She was rummaging through the house looking for anything that could help her. She didn't know exactly what she was looking for, but she knew that she was in danger and she wanted to understand why so she came back to where it all began.

"I'll have you know I'm versed in Krav Maga!" She heard a deep voice yell.

She screamed as she jumped and turned around. She was face to face with a strange looking raven haired man with a section of hair shaved and the rest kind of long.

"Shit!" The man exclaimed as he stared at the woman, "Is that you, Rosie?"

"Fee?!" The woman known as Roisin Vaughn, or Rosie asked

Felix punched the older woman's arm, "Where the bloody hell have you been for the last sixteen years?" Roisin looked just like Sarah, but he could tell them apart because of Roisin's vibrant red hair.

"Okay...Ow!" Roisin winced as she grabbed her arm, "But I guess I deserved that. Look I'm sorry for leaving. We can talk about the past later. Right now I really need to talk to S. Where is she?"

"That's what we're trying to figure out." Felix replied, "Sarah went out to look for her."

Roisin furrowed her eyebrows, "What do you mean Sarah is looking for S?"

Felix shrugged, "I don't know. We don't know where she is. How much more clearer do you want me to make it?"

"Shit! Shit! Shit!" Roisin sighed as she ran a hand through her hair, walked over to the couch, and collapsed.

"What's wrong, Rosie?" Felix wondered ,"Why do you need to see Mum so bad after being gone for sixteen years?"

Roisin shook her head, "It's a long story."

Felix sat down beside her, "Well I have a long story of my own so why don't you go first."

"It started about six months ago." Roisin started, "I was getting calls from something called the Dyad institute. They were asking questions about me. I don't even know what they are or why they are bothering me. Then two days ago I got home from work to find my house trashed and my children were gone."

"Wait? Children?" Felix inquired, "Didn't you just have your son Lorcan when you fled all those years ago.

Roisin nodded, "Yes. I did. Lorcan is sixteen now, but I also have a five year old daughter."

"So you're married?" Felix questioned

"No." Roisin replied, "Orla has a different father than Lorcan. She's never met her father, just like Lorcan has never met his."

Felix shook his head, "Geez Rosie! I think I know why Dyad took your children and why they are so interested in you."

"Why?" Roisin asked

"You're a clone." Felix spoke simply

Roisin snickered, "Haha. Very funny, Fee. I see you've gained a sense of humour since I last saw you."

"I was nine when you left. Anyways I wasn't joking, Rosie." Felix told her very seriously, "Six months ago, Sarah encountered one of the clones when that clone jumped off of the train station platform and killed herself."

Roisin took a breath, "Oh my gosh. That's why Sarah and I always looked so much alike. We both just assumed and were told that we came from the same biological mother."

"The other clones that we discovered are all infertile. You and Sarah appear to be the only ones that can have children." Felix added

"Geez, Felix." Roisin uttered as she shook her head in disbelief, "I just can't believe this. What do they want with my children?"

Felix shrugged, "I'm not entirely sure, but they are very interested in Sarah's daughter Kira too."

It was quiet in the room before Felix spoke again to ask what the name of his niece was. However Roisin didn't have a chance to answer because Sarah had walked into the house. She walked straight over to the table and started sifting through the papers.

"You're a shite burgular." Roisin said

Sarah jumped as she turned around, "Shit! Rosie, you scared me." Then she turned back to the table, before turning back to face the direction of the couch, "Wait! Rosie? What are you doing here?"

"Well I just found out that Dyad kidnapped my children." Roisin informed, "Oh yeah, and we're clones."

"Shit. I never wanted you to be wrapped up in this too." Sarah uttered and then she blinked, "Wait did you say children? I thought you just had Lorcan? Is the other child or children biological too?"

Roisin nodded, "Yeah, I know about the infertile thing. Felix told me."

"We're going to figure this out, Rosie. We just need to find Mum, find out what she knows, and save your children." Sarah explained

"Yeah." Roisin agreed, "So how mad is S that I left?"

Sarah sighed, "She was never mad, Rosie. She was sad and worried. She cried when she found that you and Lorcan were gone. She missed you. I missed you."

"I missed you too...Even though I'm mad at you." Felix admitted, "And later you will tell us all about why you ran away and where you went."

Roisin gave a nod, "Yeah. I will. I promise. I know I owe you guys an explanation, but right now I need to find anything that has to do with mine and Sarah's past."

