Miwa awoke late into the evening. Her hospital bed was filled with Gon, Killua, and Alluka.

Feeling hungry, she carefully extracted herself from the pile of cuddle buddies. The hospital window opened, Shaiapouf just outside. Miwa figured he must have been on the rooftop, and came down when he sensed—or heard?—her move.

"Good evening," he said.

"Good evening," said Miwa. "Kinda hungry. Wanna get some food?"

Shaiapouf smiled at her, holding out a hand. "I would be honored. You said you wanted your first meal to be a feast."

"Yep!" Miwa said, accepting his hand. She climbed out of the window then jumped into his arms. She did not need to be carried, but she genuinely enjoyed it. There was something so magical about being tenderly held.

"What might you be craving?" Shaiapouf asked.

"Ramen," Miwa proudly declared. "With lots of pork."

"Very well," he said, flapping his wings hard as he carried her off into the night.


They found a small ramen shop that smelled absolutely divine a few streets over. As it was well past midnight, there weren't many customers—Miwa was honestly surprised it was even open in the first place. She made a comment about it to the owner who shrugged and said, "There's a college nearby. Get plenty of business Friday and Saturday nights."

"Oh," was all Miwa could say in response.

She and Shaiapouf took their seats and placed their orders.

Miwa was on her third bowl when her phone went off. She slurped her noodles, licking the broth off her lips as she pulled her phone out.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Only three rings. Very nice," purred a sultry familiar voice.

Miwa choked on her spit. "P-Prince Camilla?!"

Months ago, Miwa had encountered a beautiful prince named Camilla. The woman was attacked in York New, and asked for Miwa's contact information afterward. Miwa had never forgotten the gorgeous woman, but she didn't expect to hear from her again. After all, what would a charming prince with a wicked cat nen want with Miwa?

"I've a job for you," she said. "I need a new bodyguard. A fresh face. I want you."

"Bodyguard for what?" asked Miwa, intrigued.

"The royal family is going to the Dark Continent," said Camilla. "All of us. I have good information that not all of us will be returning. I want to ensure I am one of those who make it home."

"Did—Did you say the Dark Continent?" Miwa sought to clarify.

"Yes. Is that an issue?"

"No. Actually, I was wanting to go there myself," Miwa admitted.

"Ah. You'd be free to explore after my safety has been ensured. You would, of course, have all your expenses paid for and I can promise I make… excellent company."

'This seems like a really good chance,' Miwa thought. 'What do you think?'

Wouldn't hurt to go along with it. Something goes wrong, we can always leave.


"Okay," Miwa agreed.

"That's what I like to hear. Be at my palace in the Kakin Empire two weeks from now."

'That should give me time to make sure Soleil will be okay,' Miwa thought, relieved for the prep time.

"Okay," she agreed again. "Is this number okay to keep?"

"Naturally. See you soon, kitten."

There was the sound of beeping in Miwa's ear. She lowered her phone, happy with her luck.

Shaiapouf sipped his water, poised and unreadable. "You are going on a journey?"

"Yes," she said.

"With your friends?"

"Probably not," she admitted, feeling a pang in her chest. "It would be nice, but… I get the feeling not this time."

Shaiapouf steepled his fingers together. "That sounds… lonely."

"I—I mean, I'll miss them," Miwa said quietly.

Shaiapouf tilted his head, his expression still stoic. "And what of your violin lessons?"

"Oh I do wish I could keep learning," she said earnestly.

"I expected so," he said. "I have a violin on reserve."


"Yes. I was hoping to pick it up earlier today, but the owner said it was," Shaiapouf's eyes narrowed in disdain, "late."

"Gosh, thank you," said Miwa. "But to continue the lessons… would you… would you please come with me?"

"If you insist," he said.

What. Did. I. Tell. You.

Miwa smiled. "I insist. Thank you, Pouf."

Shaiapouf smiled at her.

Fucking yandere.


In the morning the four children had a very quick breakfast and then off they went.

Gon had been able to meet his father yesterday, and the two agreed to meet up. Except they had to meet at a very specific place.

The World Tree.

Shaiapouf accompanied the four of them. He had to pick up the violin before they left, but once he had that they were ready to go. Killua pulled the place up on the tablet. Miwa stared hard at the map, trying to recall if she had any markers there.

She recalled that she did, although it wasn't on the tree.

"I've got a marker kind of near there," said Miwa. She teleported the five of them to the road she had set the marker. Her clone hadn't headed into the city, or to the tree itself. The marker was placed at the top of a massive hill that overlooked the towering tree and the village at its base.

It was certainly a tree beyond scope. It was bigger than Kurama!

Alluka squealed in delight. "Wow!"

"It's huge," whistled Killua. "Definitely the tallest tree in the world."

"Come on," cheered Miwa. "Let's head in."

The group went into the town.


There was an option for a tour guide around the village who would also explain the World Tree. Alluka and Gon were keenly interested in that.

"It's always nice to learn new stuff," said Alluka, her eyes shining. "Can we have a guide?"

"Sure," said Killua. "I'll set it up—"

"No, no," Alluka said quickly. "Gon! I want Gon to go with me."

Killua pulled a face. "Huh?"

Gon beamed. "Yeah, that's a great idea. We'll be right back, you two! Pouf you should come with us too. Extra precaution and all that."

"I don't think that's necessary—" Pouf began.

"I do," Gon cut in. He jumped and grabbed Shaiapouf's hand. "Be back soon!"

