Chapter 14 – One last happy moment

Thanks for waiting and welcome to Chapter 14 of the Games Next Door. In the last few chapters, we had some rather big reveals from Rachel, and in this chapter, I aim to explore, some responses to those reveals. Enjoy.

After Rachel's confession was over, the two friends sat in silence. Both had just revealed some really shocking news to the other, and it took them a while, to properly process it. They had both felt, they had failed each other, when in truth, neither of them, felt the other was to blame. Nigel was the one to break the silence.

"Rachel, it wasn't your fault that I disappeared, I left on my own free will," said Nigel, trying to comfort her.

"I know, but I kept thinking back to the last time we spoke, before you left. I shouldn't have yelled at you Nigel, had you truly left forever, my last memory of you, would've forever been a bad one. In truth, sometimes I'm glad the Galactic KND invaded, because it brought you back, and its finally given me the chance, to say something, I've wanted to say for years. That, I'm sorry," said Rachel, starting to tear up.

Nigel put his on her shoulder.

"Rachel, you should never have to feel guilty for what you did that day. You were simply trying to do what was best for the KND. You were right, my team had constantly failed, to retrieve the cake, from the Delightful Children, so putting another team, with a higher success rate, on the mission, was clearly a smart move to make, even if your brother's methods, were far from agreeable," said Nigel, sympathetically.

"I guess, but you're my friend Nigel, and I should've treated you better," said Rachel, still sounding sad.

"I want you to listen to me very carefully Rachel," said Nigel, making Rachel face him. "While we were off duty, we were friends, but when on duty, you were my superior and I was a soldier, who you had every right to boss around and yell at. Our final meeting before I left, wasn't the first time, you'd yelled at me and my team, and I believed, it wasn't going to be the last. Every time you scolded me and my team, I took it as an opportunity, to learn and grow as an operative. I was never angry at you for yelling at me, I was only ever angry at myself, for not being a better operative. So, I want you to stop feeling guilty, about what you did that day, because as Supreme Leader of the Kids Next Door, your actions were completely justified."

It meant the world to Rachel, to hear this, because it proved, that Nigel had never been angry with her and her guilt, just seemed to disappear, in an instant. Well, it almost disappeared.

"What about that time I did nothing, as you were being beat up by those teen ninja's?" asked Rachel, hoping to rid herself, of the last piece of guilt.

"It was the right decision to make. Had you stepped in and done something, you would've been punished, and your family, would probably be in a far worse state, then they are already," said Nigel, in complete honesty.

Rachel could not help what she did next, she wrapped her arms around Nigel, hugged him tightly and started to cry.

"Thank you Nigel, thank you so much," said Rachel, as she cried into Nigel's shoulder.

"It's alright Rachel, I'm sorry I've caused you so much pain, over the last six years," said Nigel, comforting the crying girl.

As Rachel continued to cry onto Nigel's shoulder, he realised, that there was one more thing, that needed to be said. He lifted Rachel's head of his shoulder, so they could again speak face to face.

"Look Rachel, if I'm honest, I don't know how I truly feel about you, but we definitely have strong feelings for each other. And over time, who knows, those feelings could develop into something more, than just a close friendship," said Nigel.

Suddenly, Rachel and Nigel, found their faces getting closer together. Their lips were about to touch, when out of nowhere, came a noise, that brought them back to reality.

"Ah Choo," said the voice, that appeared to be coming from Nigel's door.

Rachel and Nigel immediately stopped what they were doing, and their attention went towards the door, that led to the hallway.

"Bless you Wally," said a faint voice, that sounded exactly like Kuki's.

"Guys, quiet, they'll hear us," said another voice which resembled Hoagie's.

Nigel signalled for Rachel to remain quiet, and she nodded in agreement, as Nigel silently walked to the door. As he walked, he sarcastically started saying, "You know Rachel, now that I think about it, you were not only a great friend, but you were arguably, the closest female friend, I ever had, so the fact that I didn't realise you had feelings for me sooner, makes me a complete and utter fool."

As soon as Nigel had finished this statement, he had reached the door and put his hand on the doorknob. He opened the door extremely quickly, causing six individuals, to fall on their stomachs. The door revealed, Hoagie, Kuki, Wally, Sonya, Chad and Fanny, who were all holding glass cups, in one of their hands. It became painfully obvious, to both Nigel and Rachel, that they had been listening to the conversation, through the door.

"Abby told you fools they were gonna catch you," said Abigail, who was standing in the hallway, with Cree and Maurice, all of whom, had disapproving looks on their faces.

"What do you guys think you're doing?" asked Nigel, visibly annoyed by their behaviour.

"What does it look like we're doing, we're listing to you and Rachel talk about your feelings," said Kuki happily, despite the other five, giving her clear signals to be quiet.

