Chapter 15 – The Games Begin

Ok, its been over a month since I last posted, but here it is, what most readers I'm assuming have been waiting for, the beginning of the Games, in The Games Next Door. I hope the wait was worth it. Enjoy.

Sector V were standing in a large circle with the rest of the contestants, which appeared, to be the centre of the arena, surrounded by a large forest. In the centre of the circle, were multiple backpacks, that contained, among other things, the weapons the contestants had created, in the month leading up to the games. About an hour ago, all the contestants had been picked up, and driven to a large dome like structure that contained the arena. During that time, each of them, had had a tracker, placed in their arm. They were told, this was to ensure, that they were able to keep track of where they were, and to stop them leaving the arena. They were also, all now wearing uniforms for the games, which simply consisted of tea-shirts, that said, '5th annual Games Next Door', along with matching tracksuit trousers, and sneakers.

There was a great feeling of tension, from every contestant. This tension extended to the people watching from home. The families of every contestant were begging the universe to bring their children back to them. Back at the hotel, where the contestants were staying, Maurice, Cree and Sonya watched the live feed, from Cree's room and were praying for Sector V to succeed. Chad, Fanny and Professor XXXL, were watching the games in a large theatre, with the rest of the villains. They had to do their best, to make it appear, they were enjoying the show, because if they showed even the slightest hint of concern, it could blow the entire operation.

Sector V stood nervously in the circle, as they waited for the countdown to begin. Before long, they heard an announcement, given by a voice, they recognised immediately, as Robin Food's.

"Contestants of the Games Next Door, we thank you for your patience, and wish you the best of luck in the competition," announced Robin Food, as all the contestants, got prepared to run into the centre of the field. "The Games will begin in 30 seconds."

Robin Food started to count down from thirty. While this was happening, Nigel noticed that all the contestants, were focused solely on the items in the centre of the arena. Nigel took this opportunity, to take one last look at his teammates. As he looked across the arena, to Rachel, Abigail, Hoagie, Wally and Kuki, he noticed, that they had also looked in his direction. He nodded at them, which was his way of saying, good luck, as they nodded back. Then he looked exclusively at Rachel, and gave another nod, as they would be depending on each other the most, to get through the early stages of the games. He hoped they would all get through. Their chances were not great, but six heads were better than one. Nigel trusted his team completely, and knew that if they worked together, they could win together. Nigel looked back, to the centre of the arena, just as the countdown was about to finish.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, begin," announced Robin Food.

All at once, the contestants ran into the centre of the arena. Sector V had all agreed, to pick up the first bag they could, and then retreat into the forest. They just hoped the bags they did pick up; had something they could use. Nigel managed to reach a bag pretty quickly, and as soon as he had put it on his back, he started to run for the trees, of the forest. A younger child, he did not recognise, tried to take his bag from him. As much as it hurt Nigel to do so, he and his team had to win, so he pushed the child to the ground, and kept running. He had lost sight of the rest of his team, but he had to stick to the plan, so he ran into the forest, and prayed, they would be all right.

Rachel had agreed to meet up with him, after the rush for weapons and supplies were over. Nigel wasn't too keen on this plan, as he would have preferred, to have stuck together from the start, but Rachel believed, this was the best approach. It would hide the fact, that they were working together and as a master of stealth, she could hopefully, make her way to Nigel, without being seen.

After retreating to the forest, Nigel ran until he was out of breath. Upon stopping, he took shelter, under a large tree, and looked around, to see if anyone had followed him, or was near. There was no one in his immediate site, so he believed he was safe. For now, anyway. After catching his breath, Nigel was gonna keep moving, when suddenly, he heard Robin Food, make another announcement.

"Contestants of the Games Next Door, we'd like to announce, that the following contestants, have been eliminated," announced Robin Food.

Nigel looked to the sky, to see which contestants, had been eliminated. A total of six, had been eliminated. They consisted of mostly low ranked KND members, who Nigel vaguely recognised, and younger children, who Nigel assumed, were siblings of KND members. Among these, included the young child, that Nigel had been forced, to push to the ground. To Nigel's relief, none of his comrades, were included, among the eliminated contestants. Nigel was about to head out to look for Rachel, when out of nowhere, he felt some arms, wrap around his neck, and cover his mouth. Nigel tried to throw his assailant off, when suddenly it spoke.

"Nigel, stop, it's me," said the attacker, who turned out to be Rachel.

When Nigel calmed down, she let him go.

"Rachel, what the hell, did you have to scare the crap out of me?" asked Nigel, shaking off the fright.

"Sorry, I didn't know how else to approach you," admitted Rachel.

"You could've just called out my name," stated Nigel.

"Yes, but that would've given away our position," said Rachel, reminding him, that they needed to be careful.