Killua and Miwa watched the three of them leave. "Ehhh…"

"Um… wait for them on a roof?" Miwa suggested. It'd be a lot quieter than on the bustling streets of the village.

"Yeah," said Killua, hopping onto a nearby rooftop. Miwa leapt up next to him. She took a seat beside him.

"Have you thought about what you want to do?" Killua casually asked. "Gon wants to go on an adventure with his dad, and I'll be traveling the world with Alluka."

"Mn. Actually, yeah. I'm gonna go to the Dark Continent with Pouf," Miwa said.

"Huh? Just you two?"

"No. A prince I met a while back asked me to come with her as a bodyguard," Miwa explained. "So we'll get to see the Dark Continent and have all our expenses paid." Miwa's eyes sparkled with delight. "Pouf promised to keep teaching me the violin, too!"

Killua smiled kindly at that, his gaze warm. "Will you play for me when you come back?"

Miwa puffed up her chest in pride, pleased he was interested in her budding hobby. "Yes, anytime."

"I'll look forward to it," he said quietly. "And, um, after that? Like… what you want to do in general?"

"Have you?"

"Nope." Killua grinned at her. "But you look like you do."

"Yeah," she said. Miwa looked up at the clear blue sky. "I remembered something important."


Miwa winked at him, holding a finger to her lips. "I got back a few puzzle pieces to my memory. Not all of it, but some really good parts. Or at least I think good parts."

"That's wonderful. I'm really happy to hear that."

Miwa beamed, her cheeks turning rosy. "Thank you. Do you… do you want to know what I remembered?"

"If you're okay to tell me," said Killua.

"Mm-hmm. I remembered an old dream," she said, leaning in to softly whisper to him. "It's kinda embarrassing, so promise you won't laugh?"

"I promise," he assured her.

"I want to be a mom," she said quietly, shyly. "I want to have a family of my own. One that I can come home to every day, and one that will always love me."

"Ehh? A mom, really?" Killua asked, surprised by her answer. "Hmm... Okay. Then, when you're ready to be a mom, let me know. I'll be the dad."

Miwa's eyes widened, the tips of her ears burning red. "Huh? Really? Promise?"

Killua chuckled and held up his pinky. "Promise. You know I always keep my promises."

"Always?" Miwa demanded as she hooked her pinky around his.

"Always and always," he promised her.

Miwa smiled adoringly at him. Although they lowered their hands, their pinkies were still hooked together.

"Then," she said, "I'll hold you to that."

Killua looked at her for a moment, his pale eyes softer than cotton balls and at that moment—

—Miwa thought he was the cutest thing in the whole wide world.

She leaned forward at the same time he did, their lips briefly touching in a sweet, gentle kiss.

A promise.


"We definitely did not at all see you and Killua do anything at all," said Gon, a twinkle in his eyes and a big smile on his face. Alluka was behind him, red-faced with a big goofy-grin on her face. Shaiapouf stood further back, his expression that of intense displeasure.

"Uh-huh," said Miwa.

Gon chuckled. He moved closer to the two of them. He leaned forward and nuzzled noses with Miwa.

"Aww," cooed Miwa, happily accepting the face nuzzles. "I love you."

"I love you, too," said Gon. "And I'm the godfather, right?"

"How dare you even ask such an obvious question."

"Hiraishin, here I come," cheered Gon.

Killua coughed, his cheeks did an impressive tomato impersonation. "Alluka, did you get the tour guide you wanted?"

"Yeah," Alluka said, not dropping her grin. Her eyes shone with smug mischief. "Did I do go, big brother?"

"You did great," Killua praised. He stood up and moved to her side. He patted the top of her head.

"Then let's enjoy our tour," said Miwa.

It was a relaxing tour, only about an hour long. As the tour guide gave a long-winded spiel about the World Tree and the village, the group stopped by various shops. They got food, clothes, and even had their pictures taken.

"The World Tree stands at the city's center, at a height of 1,784 meters. Humans are still unable to build a taller structure. Climbing the tree is not forbidden, but you must pay a fee and sign a written agreement. You can reach the 500-meter point by elevator or stairs, but after that, you'll be risking your life. Every year, around 3,000 people attempt the climb, but 94% fault to reach the 1,000 meter point and turn back. Another 4% are forced to pay an extremely pricey fee to be rescued from the tree, and another 1% fall and die. Which means that, each year, only about 30 people make it to the top and return safely," the guide finally finished his tour when they reached the base of the tree.

"Oh," said Gon.

Oh indeed.

It was the moment the group had been waiting for.

Bittersweet warmth surged inside Miwa's heart. Her throat tightened.

She knew it was temporary, but even still—

She was going to miss them.

Gon would start his journey with his father.

Killua would see the world with his sister.

And Miwa would explore the Dark Continent with Shaiapouf.

Her instincts were right—they had to separate—but her heart hurt nonetheless.

It was hard to fight back the burning sensation in her eyes.

The three stood closely together, Alluka and Shaiapouf stepping back to give them some space.

"We have to keep in contact—emails, texting, and random teleports," Gon stressed.

"As best we can," agreed Killua.

"We'll need to go on another journey—just the three of us—after this," Miwa said.


"Without a doubt."

The three wobbly smiled. Gon and Miwa's eyes were glossy.

"This is getting harder," whispered Gon.

"Yeah," agreed Miwa, her voice cracking. "Oh dear."

"Then let's end it on a good note," said Killua. "We'll see each other again."

"Yes. There's really only one thing left to say now," said Miwa.

Killua sighed. Gon and Miwa exchanged knowing smiles.

"Eat me," they said together.


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