Meanwhile inside Dyad with Lorcan and Orla, the siblings had been separated and were in two different rooms. They weren't even allowed to see or talk to each other.

Rachel headed into Orla's room to check on the little girl. The room was pink and looked like a princess room. There was even a princess canopy bed.

The five year old looked up from where she was colouring when she heard the door opening. She sighed when she saw Rachel. She had been hoping that it would be her brother. All she wanted was to see her big brother.

"I want to see Lorcan." Orla said sadly as she rested her head on her hands.

"Soon, child." Rachel replied as she stroked the little girl's head, "Do you know why you are here?"

Orla paused briefly and thought about it, "Is it 'cause Mummy's here?"

"No, it's because your special." Rachel informed

Orla smiled as she picked up her head, "I am? How?"

Rachel gave a nod, "Yeah, you are special. You and your brother both are special, but we don't know why yet. We just know that you and your brother are...well let's just say it's a miracle that you're both alive."

"That's what Mummy says." Orla admitted, "She calls us her miracles."

"And it's true." Rachel added.

Orla looked up at the woman who looked like her mother, but who she knew was not her mother.

"Rachel, who's Cosima?" Orla wondered

"No one that you need to worry about, dear." Rachel assured

Orla nodded, "Cosima's sick. Is she gonna die?"

Orla knew that what Rachel said wasn't true. She could feel Cosima. She had felt a connection to her. She knew that Cosima was important.

Rachel shook her head, "I don't know, but I do know that the doctors are working very hard to find a cure."

"I know." Orla said bluntly as she blinked her little eyes. She looked so serious. The look that she was giving Rachel, it was almost like the child knew something that the woman didn't.

Back at Siobhan's house, Roisin was searching the house again. Sarah and Felix quickly scrambled to help her. Sarah especially wanted to know what Siobhan was hiding.

"So, what exactly do we expect to find down memory lane?" Felix wondered

"Something about S's network." Roisin replied. She was older than Sarah and she knew a little bit more, but there was a lot that was a mystery to her. "Well, she's got to be somewhere, yeah?"

Sarah picked up some papers and walked over to Felix and Roisin, "Maybe it's with one of these people in here."

Felix looked at a picture of a black man, "Hello stallion."

"Yeah that's Carlton. He brought me and Sarah to S when we were kids." Roisin explained

"Mum said that he's in prison now." Sarah added.

Felix found a cut newspaper article behind the picture of Carlton and pulled it out, "Oi. What's this? Carlton Redding. Human smuggler."

"Yeah. His, um, pipeline. He used to hide people." Roisin told Felix

"He got fifteen years for it." Felix stated

Sarah picked up a cut, folded newspaper article and unfolded it, "Six scientists incinerated in lab explosion while working on a medical research project spearheaded by Professors Susan and Ethan Duncan."

Felix looked up and was about to speak, but was cut off by Roisin, "Duncan? As in Rachel Duncan? She's the person from Dyad that kept calling me. Her and a Dr. Aldous Leekie."

"Is this them then?" Sarah wondered as she pulled out a picture from her pocket, "Project Leda." She held the picture up to the article's pictures.

"Holy shit. These were Rachel's parents." Felix uttered, "Does that mean that Mum knew the whole time?"

Sarah sighed and looked over at her brother, "What else is she not bloody telling us?"

Roisin stood up and threw a bunch of papers down on the floor, "I can't do this anymore. I can't just sit here and do nothing while my babies are in danger." She ran a hand through her hair.

"Look I know it's tough. My daughter Kira is in danger too, but..." Sarah started

"But she's safe, isn't she?" Roisin snapped

Sarah gave a guilty nod, "Yeah. She is."

"She's with her father Davie Crockett." Felix added

"His name is Cal Morrison." Sarah corrected

Roisin scoffed, "I don't bloody care what his name is. The point is that your daughter is safe, Sarah. My son and daughter were kidnapped by Dyad, and while my son is sixteen and perfectly capable of handling himself, my daughter is only five years old."

"I'm sorry, Rosie." Sarah apologized as a cell phone vibrated

"Is that Rachel?" Felix asked

Sarah took out the phone and read the text, "Yeah. Still got time."

"Time for what?" Roisin sounded annoyed

"What's the first rule of war?" Sarah countered

Roisin sighed, "Know your enemy. And Sare-bear, if you're doing what I think you're going to do, it's too dangerous."

