Almost the half of the Volturi Coven were surrounded by crying family members of Ursula Black. The church was rather full – Ursula had made a lot of friends in her lifetime.

Sulpicia held Caius'hand as the priest began to speak. They were meaningless words; there was nothing personal about anything he said. Just a voice talking about someone he didn't even know. The vampiries could hear the sobs coming from a 73 year old Dr. Gregory House

It was 45 years later, and he still loved Ursula with all his heart.

Just like Caius Volturi.

When they got the news that Ursula had passed, it shocked them all, even though they had all seen this coming. She had stayed human, death was inevitable.

All of then were residing in New York for a mission when Aro came from his office with a somber look on his face.

They heard a moan, and then road coming from Caius' room and knew immediately what was wrong. Aro gathered them all around the living room table and calmly explained what he had learned.

Ursula had passed in her sleep at the age of 85.

It was painless, it was peaceful, it was tragic.

"Oh God," Jane breathed, her face falling into her hands. Alec leaned over to wrap his arms around her, but his expression was miles away.

Demetri fell into Maggie's chest sobbing, as Aro and Sulpicia leaned on each other for support.

Caius was still in his room, sobbing loudly for his lost love.

A loud wail from Ursula's daughter, Diva, took Aro out of his thoughts of what had occurred in the Volturi castle two days ago.

Kate's 15 year old daughter hugged her crying mother, while she cried herself.

Ursula was a grandmother, Aro though happily, despite the circumstances. She had really did create a beautiful life for herself.

Aro looked at 51 year old Anthony, crying for his mother. The last time Aro saw him he was 5 years old, shopping for shoes with his mom. Telling her stories and surrounded by innocence.

Now he had lost his mother, the woman who raised him with love and care; his innocence was gone.

So much has changed in such a short period of time. Nick now had a wife and a 17 year old son who was crying for his grandma as well.

It seemed like everyone was crying. Aro looked around and realized that that statement was true. Even us vampires were sobbing loudly.

The ceremony didn't last long, and once it was over everyone stepped outside. As Volturi made our way, they witnessed a distraught looking Nick help his sobbing father, Gregory House , into the limousine. Every single person here was surrounded by sadness.

This day would haunt them all.

Sulpicia took Aro' ls hand and led her me to the car. The burial would have been too difficult for us to attend, so instead they decided to head back to the hotel and go to her gravesite tomorrow.

Marcua had made of all these decisions for the coven. The rest of them were just going through the motions, unable to make clear decisions.

Aro looked over at Sulpicia while they were driving. She must be in so much pain. She could barely hide the look of misery on her face.

Aro tried to keep hia emotions at a minimum, so she wouldn't have to suffer any more then he already is. But it was extremely difficult. Ursula Black was his best friend/sister.

She was such a true part of their family, and it was just so hard to comprehend that she was gone. She had such a beautiful heart and spirit. Never judging them, or anyone around her for that matter. She stayed loyal to them and never gave anyone a reason to doubt her. She was a wonderful sister and a mother to them . And Aro knew that the fact that she made him happy would make Suplicia eternally grateful for him.

But now she was gone, no longer walking this earth, or taking care of her family. House was absolutely heartbroken. He had lost the love of his life and simply didn't know how to go on. He loved Ursula was everything he had. It was overwhelming.

Poor Diva and Nick must have felt so lost and distraught, and Aro saw them having to lean on each other for support.

And her grandchildren, though they were only teenagers, were just as sad to see their grandmother go. It was clear that Ursula had made a special bond with each and every one of them.

The atmosphere was so tense with all of us grieving. Caius was suffering so much, and there was nothing he could do to hide it.

During the entire drive back to the hotel, no one dared mutter a word.

Caius leaned on Sulpicia while they walked through the lobby. Demetri was shaking as they stepped into the elevator, and as soon as the doors closed, he collapsed into Maggie's arms, muttering, "Why?" over and over again.

Demetri cared for Urusla like a mother, he just never let her know it.

Ursula brought something so special into all of theur lives; it was the one thing that everyone wanted the most: humanity.

Ursula's death was affecting every single one of them. And don't know how they are going to recover from this.

When they walked through the door of our large hotel suite, they were all unsure of where to go from here.

Felix and Tanya were the first to move from the doorway as they sat together on the couch in the main room, embraced in each other's arms, crying with grief for our lost Ursula.

Alec and Jane with Aston then slowly moved to sit on the loveseat, and they gathered Jane's sobbing form into their arms.

Caius was still leaning on Sulpicia, him not having said a word in two days.

Caius led him to the couch opposite Demetri and Maggie, and sat them down together, Marcus slowly traveling behind them. She wrapped her arms around her brother and rocked him as he sobbed into her chest.

Aro watched as Sulpicia sent a grateful glance to Marcus as he laid a comforting hand on her shoulder.

They all knew how difficult this was for her. She had lost another sister.

That night they all stayed together in the main room.

No one said anything.

We were all lost in their thoughts of Ursula. Individually, they were all falling apart, and they needed to stay in each other's presence and grieve together to make sure that they stayed together as a family.

Aro is not sure why, but he started to relive his time with Ursula in hia own head. He went back to every moment.

He went through every single thing we said to each other. How she would try to kill him for a comment he made or throw pillows to him yelled" Come to get me sparkly fairy"

He remembered how she made Caiua smile. A real, true smile. She gave him the gift of friendship, and showed him how much more there was to life. She brought him happiness and smiles. She showed him everything he was missing.

Every one of them would be always be thankful for her. For giving them all true acceptance and love. Ursula was just such an angel.

An angel...

Now she really is an angel, in the truest sense of the word. She would be one forever. She could now watch over her children and grandchildren, and keep everyone safe.

And maybe, just maybe, she would do us the honor of watching over the vampire family who will never, ever forget her.

Aro , Caius , Marcus , Demetri, Maggie , Jane, Sulpicia, Felix and Alec stood in front of the grave of their lost family member, each of them shaking with sobs. Caius was on his knees in front of the grave, his face showing only misery and anguish. Aro didn't even want to think about what this was like for him.

Aro stared at the stone that now represented Ursula. This was all that was left of her.

Dr. Ursula Spencer Black House

Loving wife, mother , doctor and friend

Say not in grief: "She is no more," but live in thankfulness that she was

As tjey all looked down at the words that would stay with them forever, Caius spoke for the first time in 72 hours.

"Ursula, my sarcastic, beautiful Ursula. I am so sorry. I love you, I've always loved you," he moaned.

His words came out in a harsh whisper, filled with regret and anguish. As Aro looked at his broken brother with sad eyes Aro realized that there really was no moving past this. Ursula had such a deep and irreversible impact on our lives. She would always be the missing piece to their family. One that they could never get back.

As Volturi all stared at the grave while lost in our grief, Caius suddenly stood up, and ran.

He was gone as fast as lightening, running through the forest with wild abandon.

Felix and Alec were a second away from chasing him down when Marcus gave them all a stern look.

"You are not to go after him. He needs his time to grieve, and we all know Caius, he needs to grieve alone," he stated. None of them contradicted him, for they knew he was right.