"How did you guys even know about this?" asked Rachel, who came over to join the group.

"Abby told us, you'd gone to talk to Nigel," said Kuki, who's mouth was then covered, by Fanny's hand.

Nigel gave Abigail an annoyed look.

"Abby didn't think they'd do something this stupid," said Abigail, trying to defend herself.

Nigel simply sighed and asked, "How much did you hear?"

Kuki tried to answer, but Fanny would not let her. Sonya however, decided that since they had been caught, they might as well be honest.

"Everything from Nigel admitting, why he volunteered for Harvey," answered Sonya.

"SONYA," said Fanny, Wally, Chad and Hoagie annoyed.

Rachel and Nigel went red, upon learning how much they had heard.

"Oh, common Nigel, this was a pretty big shock to everyone. Even Wally wanted to see where this went," stated Hoagie, trying to defend the six of them.

"Regardless guys, unless it's for something important, please refrain from eavesdropping, on anymore private conversations, because I promise you, Rachel and I won't be as forgiving next time," said Nigel, in a slightly threatening tone.

The six people who had fallen on the floor, simply nodded, to what Nigel had said, and promised not to do this again. With that, they all got up from the floor. Nigel could not help, but notice that there was someone missing, from their secrete rebellion.

"Where's the professor?" asked Nigel curiously.

"He decided, it might be best, if he wasn't seen in this building, the night before the games. Might rise suspicions, that he's been colluding with contestants," said Maurice.

"That was arguably a wise move," said Nigel, thinking out load. "For all we know, someone's already started a rumour, that he's been helping us. But we can't worry about that right now. It's out of our control."

They all knew this was true and decided, this was a potential issue, they would need to deal with later. It was then decided that they should all head to bed. They had a big day tomorrow, and they would need to be at maximum strength, if they were going to survive the competition. Everyone went their separate ways, but Fanny decided to stay behind, as she needed to talk to Rachel. Chad also had something, he needed to give Nigel.

"Nigel wait, before you go, the professor wanted me to give you something. Apparently, you requested these, for the games," said Chad, reaching into his pocket, and pulling out what appeared, to be a glasses case.

Nigel took the case and opened it. Inside, were a pair of sunglasses, that looked nearly identical, to the ones Nigel had worn as a child.

"Sunglasses? Seriously?" aked Chad.

"Well, the way I see it, is that if we're gonna reveal to the world, that Sector V has returned, I feel its important, that their leader looks the part," said Nigel, putting on the shades, and looking almost exactly as he had, during his days of being Numbuh 1.

With that, Nigel said goodnight to the remaining allies, while Chad left, as he needed to get home, before his parents got suspicious. Rachel and Fanny remained behind.

"Ya know, it was pretty foolish, to say that during the interview," said Fanny, crossing her arms.

"I know, but when Robin Food asked the question, I couldn't help myself, I felt if I didn't say it then, I would never say it," admitted Rachel.

"Couldn't ya have waited till the games, or after, when ya had won, and were heading home?" asked Fanny, trying to point out the obvious alternative.

"But what if we don't win. Or what if I win, and Nigel gets eliminated. Then I'd never get to tell him. I know telling him during the games, would've been the best alternative, but I just felt revealing it then and there, was the best chance I had, to let Nigel know how I feel," answered Rachel, truthfully.

"Ah suppose, but honestly, this is why I'm glad, Ah hate boys. You'd never catch me, admitting feelings for a stupid boy, on live television," boasted Fanny arrogantly.

Rachel could not help, but smirk at this.

"Really, even if you were a contestant, and it might be your last chance to do so?" asked Rachel grinning.

"Of course, Ah'd have much more important things to worry about, then getting a boyfriend," said Fanny, although her words did not sound as truthful.

"Fanny don't think I never saw how you looked at one of the contestants, back when we were all operatives. You may not admit it here and now but try to consider, what you would've done, had you been in my position," said Rachel.

Fanny said nothing in retaliation to this, but her face nearly became the same colour, as her bright red hair.

"Anyway, I'd better get some sleep. Good night Fanny," said Rachel and she went back to her room.

"Good night," said Fanny, as her face went back to its normal colour, and she left without another word.

Well that was a pretty short chapter, but it still had quite a few big moments. I think they were big moments anyway, what with Nigel revealing how he feels. I also gave another hint, to a potential contestant. Feel free to guess who this contestant may be. I must thank everyone for their patience regarding the updates to this story and I must sadly admit, that it will be a while, before I upload the next chapter. It should hopefully be worth it though, because in the next chapter the Games will begin. Until then, feel free to review and let me know, what was done well and what could've been done better. Thanks for reading.