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Summary: In which Konoha's beloved jinchūriki finds herself in an odd new world with only Kurama by her side. He insists bijū bombs are the only way to fix this issue. OP characters doing OP things.

About the MC: Miwa is a physically female character with ambiguous morals like nearly all Hunter x Hunter characters.

Warnings: For those of you who have watched/read Hunter x Hunter you know this can get pretty violent / graphic. Naruto fans coming into this story with a fresh mindset, steel your nerves because this world can get brutal. The Chimera Ant Arc is… all kinds of epic fights, and fucked up shit.

Warnings for violence, gore, abuse, assault, murder, child endangerment / murder / assault / death / etc.

In regards to romance: It's a possibility, but I have no set goal for it. If ya'll really like one pairing in particular I'm very likely to make it the end pairing.

This is a weekly updated story that will update every Sunday starting 11/03/2019.


She woke up in the center of a crater charred, and still smoking. She opened her big eyes, finding herself staring up at a cloudless sky as blue as her eyes. She continued to stare up at it, before she decided to sit up and look around.

'Where am I?' She questioned, glancing around. Nothing around her seemed familiar, not even—

Not even herself.

She looked down at her hands, seeing small fingers flex at her whim.

They did not look like they belonged to her, though.

'Were my hands always so small?'

She could not remember them being anything else, though.

She could not remember anything about her.

There was no accompanying distress with this realization, because she did not know she should be afraid, or concerned. As far as she was concerned at the moment, this was how things ought to be. She had no reason to suspect her lack of memories were odd, and so the small girl wobbly stood up and assessed herself.

And this is how her next story began.


The first week since she had first woken up was one spent in solitude. She did not come across any other human, and it was during this week that she experimented with what she knew and did not know.

She knew how to read and write in two separate languages. One referred to as kanji, and the other as fūinjutsu. She knew how to hunt, and how to use this warm substance in her body known as chakra like she knew how to breathe. She knew how to forage, and how to sew clothes together from the skins of animals she had slain.

She knew how to kill. She knew how to survive.

She wandered through the wilderness, not certain where to go, or what her goal was.

And in that isolated journeying, she was left largely to her thoughts.

It was during one of these sessions that she realized she ought to have a name. She felt like names were usual because how else was she supposed to refer to herself?

But she could not recall ever having a name before.

For days she pondered what to call herself, and tried out several nouns before settling on one that felt warm on her tongue.



She quite liked that name.


When she finally did come into contact with society she did so with brazen confidence.


Not so much confidence, so much as she didn't understand why people kept looking at a half naked girl covered in deer skin, blood, and mud.

It was in society that she learned that while she could verbally understand what was said, she could not read the written language. Nothing looked familiar, and no one smelled welcoming. She continued to wander about aimlessly from city to city, stealing whatever she needed or wanted, as she tried to understand this alien world.

Then she heard about Hunters.

The term itself was spoke with such reverence and awe that it sparked immediate curiosity in the small girl.

She looked into it, not because she thought it would be helpful, but because she had no other direction. She had no goal, no purpose, and for the first time in months something finally caught her interest.

Hunters were elite individuals with extraordinary power, knowledge, and skill. Hunters had access to nearly all parts of the world, and were equally welcomed.

They were strong.

They were wise.

They sounded interesting.

It didn't take much thought for Fox to decide to become a Hunter—she literally had nothing else to do—and once that was done it only took a week for her to find out where the next exam was.

And three days to get there.

But when she got there something odd happened.


Something wonderful happened.

Good morning, brat.

She faltered in her steps, the voice gruff and familiar.

No memories, eh? Don't worry. Your best friend is back.


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