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Zuko's Ship Crew


Element: Non-bender.

Occupation: Soldier

Other Information: Member of Zuko's normal off-ship team. Survivor of the 41 division. One of Zuko's most trusted people.

Hyousuke's Pokémon Team


Current Evolution: Herdier.

Type: Normal

Chi-Bonded: First Pokémon.

General Information: Herdier is male and non-shiny with the Ability Scrappy.


Current Evolution: Durant

Type: Bug/Steel

Chi-Bonded: Second Pokémon.

General Information: Durant is male and non-shiny with the Ability Swarm.

Size: 0.3m tall and weighing 33kg.

Evolutions: No Evolutions.

So, this is basically to keep track of all the characters and their Pokémon. Suggestions are well as to what Pokémon characters should have and such. More characters will get pages over the next week or so.