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Abigail ran through the forest towards where Hoagie had crashed. She could no longer see smoke from the crash and was now basically running blind. Abigail started calling out his name in the hope he would hear her. She knew this was dangerous, but it was her best way of finding him before someone else did. After twenty minutes of running, she heard another announcement, by Robin Food.

"Contestants of the Games Next Door, the following contestants have been eliminated."

Abigail looked up to the ceiling of the arena and prayed she did not see Hoagie appear. Ace appeared first, then Numbuh 1-Love, then Numbuh 112, but not Hoagie. Abigail sighed in relief, Hoagie was still in the Game. This only made her more determined to find him. She ran for another ten minutes, calling his name as often as she could.

"HOAGIE. HOAGIE," called Abigail to the empty arena.

"ABBY," called a voice Abigail instantly recognised.

Abigail followed the call. Eventually she found him. He didn't look good. He was lying on the ground covered in dirt. The Jetpack had been thrown to the side. What worried Abigail the most however, was that Hoagie was clutching his left arm and both his left leg and arm were swollen.

"Hoagie, are you ok?" asked Abigail.

"No. I've broken an arm and a leg," said Hoagie, who was close to tears from the pain.

"Damn, this isn't good," said Abigail.

Hoagie started to break down again, but not from pain, from sadness. He felt he had failed everyone.

"Abby, leave me and save yourself, meet up with Nigel and Rachel or Wally and Kuki and win this thing. I can't fight anymore," said Hoagie sadly.

"Hoagie don't be stupid, there's no way Abby's leaving you here," said Abigail.

"I'll only slow you down," said Hoagie.

"Abby don't care. We made a pact to get through this together and that's what we're gonna do. I'm not abandoning you and you're not abandoning us," said Abigail.

"But I can't even walk," said Hoagie.

"You've still got one leg that isn't broken. Meaning you can hop. Now get on your foot boy, because if we stay out here, we're done for," said Abigail, putting Hoagie's right arm around her shoulder and helping him up.

"Why are you doing this Abby?" asked Hoagie.

"Because we're a team Hoagie, and you never leave a team player behind."

With that they started hopping back the way they came in the hope they could find another place to hide. Meanwhile, the villains were watching with disappointment. While they had enjoyed the sky battle, along with the fight between Abigail and Lee, they were disappointed that all the members of Sector V were still in the Game. Every villain in the capital had an inkling that the real reason they were here, was so President Father could finally defeat and Delightfulize them once and for all. They all knew it was too much of a coincidence that every member of President Father's least favourite team was here, in addition to the operative who had put a stop to one of his most perfect schemes. In light of this, they were all routing for Sector V to fall, because they knew the happier President Father was, the better. However, seeing Hoagie injured and Abigail using all her focus on keeping him safe made them hopeful and happy that two members of Sector V would soon be eliminated. All except for one that is. Sitting in the back row was a young man about the same age as Cree. He had blonde hair and was wearing a black suit. He had been watching the Games with great interest, particularly the parts that seemed to involve the members of Sector V. A little birdie had made him aware of the little rebellion that had been going on with Sector V and a few other individuals. That being said, was he a friend, or foe? Certain people would soon find out.

The rest of the villains watched as Abigail and Hoagie managed to find a cave to hide in, as moving seemed nearly unbearable for Hoagie. After Abigail had laid Hoagie down to rest, she left the cave and went to collect some sticks and long pieces of grass. The villains assumed this was so she could make a makeshift cast, for Hoagies injuries.

"Well, this simply will not do," thought the man to himself.

The man got up and left the theatre. He went outside and found an abandoned alleyway. After he was certain that no one was there and he had not been followed, he pulled out a burner phone and dialled. He would be using a fake name for this call.

"Hello?" said a person on the other end.

"Yes, this is Chester. I'd like to make a sponsor for one of the contestants," said the man.

"Certainly. Who do you wish to sponsor?" asked the woman.

"I'm assuming you saw the crash suffered by Hoagie Gilligan. Send that poor boy a sling for his arm and a brace for his leg. Some pain meds wouldn't hurt either," said the man.

The woman on the phone was a little shocked by this request.

"Are you sure? President Father made it very clear that he'll be very upset if sponsors are made to six specific contestants," said the woman.

"I insist," said the man.

"Very well, I'll get right on it. I just hope you know what you're doing," said the woman.

"So do I," thought the man.

"Thankyou," said the man out loud, then hung up the phone.

The man walked back to the theatre, but just as he was about to enter the room with the rest of the villains, he was interrupted by the actual Chester.

"What is the meaning of this?" demanded Chester angrily.

"I'm not sure what you're referring to," said the man.

"I just got an email saying that I was sponsoring Hoagie Gilligan to help with his injuries. I told them I made no such request, but then they told me I had called them to personally make the request. I know it was you Mr Cross. How dare you make another sponsor under my name. Especially one to Hoagie Gilligan. Thankfully, I can still cancel it," said Chester, getting out his phone.

"I wouldn't if I were you," said the man known as Mr Cross.

"Are you insane? Do you know how much trouble I'll be in, when President Father finds out I sponsored a member of Sector V?" asked Chester.

"Not as much trouble if he finds out about your gambling addiction," said Mr Cross.

Chester froze with fear.

"You wouldn't," said Chester.

"Wouldn't I? Don't you remember that President Father banned gambling on all sports except for the Games Next Door? How do you think he'd react when I showed him records of you betting on football games, horse races and basically any other forms of professional sport?" asked Mr Cross.

"You've made bets too," said Chester.

"Perhaps, but I also know the names of all the people you've made bets with, how do you think they'll feel if their names are also given to President Father?" asked Mr Cross.

Chester knew he was beaten.

"You're walking on thin ice Mr Cross," said Chester threateningly.

"Perhaps, but I think you've forgotten why I'm called Mr Cross. If you haven't, you'll know I can make your life a living hell. So, I'd advise you don't get on my bad side," said Mr Cross.

Mr Cross re-entered the viewing room, leaving Chester both defeated and shaken up. He retook his seat and continued to watch the Games. He had read quite a bit about the members of Sector V and former supreme leader Numbuh 362. He was not overly worried about Nigel and Rachel getting to the end. He was confident about Hoagie and Abigail's chances as well. Granted, he was a little concerned now, but hopefully his actions would allow them to last a little longer. How he felt about Wally and Kuki's chances however, was another story.

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