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Hermione Jane Granger-Black and Ginny Molly Weasley were having a girls night. They'd both been having nightmares of the war, and they needed a distraction. Hermione most of all.

Hermione's POV

I laughed sadly as Gin started talking about the 'Golden Trio's' adventures at Hogwarts… My heart ached as I thought about Ron and Harry, even after 2 years they were missed.. Most of all by Gin and I..

"You okay Mya?" she asked me, noticing my face.

"No.." I whispered "R-Ron's dead and Harry is missing.. He ran like a coward after the battle. I-I'm alone.. You're all I have now Gin." Tears slowly filled my eyes as I laid on the floor. I listened intently to the silence, and noticed I could hear someone downstairs.. "G-Gin?" I asked quietly. "Someone's downstairs."

"It might just be your Mom and Dad Mi." she whispered "L-lets go check.."

Elijah's POV

I watched as Niklaus slowly killed the poor couple who lived here. I slowly closed my eyes, trying not to look.. My brother was vicious, it pained me to see him like this.. I walked into their lounge. I simply listened to the sound of the night as I paced in their living room. Honestly, I was glad we'd come back to England. I rather enjoyed it here.

I heard voices whispering upstairs, and light footsteps walking down the stairs, past the light grey carpet… The lights flicked on, and two young girls stood there. One had a too-small frame, she looked slightly malnourished and had chocolate eyes, they glittered with tears. Her beautiful hair was a light brown, with perfect ringlets going down to her knees.. I was mesmerised at how such a beauty could be so thin.. He looked closer, and noticed deep scars going from her ear to under her silk pyjamas.


I finally saw the girl behind her, she was just as thin, with bright red hair, straight and falling down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her face was scattered with freckles and she had green eyes. There was one thing the same about these girls, first, they were both littered with scars and impossibly thin, second, they were both holding a stick of some kind in their hands.

I heard Niklaus' footsteps coming closer.. My eyes had still not left the beautiful brunette until now.

"Oh brother, you must stop being such a swot, enjoy your life! You sound like Fi-" he broke off as he saw the girls, both holding a defensive stance shock etched on their face. Fear crossed the redhead as she took in Niklaus' appearance… The brunette opened her mouth to speak.

Ginny's POV

Mya and I slowly walked down the stairs, clutching our wands at the scent of blood. She flicked on the light to find a man.. He had deep brown hair, he wore an immaculate suit and had black eyes. He stared at Mya for a moment, in complete shock, then looked at me and yelled:

"NIKLAUS, YOU WILL STOP IMMEDIATELY!" He had a deep, baritone voice and had a British accent. Her magic warned her that he was a vampire.. But he was so..

"Oh Elijah," a man said in a cocky tone "Stop being such a swot, you sound like Fi-" he trailed off as he saw us. Stood in defensive positions with wands in our hand. No fear in Mia's eyes, despite him being… I truly stared at him. He had sandy blonde hair, green/blue eyes, a smirk placed on his lips that disappeared as we stared. His only flaw was the blood running from his chin. Jean and David Granger's blood.. I noticed Mya opening her mouth to speak:

"Who the hell are you?"