avoid selection, in his years of being eligible, but that could all change. Tomorrow is the day of the selection process and who ever is chosen, will be shipped off to the capital where the Adult Villains reside and be forced to fight. I pray that neither my brother or I are selected, but every year your chances of getting picked increase. This gives me a bit of security, knowing my chances are greater than Harvey's, but I still worry for him, like every big sister should. I'm writing this diary entry, so people don't forget why the world is like it is. People need know why this has happened, and why we live under the tyrannical rule of the evillest adult in the world. Until next time.

Rachel McKenzie

Ok Prologue done, I hope you enjoyed it. I feel I should point out, that no characters are fulfilling the roles of any character from the Hunger Games. They are still simply themselves, just in a Hunger Games setting. Also there will be future couples in this story. The main ones will be 1/362, 2/5, 3/4, and others that I may decide to add in. Finally, this is the only chapter that will be written in first person and specifically told from Rachel's point of view. I just felt she was the best character to set the scene for the story. There's more to come, see you next time. Please review and tell me what you think.