"Oh, right. In all honesty, we didn't really plan, how to meet up, just that we would," said Nigel, realising, that they had left, a rather crucial part, out of their plan.

"Yeah and if I'm honest, that's the approach I would often use, if I was undercover, and needed to meet up with another operative," admitted Rachel.

"Well it worked, let's leave it at that. I just hope everyone else, managed to regroup more easily," said Nigel.

"Agreed, speaking of which, none of our team members, appear to have been eliminated," said Rachel.

"Yeah, which is promising, but it also means, we have to be careful, because the remaining contestants, are arguably more formidable, then the ones who were eliminated," said Nigel.

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Rachel.

"We stick to the plan. We search the rest of the forest, and try to eliminate, as many contestants as possible, before regrouping, with the rest of the team. But first, let's see what we managed to gain, from the initial rush for supplies," said Nigel, as he and Rachel took off their backpacks, to see what they had.

"I've got a few cans of meat, an empty water bottle, and one of the S.P.I.C.E.R.'s that Hoagie and the professor built," said Nigel, examining the contents of his backpack. "What have you got?"

"I've also got some canned meat, but I've also got some sardines and anchovies," said Rachel, looking a little disgusted, by the fact, that they'd have to consume these, to keep their strength up. "Well, food's food I guess."

"Do you have any weapons?" asked Nigel, concerned for Rachel's safety.

"Yeah. I have a G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A., but not one of the one's, Professor XXXL and Hoagie built. I also have a remote detonated smoke bomb," said Rachel, putting everything back in her backpack.

"Well a weapon's, better than no weapon and that smoke bomb, could come in handy later," said Nigel.

"Yeah, hopefully the contestants, we run into, have one of our weapons, which should leave them defenceless, long enough for us to take them out," said Rachel, putting on her backpack.

"We can only hope. Anyway, let's get going, the longer we stay still, the more vulnerable, we are to an ambush," said Nigel.

Rachel nodded in agreement, and the two set off, to face the dangers, of the Games Next Door. Nigel and Rachel, walked as quickly, and as quietly as they could, while also doing their best, to take in their surroundings, just in case, they saw, or heard someone approaching. This proved to be difficult, because the thick forest, made it difficult for them, to see long distances, and they had to be careful of the fact, that someone could be hiding behind a tree, waiting to ambush them. For the first half hour, they did not see or hear anything. When out of nowhere, Rachel heard a twig snap.

"Nigel stop," whispered Rachel.

"What?" asked Nigel, whispering back.

"Did you hear that?" asked Rachel.

"Here what?" asked Nigel.

"I heard a twig snap," stated Rachel, still whispering.

"Are you sure that wasn't one of us?" asked Nigel.

"No, it was definitely further away from us," said Rachel.

"Are you sure?" asked Nigel.

"Yes Nigel, I'm sure," said Rachel, getting a little agitated.

"Alright, I'll go ahead, and try to get them to come out. You cover me ok," said Nigel, as Rachel nodded, and headed of in a different direction.

Nigel kept going the direction, he and Rachel had been following, and made sure, to be extra careful, when going around trees, and trying to see, if anyone was hiding behind them. For a while, the coast still seemed clear, but what Nigel didn't realise, was that someone, had managed to get behind him, and was sneaking up on him. Nigel came up to another tree, carefully and quickly checked, that no one was using it as cover, and was about to continue, when suddenly, he felt a weapon, poking into his back.

"Hello Nigel," said a female's voice.

Nigel closed his eyes and grunted with annoyance. The voice sounded a little different, to the one he remembered, but he still knew, who it belonged to, immediately. It belonged to the last contestant, he wanted to face that day.

"May I turn around?" asked Nigel, as calmly as he could.

"Of course, I think the great Numbuh 1, deserves to see the face, that took him down, once and for all," said the voice.

Nigel turned around, to face the contestant, that had snuck up on him. He turned to see a very beautiful young woman, with long orange hair, pointing a M.U.S.K.E.T. at him. She looked a little more rugged, then he remembered, and had grown quite significantly, but it was definitely her.

"Hello Numbuh 10, or would you prefer I call you Eva, since you were one of the contestants, who declared that being in the Kids Next Door, was a mistake?" asked Nigel angrily.

"Oh Nigel, that's no way to greet your cousin," said the girl, known as Eva.

Ok, I've started the Games and finally revealed, one of the other contestants. The first contestant to be revealed, is Numbuh 10, Nigel's cousin on his mothers side. I made her one of the contestants, because I felt this would make Nigel's struggle, that much greater. I hope I didn't disappoint. Also I've called her Eva, because from what I've read, a popular fan name for her, is Evangeline Roberts. Please leave a review so I can know what was good, and what could be improved. More is to come.