Caius Volturi was looking at the twenty years old girl standing next to his mother. It's have been fifteen years since Volturi went to Fork about Cullen and their daughter but they didn't kill anyone this day because Alice Cullen found proofs. Aro and Carlisle made a deal that every year Renesmee and her family need to be at Volturi ball and checked at the girl.

Caius was ready to die from boredom. He wants something to cheer him up and because he was a bastard, his wish is not going to be true.

Suddenly a female voice sounded from the door:'' You're a psychopath with narcissistic tendencies; get your terminology straight." the woman muttered into her chin, knowing Caius heard him if his laugh was any indication.

Everyone except Caius turned around to see who had just been speaking.

They saw a strange woman standing in the door of the room. The woman was maybe 5 ft. 5" tall and looked pretty young, in her mid to late 20s probably. She was in a blood-red knee-length Dior, and h light-brown, slightly wavy hair was cascading down to her shoulders. It made a perfect contrast to her alabaster-colored, very even skin. With her high cheekbones and her slim body that was rounded in just the right places, she could only be described as beautiful. Her hazelnut eyes were fixed on Caius's back.

"I know. I know. I'm hot. Smoking sexy even. Calm down, there is no need to remind me." Emmett's booming laugh broke through the silence.

"Yeah" Caius finally said, still not turning around. His voice was neutral, not giving anything away.

The strange woman began to smirk.''Remember when we went to Disneyland for Demetri's birthday and those two Playboy models wouldn't stop hitting on you?"

"Jealous?" Caius finally turned around now, seeing the woman for the first time. . Everything froze when he saw her. His breath fled from his lungs as though someone had tightened strong ropes around his chest, and his eyelids fought to stay studied her intensely. Apparently, he liked what he saw because his eyes lit up. And not just for the briefest moment, like House usually displayed his emotions: only for the very attentive observer to notice, before it was gone, hidden behind a mask of indifference.

He nodded his head towards the woman's top "Your favorite color is still black, I see, and you still got that annoying accent of yours"

"Well, that might be because I am still German and as you said, most people don't change and I can't change my birthplace, I don't want to change my nationality and I won't change my favorite colororor At least not in the near future, because I like all three of them."

By now the woman was not just smirking anymore but had a bright smile plastered on her face which made her look even more beautiful. Caius was not the only one to notice that. Cullen and every Coven were staring open-mouthed at her, while Marcus was just curiously watching the whole scene playing out in front of him.

Marcus Volturi acquired the power to read the emotional ties between people but he did not need his power to see the war between his mind and his brother's mouth for the reasons he had to choose

Brain'' Hello my beautiful angel that is so lovely and sexy in every wawawawantn this table right now and touch your dark brown hair, I love you so damn much I can hardly contain myself half the time, YOU'RE FUCKING PERFECT! DAMMIT URSULA I LOVE YOU AND YOUR ADORABLE EYES AND HEAD TILTE''

Caius considered here for a moment and then his face began to light up again and slowly began to make his way over to the door where the woman was standing. She hadn't moved an inch ever since she entered the conference pairs of eyes were following their king making his way over to her.

Caius stopped about a foot in front of her. It was now even more apparent how tall he was since he was looming over her by at least 1 1/2 head lengths. They looked at each other for a moment, both grinning widely.

Suddenly Caius did something everybody in the room thought they'd probably never see. Caius crabbed the strange woman by her shoulders, pulled her towards him and enveloped her in a big bear-hug. As soon as he embraced her, the woman put her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulder.

Caius held her very tight. They stayed like this what seemed like at least 2 minutes. Finally, House pulled away and looked down her, directly into her eyes.

"It's so good to see you again, Ursula. I've really missed you." With that, he leaned forward once again and planted a light kiss on the top of her head. The woman had the happiest look on her face.

They were both so engrossed in each other that they neither noticed all the vampireshocked faces, mouths agape. Everyone in the room wondered who the heck this woman was that got the great misanthrope and vicious Caius Volturi not only to show his rarely displayed emotions but what is more, do so in a public place where everyone that knew him could see.

Ursula waved a hand around.

"Oh drop the formalities. You all know who we are and Aro, don't act as though you aren't enjoying this, Jane drop that sour look and Marcus, what a pleasure to see you again! Is the book going well?" Ursula said. Everyone was shocked while Marcus smiled.

"It's great to see you again, Ursula. Yes, the book is going well and is nearly finished need is a publisher. Do you have any suggestions?" Marcus asked. Everyone was watching the conversation like a tennis match.

"The Vargas brothers are doing quite well. They're also one of the most reasonable publishers in Italy." Ursula offered. He nodded and glided out of the room, but not before handing her something. She blushed a bright red and quickly hid the note in her pocket.

''You are a human'' Bella said unable to believe that a human was in the castle of her own free will and that she wasn't dead as she knows about vampires.

"No shit Sherlock, yes I'm human! Do you not hear the heart or is old age finally getting to you?" !". Ursula said sarcastically as Edward growled at her. Ursula smiled sweetly; All the members of Volturi recognized that smile it was the one Ursula got right before she bit Caius' or someone else heads off.

"I'm going to give you three seconds – exactly three fucking seconds – to understand that if you growl one more time to me, I will to cut your hands off and use it as an ashtray? Yeah, I'll put it out, provided you're prepared to let me stub it out on your eyeball. I'll put it out. Agreeable?"

Everyone hear chuckles from Alec and Demetri.

"Missus?" Alec grinned.

"Would it bruise your egos if I said yes?" Ursula gave a small smile.

Alec laughed. "How about that. Someone actually does appreciate us!"

" Ursula" Demetri grinned, lunging to hug her

Ursula grunted, but laughed, wrapping her arm around Demetri as he clung to her..''Good to see you too, sweetheart!''

After that, the human turned around to see all the vampires of the room with wide eyes staring at her.

This will be fun