"Rachel's got an apartment at the Cameron Arms." Sarah stated. She looked at her sister, "I have to go, Rosie. It's not just for Kira. It's for your children too. We're going to get them back. I promise."

Sarah and Felix started walking to the door as Felix was talking about some concierge and how he could be a distraction, but Sarah told him no and that he needed to take the pictures to Cosima.

"What am I meant to do?" Roisin wondered

"Go with Felix!" Sarah shouted as she rushed out the door.

Felix sighed as he mumbled, "Great."

Roisin turned to look at Felix, "Who's Cosima?"

"One of the clones, but we don't use that word." Felix replied, "They call each other sister."

"You have every right to be mad at me. I just hope that you'll forgive me." Roisin added sensing her foster brother's disdain about being left with her.

Felix shook his head, "It doesn't matter. Let's just go. Cosima's at my flat."

Roisin and Felix left Siobhan's house and headed to Felix's flat. Upon entering the flat, Felix walked in first to warn Cosima about the guest that he was bringing and then Roisin entered the room. She stared at the woman for a while.

"Whoa!" Roisin exclaimed. She blinked, "Uh I'm sorry. You just look so much like Sarah. I never thought it was weird that she and I looked alike. We were told that we were biologically full siblings."

"It's okay. It's nice to meet another sister. " Cosima assured, "I'm Cosima."

"Cosima. That's a pretty name." Roisin complimented, "It's nice to meet you too. I'm Roisin."

'She's no a sister of mine.' Felix thought about Roisin as he called Sarah and asked if she was in yet. Cosima heard Felix on the phone and requested to talk to her, so Felix put the phone on speaker.

"Sarah, are you seriously in the inner sanctum?" Cosima inquired

"Yeah. What'd you find out about the professors?" Sarah asked

Cosima cleared her throat as she fixed her glasses, "Okay. Susan and Ethan Duncan, they were geneticists, both british citizens. They went to Cambridge for molecular biology. In '74 they joint published a paper on recombinant DNA, and there were several more papers that they published after that, until the last one in '76."

"Is that when they started project Leda?" Sarah questioned

"Yeah, well, it makes sense that they were working on something totally top secret, because they kind of disappear until the big lab explosion." Cosima explained

Sarah is watching a home video of Rachel from 1991, "So they were Rachel's parents, then?"

"Adoptive parents." Cosima replied, "I mean, Amelia carried you for them until she hid you, and then they somehow ended up with Rachel instead."

"Just think, Sarah. You could have been Rachel." Felix added

Roisin let out a shaky breath, "Let's not even think about that, Felix."

"She's got good taste." Sarah said into the phone while looking through Rachel's closet, "And a boy toy."

"Oh really." Felix uttered intrigued, "Well at least she's got feeling somewhere in her body."

Roisin scoffed, "Yeah, just not in her soul."

"You know she would have been raised totally self-aware and that sense of being the only self-aware clone…" Cosima started as she stood up and paced a small section of floor, "...might have created a very profound sense of narcissism. She probably thinks that she's elite. I feel like the whole thing would have been very clinical. Like, every aspect of her life totally controlled for one singular purpose. She would have been raised without any emotional attachments, so that she could be the perfect, like, corporate leader, totally able to make decisions based solely on strategic advantage."

"So Rachel's evil because Mummy and Daddy didn't hug her enough?" Felix clarified

Sarah was back to watching the video which she paused after hearing a young Rachel say 'I love you too, daddy.'.

"I don't think so." Sarah admitted

"Well the psychology makes sense, Sarah." Cosima responded

Sarah paused briefly hearing the door opening, "Shit. I gotta go." Then she hung up the phone.

Roisin looked between Cosima and Felix, "How do we get my children back?"

"Wait? You have children, like how Sarah had Kira?" Cosima asked

Roisin nodded, "Yeah. And Rachel and Leekie kidnapped them. Dyad stole my children."

Back at the Dyad institute in Lorcan's boyish sport themed room, which he hated. He was sitting on the bed. He didn't understand what he was feeling, but he knew that something wasn't right. He had a bad feeling about something. All he knew was that what he was feeling wasn't from him.

"Mum, please hurry up and save us. We need you, and someone else needs you too. I think her name is ...Cosima." Lorcan said to no one in particular.

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